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  1. They still rent games? Interesting lol
  2. I’m pretty sure 1 play through for the platinum is impossible. The second play through is quick though. Speaking from 1 and 2. I spent about 90 ish hours on 1 and 2 the first time around. Less than 15 on the second playthrough. Ps I just checked, it is impossible to do in 1 playthrough for 1 and 2. I’m sure this is the same
  3. Yeah I plated 1 and 2. Looks like just complete everything in the game like before. Encounter links and such should come naturally. One of my favorite series. I carried save data from 1 to 2. Does any9ne know if you can bring data from 2 to 3 being this is now on PS4?
  4. .

    Problem is when your trying to use Squall’s limit break it is an absolute mess. You have to hit the R1 button almost a half second before it looks like your supposed to if that makes sense. So if you hit the trigger when it goes into the square like your supposed to it never connects due to the response time. I do like the new character models though...
  5. Agreed, almost feels like click bate and I now feel violated lol.
  6. It’s a 2 way tie for me. I would never do Ragnorok oddesey ace again. Finding randoms on the vita to go questing with and getting the platinum got so boring and time consuming in the end. Woah Dave. This game had me literally ready to throw my vita across the room because of the 1000 pennies trophy. I got to 900 some multiple times. Ended up putting it on hold for a few months over it, then spent a good 4 hours 1 day and completed it, getting the 3rd highest score in the world, around 1600 if I remember. Not to self, if a game makes you want to break things it’s probably time to put it down. A game that you can 100% in an hour took me months. You can keep you woah Dave and bury it!
  7. I think this is an awesome idea! I would love to see how many ribbons people have for games they put serious time into. lets say money was no object, im sure plenty of people would be over level 50 with all the visual novels and games that take 1 day to complete. The new system would show how many people get plats in games they actually enjoy, or worked hard in, instead of who has the most $$ to buy a bunch of games to get there level up in. This also should not piss anyone off because your level and the "real leaderboards" would still be there. I see no reason how this could hurt anyone.
  8. Popped my asdivine hearts 2 and dragon sinker trophies!!
  9. So I have my first vita plat ready to go even though its not on my list lol. Dragon sinker is ready to pop, it was suprisingly fun, if you were in my era where you played final fantasy on the snes then i reccomend you play it. Now onto the games I hav listed, persona here I come!
  10. I'm in for sure, great way to clear some games on my backlog.... 1. Final Fantasy X-2 HD 2. Ys: Memories of Celceta 3. Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom Soul Sacrifice Killzone: Mercenary
  11. I agree, Secret was my favorite game as a kid and still is. I played this version with original soundtrack cuz the new one sucked. With it crashing on me every few hours definetly took away from my enjoyment. Should have just released it with online co op.I'm not gunna lie I still enjoyed it enough to platinum it, but feel like a fool for paying $40 for the ps4 version. My I say if your a trophy hunter and loved the original then grab it when it's on sale. If your not a trophy hunter, get on emulator for your computer and play it there.
  12. I actually got this trophy In 3 hours and 40 mins. Only trophy people should be worried about are the 10k kills one, it's so boring your gunna want to tear your eyes out. Had to grind in grotto for 25 hours!
  13. Count me in for this! Finally a good reason to play and platinum Persona 5!!!
  14. I have Platinumed Trails of cold steel 1 and 2. Awesome games, can't wait for 3 to be localized!!!