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  1. Boosting on split screen makes you gain 50% of normal XP and you gained all of XP trophies in one sitting. It's not possible. Flag will stay I'm afraid.
  2. By many of my friends I'm considered to be very good at multiplayer games, even tho I feel like I could be much better.. There is no easy way at getting better at mp. You have to be decent gamer in order to play decent at mp. I know from my own experience that ususally completing singleplayer on hard can prepare to play online better.. If a game have an option to play with bots, go for it. Also I highly recommend to watch some YT videos, something like Call of Duty in depth by drift0r, his videos helped me a lot when I was playing COD a lot. My Pic from early Black Ops 2 MP game.
  3. I can say that the glitch like this happend to a friend of mine and he got these 2 trophies also at the same moment. I hope you will get your flag removed.
  4. Platinum #120 in Horizon Zero Dawn. Great game, it made me feel just like with Witcher 3... Not wasting time but actually having a blast ;p. It deserved to be platinumed.

  5. Does Star Wars Battlefront with Season Pass for aprox 6/8 $ is a good deal? I could play it for a few hours but it could be dead after 2nd game release later this year. Should I give it a chance ;d?

    1. Fidel


      Yes! It's a fun game with a ton of content, in my opinion. Of course, like you say, it may die after the new game releases.. But there were still a ton of people playing it, so I think it may take longer. Especially, with how cheaply the first game can be obtained.

  6. Not at all anymore and finally I'm not a slave of my trophy list. Now I play games I want, I plat and will plat games I want, and I don't have to feel bad about it.
  7. Dishonored is my fav stealth game (2nd game also) so yea, that is true. Will play it and probably plat for sure.
  8. To be honest, maybe a little. They could have made something new and fresh. But I'm not gonna hate it or smth.
  9. Standard Dishonored trophy list imo.
  10. Yup, very helpfull.
  11. thanks. but I have not enough money to step into sim racing for real.
  12. Well hello there. Im not sure if it is a good idea but my hears needs a racing wheel. I don't have a lot of money so I have decided to get Thrustmaster t150. Is it good? Someone can say something about it's pro's and cons? Also, what games on ps3 and ps4 are compatible with it? Thanks in advance., have a fantastic day! :-)
  13. After almost 4 months since I quit "Trophy Hunting" and my main focus is to enjoy the game and not to play with guides for quickest platinum possible, I finally have fun while playing games! Great feeling to be happy from playing once more. Almost 6 months I had zero fun from even playing some great games.

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    2. Fidel


      I usually just use guides, so I don't have to do extra playthroughs. Don't really care how fast I complete it. That may have been what killed it for you, if you were always trying to be speedy. :P But as long as you're having fun, that's all that matters. 


      @Galactic Balls Lol. I dread the day I start playing that. :/ But it will have to be played eventually..

    3. Galactic Nordic Nuts

      Galactic Nordic Nuts

      I be joking the longest Mp boost I've ever done is two to four hours for laura croft.


      Unless I got to paid by developers or sponsors I'd plat those.








    4. Fidel


      Haha, I've done much worse than that. Nothing on Far Cry 2's level, though.. Might just be another incompletion on my profile, whenever I play through the campaign. 

  14. I had the same situation on my older account. Many story trophies achieved in DLC before playing GTA 4.
  15. Many situations in The Last Of Us. Especially the ending or