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  1. I'm sure neither of you guys used the exploit where everyone quits out before it saves if someone dies, right?
  2. It's cumulative across all weapons.
  3. What's the purpose of delisting this? Can't botzone be played entirely offline?
  4. Are you able to autopop the DLC trophies without actually owning the DLC? I assumed you need to own it but maybe not.
  5. Intercept on PS+ is the standalone version with a separate trophy list. If you want the 100% for Shadow Fall you need to buy both Intercept (DLC version) and Insurgent.
  6. I'm having the same problem. Playing the PS4 version on PS5 if that makes any difference. EDIT: Restarting the chapter from the main menu fixed it.
  7. 1943 is included with the free launcher. There's no store listing for it the game itself.
  8. For bows I think the best one is the Death Seeker's Shadow but you still want multiple bows so you can cover the different arrow types to exploit enemy weaknesses. And the Skykiller spike thrower is also really good; I found that, at least on normal, the spike throwers did huge damage and the Skykiller is the best one in the game. I never really bothered with blast slings or tripcasters which was fine on normal but I don't know if that'll hold for ultra hard. It'll be interesting to see if there's even better weapons included as part of the new update.
  9. Was totally expecting a new game plus ultra hard trophy so I went ahead and fully upgraded all my pouches, legendary weapons, and armor during my platinum playthrough in preparation. Glad I did!
  10. There's no PS3 games listed because Hong Kong doesn't get PS3 games. There's no streaming for HK.
  11. @DaivRules was talking about the PoTC DLC, not the servers.
  12. The blog announcement is the early look.
  13. Both versions are identical in terms of content; the PS5 version just has better graphics and performance. The extra $10 is just because Sony wants to set a precedent of $70 USD for first-party games on PS5. You're not missing anything by buying the PS4 version and upgrading to the PS5 version for free.
  14. The only real benefit is that you won't have to download the PS5 version with a PS5 disc, especially if you have crappy internet. Otherwise yeah you're better off saving $10 and getting both versions (and twice the trophies!).
  15. You've got it. There's an area in-game that has entrances to all the DLC worlds. You just have to have a character from the level pack you want to play on the pad when you go to enter the level. As soon as you're in the level you can take the character off the pad if you want. There's no physical disc or anything else that you need to play the level packs, you just need a character from the pack and the DLC downloaded (for free) onto your console.