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  1. The ultimate question of all times.

    Mayo or ketchup?

    choose wisely - County EM

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    2. SteelFreaxx


      Ketchup for burgers, chips, fish.

      Mayo or BBQ sauce for chicken


    3. Honor_Hand


      Why not both?


      It's pretty common here, I think it's called Pink Sauce (Salsa Rosada). It also has one other thing besides mayo and ketchup but I can't remember for the life of me right now. xD

    4. HaserPL


      @Honor_Hand what you mentioned is pretty much the same stuff what I thought of :D.

  2. Look up a guide or something, it's been years since I did that. AFAIK playing without a patch is fine.
  3. We in Poland are used to writing GTA 4/5 when speaking casually. Even some of the reviewers targeting the polish audience use 4 rather than IV. Examples: https://gry.wp.pl/gta-4-wraca-na-steama-grand-theft-auto-4-trafi-tam-jednak-bez-trybu-multiplayer-6480349053527681a https://www.gram.pl/news/2020/05/12/gta-4-grand-theft-auto-4-na-silniku-gta-5-ray-tracing-modyfikacje-gameplay-rockstar-games-oprawa-graficzna.shtml https://planetagracza.pl/gta-4-complete-edition-za-darmo-dla-kogo/ https://pl.webuy.com/product-detail/?id=5036555401579&categoryName=playstation3-gry&superCatName=gry-i-konsole&title=grand-theft-auto-4-(gta-iv) https://www.komputerswiat.pl/gamezilla/aktualnosci/gta-4-recenzja/051pjdz https://www.ppe.pl/news/145660/gta-4-4k-raytracing-silnik-gta-5-gameplay.html Sometimes if you step out of your shoes, you see that the world and people around it aren't exactly the same as you. Shocking isn't?
  4. Seeing as they have been producing mostly multiplatform games, and Playstation is more popular than Xbox (speaking about sales), it would be like shooting an arrow to their knees making their games PC/Xbox exclusive. I think it's gonna be a matter of being exclusive for the first year or so, or just simply hiring the developers to work on Xbox exclusives altogether.
  5. It's for GTA 4, not GTA 5.
  6. Man, I wish it would be possible to sort gaming sessions here. After boosting a lot of games and having only a couple left to boost, I feel like I'm searching for a happy and content worker in a cinema or something. 

  7. I'd kill for Black Ops 2 Remake, with a fully functional multiplayer. Best 5000 games of my life.
  8. One year alone on a tropical island, or 6 weeks in prison?
  9. 4 People and you need to unlock Bodyguard and Boobytrap ability, as they are the only ones you cannot use against bots on Wolfpack solo.
  10. Can confirm as well, it's up and running! Go on and boost the shit out of it lads :D.
  11. You're good to go then. Good luck :).
  12. If you only need episode 5 to do then yes. I did the same thing with TWD DLC, downloaded the free first chapter, bought the DLC and was able to do it despite not having the game anymore. But if you want to have a platinum you will need to buy all episodes, excluding the first one which is free of course.
  13. Yup. This is the company that almost always screws something up with their products and then pretend nothing has happened.
  14. I think you haven't even read the whole post mate. That's what we've been discussing here for the past week.
  15. Do you ever regret something about your trophy hunting's way of work? Not talking about regretting trophy hunting in the first place, I think each and everyone of us has thought that as some point, what I mean is, you regret getting into a specific genre, or a specific kind of platinums (heavy online focused or very grindy). For me it would be getting into DLC. Back in the day when I was a broke highschooler and I didn't give a shit about DLC mostly due to financial reasons, trophy hunting seemed easier. Since I began doing DLC in games I play (unless they are delisted or I need to pay a shitload of money to import a disc just to be able to play a DLC, doing so has changed my opinion about the base game so much I fucking despise some of the developers for making DLC trophies in the first place. 

    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. Honor_Hand


      No kidding, all those shit games with easy trophies are interesting to check out just to see how bad they are.


      We have to resist that temptation, though. 😅

    3. HaserPL


      @Honor_Hand If I'd had every money in the world, and no job whatsoever, even then I wouldn't have had the time to play games like this, there's simply too many good games and so little time to play them all.

    4. Spaz


      Trophy lists used to challenge the player and that was reflected in a lot of AAA games.


      Now they put the hard stuff behind the DLC while getting the base game done is pretty much easy to where any casual player can get the platinum. For the 100 percent, you have to put in a lot more work and effort, which is definitely the case with Days Gone, Far Cry 5 and The Last of Us Part II.