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  1. I can confirm as I have unlocked the trophy for penetration kills and flashbang kills during a deathmatch, and i've got most of the required actions during quick match, that was my 3rd dm game ever.
  2. Then why have you finished it? Maybe next time when the game isn't enjoyable, simpy play something else.
  3. The problem is, this "glitch" has been 'confirmed' since December 2021. I have no hope at this point they will fix this issue.
  4. Tough luck, can't be done on ps5
  5. can be done if you own digital, but with disc its easier
  6. Nfs 2015 is the only NFS I have yet to do 100% in order to have the entire series finished. I am a fan of racing games and have played lots of them and I 100% agree with you. Prestige Mode isn't a challenge, it's a slap to the face. You wanna know what was a good difficult challenge in a racing game? Finishing a daily challenge in DIRT Rally 2 within the top 10%. You couldn't cheat it, you had to earn it. You could use an alt to see what track you'd be driving to practice beforehand, but that was it. Took me a lot of time and dedication but I finally pulled this off. Every fail was my own, I screwed up, not the game. In NFS though, I feel like the devs just put the best of the best scores in the game and said, yeah, this seems doable... right? Fuck it, who cares. Took me 4 hours to finish the first drift event, and 39 to go. If it wasn't for the fact that I really want to have the entire NFS series 100%, I would have said fuck this I'm out after the first 30 minutes. Not only the game is online only - two server maintenances within two days in a row which is fucking insane, if the police start chasing you, you can't even restart the race, you have to either try to complete it, or just give up and let them arrest you. The amount of time I've wasted just watching the loading screens because I had to go out of the garage, fast travel to the race, wait for the race to start, and within the first 20 seconds fail because an AI crashed into me and I lost the multiplayer which is crucial, it's just fucking insane. I tip my hat to everyone who had the patience rather than the skills to do it. I don't think I will, I will try to do the drifts this week as I'm sick and sitting at home, but if I don't do it I will just give up.
  7. Just delete the patch and disable auto updating so the game won't update while you're playing, and the trophies will pop correctly.
  8. #225 milestone - My Name is Mayo! 

    Another great game for a milestone, next one on the list will probably be Paw Patrol or Peppa The Pig.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. HaserPL


      @KenjiCBZ Mayo is love, Mayo is life.

      @Copanele I hope I can find one before I reach 15k, they are quite rare and expensive in Poland but sure thing xD

    3. kingofbattle8174


      I bought a paw patrol game, but for the sole purpose that when my kids or wife enter the room, the first thing i hear is what the hell are you playing?

    4. Maxximum


      Well done! 💯

  9. Tbh, it's gonna be impossible to do it on your own unless there's some method I am not aware of, when me and my best friend went for the trophies, sometimes we were really close to failing a wave, even when we tried the method that's "the best". make a session with someone and just wait. It's not going anywhere, one weekend and it's done.
  10. I have been a devoted Call of Duty and Battlefield player for a decade at least. Since I was 12/13, all the way until 24, and I was always a loner who would rather sit at home and play, so I don't even want to imagine how many hours I've wasted on these games probably 10k+
  11. It's best to pair up with someone and go for every trophy together, will take you about 8h though.
  12. this. when a random from psnp asked if he could join our session of Arkham Origins, i was just shocked some asked to join, instead of being an ass. Rare occurrence to say the least.
  13. I don't know if you've experienced it with the Sphere minigame, but I think it was rng based. I got a hang of it quickly, and was making it fine to round 20+ most of the times, but sometimes the game would throw the same task a few times In a row instead of switching it up, and I'd have almost no time left after completing it, or simply failing. Plus some of the symbols on the sphere were so similar to each other, I was 100% sure I remember where it was, just to be wrong in the end. One of the games I'd like to go back and finish, because I really enjoyed the game overall, but it's nowhere near as bullshit as CARNIVAL ISLAND which after like 6h of playing, I never managed to complete a single minigame completely, and you had to like finish 20+ minigames for the plat. That's the one game I know I will never have the patience to come back with Move, I'd say finishing Time Crisis Razing Storm is more doable than Carnival Island for me lol
  14. I've done a lot of boosting and this is something I have always encountered except for maybe a few games. One guy in Bioshock 2 would follow our group for like 5 hours straight just to mess with us, and in Crysis 3 one guy would join our server and just help us out coz he knew we were boosting. Not every person who plays a dead game has to be an asshole. I met a random while trying to do Blur online trophies (did them legit, more than enough randoms played it so it was possible), I still play with him front time to time lol.