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  1. I disagree, DIRT Rally and Rally 2.0 are both great.
  2. Accept the fact that failure is ok and nothing to be ashamed of.
  3. @HusKy hey I know this is an offtopic but I just have a quick question, I will be switching my laptops very soon and would like to import the entire backlog and wishlist, there's too much of that in here to do it manually, is there a way to do it perhaps? Thanks in advance.
  4. I like tuna and mackerel 

    1. Infected Elite
    2. HarasserPL


      Have you heard about our lord and savior sir Herring?

    3. Baker


      You’re a gay fish.


  5. I don't think it's only for gaming. But I also think there's a place and time to have a conversation about one's sexuality and identity. Imagine it this way and I'm gonna use an American analogy so you could understand it easily, someone goes over to Walmart or Target for a couple of years to do groceries and that's it. They don't work there, they just do their own stuff and go back home. And then, one day, someone comes to the store and screams "I'M TRANSGENDER! AFTER ALL THIS TIME I FELT LIKE I HAD TO SAY THIS PUBLICLY". Imagine the people's reactions, do you think everyone would just clap their hands and act as if someone has performed a music show? Or would they just think "so fucking what, I'm here to buy bread". + I know it may be a bit over your head, but not even once have I "slapped the OP's face". If I did, I'd get a warning/ban immediately, because the mods here are verrrryyyyyy protective of females ;). Isn't the definition of congratulating the same as cheering? Dunno, English isn't my native language. So, why not say "I'm a girl" if she identifies as one, no reason to bring this up in the first place. Well I think if you're being friends with someone they would be okay to talk about personal stuff in private, at least normal friends would be okay with that. Wiesz co jest śmieszne? Jestem z wykształcenia psychologiem i pracowalem przez 2 lata w szpitalu psychicznym zaraz po studiach. Mam więcej doświadczenia na temat o którym się wypowiadam niż każdy z tych debili, ale lewactwo tak im wyżarło mózgi że nie potrafią przyjąć czegokolwiek innego od lizania po dupie XDDDD. Piona bracie.
  6. Just because you are incapable of holding up that conversation doesn't mean I can't. Still waiting for someone here who can objectively look at the post and the mentality behind it, and not "YOU GO GIRL IM SO PROUD OF YOU FOR BEING SO BRAVE111!!! THIS MUST HAVE BEEN TOUGH TO COME OUT IN A PLACE WHERE NO ONE KNOWS OR CARES WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!!". But maybe that's just the nationality thing, here in Poland no one cares who you sleep with or what you have in your pants, we treat this as a private part of your life (which it is). But now in the day of LGBT acceptance movement, if you're not openly appreciative and supportive, you're a terrible human being and hate minorities. Snowflakes tend to get offended by stuff that's not even aimed at them. Some people just need someone to hate on, otherwise, they'd hate themselves.
  7. I have two friends who are transgender, and they have actually shared that with me long after we've become friends. But I guess that's the difference, some trans people just treat their sexual identity as a part of themselves, they don't need to base their entire presence on their identity because they have nothing else to start from.
  8. I'm not straight, so I guess that means I'm bigoted towards myself as well? Sure hun.
  9. If that's how you understand the definition of the word "troll" then I'm truly sorry for your lack of understanding of how the internet works. Not everyone who isn't licking your ass is a troll lmao. Over the years this is what this forum has turned into. You're either with us and clap your hands at everyone and everything because no one can take a grain of criticism with dignity, or you're the troll and a fascist because you don't think like everyone else.
  10. So, you're comparing social media where people know who you are and can judge you on a personal level, to a gaming forum where you are anonymous and can pretend to be anyone if you want to. And in a place like this where as you said, basically no one knows or even cares who you are, the first thing you wanted to share with us is your transformation. Priorities are clear to me now. Maybe I just like to have a nice and healthy conversation with people who can think objectively? Or maybe I'm just baffled how seriously some people treat this site 🤔
  11. How is their favorite game a part of "personal information" on par with one's gender identity? I'm not going anywhere, I wanna see all the white knights and defenders of oppressed people come here and say how bigoted and terrible I am, just because I say out loud what I think.
  12. To me, this just screams attention and validation seeking. The one and only personal information provided by the OP is the fact of being transgender. INB4, I'm a part of the LGBT community so I'm not hating. Just honestly baffled about that. Can't wait for heterosexuals and cis people to come out on the forum.
  13. Don't get me wrong, congrats on your decision and all of that, but is a gaming forum really a place to bring this up?
  14. Thanks for clarification! What I meant was the upgrade for the ship that shows the collectibles for you, or at least that's what I thought it does. Anyway, I played the first mission yesterday and I think I get it how the game works, so now I will just secure collectibles without killing anyone and then replay story missions on professional. Thanks again;)