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  1. Turbo works as I've done it that way. Was leaving the game running for hours, I was done with every trophy at about 30 games, so 70 did with turbo. Lobby-wise, most of the players used to connect around 5/8 PM GMT, after or before my work which is 2-10 PM I wasn't able to find lobbies too so try at a different time during the weekend or smth.
  2. You can only drop one stack at a time otherwise the game crashes. My tip for duping is to spam your online connection on and off a few times once you hit join session, works more consistently than just doing it once. Good run you can copy an item in 40s. For Bozak solo you should definitely max out melee and firearms (shotgun and pistol in the later stages will behave like a raygun) and your max hp&health regen from medkits. I wouldn't be able to do it in the time given without these stats maxed out.
  3. You need about 4000 drops on Nightmare to reach Legend 250.
  4. No as you need 32 minimum to start the game.
  5. I've lost my save so i'd play through like 70% of the game to get to that point. damn
  6. I don't give a flying fuck if someone needs guidance, I can clear some things up but that's why I didn't make a trophy guide. I can simply ignore stupid questions such as how to boost this game. It's just a bunch of tips that you may or may not use to unlock the characters in an easier way. You not understanding basic things about Blackout is none of my concern.
  7. It's not easy to boost as the community of tryhards is now very annoying to deal with, but only 1/2 lobbies of any type are active at any given time. I did it so yeah its possible, but woods is no joke.
  8. So come back with questions once you've played long enough. I'm not going to tutor you through every aspect of this mode when you don't know anything.
  9. You've explained it perfectly. Haven't you thought of searching for the same lobby without being in the same team?
  10. Dude,play the game a bit and you will know everything. No need to spam with questions
  11. buddies I.e boosting partners
  12. That's coz you need to get #2, not 3.
  13. You need the item in your inventory to exchange it for the Vial, if it's glitched by dying it won't drop the Vial. No, you can do more than one. I did all 3 primis in a single game, next game I did Richtofen, Bruno and Diego.
  14. Because I'm not a native, and for the trophy guide team it's not about the usefulness of a guide, it can be totally shit and a waste of time. It has to look good tho, no errors whatsoever. Something I have no patience for.
  15. But it's not Rockstar who's making the game man it's Remedy, Rockstar only publishes it so they will have no involvement in the game, and even if it will definitely not be its game modes.