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  1. Death Note/Desu Nōto.
  2. Sub. Most of the time dubs are not well executed and sounds cringe worthy, and I don't like the fact that it changes the original dialogue.
  3. Session 9. It was alright. 7/10
  4. Just now started watching Attack on Titan. Loving it so far.
  5. Call me an asshole... but animals.
  6. Australasian m8.
  7. dogsniffer.
  8. Huh, odd nothing has came of this, sounds like a decent idea.
  9. I've created about 5/6 in my life time. I'm not exactly sure why...
  10. Oh god, this was the last trophy I needed on my alt account. After playing online off and on over a few months time just for this trophy, I left it. Stupidly grindy.
  11. That would be amazing. I'm voting for this.
  12. All the Scary Movies were good. FIGHT ME.
  13. Pass it, never heard of it. Neverland Card Battles.