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  1. Grindy multiplayer trophies for a multiplayer that's guaranteed to be dead on arrival? That's a no from me, dawg.
  2. Some of the challenges, particularly for Danger Ball and Luge, are no joke. 8000 in score attack in Danger Ball is super difficult; the ball starts going very fast very quickly to the point that you barely have time to react after a couple minutes of play. It requires a decent amount of luck as well because there's no way to control where the ball is going at that speed; the best you can do is hit it and hope for the best. The luge time trials aren't as demanding but they also require near perfection and many, many attempts. I would definitely rate the platinum difficulty higher than a 7/10. 8 or 9 seems more appropriate to me. Give the Danger Ball and Luge challenges a shot yourself and you'll see why the platinum is as rare as it is.
  3. Sony stopped giving a rat's a** about any consistency in trophy lists when they decided to let any game (regardless of the amount of content) have a platinum or 100% list. It's nuts that games like Mayo or Slyde get a platinum while Resident Evil 4 only gets a 100% list. They really should uphold the rules like they used to because their lack of consistency they have now just devalues the entire system.
  4. Crash Bandicoot was completely remade from the ground up in Uncharted 4.
  5. It's definitely longer, but I don't know about 40+ hours long. I started last month and it took me less than 14 hours of online play to earn 100% of the online trophies never having played before the 6.66 update. Levelling is insanely quick; I was literally leveling up 5-6 times per match.
  6. The servers are fine. The problem is that they recently added a trophy pack for DLC that isn't in the JP version (Claptrap's Robot Revolution).
  7. Fat Princess isn't digital only actually; it's available on disc as part of the PlayStation Network Classics Vol. 1 compilation. If you really want it you can still buy it that way but it'll be more expensive since the collection also includes three other games.
  8. It's for playing 25 matches, you don't need to win. The confusion comes from the fact that the in-game stats counts burn circuits as ranked matches but they don't count towards the trophies for playing 25 matches. I've been unlocking the 25 matches trophies by "idling" (doing nothing but pressing X so I don't get kicked).
  9. I literally cannot find anything about this game on the internet. This trophy list in the only sign of this game's existence. Also I nominate the "It was him or you" trophy for the 'worst-sounding trophy without context' award.
  10. Dammit. This was the one hope I had that the PS3 version of Absolution would have its servers reinstated but instead it looks like they removed the online component altogether in the PS4 version. If they can't be bothered to get servers for a current-gen rerelease of the game then I seriously doubt they'll ever bring back the servers for the last-gen version.
  11. The absolute madmen. They've gone and done it again.
  12. Yes. They'll still unlock like normal, they just won't sync to your profile until the trophy list is uploaded to Sony's servers. The trophies you earn will be saved locally in the meantime.
  13. Dammit. I stupidly went and did every contracts trophy other than 'Self-Improvement' because I didn't realize it required online and now it's unobtainable. Welp, there's another uncompleted game on my profile. I know they said they hope to bring the servers back online but I don't see it happening.
  14. If it's real it will almost definitely be based on the PC version. Porting from PS3 is already difficult enough even for games that aren't a buggy mess.
  15. Licenses expiring, no doubt. This Sunday is the game's 10th anniversary so they were probably only licensed for 10 years.