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  1. One playthrough left on Very Hard in TRINE for the plat. Great game, it's stunning and very fun to play. I will leave the 2nd playthrough for later, I'm gonna be doing every game that can be done in one playthrough, and if the game requires 2 of them, I'm doing one + clean up and the other is left for later when I have a motivation to play the same game again,
  2. PS Plus games are always rarer than other games.
  3. ^This. The trophy list is the same, excluding mp trophies. I doubt they'd change the requirements. That was just an easy cash grab.
  4. 1. You keep your upgrades with NG+ and you can have way better supply management when you play normally, AFAIK chapter select gives you some bullshit scraps vs what you could bring playing normally. 2. You will waste a lot of time watching loading screens etc. 3. in what way this out of order method is superior to the normal playthrough? I've done the platinum 3 times, I just can't see any pros about it.
  5. still a waste of time imo
  6. What's there to be frustrated about? I'd bet that entering and leaving the game all the time to play all these chapters in some weird order, that sounds waay worse.
  7. Load your playthrough after NG+ and do it normally, why the trouble?
  8. if it was hidden, it couldn't have been flagged. That's not how it works.
  9. Most of my toughest platinums were obtained while being drunk-ish. When I drink I feel more relaxed, when I'm relaxed, stress isn't blocking me from performing at my highest capabilities.
  10. I don't get why people are like that. So your cousin hacked it on your account, and all this time since he hacked it you had it visible on your profile, and now when someone saw it and flagged you, NOW you are opposite to the act of hacking? I smell bullshit.
  11. Do Sound Shapes or The Order 1886 on PS4, I have done it in 3 hours 42 minutes, without even trying to be fast.
  12. It's gonna be definitely Wipeout HD. I've done already the worst boost, which requires a full lobby on players who have already finished the campaign. I didn't have time back then to finish the other two trophies (easily boostable with just 2 players) but finally, I've managed to get it done. I was soooooo happy that all that was left for me was to do grind and just one trophy (75 zones which is easy on DLC map), after the boost I turned off my console and went to buy something to drink. A few hours later I played 2 online matches in The Last Of Us, and my console died. I was devastated, for a few months I was without a console to play on, and during this period, they turned off the servers for Wipeout HD. I've asked one of my friends who work at the workshop who does console/laptop repairs, he said I have a 50% chance that the console will work after the repair, and it would cost me just as much as buying another one. So yeah, RIP my black fatty and Wipeout HD platinum.
  13. Another one off the list, this time it's Sniper Ghost Warrior. What can I say, the game is buggy as Fallout 76. Multiplayer was glitched but in a good way, 2000 kills trophy popped for all of our team around 1500/1600 kills so it saved a little bit of time, but singleplayer trophies glitched on me as well and they required a lot of repeated mission's playthroughs. I'm gonna be doing online trophies in SGW 2 soon because they are very quick and easy to boost, I hope that the 2nd game is better, I kind of liked the idea but the overall product was mediocre at its best.
  14. #141 - Sniper Ghost Warrior. This game was a buggy mess, I'm glad it's over. I had to repeat one mission 9 times because the trophy glitched and it was a pain in the ass. I hope that SGW 2 is better, never too many games where you can snipe enemies from far away.

  15. You have to remove them from your trophy list, by disabling privacy settings on that specific game. No one's gonna do it for you.