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  1. But then you could use this part of the part 1 "And lastly, if a person receives too many reports from multiple users, it's the mod's call to remove this account altogether or not, which should be done on exaggerating accounts only." The person you screenshot above, applies to this kind of thing.
  2. You'll have to go through every single game right now too right? Up until 3 games that is. By the time you think that is a real cheater, you can just remember the name or write it down, and flag the hell out of that person 😜 I'll explain. You can "cheat" 2 times, and after that you get removed from the leaderboards for good. In my first post I explained that a lot of games the are being brought up in the dispute area are old games. I can imagine people dont remember their gameplay from 5 or 6 years ago as well as they do from 1 year ago. So due to a vague memory of the game (something totally different than actually cheating, just nog knowing why the trophies popped the way they popped) they have to hide their trophies. It is absolute shit if you only can do that 2 times, to remain on the leaderboards.
  3. I am really loving this suggestion! If cheaters cheat a lot, then a lot of games will be hidden from their list. The point of cheating will go away if they're doing it for the leaderboards, or at least they will go down in ranking due to the many games they are hiding. People who don't cheat wont caught op in the system because there isnt a 3 strike rule.
  4. I already agreed that the time limit might not be the best idea since people can create their own time stamps with this whole CFW thing. (Didn't know that before starting this post) How about a ban for wrongfully flagging? The person cant flag for a short period of time. Or an automated system?
  5. This seems like a great idea to me as well. An automated system or something like that seems good too. At least something that is more fair than it is now. The dispute worked for that person with the 7 seconds, but he shouldn't have been flagged in the first place. An automated system can make mistakes as well, but at least then you'll know it's a system making the mistake, it's not a person flagging you. It's a huge difference.
  6. My main thing is shielding the people who didn't cheat from those who did. If the 2-3 year system is horrible, then something else. I for one dont even know what a CFW is or how to use something like that. But who would believe me? I'm sure my trophy list will have something suspicious if anyone looks hard enough and I wouldn't even know how to defend myself. It would suck for me to get stuck in with the cheaters. Having a vague memory of the game is something totally different than actually cheating. I think it's best to have some kind of system to make sure those who didn't cheat don't get treated like someone who did. What kind of evidence for instance? Especially with games from a long time ago.
  7. Thanks both! 😄
  8. But isn't it a bit harsh to maybe get those 3 strikes on games you played such a long time ago? I think it might be more fair to get flagged for games you played up until 2 to 3 years ago, the games before that could be considered "past the limitation period" and people would have enough time (the 2 to 3 years) to flag a cheater.
  9. Hi everyone! Came here to introduce myself. Im more of a casual gamer when it comes to trophies. I do enjoy collecting them, but when they get to hard or grindy I just leave them 😂. I play on the ps4, ps3 and vita. Nice to meet you all!
  10. I think you'd enjoy NERO Nothing ever remains obscure. Really loved that game! It's easy but the story is amazing. Doesn't get enough credit imo
  11. I have a suggestion, and I just want to say for the record that I haven't been flagged but this is just something that I have noticed and been thinking about for a while. A lot of people have been getting/hunting trophies for years. When getting flagged for a game that you played years ago (like 5 or 6 for instance) it's a lot harder to defend yourself against the accusation. The memory of playing the game could be vague, never mind finding the evidence to back you up. I understand cheaters are a big no go and ruin the leadersboards, so I definitely think the flag option is a good thing. But I'm afraid that some of the fair people might be getting caught up in the process right now.