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  1. Original Mafia was the best
  2. gone for good
  3. physical worth for any price
  4. when you grow up you will understand that these are all games
  5. Quality is mostly good never had problems with used discs, however some cases are scratched. I also buy from UK and find the best prices on amazon co uk.
  6. stop promoting these cheap ass games you idiot!
  7. Can't browse the store on PC for a few days now, very annoying
  8. Yeah, best game in 2017. Bought it on launch, but it was so worth it
  9. you are just a trophies whore, shame on you
  10. fucking ratalaika
  11. none, I'm not stupid to waste time just for trophies
  12. nice, thread for cheaters. Hope you will get banned
  13. Absolutely worth it! It's one of the best game ever
  14. When I see such on other profile I never take that player seriously. It's basically cheating
  15. my suggestion is to sleep longer