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  1. I always wonder why people care how others play their games. The fact of the matter is that boosting the 1000 claims trophy is way faster than playing legit. We're talking like 100+ hours difference, at least. As fun as this game can be at times, the vast majority of people aren't going to have fun playing it for that long. Not to mention lots of people have a huge backlog that they'd like to get to. I'd much rather throw on a podcast and grind out the kills in 5-10 hours than spend 100+ hours playing as the predator on the same six maps over and over when I have a million other games in my backlog. It's not that we don't like PvP. In fact, I had fun playing the 100 quick play matches as a fireteam member. But there's too many other games I want to play in this lifetime to justify spending ludicrous amounts of time on a game that's middling at best.
  2. I have two PS3s and two copies of the game so I just tried this. There's a couple problems with this method... 1) You have to play in public lobbies, so people will constantly be joining and screwing up your session. I couldn't even manage to get into an empty session just now. 2) Unless you have a turbo controller, you'll have to press X on your secondary controller to respawn him every time he dies. That's pretty annoying. I'll stick to 4-1.
  3. This page says it's only being removed from Steam. Like you say I don't think this is any reason to think that a server shutdown might be incoming. If they were going to shut down the servers for this game anytime soon, they would have done it with all the other NFS games that are being shut down at the end of August. They're most definitely only removing it because it's redundant to have both the original and the remaster on EA Play.
  4. Where did you see a physical complete edition for this game? As far as I know there isn't one and google is turning up nothing. The only alternate edition I'm aware of is the limited edition which includes a code for the Ranger Mode DLC (which is expired now-- I tried the one that came with my copy a couple days ago).
  5. It's a developer list. It was presumably going to be the retail list, but then they decided to make the game free for PS+ and charge for all character stories aside from the first one to make up for lost revenue. Since all trophies have to be attainable without additional purchases, they had to scrap this list and make a new one that didn't require completing all the character stories.
  6. There are no private lobbies. Boosting is also nigh impossible because the max party size is 4 and matches have 16 players.
  7. These situational trophies were dumb in Overwatch and they're still dumb here. They don't depend on skill, they depend on being in the right place at the right time. Hopefully if the devs have any sense they'll change the requirements for some of them. I know there's a workaround via gridfall, but having to ignite an entire team or wreck every opponent in a single ability use as the devs intended requires a ridiculous amount of luck.
  8. I was struggling with this for a while too. After trying several different methods I found this one, which worked first try for me: Only thing is I had to chase down the wheelchair guy because he rolled off before I could get him from that position. I killed him easily by staying behind a tree then popping out and shooting him while he came towards me.
  9. My NA copy of Shadow of War Definitive Edition has two discs, just like the EU version. I believe that early prints were one disc with a download code but later prints were changed to two discs.
  10. The game actually has over 3000 owners between the three stacks just on PSNP. Just because you don't care about it doesn't mean no one does.
  11. Uhhhh...
  12. Play a match. The same thing just happened to me (see above) and the trophy just popped during the second round of a new episode. So relieved!
  13. Me too. It was my 5th win as well. 😭 EDIT: I assumed it was lost so I started a new game to go for my 6th win in a row. To my surprise the trophy popped during the second round of the first episode I played!
  14. I also got the failed to receive rewards message after getting a win and now I'm stuck on an infinite loading screen. The servers must be acting up.
  15. Grindy multiplayer trophies for a multiplayer that's guaranteed to be dead on arrival? That's a no from me, dawg.