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  1. Playstationtrophies.org already has the votings implemented, and even then it's very often not reflecting on the game's actual difficulty. I saw people rate GTA V 10/10 just because it has multiplayer grind, and it's a long plat. Or giving 1/10 to a game like Shadow of the Colossus remake, simply because it's way easier than the original PS2 version with trophies.
  2. Black, NFS Most Wanted, Battlefield 2, COD 2, and Tekken 5.
  3. Try to purchase it using a different method is possible, for example, if the error is occurring when buying through PSN Store, try buying it in-game, and vice versa.
  4. Yup, had to learn it the hard way as well lol.
  5. Been years since i did it, but I think you'll have to start a new playthrough.
  6. Jordan Peterson's and Joe Rogan.
  7. You do know that the quality of this "remaster" is almost on par with every other cheap cash grab that was re-released right?
  8. Damn that must have been one bored hacker.
  9. I have definitely noticed that modern games with their HUD and minimap mechanics deprived games of enjoying their designs in a way. If you think about it, if you play an open-world game, you tend to look at the minimap/waypoint more than at the terrain/surroundings, making you appreciate them less. But to answer your question, I don't think so as I still frequently play older games/RTS, where relying on just waypoints won't make you progress very far.
  10. I'm not 100% sure, but i think Ranger Mode at some point was being added to every "limited edition" version of the game, that's why it's mentioned specifically in the Complete Edition.
  11. Or they'd learn it's not worth it to look at other suspicious trophy lists at all, thus allowing obvious cheaters to be unpunished.
  12. Dichotomous thinking is not a valid way my friend. Sometimes people can't be 100% sure until the team makes an educated decision. Someone might see a trophy list in a weird order and think, well the guide says it's not possible to do it in that order so it must be cheated, but then the guide was wrong in the first place and it is possible to do it that way. Would they still be valid for punishment, just because of incorrect info someone has put out there?
  13. That's not always the case, I had Prince of Persia from PS + on my PL account, and the DLC bought from the PL store didn't work. Had to borrow a UK copy of the game to play the DLC. The best way is to look at the region code, BLES00000 for example, and to see if they match up.
  14. It wasnt a nightmare when I did more than a year ago, now I reckon it will be even easier.