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  1. I think the last plus game I actually played was bioshock infinite. If the only reason you have plus is for the IGC, then of course its not worth it. Cloud Saves, Discounts, and online play(ps4) are a part of the value.
  2. It's an insult to those people to be compared to COD
  3. I totally gave up on getting this anytime soon when the hot package version jumped to $100. If Capcom made the intial price somewhere between 15 -30 dollars who would complain?
  4. I always wear the silver shroud costume. There should be a shroud option for every conversation in the game! ============================ The story was interesting but whether its worth $10 standalone comes down to how much you are interested in modding and creating robots. I have replaced some lazy settlers with some of my robots already. Good excuse to execute your average joe settlers as long as you have enough materials. Maybe you can have as many robots as you'd like in a settlement? Robot army!
  5. That, at that point, I would have been playing Mirror's edge Catalyst for 2.5 weeks!
  6. Rainbow Six Siege (PS4) and The Combatribes (SNES), oh and of course Persona 3
  7. Just finished this season up today. I liked it considering how poor season 3 was. Just have to watch season 2 and I'm finished!
  8. Well, not everybody reads things properly. He was likely confused.
  9. I like WW1 & WW2 games. At least they aren't doing Battlefield: Tom Hanks VS Somalian Pirates
  10. Perhaps he means the small window where you could transfer it to the vita (in the U.S.).
  11. I thought the same thing and stopped playing it. Don't make games another job, it sucks the fun out of it.
  12. It's criminal for IGN to give this game an 8. Unless your a tournament/competitive player, there's not much reason to pick it up now. Charging $60 up front for a far from complete game is ridiculous, fighting tournaments or not. Perhaps charge $30 now and charge the rest as dlc. Yet, there are even asking for a $30 season pass at this point. Unless you just gotta have right now , we should hold off from purchasing to hope to send a message that substantially incomplete games shouldn't be sold at full price, at release.
  13. If I were in to guys, I'm sure I'd love it, but I'm not, so 5/10.
  14. Haven't played one of these yet, but I'm waiting on the remastered original. Gotta say this looks pretty bad compared to the strategic type of gameplay in 1-2. Why hack n slash????!!!!!!!!!
  15. If it's in your budget, absolutely go for it! I bought a ff xiii-2 for 130,000 krw to play many unfinished games.