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  1. But what if our future technology would be unlike anything you've ever seen? We can only speculate but you know, it may look like some Sci-Fi alien tech. Also, one question. What if there is a natural disaster and every single person dies and Earth is destroyed. You as an immortal would be fucked to say the least.
  2. Wasn't there a similar topic? Anyway, mine was InFamous: Second Son. No PS4 around so no screenshot.
  3. Peaky Blinders is now on the #2nd place in TOP 5 Fav TV shows of all time.

  4. My fastest is Sound Shapes auto-popped on PS3 but I was so freaking close to platinum Hitman Absolution in one go ~aprox. 9/10 hours... I knew this game better than my city because I was playing it a lot on ma laptop, so on PS3 i went straight for the platinum, but one of the challenges that can be done pretty late in the game glitched on me and I couldn't complete it so I remember that I had to complete the game once more, which put me out of my motivation. But without the glitch, I could have platinumed this game in one go..
  5. I saw an documentary once, I'm afraid it wouldn't be as you say. The technology created in 2200 can be way beyond our brain's thinking capabilities. It's just like nowadays with very old people, they can't seem to understand our technology and in few decades, this will be way more complexed than today. Also, living while all your friends, family, your significant others dying out of age, my guess is, it would leave you pretty devastated.
  6. I'm not even going to argue 'bout this 😂
  7. Power of making other people do what you tell them to. Just like Killgrave or, even better would be a hypnosis of some sort, maybe like in The Vampire Diaries. With this power, you can do and be anything.
  8. With their attitude towards GTA Online, and easy money making method - they earned over 1 billion USD only from Shark cards. Why would they waste money and time to give us GTA 6 if they can have more money with minimum effort.
  9. My thought exactly about GTA 6. It's gonna be released near the end of PS4 lifespan, and 2 years later, remaster for PS5. I hate so say it but Rockstar is becoming a money whore company.
  10. Activision will do it, if the next CoD after Black Ops 4 will be bad just like IW was, or maybe even later, it's just a matter of time. But with Rockstar however, I'm afraid it's not gonna happen.
  11. You could have asked this in the previous thread, or make it a status update.
  12. Then most of the players would follow through with a decent guide to avoid backtracking :).
  13. Out of all platinumed Call of Duty games avalible on PS3, the worst for me was to complete CoD Classic. I had a nightmare today about this game 😂

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    2. HaserPL


      To be honest, after playing this game two times, you will be prepared for it, more or less. The key is to know every enemy spawn location and take your time. You can easly complete some levels in less than two/three tries, but some levels, mainly those in Russia, can take you up to few hours to complete. Good luck bro! You're gonna need it.

    3. ee28max


      Call of Duty: Black Ops is one of the games I'm currently working on and I can feel the Zombies trophies will get my soul handed to them. Struggled so bad at the 4th mission "Executive Order", where you have to reach and kill Dragovich on Veteran but I completed it. Came mission 10 "Crash Site" where the game would just freeze on the beginning cutscene and I thought I was locked out of the platinum forever, but now it works fine. Just need to finish the campaign on Veteran, get the intel, finish off some trophies I missed and then the Zombies.

    4. HaserPL


      I would say that zombies in Black Ops are the easiest to do but nontheles, good luck with them! I can assist you with zombie in BO2 if you ever plan on getting this game. That's the only COD I play from time to time. Also, veteran in Black Ops is highly overrated imo. I finished it in less than 2 days without any problems, so as WaW. Everything is doable in those games.

  14. The last season was garbage for me. It shouldn't have existed. According to TV Time app, I watched over 130 TV series. It's hard to name the best out of those but I will name two of them. It will be Breaking Bad and Hannibal. I love them. Game of Thrones is on my 4th place, mainly because I just binge watched the entire show in 2 weeks just after the last episode aired from the 7th season, I know that I missed a lot of tention and this 'magic' of this show that other people experienced while watching it from the start.