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  1. I notice when I renew ps plus, all dates of the ps plus games in my libary change to the ps plus date that I bought subscription. Also try the webpage to get a list of games your account is entitled to. I have ten years of games on my account, the list can be long.
  2. well it is my bed room, I'm thinking stting or lying on my bed
  3. As the title states I bought a psvr last year I have yet to take it out of the box as Christmas 2019 is nearing, I think what the hell is wrong with me. I have several games I own also I want to play such as borderlands 2 and Skyrim. I own resident evil 7, ace combat, call of duty infinite warfare, Star wars battlefront, DOA Xtreme, and Tomb raider. which all have support for PSVR. I think there are 2 things that are keeping me from setting it up. my living space small and I'm scared of hurting myself with it on. I would like to hear some thoughts other than my own.
  4. I have several thoughts, I think December offerings are a let down. I've seen the monster motorcross game being mention in the worst games lists, so I would say it is that game. I have Titanfall on digital already, so meh. I think It mad the offerings worse is that I have Jurassic Park digitally on xbox which is there games with gold this month, However I would be stoked if the games where switched on consoles. I don't mind getting a game on digital if I have it on disc already. Borderlands handsome collection I really liked getting that on digital, I don't have to look for it and change the disc to play it. It was also nice cause tales form the borderlands gave me a second trophy set, because the digital trophy set was separate from the retail or disc set. I'm still missing the free vita and ps3 games they took away in march. Oh I just subscribed to ps now. It kills me I tried to play fallout 4. I have it installed from disc and is one of the games that is available on psnow. the thing is fallout 4 won't load without a disc. on xbox game pass it just loads the game. I really would hate to have to delete and reinstall
  5. That blows
  6. Can you still play offline? I have it for xbox
  7. I looked through my list and I would have to say without a doubt it is the terd called Drowning. A walking simulator about the protagonist that committed suicide with a platinum at the end. got it on sale because it was recommended by a youtube channel, said it was an easy platinum. I disagree with this game intentions, I was going through a rough patch, And made me think more about suicide
  8. I liked resistance series Of the four games(one was on the vita) 3 had trophy support. I would play a remaster. I didn't like the how they abandon the story of resistance 2 when they made 3
  9. Im always looking for a game deal. So the last two weeks I have gone into playstation store on my North American vita on saturday and under the featured weekly deals they list games at full price that were on sale like a week before. I wanted to know, is there a specific day that they change the items like xbox deals with gold that change on late monday night/ early tuesday. Thanks to this site I did not miss the xseed/marvelous sale. I think sony doesn't want to promote Sanran Kagura, so I assumed they were not listing the sale. Im hoping there are still going to be sales on the vita console stor.
  10. Thanks for the post. I didn't see it in the store under deals, but the sale is in effect. I was waiting for senran sale. I rented some from gamefly, didn't really get the platinum. Trying to obtain unplatted games that I don't own. Helps bring percent up
  11. I have a quick question. I know when a game is ranked F the trophies in the set do not count towards your completion and unearned trophies. Well when do dlc trophies count towards your unearned trophy count. I just bought diablo 3 and farcry 3 dlc, and eaned trophies in both base games. Are the dlc trophies already counted or do they add on when I earn trophies in the dlc set I have been trying to keep my unearned trophies under 20,000, and in the last month raised my percentage by 1%
  12. level 41 9/5/19 burly men at sea --a bargain to make I should level up by the end of this week, im gonna platinum stranger things 3monday
  13. I rented root letter(visual novel), played it for a couple trophies. Thougt I would wait for sale. They released the game again with added content and another trophy set. So Im avoiding that game.
  14. I have the disc copy for TLOU, I like having a digital version too. I liked getting borderlands handsome collection even though I owned a disc copy, It makes it easier to play if I don't have to look for the disc late at night waking up my family.
  15. I would say Nier automata. I really like that game I even bought it on xbox so my mom could play it. I always finding myself on the trophy grind so I always put it off. I want to get to level 44