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  1. Well I just tried again with no luck. I have a save with 1990 miles and. Know trophy again geesz.
  2. Does it matter who wins and if your boosting partner is a lower rank does losing to them affect you getting license or b rating? Thanks
  3. Well I just stayed up all night for the 2000 mile trophy that did not pop. This is just ridiculous. And to think I own just about all of thq games and some 2 versions. Wow. So yes 2000 miles still glitched.
  4. IDK but those are the only 2 trophies I'm missing and it's stupid because if you have finished career you have the mileage yet no trophy. It's sucks this is about the 10th new release that I've bought this year with unobtainable trophies.
  5. Just for the record I now have 100% in career mode B4 a patch. So if anyone wants real tips let me know.
  6. Don't know how it got personal but this and wrc racing are not my only racing game played. You also missed the fact that I said I played this exact game on PS3 so get off my butt. You also missed that I said I didn't mind the ai hanging in. So that fact remains the ai does not attempt to race you they instead just dive into you which is not real racing especially in the open wheel series. No one would do that. I rebought the game thinking they fixed it so please read before you pounce. The only races that need fixing are the Iast 3 open series. The mileage trophies are glitched because the game shows 2 different mileage stats that are not the same one is in your profile under options the other shows in season progress so I stand by my post and no online this is 9.9. I'll get all trophies except online one. I respect my elders but I'm 45 and I've won sim racing championships so I know just a little about racing. And just because your older does not mean you talk down to people either!
  7. Game sucks and trophies are glitched. Both statistics spots show over 1000 miles and no trophy. The ai on easy can be 10 seconds faster. The races are winnable but in the open class races the ai not being on easy shows up. I don't have a problem if they keep up but all they do is go straight to wreckyou, Then just pull away. It also pauses during every race. So don't buy if they don't patch. You will be frustrated. It plays exactly like it did on PS3. The graphics updated but that's it. If the ai stays like it is this game is. 9.9 to Platinum especially in open class. I also have time screenshots too. It's ridiculous. PS there is a online trophy to play 5 hours but not many on at all so that adds to the 9.9 difficulty
  8. I must say after being on both, trophies are better to me. Reason for me is I love that distinct sound when a trophy pops. There is nothing like it. When an achievement pops you not sure if it's a message or what. Now what I like that pan needs to fix is the fact that add ons are exactly that. Xbox adds to your point total whereas psn subtracts. Why? The coding needs to be fixed so that the trophy bar extends past 100% if u BUY the add one then you get 125% or whatever, but we should not get penalized for an addon we didn't even buy. In closing trophies are better but I would like to see the add on penalty removed. I want this because I platinum Uncharted3 week one, and someone who platinum's it today is ranked higher than me. That's ridiculous, the game didn't have those trophies for me to earn on release day, so now I have a 51% platinum because of a 50 trophy addon and I pay the penalty.