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  1. Great game, played on Xbox Pass pc. Atmosphere, story, music are top notch.
  2. It's a waste of time. We are gamers to enjoy games not trophies
  3. Steam will be dead too. Valve is the most arrogant and money milking company you can ever find. Supporting them is the worst decision
  4. Trophies syncing should not be affected since it's not related to the store?
  5. yes, there is no other option
  6. Just play offline, why bother with online part?
  7. Is PS3 crossbuy with Vita and PS4?
  8. very good, everyone should earn the trophies in legit way
  9. Absolutely with disc
  10. PS1: Metal Gear Solid PS2: Shadow of Colossus PS3: Red Dead Redemption PS4: The Witcher 3 PSP: Final Fantasy Tactics PS Vita: Gravity Rush
  11. Vita store is the same between all platforms (even PS5). It will be available for a long time (like 10 years or more)
  12. we gamers dont play for the platinums you know
  13. Worth it, but compared to Nintendo it makes me jealous to see so many Switch digital games sales in many cases for like 1$. Byuing used Vita is easy and cheap (just boaught my 4th Vita with game and 8GB card for 80 EUR locally), but digital sales and physical sales make it much more expensive than Switch or PS4, although tons of games are not on Switch, but on Vita But if you have money or have games from PS Plus its definitely a fun and comfortable to play anywhere console. I play mine every few days.
  14. Yeah, easily avoided any spoilers. Not even rushing to play after seeing collectors edition for 300 EUR in my place and ebay. I think I'll wait and replay the first part in this year before deciding which edition I would like
  15. I never understand negativity towards this game. I have played MGS 1-4 and Portable Ops and understand that 1 was groundbreaking and probably the best in series and likely my favorite, but 4 has something special. When I think which one I would replay right now, I instantly remember about 4th. That great ending, meaningful cutscenes, love story which starts weird, but becomes one of the best realized from anything I've seen. The game was loved at release and that love will return one day simply because there are no such games anymore. Long, but meaningful and entertaining cutscenes. Chapters where each one is like a different game. These things will not be forgotten in the long run. Guns of Patriots is intelligent and sofisticated game which will not be understood by everyone.