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  1. I had the same situation on my older account. Many story trophies achieved in DLC before playing GTA 4.
  2. Many situations in The Last Of Us. Especially the ending or
  3. It's based on script written by Christian Divine.
  4. Legs. Especially if she is on high-hills.
  5. When I bought Black Ops 2 on PS3 and back in the 2014/15, that was one of the best gaming periods in my life. People I've played with were great, I still remember them to this day.
  6. Getting into trophy hunting. And I'm serious about this. Back in 2013 when I wanted to plat games, I was thinking about this in a good way. I had many games, I was playing them with guides and I was getting platinums. It was fun. But when I reached ~80 plats, I had no fun from gaming. Now when I'm retired from trophy hunting, gaming finally brought some enjoyment. I had a blast while playing Witcher 3 without any guides or simply playing B:BC2 MP until platinum. My best decision was to drop out of it and play for fun. I will plat some great games, but now it is for me GAMES>PLATINUM and not PLATINUM>GAME.
  7. I remember only PS2 PS3 and PS4 ;DDDD. On PS2 this would be Tekken 4, PS3 - Killzone 2 (got this game with console) and on PS4 it was AC Unity
  8. So that happend... I'm over with trophy hunting. I will no longer go for platinums in games I find boring or too time consuming. If a game will be very fun to play I will plat it, but trophy hunting ruined my fun of playing games. It needs to be repaired. Thanks to all trophy hunting community for great 3 years of playing but if something isn't for you, maybe you should change it to be fun again hm? 

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    2. HaserPL


      I will not trophy hunt what doesn't mean I will not platinum some games. I will just plat only those games I find good enough and also, I will just play all games without any guides for a full playtrough just to have fun. If a game will be good for me, I will complete it again with some guide probably. I will just not focus on getting platinums like I used to.

    3. PooPooBlast


      @ee28max I don't get it. Lol. 

      Are you taunting me that I don't have or cannot get max Payne 3 plat? :P I admit defeat :)

    4. ee28max


      @poopooblast Well... Maybe :ninja: 

      But seriously man, I'm also quite impressed by your Max Payne 3 trophies although you haven't got all of them. I never experienced any rage in gaming before (not even in Batman: Arkham Asylum), but I think NYM or NYM HC would get the best of me. :lol: Maybe one day, you'll return and get your revenge from NYM HC.

      Max Payne 3 Platinum is also one of the platinums I respect the most. :) 

  9. I was insulted by this. I have over 10 000 hous overall in COD MP and that's just some random sunday cod player talking. Play on Domination or CTF and u will see how players can work together.
  10. If you can't write in English then use google translator. Writting in other languages isn't welcomed here. But it's possible to get this trophy that way... You could do 99% of progress with each character and get those 2 trophies in less then 5 minutes.
  11. 1. Yes but you have to disable Vita Chambers but keep in mind any missable trophies. 2. You can re-visit most of the locations by Bathysphere but only until the last area, after that you ll have to start a new game. 3. As far as I remember from PC, no. 4. What do you mean disabled?
  12. Finally finished Witcher 3 ;3. Great game but imho the ending was just like in Alien Isolation, too long. Now clean-up and DLC!

  13. God Of War: Ultimate Remastered Version Of HD Trylogy PS4. Retarded idea.
  14. Are you for real? Voice actors have accents, Most of them were from NA so of course the game had to have an accent -.-