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  1. Lollipop is one of my favorite games of all time! I'd love to stream and record gameplay, but I can't really afford a PS3 capture card... and those load times... one time I went and made myself a sandwich while waiting on a load screen, and it was still loading when I came back, lol. No hate, I just think it'd run a lot more smoothly on PS4 (and therefore make the Plat more easily accessible; kind of like PS3 vs. PS4 Bayonetta). You guys think Grasshopper would ever consider it? It's almost 10 years old (wow, time flies...) but then again, Bayo got a remaster for PS4 and brought to PC/Switch not too long ago... Not the same studios, mind you, but I would like to hope that similar logic would apply. I'd really love to get back in the saddle with Lollipop and chase the Plat for a second time >:3c Thoughts?
  2. Oh dear, then it seems like I have to start from a fresh file >___< The content with Goro and Shinjiro were the first songs I played - and everything looks complete in their respective Collection menus. Thank you guys for your help! I've never had a trophy glitch on me like this before; should replaying the game and earning all of the costumes all over again make the trophy successfully pop, or is there a small chance that it's glitched for good and the P3DAN platinum will forever be my white whale? In any case, que sera, sera... I appreciate your guys' kindness with helping me out ^___^
  3. I don't >___< I just checked out the Collection menu and went through the costume lists for each character, and just to double-check, I looked through the costume lists of the character select screen, right before you dance to a song. It still looks like I have everything - I know it's probably not a glitch or anything like that, since it seems a handful of people have earned Fashion Monster already. Something must be right under my nose? C'mon, Atlus, don't goof me around like this. I just want that platinum, lol.
  4. Title. I've viewed all Social Events for every single character (as well as collected all of the Elle-P cards) and unlocked what I thought were all of the costumes... But it appears I'm missing something? I've seen screenshots of Mitsuru with a Labrys outfit equipped; I don't know if that's DLC or something that can be unlocked - since Labrys is a dance partner, I thought you might be able to unlock her outfit after dancing with her in All-Night mode, or something. Any ideas? This is the only trophy standing between me and the platinum and it's been driving me crazy, lol. I've looked up and down online for answers, but I'm not finding much. Any help would be much appreciated
  5. Ugh... I said I liked the game, but I'm not sure if I like it that much u__u (Oh, well! It won't kill me to see my favorite detective being cinematically dorky twice) Admittedly was a little concerned it might be my console itself, but I played another game and found no issues, so it's relieving and validating to hear that, thank you. I've heard this game is particularly buggy on PC, so if that's the case, I wouldn't be surprised if the port took a few blows, itself. (Sleeping Dogs, huh? Good game, sorry you're having issues with it. Hope it's still playable!) Nah, just stock. Don't know much about hardware and don't mess with it, haha.
  6. Not sure if this is only on my end, or if it's something else that's been happening to other people. I was just about to finish the Infamy case when suddenly, the game crashed and gave me the CE-34878-0 error. I tried to reload my saves from earlier, but before they can load, they just crash, too. I've tried the home remedies for this specific error (restarting the game/console, un/reinstalling the game, etc) to no avail. I'm really, really enjoying this game, so I'm pretty disappointed being stuck halfway through. Even contacted Frogwares about this, but have yet to hear back. (And you know it's bad when you actually send the damn PSN error report) Just curious if anybody else is having this problem - it's literally never happened to me with any other game before, and I've had this console for about a year and a half.