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  1. You don't even need to skip the stages. Out of curiosity, after World 12 I went straight to World 15 without playing anything in Worlds 13 or 14, and got the trophy after completing that. So the trophy really is for completing the last level of World 15.
  2. I feared I was running out of time, so I resorted to Pay-to-Win for the last two completions. But Pay-to-Win is bad only in online multiplayer games, it's OK for forum badges, right? Right?? Anyway, full list: 2506 Fez 7675 Muv-Luv 2393 Rozen Maiden Wechseln sie Welt ab 6679 Laws of Machine 3551 Ether One 1262 Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle 3507 Home 2314 Doki-Doki Universe 9170 Word Wheel by POWGI 8338 Word Sudoku by POWGI Thanks @eigen-space for running this event!
  3. Three more completions: 2506 FEZ 2393 Rozen Maiden: Wechseln Sie Welt ab 7675 Muv-Luv 6679 Laws of Machine 3551 Ether One 1262 Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle 3507 Home Ether One has all the ingredients for an enjoyable adventure, but all the bugs force the player to breeze through the game with a walkthrough so as to spend as few time as possible for fear of crashing or save game corruption. A damned shame, as the setting and the atmosphere are well crafted -- it could have been a good game. Cpt. Morgane is a pretty standard, funny point-and-click adventure; a pretty easy one, as the puzzles require only minimal backtracking and there are usually not many possible options. Bonus for trophy hunters: There are only few missable trophies, and their requirements can be tracked easily, so there is no need to constantly refer to a walkthrough, as with some other adventures. I don't know what to make of Home. It would probably make a good 15 page short story. As a game, it does not really provide much more benefit over such a story -- except for trophies, of course. Meh. Two weeks for three completions, should be doable.
  4. Operation "Let's finally finish those PS3 games" got cancelled, when I figured out that it was not without reason that I abandoned most of these games in the first place. Thus, current standings: 2506 FEZ 2393 Rozen Maiden: Wechseln Sie Welt ab 7675 Muv-Luv 6679 Laws of Machine Muv-Luv is a rather average VN. It does many things very well, and the story is OK, but it suffers from the protagonist being an unlikeable buffoon. Rozen Maiden was the first VN I breezed through on auto-skip instead of actually reading it, whereas I generally enjoy exploring (well-written) VNs. I feel a bit dirty now. Laws of Machine is a pretty standard platformer, not difficult. Its brevity was, of course, helpful for this event, but in general it would deserve several times the amount of levels it actually has. So that's at least a partial badge secured. Let's see what I can muster subsequently. Ether One is constantly crashing on me a mere 30 minutes in the game, so that already doesn't look too promising.
  5. https://www.(URL not allowed)/event/bean-dive-2019
  6. Same here: I was actually looking for a used version of London 2012, to no avail, when I came across this and decided to buy it for EUR 30. A grave mistake. This game was made by people who not only lack basic skills, but also have no interest at all in the sports this game is supposed to depict.
  7. Operation "Let's finally finish those PS3 games" suffered a minor setback when I remembered why I have so many unfinished Platformers: It's because they are cute enough that I play them for a bit, but by far not interesting enough to make me spend enough time and energy to actually finish them. Also, I want my 4000th trophy to be the first trophy of one of the PS4 Danganronpa games, and because of the Summer Sports Games fiasco I cannot know which trophy will actually be my 4000th, so I have to start both: 5745 Danganronpa 1・2 Reload 6194 Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Hoping to finish at least one during this contest; if I recall the Plats on the Vita correctly, the grinding was manageable.
  8. 2506 FEZ done. Though there seems to be a slight mixup in the spreadsheet, so @Yen-Pop, I already cleared the number 6 for you 😄
  9. Oh! You are right. Thanks for the warning! Then it will be 1914 Guacamelee! instead.
  10. Operation "Let's finally finish those PS3 games", preliminary plan: 2110 Puppeteer 1831 Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time 2582 Child of Light 163 Mini Ninjas 2814 Counterspy 2015 Atelier Escha&Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky 2506 Fez 1017 Arkedo Series - 01 Jump! 2278 FF XIII-3 Lightning Returns 1079 Arkedo Series - 03 Pixel!
  11. Count me in. I am working on cleaning up my PS3 backlog for good anyway (so that when the PS5 arrives, I can finally start in earnest with the PS4), so there will probably be focus on that; will have to make a detailed plan in the next days.
  12. There is no Platinum among the visible trophies, and I don't think I have ever seen a hidden Platinum; also, there are only 20 odd trophies, and from what I unlocked so far, a Platinum would not fit in, so I suppose it's a 100% game.
  13. Yesterday I found "Summer Sports Games" in a store. I was surprised that I could not find it on the usual trophy sites, or any reviews of it. Anyway, I bought it and am playing it right now. Unfortunately, the trophies do not sync. They get registered locally on my PS4, but a sync to PSN fails with error WR-37073. Searching for that error code I could not come up with any useful descriptions. Other trophies sync fine. I figure the game might not actually be officially released yet, and the trophies not yet registered with PSN or something like that. In that case, can I assume that the trophies will sync afterwards? The game actually is a technically awful, buggy mess, so I cannot rule out the possibility that the trophy code is horribly broken like several other things in the game.
  14. Teamwork is positively glitched, it sometimes pops when you don't even have unlocked all characters. I have not heard about glitches in "All safe!", but it does not surprise me to hear that this one is also broken.