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  1. Unfortunately, Payday is that type of coop game where playing solo basically makes everything ridiculously difficult for no reason at all. I think it will be easier to find one reliable partner than doing it solo. But if you have to do it on your own, prepare that's it is not going to be easy..
  2. I highly recommend to do an EASY/MEDIUM speedrun while collecting weapons, and then go for a Professional walkthrough. Much easier this way.
  3. I'm living on my own so I will get something only if I decide to buy it :d. I would love to get my hands on Dirt 3, in Poland it's quite rare and expensive, around 20$ for a used one, not sure why..
  4. Back in the day when I was trying to make my Wall of Platinums/trophy checklist, I had pretty decent numerical rating system.. 1 for games that are doable under 5 hours without any guide (My name is Mayo), 2 for games under 5 hours where a guide can help, they are stress-free and children can complete them (Day of the Tentacle), 3 for games doable in around 10/15 hours without any guide (The Walking Dead), 4 for games where a guide can help and they are 10/15 hours (Trine 1/2), 5 for games 20/25 hours long where a guide is helpful, no online boosting or grinding trophies, no multiple playthroughs needed or you can do a speedrun in 5/6 hours (InFamous First Light), 6 for games that range in 25/40 hours with some online trophies, grinding or multiple playthroughs needed - they aren't difficult but you need to dedicate some time and effort for them (Bioshock 2), 7 for games under 40 hours with online boosting/grinding and/or many playthroughs needed (MoH Warfighter/MoH), 8 for games doable in around 50/60 hours, grinding/boosting and/or many playthroughs are required, most of the times they can cause headaches, (Black Ops 2/NFS Shift 2), 9 for games that are painful (not necessarily difficult per se) to complete yet not that extreme, games under 80 hours with very difficult challenges, MP boosting needed or lots of grinding. (Catherine, Black Ops 3, I Am Bread) 10 for games where the developer should have thought at some point "is it a good idea to implement this trophy here?" but they didn't. Over 100 hours long, high skill or luck dependent, extremely challenging or with ridiculous boosting requirements, only dedicated and somewhat masochistic players will complete them (Max Payne 3, Super Meat Boy, Crypt of the Necrodancer). That's pretty much it, maybe not perfect but it suited me well.
  5. The trophy guide says "You have to play with A.I. to get any trophies/unlocks.". Are you sure that you've met those criteria?
  6. Check if you have the trophy notifications turned ON.
  7. Alien Deaths are quite easy to farm, just set up in some stage when the alien is close to you, shot a couple of times in the air and quickly save the game. In that way you will have a save file with alien rushing to kill you. Simply load and repeat.
  8. I have problems with 2 challenges, 50 rounds and 25 rounds from Tier 5. Also, Extreme Exorcist trophy was tough for me until I developed a good strategy for it. Might as well made a guide for it when I'm done with this game.
  9. Well, platinum rarity often isn't very objective about its difficulty. Games like Dark/Demon's Souls are common but they aren't easy. Games like Entwined aren't difficult. They are just in PS Plus so many players turn them on and never finishes. I remember I had bigger problems with Motorstorm RC on some races than in COD World At War on veteran.
  10. Well I loved Dirt games but I was playing the older ones on Xbox, Dirt Rally is pretty tough, it will take some practise and dedication but you will be able to get trough. If I was able to platinum Catherine which took me 2 years +, you will plat Dirt as well. And also, Dirt 4 is easier from what I've heard. Also platinum rarity speaks for itself. Rally is less then 2%, and 4th is almost 9%.
  11. So I'm playing on borrowed PS3 Slim right now, and my best friend @XotreX has borrowed me his FAT 60 GB console that seems to be working fine, I even managed to boost Aliens: Colonial Marines on my own with 2 consoles. I'd like to put my old HDD from - may you Rest In Peace my little dark princess - into his console. I have almost done a few games there and I'd hate to do them all over again. I know that when buying new HDD you need to format it into FAT32 but I guess there is no point right? Different versions of the system shouldn't be an issue? Just need some quick clarification if possible, thank you in advance. 

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    2. Sir_Bee


      I think his problem is that his old PS3 won't turn on, meaning he cannot backup the data from it without some other way to access the HDD.

    3. PermaFox


      Got it.  I just wanted to throw out there switching HDDs around that the data will be overwritten.

    4. HaserPL


      Thanks for the feedback guys. I will try to take out the HDD from the damaged console and somehow backup the data.

  12. For some reason, both of them are very well received and praised by the gamers. There is no point in comparing them because they are very different. I prefer the gameplay from God Of War but I love the characters and adventure that comes with playing Uncharted.
  13. That's good to know they will notify us. I want to borrow this game soon and mop up online trophies, it's a shame to have it not finished on my list.
  14. #130 - Aliens: Colonial Marines. Avoid this piece of shit at all cost! Worst platinum ever. I did only because I'm a huge fan of the original movies (even Ressurection lol). Now just need to run through Isolation on PS4 on easy without dying and finish off offline trophies in AVP and the entire Alien series will be platinumed! 

  15. Zombie survival game set in the 28 Days Later universe which is a mix of Legend Of Zelda, The Last Of Us and Left 4 Dead. Here's a little video made by NakeyJakey