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  1. It was dead over a year ago when I played it. You are gonna have to boost it. Nothing hard though.
  2. My experience was close to the Shadow Of Mordor on Ps3.. Not good as you may imagine.
  3. I tip my hat to you if you platinum it on PS3.. It's horrible..
  4. Gaming has helped me get thorugh a severe depression. Nothing in my life was fun and I was staying at home for the whole summer, so just to do smth other then laying on bed, I started to play some games with multiplayer. I met there a few ppl and it turned out they were from my city. We met IRL and thanks to them I begun to go out more. It really helped me a lot.
  5. In BO3 the only difficult challenge was Ninja Defuse. If they keep that kind of challenges out of the platinum, it's gonna be grindy but farly simple.
  6. To be honest, PS3 platinum for me was farly easy, if someone is playing multiplayer games quite a bit, they will be able to plat BO4.
  7. It will be similar to BO3 on PS3.
  8. It's getting a sequel :). But as a comic book.
  9. Proxy method for getting XP in Alien vs Predator is considered glitch or cheating? Been using exploits since the the beggining of my account.
  10. That. Damn. Walking. Speed.
  11. I have all the guns bought and a few perks. Well, they are useful, that's for sure. Tactical Shotgun, Burst Pistol and Frontier Rifle are the best DLC weapons in my opinion, if you know how to use them. Enforcer and Variable Rifle are good enough, because they offer a good hybrid of original weapons. I don't recommend buying any purchasable weapons, because you can use those class points in a better way. I have over 400 hours played in TLOU so if you wanna ask something more about them, hit me on private message. You should give a chance to Burst Pistol. It can melt people like a hot knife goes through butter.
  12. I was excepcting that. Even a game like The Last Of Us Part 2 wouldn't take 4/5 years on this generation. 2/3 is much more common.
  13. NBA, once again, shows the middle finger to trophy hunters.
  14. Catherine and then Tekken TT2.
  15. I don't care about trophy milestones. They keep you as their prisoner. Break the cycle, focus on science.