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  1. Well, the XboxONE version is supposedly running on a 'freeimum' system.
  2. Probably will be available with the store update tomorrow.
  3. #25 - Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Not much to say on this title other than the value you get for the price is quite remarkable. The game feels almost like it's own new entire game, rather than some standalone expansion. If you enjoyed The New Order, you'll enjoy this. I'd like to make 1 more note on the platinum itself, the challenge rooms frustrated me at the start of the game but after taking things slow and just aiming for headshots, it was fairly easy. So yeah, AIM FOR HEADSHOTS and only make combos if you're confident you'll hit the headshot. You're going to need to make most of your kills headshots. Also, leave the at least 1 commander alive until the enemies literally disappear.
  4. No problem, glad to help. The 'Another 100% stolen' hurt just a little so I had to make sure you were able to try something out. Grab that 100%!
  5. Happened to me. Save & Quit, restart the game and hit 'continue'. It should pop then.
  6. I just finished it there, used a guide (Had to revert to using a steam guide for the seeds, couldn't really be arsed 'exploring' after hunting down the crystals). Not too bad, the game wasn't actually too boring BUT, it probably isn't the greatest game to have started off with the 'vote to play' concept. I'd have much preferred Zombie Vikings now that I think about it. P.S If you are struggling to find any of the crystals, be sure to pick-up the crystal detector in the uPlay section for 40 UPOINTS. It came in handy, for the last few towards the end. P.S Round 2: Grow Home is the only game out of the 3 'vote to play' that didn't come with a platinum. WTF.
  7. I'm looking forward to it, have a Rhysha thing going on in my playthrough so it will be interesting to further progress it (if possible). I only bought into the season pass just recently, having played through all 3 episodes and then 1 week later or so, to have the 4th almost here? Lucky me!
  8. #24 - Rocket League Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 Note: I'm not going to say too much about this game (honestly, if you didn't manage to grab this while it was free on the PS+ collection back in July, not a problem... now you'll be able to support the developers more than I could, me and millions of others practically stole this game from Psyonix). The game as a whole was super fun, the ability to play 4 player split-screen on a single screen is something rare these days, so that was an instant + in the my opinion. The trophies are fun too, collecting the awesome cosmetics was both exciting and funny (the unlocks are 100% random based, while someone may get a really cool looking trail, the other may only get a decal for their car, still cool but... who wouldn't prefer the rainbow trail?). IN SHORT: Don't think about it... buy it. You won't regret this purchase if you've missed out on it, if you have already got it for free through +, be sure to check out the first cosmetics add-on. The developers deserve every penny. P.S: Easily the BEST game we've gotten on the IGC this year on PS4. Pros: Easy to pick-up. Super fun, even solo (Randoms are mostly fun to play with). Honest Developers behind this title means FREE updates, only optional cosmetic add-ons. Plenty of Unlockables alongside a mostly fun, relaxing trophy list. Cons: Two of the trophies may cause some agony (Far, Far Away & Stocked). I wanted to fill in another con but there just ain't one so.. turn back!
  9. Finally got mine today, no rubberbanding (though the idea of it didn't slip past me too much, it was almost tempting) at 71.5 KM. I used only the vortex wheels, if that is of any help to people.
  10. #23 - Sound Shapes (PS4) Difficultly: N/A (Although skill does come into play, the biggest factor in this game is LUCK) Enjoyment: N/A (It's hard to give an exact figure, which will be explained further below) Notes: Okay, wow. So yeah, just played through this (more like, painfully pulled myself through this mess) because it was one of the free games on PS+ (if you're reading this in the future, this is one of August's titles). Essentially, it starts off as this cool, fun, unique, adorable little platformer that quickly becomes one of the most annoying, cheap, unforgiving games I've ever played on PS4 (I'd go as far to say that it was worst than Dark Souls, at least in that game, it was based purely on Skill). Death Mode... more like, 'we're cheap fuckers' mode was literally placed in to annoy the hell out of people, especially those (me and thousands and thousands of others) that enjoy to hunt and collect trophies. Death mode (which in my mind sounded like it would be a repeat of the campaign, except you only had 1 life per level) is like these little mini-games, you have a situation, a set number of notes to collect and of course, the worst enemy of all, A FUCKING TIMER. Again, skill is required but you'll need more luck than skill my friends, you'll be repeating each of the scenarios until the placement of notes is in your favour. Pros: -Loads of Silver Trophies -Unique design -Fun Campaign -If you have the PS3 & Vita handy, you'll be able to auto-pop them platinum's should you chose to (trust me, you won't want to do it all again... ever). Cons: -Requires LOTS of luck, not skill. -The developers ran out of creativity and implemented one of the cheapest modes ever. -Short (It can be completed [the campaign] in less than 2hrs. TLDR; Don't play this game if you lack luck, honestly.
  11. #22 - The Order: 1886 Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: Very little. If there had to be a figure rating, it would be 2-3/10. Notes: Essentially, the best part of the whole game is honestly the graphics (which of course, don't make a game any better, for the most part). I managed to platinum the game within just over 4 hours and that was with using a guide to collect the collectables + some dying on my part. The story just didn't sit with me, not going to spoil anything but to sum it up without saying anything too spoiley, none of the 'big' moments nor 'characters' had any impact on me throughout the game. Pros: -Beautiful Graphics -Easy Platinum -Solid Gun Mechanics Cons: -The Story -Some parts of the game felt 'unfair', even on easy. -No option to skip cutscenes (I should note that although you're more likely not to skip cutscenes, I honestly didn't care after the first few chapters that I'd have appreiciated the option to skip them, it was a sly move by the developers to drag the game further out, with the end result..) -..ended up being too short. I guess you could say this was a pro, if you were in it for only the platinum.
  12. #21 - Call of Duty: Black Ops Difficulty: Varies (Campaign is 6/10, Multiplayer is Skill Dependant & Zombies is Luck Based). Enjoyment: Treyarch is the best developer for the COD Series, this title alone is easily 9/10. Not too much to say about this one, it didn't require too much effort but it should be noted that although the campaign in this title is much less retarded in terms of unfairness on vetearn mode, it still has it's moments. (For example, the part *SPOILERS FOR OLD GAME* when you have to reach the bottom of the hill and kick down barrels into trenches). Past all that, the game is fun, the zombies kicks ass yet again (In all of the zombies yet released, WAW still remains the best) and the multiplayer this time round was pretty fun, still quite the number of players on there (I can't confirm if they're hackers or whatever, still, 20K+ players is decent). Note: I played this previously years ago on a different account, reached prestige 4.
  13. #20 - Batman: Arkham Knight Difficulty: 3/10 (Personal) 5/10 (If this is your 1st Arkham title, impossible though) Enjoyment: 10/10 (Yes, even with all of the criticism on the batmobile, the game is simply a blast from start to finish) So basically? Wow. This game? Well... AMAZING. I've been hyped up for this before it was even revealed by Rocksteady back in March, 2014. Batman: Arkham Knight is the epic, explosive, heart-wrenching finale to the trilogy, which begun back in 2009 with Arkham Asylum, 2011 with Arkham City and now, Arkham Knight in 2015. The voice acting from all of the cast is above and beyond what we could expect, the lines were all delivered well and you really felt there was a connection between the characters. The audio is superb, with the sounds of the cape flicking through the air over the city of Gotham to the sound of the batmobile afterburner, hell even smashing some thugs into electrical boxes, you're in for a treat, eargasm maybe? This game will always remain dear to my heart, not because of the Batman but because Rocksteady proved that it was possible to create and build their vision of a superhero game without destroying any characters nor releasing poorly made titles (The Amazing Spiderman 2 comes to mind, it really makes you wonder how that game could look like that on a PS4 when we have this?). I wasn't too happy at first the AK getting delayed but it's clear the decision to delay the finale was worth the wait, we can only wish Rocksteady continues to keep making awesome games of this awesome quality. TLDR; I am the BATMAN!
  14. The same glitch happened to me, was playing it on the PS4. It's strange because there was probably some stupid missions to complete but thanks to the glitch, there was pretty much no need to get them all done. Will it be patched? I doubt it. I wonder if the same glitch exists on the Steam version of the game?
  15. #19 - Borderlands 2 (PS4) Difficulty: 7/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 Not much to say about this, tired it out previously on the 360 and didn't enjoy it too much because of getting my ass kicked continuously but that was down to rushing the main quests rather than playing through them and the side quests (honestly, play the side quests up until you can't complete anymore, it helps with XP and loot). If there was anything negative to say about this platinum, it would be the character related trophies but in particular; So Much Blood! (This trophy pretty much requires you to play through a good chunk of the game or if you want the easy way out, get someone to power level it). TLDR; Never played Borderlands 2? Play it, you don't need to have played through Borderlands 1.. NOTE: I highly recommend playing through it the first time with 1 other person, less frustration.