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  1. Yes, it's quite excellent
  2. Cool, glad telltale getting their release dates much faster than usual
  3. Is this really $30 just for the 4 characters and extra costumes?
  4. I enjoyed and prefer Minerva's Den and Burial at Sea episodes 1 & 2 over 2 and Infinites main campaigns
  5. What were they thinking with that many people on team deathmatch lol
  6. Wish this had a different cast, might've changed my view on it completely...
  7. Maken Ki for the "plot"
  8. Neat collectors edition, but will be picking up the standard version myself
  9. Aight, cool thx for the response
  10. Timesplitters reboot or 2/Future Perfect remaster Those games were pure crack, absolute gems of the FPS genre imo
  11. Do you know if the bonus episodes are coming a week after episode 4 or are releasing at a later date?
  12. The first Mass Effect is the best in the series imo, but i really enjoyed Me2's DLCs and the final Me3 DLC as well.
  13. 4 months since the last episode ._.
  14. So did anyone pick up the game yet? I've seen gameplay and am interested in the pacing/environmental puzzles similar to older Re/Silent hill titles, but am not sure if the match system is frustrating