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  1. Viene incluido en la Ultimate Edition aunque en forma de código para canjear.
  2. PINBALLISTIK High Roller Complete all of the features on the Made of Money classic and battle tables.
  3. .
  4. 99 stars in Mirror's Edge Platinum in Warhawk despite the hackers 12 Curator medals (Overseer trophy) in Crushing difficulty in Uncharted 3 by helping my friends Finish 2017 getting Valor Grand Cross (Killzone 2 server shutdown) and Dedication (Crysis 2, trophy bugged for me) on the night of December 31st. I almost cried.
  5. So I need the online pass for the platinum, that's suck.
  6. If I unlock the Warthog in the physical version and then I switch to digital, will the car be unlocked in the digital version? How much time take the online trophies?