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  1. Can you please add me this year, I am returning from the 2020 year which in which my starting completion was 36.17. my completion as of christmas day 2022 is 45.04, so my yearly goals is to get to 50.04' bye january 2024 I'm gonna have fun with this, It takes likw 6 trophies to raise my completion 0.01%
  2. I wanted to play COD ghost (Ps4) on ps5. inserted a the ps3 disc, and received an error does not support this disc. I bought call of duty ghost on a ps3 disc before I bought a ps4 at launch, and it was a 10-dollar upgrade for a digital version of ps4 ghost. They were several games that had ps3/ps4 transition upgrade. I was wondering if there were any work arounds this situation, can't remember if this was one of the games that wasn't supported by the ps5
  3. i don't know about trophies I play the xbox version w/ mods, going to try an not update to anniversary. heard it gonna break mods
  4. I tried to start the last of us 2, to reward myself for doing so good on my completion last month. I rented it from gamefly. sadly the game wouldn't install, they sent two games in one envelope sleeve and no partition.. I think the disc were damaged by being mailed that way. Also the the non installation disc was covered in finger prints i'm a little bummed because I put that game off with the it being slightly spoiled, I was waiting till I could have the patience for the writing. Probally wait till digital sale or it is free on ps plus. I have so many games I put off for to raise my psn completion. Im glad my completion has gone up, but I don't know what Im gonna do when I reach my goal. I know one thing I'll probally still be playing games
  5. i have 13946 trophies with 179 platinums im level 556 90% im in ohio earn a trohy and it will update the icon didn't change to silver stayed the same was playiing uncharted 3 remaster updated it was playing senran kagura on vita earlier so I don't know if different console effect it
  6. I found out today, I got a little sick from the news. I was like why are they messing with this. A little bummed was looking forward to crossing level 50 this month I do not get this like a lot of the things of 2020 Im In Ohio waiting for a patch if their is one 12:36 am
  7. i DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK, playstation is changing the leveling on trophies
  8. last ps3 games i bought were at gamestop. Bought a used copy of black ops 3, wanted to experience of that downgrade and ni no kuni wrath of the white witch
  9. im doing good, I think Sorry about your coworker, it is hard for a company to adjust to loss of coworker by death, When I was working thru college, I had a job that was kind of like a second family. We lost three people in three years. They were really good people, I remember them. In a way kinda made my boss become bitter, because of the unfairness. Just take your time and remember they are just videogames.
  10. Actually I wish my profile was more like yours being more toward 90%. Last year, after taking a burnout break from trophies I got into a habit of playing easy games in my list to raise my psn level percentage atleast one percent everyday. 2019 was really hard year it allowed me to have distraction. Raising my percentage is hard because. I keep buying games on digital sale, a subcription to gamefly and ps now. So I have to keep making rules so I don't add games. A month ago I wanted to play Call of duty infinite warfare zombies, because it was fun on xbox one. So I played it and got a random trophy and was like Noooooooooo. That added like 89 unearned trophies
  11. Was working on Gris platinum last night, crossed the 40.00% mark with childhood trophy . I am happy with crossing that milestone. Got up this morning needing a gold and silver trophy to get the Gris platinum, got them. Updated my profile and the completion percentage didn't change. 120 trophy points did'nt change my percentage, now Im scared.
  12. I killed it this month, I raised my completion percentage 0.7 pencent. However, I have like 40 games I haven't started. most notable final fantasy 7 remake, god of war, greedfall, savage planet, death stranding, doom eternal and outerworlds. plus I have ps now which also adds much more options. by doing this challenge im trying to find balance. I want to play new games, but I have been tyring to bring up my precentage up before this challnge last year. In last june 2019 my completion was like 32% and now today it is 38.97 percent im open to people making suggestion on which game i should attaclk next on my list im working on diablo 3 atm, if any wants to join
  13. I want to do a factory reset on a ps4 pro that I transferred the data from a day one ps4. I was thinking a clean install of the games is like maintenance. I think these things to not think about the world. I wanted to back up my saves on 16gb usb drive, because when I tried to send all my game save data to online ps plus storage I received an error that I couldn't save any more games because I didn't have any more save slots. I was confused because I still had 80gb still free. regardless, I would rather have my saves locally backed up, I can't assume PS plus has got my back. Well, I received the usb drive today in the mail. I plugged it in and the ps4 could only see the the external hard drive when going thru application save data management. I had to make ps4 stop using the external hard and disconnect the drive so the ps4 could recognize the usb drive. Crazy, am I stupid or did I miss something. Does anyone here have an easier method. It is such a pain to disconnect the usb form the back. I think maybe usb drive casing was keeping the drive from connecting in the front of the ps4. I don't know.
  14. I noticed this also happens in Farcry 5, I trying to hunt rabbits and enemy planes spawn in to strafe me