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  1. Beholder. Can't wait to finally play it.
  2. Not everyone is having fun playing Online in RDR 2 or even GTA V. For me it was a chore and I just wanted to grind it out ASAP.
  3. Hi, I have a question. Do you remember how long did it take you to platinum this game?
  4. Prey was created by the Arcane Studio, they developed Dishonored. Prey is basically a Dishonored 3.0. I'm pretty sure that playing Dishonored before makes Prey much easier.
  5. I don't remember anyone saying Rouge Legacy is "easy" lol.
  6. this
  7. Nowadays save files aren't just some bits of code with your progress coded, they often contain multiple heavy files such as sounds, textures etc. I've read somewhere that some games save a few seconds of the entire game engine, you can see this when a game takes a long to load after save because it has to generate the entire level/map from scratch. I'm not a game designer tho, maybe someone smarter will explain.
  8. Yea this is kind of tedious but I have a workaround for it, it works for me. I have a notebook on my desk in which I made a list of trophies and main goals, this is basically my roadmap. And I just open guides for trophies in order to make it easier for me to navigate. Messy but it works fine.
  9. Why? I bought Don't Starve for a few bucks on PSN sale xd.
  10. It may be something wrong with your disc version because I have a worse connection and using Wi-Fi - zero problems with entering the game.
  11. Hitman games, Alien Isolation, Bioshock Trilogy, Most of the AC games, Shadow Of Mordor, God Of War, Telltale games, InFamous,
  12. Ezio Collection has improvements and they added DLC trophies instead of Online, so they are much shorter to platinum and somewhat easier. If you can, go for the Collection. I have started these 3 games on PS3 so I wanted to complete them but sometime in the future, I will play Ezio Collection as well. These are pretty damn good games.
  13. Proud trophy hunter with a few very impressive platinums!
  14. My guess is, you love to trophy hunt while having fun and not pulling hair out of your head from frustration, also Japanese games fan.
  15. Thank you, Yuri, this will come in handy ;).