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  1. So with Complete Edition I can get 100%?
  2. Can PS3 GOTY games be bought used and still have playable DLC? I only have Bioshock Ultimate Rapture Edition and it has all DLC downloadable from the disc, without any codes. What about with other games? I'm interested in L,A Noire, Arkham City, Dishonored, and Bioshock Infinite at the moment.

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    2. mekktor


      It depends on the game. I think on PS3 most complete/GOTY editions have DLC on the disc but some just have single use codes. Usually you can find a thread with confirmation either way.


      It can also vary between regions or like already mentioned different versions of the same game. So it's not always straightforward. I just came across a complete edition game where (as far as I can tell) the DLC was both on disc and also locked behind a single use code.

    3. Martain2


      Forgot to mention that Dishonored GOTY everything is on disc.

    4. Honor_Hand


      As others have commented, it depends on the game. Some GOTY editions out there came with the DLC on disc. For those, you can buy used and be sure that the extra content will be on the disc itself. But there were others that gave the extra content in the form of vouchers. On those you are out of luck because the voucher may have been claimed already on the store or it may as well expired.


      Personally, I can confirm Saints Row IV National Treasure Edition comes with everything on disc. And I heard from a friend that the Komplete Edition of Mortal Kombat also has everything on disc.

  3. YES! Got level 50 (AGAIN) in RDR and passed into the Legend. Thankfully glitched servers are still a thing and I got the majority of experience through the night. Had to repeat some hideouts for 20k xp left, and got the trophy. Now, I can go for a 100% :).

    1. Honor_Hand


      Good work. Need to go back and finish the multiplayer on RDR myself too. Glad to hear that glitched servers are still a thing there. 😅

    2. HaserPL


      @Honor_Hand you should be quick bro, glitched servers are very rare to find, it took me about 5 hours in total to find a good reliable server where I could grind the levels (it took me about 4.5h in total).

  4. Yes that glitch were you would fell of the ramp and fly across the map to the finish. Used that as well on PS3
  5. I get why people collect rare and expensive stuff, but I would literally be ashamed of myself for spending that kind of money on that kind of game.
  6. Not sure if it was mentioned here before, but yes, great idea, would be very useful. I'm sick of sorting through Words docs on my laptop where I have writtien lists of games/DLC/guides/boostings I want to do/buy.
  7. I got the level 50 legit on my previous console, but it got YLOD and died on me. I need to get level 50 AGAIN for the prestige trophy in order to get the 100%. Are the glitched servers still a thing or do I have to get lvl 50 legit again?
  8. So i'm still dealing with repercussions of my good old PS3 fat death. I just learned that in order to get 100% in Red Dead Redemption and AC; Brotherhood, I need my previous save files. Looks like I'm gonna have to get level 50 again for the prestige trophy in RDR, and do 100% in AC campaign for one DLC trophy. Hurray!

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    2. TheYuriG


      Should be, last patch didn't fix it, wouldn't expect to be fixed by now. Could try messaging one of the recent earners to make sure though.

    3. HaserPL


      Will do ;) Thanks a lot.

    4. MidnightDragon


      It was mentioned on or around the 15th, so it is possible it’s still there. It disappears for long stretches, so I’d hurry.

  9. I did HP Gold medals mostly when being drunk/high so don't give up, just try hard enough.
  10. Invite me if you still need it. Just type NFS or something.
  11. You need to complete the game on Suicide Mission in order to unlock FUBAR. I can see that you unlocked both of those trophies at the same time.
  12. Finally got 100% in TLOU after 10 hours of non stop boosting and almost 7 hours in a row without playing on Water Tower map. That's some bad rng right there.

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    2. BlindMango


      Ah yeah, I remember boosting those TLOU PS3 online DLC trophies, 7 hours sounds about right but luckily I had a really great bunch of people in my session :P 


      I don't know what Naughty Dog is smoking every time they add online DLC trophies to their games :facepalm: 

    3. HaserPL


      Thanks guys :) As far as I remember, developers aren't in total control of their trophies. Maybe Sony wanted them to add DLC trophies to make people play longer 🤔 100 hours on PS3, my kill death ration is about 1.4/1.5, I can easily get 10/15 downs in a game, and I always died because of some shitty bomb hidden well enough, or I got smoked and shived, or sniped, od burnt with a molotov/flamethrower. I haven't got a single 3 downs 0 death trophy playing legit. These trophies aren't ultra rare because it's kind of easy to boost them. WIthout boosting, they would be 0.50% at least.

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯