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  1. If you wanna get 100% in Bioshock 1 and 2, everything is on the disc.
  2. Yeah, generally people put there the trophies they are proud of. I, for instance, have my top 10 favorite game's platinum trophies in my cabinet. If my top 10 ranking changes, so does my trophy cabinet ;).
  3. No? German stack needs to have German PEGI rating equivalent, which looks like this : Whether you buy Platinum or any other version that exists, it doesn't matter.
  4. What's hard about doing races with a partner or your second console, and leaving a console AFK for the xp grind? I've done numerous boosts that were annoying and hard to pull off, GTA isn't one of them.
  5. Nothing about it is difficult. It will take about 20 hours to do, but it's one of the easiest grinds you can ask for.
  6. I don't think you will need to redeem anything, I'm not 100% sure but I think Hitman 2 didn't require you to redeem anything, if you've played H1, you got the legacy pack for free.
  7. Unfortunately, the chances for this to happen are almost nonexistent. Why? Because there are enough idiots who pay for shark cards in GTA Online which brings millions every day with little to no effort for Rockstar. They made just from shark cards more than big companies earn through their entire franchises. As long as they can milk this the shit out of, nothing will change. You probably already saw the GTA V for PS5 announcement, yeah, that's what you'll get instead of a single-player game that would take effort and time to make properly. Making a fully-fledged remake of GTA IV would be unprofitable from an economic pov. Why bother if they will make even more money on PS5's GTA V? Back in the day, around the release of GTA V, Rockstar was one of the very few game developers that I had trust in, I would trust them with making a sequel to my favorite franchise because their name meant something - quality. Now though, Rockstar to me and for many others is nothing more than a greedy bitch, even worse than EA. At least EA has never been shy of it and pretended to be something they weren't.
  8. It is impossible, the bots won't use the Jetpack and a robot of some sort, don't remember what it's called. + I'm pretty sure the trophies weren't popping on bots, otherwise I wouldn't boost these two trophies.
  9. F1 Race Stars PS3 easy online. Absolute Drift PS4 very relaxing game about drifting. Motorstorm RC PS3 well, racing RC cars. Blur PS3 one of the best arcade racing games out there, lengthy online though (about 20H) DIRT 3 & DIRT SHOWDOWN PS3 games oriented about Rally races however they are arcade-ish, Driver San Francisco PS3 great racing game, online will take about 20 hours as well. GRID 2 PS3 very easy and very fun racing game, easy online. Need for Speed games, except for Shift 1 and 2 all of them are acrade. Split/Second PS3 mayhem and fun driving, easy online. Table Top Racing PS4 RC cars. Zombie Driver HD - lol I think it fits the category. There are some games I'm not listing here like LBP Karting, ModNation Races etc, but I know they are unobtainable. I'm more into the realistic driving games so I don't know much more, hope it helps though. EDIT: More things I just thought of: Trackmania Turbo, The Crew, Flatout (4 i think), Onrush, Wipeout Omega Collection, Hardware Rivals, Jak X Combat Racing, DIRT 4 and 5 (haven't played them yet but if they are similar to DIRT 3/Showdown then they should suit you),
  10. I'd advise you to pass on the Fallout games, heard horror stories about their performance and having to take precautions like having the smallest save file possible or the game will be unplayable, that's what stopped me from even bothering to play them.
  11. #Update #172 Finally, finished Alien Breed trilogy! Also done some progress on Prince of Persia, but that will be the topic of another update. What more can I say about Alien Breed? I thought it couldn't get any worse, but I was wrong. Trophy-wise, it was the easiest out of the trilogy, but still tedious nonetheless. I was going to try and not compare it to Dead Nation, but as DN was the best twin-stick shooter I've played, I cannot help myself but do it anyway. This is going to be about pretty much the entire trilogy because they are all pretty much the same game, just split into 3 parts, probably due to financial reasons. Story? Generic as hell, nothing worth experiencing. Soundtrack? What soundtrack? Gameplay? Boring, boring, and boring. That sums it up perfectly. Backtracking is almost on par with Alien Isolation's, each game has 5 chapters, and even with so small amount of them, they still reused some of the layouts, it's just laughable. Enemy spawns are just stupid, you can stand in one place, and aliens will just spawn in front of you for a minute or two until you kill enough of them. Spawn points look as if someone in the dev team had drawn a layout of the chapter on a pretty big wall, opened up a can of peas or beans, threw that into the wall, and said "these are gonna be spawns!". Shitty hit detection and tight areas with hordes of enemies would be fine, if the game had a dodge mechanic as DN has, that would have helped a lot with having a failsafe when you get ambushed which happens often, but the game doesn't even off something as simple as that. Even choosing your weapons or gadgets is painful, if you are getting swarmed it's safer to just stick to the weapon and gadget you have, because trying to change them may get you killed. Yeah, fun as hell. Overall I rate the entire trilogy with 3/10. Avoid it if you don't want to have a miserable time. Now I'll focus on finishing Prince Of Persia, as I'm playing on a digital copy I cannot do the glitch so I will probably have to do two playthroughs, but that's okay, Castlevania Lords of Shadow also requires two playthroughs so I will just play them once and then continue after a short break. Have a great week lads, and stay safe, cheers!
  12. Couldn't care less. I don't have time to waste watching other people trying to be funny.
  13. Haven't you asked the same thing not too long ago?
  14. It's the number of points in total, not the plats. Every trophy you get has a value, I think Bronze is 15, Silver is 30 and Gold is 90, and the Plat is obviously more than Gold, but if someone doesn't trophy hunt, he just plays through every game he has and tries to get 100% completion in-game, they can have 10000 trophies with like 5/6 platinum. They will obviously be higher in a leaderboard than someone who has 30 games and 30 plats.
  15. I will add (once more, lol, sorry for interrupting) that the Daily Challenges progress towards the trophy also resets, so even if you've done 50% of Daily Challenges 50 times, but you haven't done them by the time you get the rest of challenges, the trophy won't pop. Keep that in mind as I was in a huge panic mode when I finished the last challenge and the trophy didn't pop. but it did after I finished the last Daily Challenge that got me my 50% in this category. So focus on other challenges first, do Daily's whenever you can just for the xp gain but don't waste your time on doing them until after you have other challenges done.