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  1. Found USA digital PSN Code for the DLC on G2A for like 4$, and bought USA version of base game.
  2. Am I stupid, or is the PS Store broken? Again? I cannot sign in onto my another account, there is just no SIGN IN button, also this little search icon, it doesn't work for me, I can click for an hour and nothing happens. Wtf?

    1. PooPooBlast


      The search icon on the PS store works for me.  


      In my experience though, that icon doesn't work if the browser is still loading the contents of the page so it could be an internet issue?

      Perhaps wait a while and see if it works. Could just be a slowdown in your internet

  3. Before The Last Of Us got shutdown, I was in a group that was over 100 players in total.
  4. I don't care about perfect account, but yes, Back Alley Brawl is fucking amazing, took me 520 tries and I still haven't got RNG good enough to beat it.
  5. If by favourite you mean the one I'd love to do again if given the chance, that would probably be Dishonored & Dishonored 2, Far Cry 3, Prototype 2 and Infamous 2. Love these games and I even got a few of those platinums for my friends on their accounts just for fun lol
  6. Prototype 3, and I'd like to see what happened next with the characters from GTA 4, Far Cry 3, Life is Strange and the Darkness 2. Would love to play these sequels.
  7. Rule of Rose lol, hands down. I could have bought two used PS4's for the same price.
  8. You guys know that this game is a meme? It's basically a mini game promothing their new album lol
  9. With trophy whores, there's a nieche for people smart enough to develop games. Nobody is forcing you to buy these games, so why bother? Do you stress over every shit that's so unimportant?
  10. Payday 2 lol
  11. So, I cannot have any kind of expectations unless I pay a monthly fee? What
  12. wow that really makes a difference lol
  13. Maybe the reason it didn't work is because of your save file? I dunno, I played on a blank save before even starting the campaign.
  14. Yup. Austrian game + Austrian DLC. German game + German DLC. But hey, you have an opportunity to get the platinum twice :D. Go for it bro.
  15. Dante's Inferno's Trials DLC is such a huge pile of garbage, it's way funnier to juggle with AIDS-infected needles than to play this fucking game. That's the first game I refuse to finish, even though server closure doesn't stop me or anything. I just can't, it's gonna make me do something stupid like destroying my controllers or my doors again. I have no idea who thought that making these trials so long, annoyingly unfair and luck-based was a good idea. Yesterday it took me over an hour to finish one fucking wave where I had to keep THE WEAKEST ENEMY ALIVE, while surrounded by tank enemies who are immune to your damage for a long period of time when they are spinning, and guess what? They kept pushing the weakling out of the arena all the time, even when I was across the map and wasn't even looking at them. One fucking hour on this one fucking wave and I gave up. It was too late do try more, if I were to succeed, it would still be at least an hour or two until I can finish this goddamn trial. Today I played some shorter trials, thinking "well I will shave off my skill and perhaps the other trials will be easier in the end", but no, it's not about skill. It's about not killing yourself with a fucking fork after being killed 50 times by some bullshit unavoidable long-range attack. This game requires precision and timing that's just not doable with this clunky mechanics. I love God Of War and DMC, I have mastered them all back in the PS2 era and I could probably do a non-damage hard playthrough on all GOW's with some practice, but this shit? Hell no, I'm not gonna waste any more time unless I'm suicidal. 

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    2. Copanele


      @BB-BakkerJ I think these trials hover around the "frustrating" level rather than "hard" . They are not difficult in theory but... If you know the challenge of the Gods in God of War 1, the last challenge where you had to lift the platform while fighting the satyrs was an absolute piece of shit mission, despite the premise being super simple xD same stupid principle here. In my and Haser's case, the game just decides to fuck around on a whim because why not, game is in a mood! 

      Also lol at the 2p one, that's what always happens if you don't know the game! In that case I was the noob and one very helpful dude had to have patience and teach me the actual mechanics. Still it was more manageable that the 1p section. 

    3. ahmedelebiary


      I thought the Co-op trials were cheaper and harder than the single player ones, my partner and I weren't that good actually we kept dying, raging, insulting EA and their employees with the most creative curses after each failure.

      we were getting frustrated by all the one-hit deaths and the timed waves that seemed impossible unless done with perfection without the slightest mistake.

      Anyway it takes dedication and luck, and patience, above skill of course, but you just gotta keep trying and believe me you will get it done ;) it is one trophy that you will be proud of and you will feel satisfied once it is done. :)

    4. HaserPL


      Glad to see I'm not the only one who had to endure this shit. Right now it all depends on my boosting buddy, if he decides do quit I will give up as well. Neither one of us has the urge to suffer with this game.