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  1. Yeah, easily avoided any spoilers. Not even rushing to play after seeing collectors edition for 300 EUR in my place and ebay. I think I'll wait and replay the first part in this year before deciding which edition I would like
  2. I never understand negativity towards this game. I have played MGS 1-4 and Portable Ops and understand that 1 was groundbreaking and probably the best in series and likely my favorite, but 4 has something special. When I think which one I would replay right now, I instantly remember about 4th. That great ending, meaningful cutscenes, love story which starts weird, but becomes one of the best realized from anything I've seen. The game was loved at release and that love will return one day simply because there are no such games anymore. Long, but meaningful and entertaining cutscenes. Chapters where each one is like a different game. These things will not be forgotten in the long run. Guns of Patriots is intelligent and sofisticated game which will not be understood by everyone.
  3. Why no sale in EU? Would have bought them...
  4. much better than leaked games (have them already)!
  5. no big miss, lets just enjoy the game
  6. Good game, but RDR1 was better
  7. Trophies? Who cares? Just play the game and have fun, its a nice game for a massive discount
  8. nope, probably after 1-2 years after release
  9. After playing them once (only 1,2,3,Golden Abyss), I'd rank them so: 1) Golden Abyss 2) Uncharted 3 3) Uncharted 2 4) Uncharted 1
  10. no, they have better initial prices than other shops. Discounts are different, but they have a lot of sales
  11. Really no trophies for Showdown?
  12. There are less but enough sales on Vita games.
  13. no need to worry, we have 6 months to play this - "both console versions will be operational up until 09/06/2020" Strange move to close this on the most popular platform (PS4). Knowing that mobile is shit anyway and GOG was never popular
  14. gone for good
  15. physical worth for any price
  16. when you grow up you will understand that these are all games
  17. Quality is mostly good never had problems with used discs, however some cases are scratched. I also buy from UK and find the best prices on amazon co uk.
  18. stop promoting these cheap ass games you idiot!
  19. Can't browse the store on PC for a few days now, very annoying
  20. Yeah, best game in 2017. Bought it on launch, but it was so worth it
  21. you are just a trophies whore, shame on you
  22. fucking ratalaika
  23. none, I'm not stupid to waste time just for trophies
  24. Absolutely worth it! It's one of the best game ever