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  1. please, don't be THAT kind of a trophy hunter...
  2. My PS3 might be dying :(. 5th day in a row I have a message "The system has become hot please turn off the system". I've changed thermal paste around 6 months ago, it's PS3 FAT 80gb version. It has good ventilation, but it's almost 95F in my room. Should I be woried? This console is with me for almost 9 years...

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    2. Honor_Hand


      Damn, that sucks. If you already changed the thermal paste on it 6 months ago, I am gonna guess you also went ahead and cleaned the vents and fan of any dust that may be trapped inside.


      95F is some good heat for a room. That might be playing its part on making your console overheat. An easy way to get a room cooled without having to do any major electrical or piping work would be by getting a small portable A/C. Take in mind though, they are somewhat expensive and could potentially make your power bill go up as well.

    3. cronocyde


      95F is just too hot for a room in my opinion. Like @Honor_Hand said, try buying (a used maybe?) portable A/C or one that goes in the windows. That will make your life easier and your consoles last longer.

    4. HaserPL


      Well, I'm broke student so buying anything is out of the picture. Guess I will need to wait for the temperature to drop down. I cleaned up the dust in it as well so that's not a problem there. Fan test also didn't worked, as it's already working like a vacuum cleaner. Thanks for the tips guys, much appreciated.

  3. So I'm back from Croatia. It's time to play!

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    2. PooPooBlast
    3. ee28max


      Welcome back! :) 

      How was the trip?

    4. HaserPL


      Great! I was in Split with my girlfriend and her parents. Beautiful country and lovely people.

  4. The Long Dark - trophies seems a bit too much in my opinion... 500 days in survival mode? Rly? 1 real hour is 12 hours in game. You can skip nights but it's still so many hours of mindless walking and farming supplies..

  5. English, guys, speak English if you can.
  6. I have decided that I want to have a tattoo that's connected to The Last Of Us. But I wouldn't want the Fireflies logo because I was never a fan of their agenda and so on. Do you have any ideas? Small tattoo on left forearm, nothing fancy.

    1. ee28max


      Sounds like a great idea. I'd say left shoulder, not that big. Your choice though. :) 

    2. HaserPL


      I have a big scar on my left shoulder, and I wanted be able to see it more often than under shower :D. But still nothing in my mind other than Fireflie or Ellie's knife.

  7. It's not possible. Your trophy pop lag would have to be a few minutes long or so, which isn't impossible but very unlikely. I would say that unless you can show any prove, you will have to hide this game from your list.
  8. I may be wrong because you didn't said which game you were flagged but maybe it's because of A Survivor Is Born Complete the game. 6 days, 2 hours, 46 minutes (+13 seconds) and you got this 13 seconds after finding 75% of documents. As far as my memory goes, you can't finish last segment of the game in 13 seconds, let alone to not include credits. Also the trophy order is a bit off to me but because it has been years since I played this game, I'm not sure.
  9. To be honest, I don't have this game yet but I have platinumed Max Payne 3 which has the same trophy as Mein Laben and I can say that even bad players can get trough if they have enough willpower to play a game like that for many, many hours. It just takes dedication and you don't have to be a very skilled gamer. I'm one of the examples.
  10. I never had any problems with getting Police XP on PS3 or PS4 but I guess it may help someone. Nice man!
  11. You clearly haven't played any hard games before.
  12. As much as I'd love to participate in events like this, I have a nasty habit to play for a while every single game I own and in most of the cases, I have at least one trophy in most of my games :(.
  13. You're gonna need at least 4 to get trophy for flawless victory in gang wars or smth like that, I can't remember the name of this trophy but I remember that I boosted this with 3 of my friends and it was the only online trophy that I had to boost. For xp, I highly recommend to grind Arcade Mode/Time attack because you can get 1000 xp for like 45 seconds of gameplay.
  14. I finally found a unique craft beer, "Zawisza Czarny" made by brewrery Łańcut. Very rare in Poland, it costs around 30$ and it has a legend status among beer lovers. Matured in a barrel used previously for Jack Daniels... It's gonna made my day for sure. Can't wait.

  15. Can't afford DLC so I don't go for 100% :).