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  1. Just got Deathly Smorgasbord trophy. Died 7 different ways in the very first levels of the game (Zombie, drowning, lava pit, burned to death, smashed, crystal spikes and collapsing floor) and the trophy did not pop until I let the timer run out in Haunted Ruins.
  2. FFXII is damn good.

  3. I've played FFXII once on the PS2 back in the day and I really didn't like it at that time. Loved the world design and all, but I couldn't bare to keep up. I got The Zodiac Age as a Christmas gift from my gf in 2018 and holy crap, I'm in love with it. For real. I've finished the story some weeks ago, and now I'm on the hunt for the Platinum Trophy and I'm still having fun. The most annoying thing I had to do was the Mist Walker trophy, and even that was actually pretty quick to do. FFXII and FFVI are my favorite FF's of all time easily.
  4. I've only experienced 2 issues within the Trilogy and both the issues were on Spyro 3. I had to restart the application to obtain the "Man the cannons, man" trophy and also restart the game application because after restarting the skate race in Lost Fleet a certain amount of times, the frame rate would be ridiculously low.
  5. I had to reboot the game and replay the level to get this trophy. Kinda annoying, but not too bad.
  6. I love almost every suit in the game tbh. But if I'd had to do a top 5, would probably be: 1 - Stark Suit 2 - Advanced Suit 3 - Big Time Suit 4 - (Spoilers) Anti-Ock Suit 5 - 2033 Black Suit But, again, I love almost every suit. I just really dislike the Mk II suit, Damaged Classic Suit and the lack of my beloved Future Foundation suit.
  7. The exact same thing happened to me on Titan Mode. I literally kicked his ass for 45 minutes and NOTHING would happen. He even gave me magic/health orbs, but no circle button prompt showed up. I gave up and allowed him to kill me and tried again just to find out that THIS TIME it took me only 5 minutes to kill him. I guess it's some kind of bug in this remaster. You are not alone!
  8. Spider-Man is definitely my game of the year of 2018 (tied with Ni No Kuni 2), what an awesome game.

  9. No matter what nitpickers says, KH3 looks great. Of course it needs some tweaks here and there, but overall already feels KH1/KH2 level of epicness.

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    2. Xel


      I would've been worried if the game had zero issues, tbh. KH3Premire is a good opportunity to iron out any problems in the game.

    3. KingGuy420


      I don't see anything to be negative about yet. I doubt I ever will lol.

    4. Roxband


      All the flaws that were spotted on the KH3Premiere are easily fixable (as Bizkit and Dean stated), so it shouldn't worry anyone too much. However, there are people that just want a KH2 2.0,, so they'll bitch about every single thing. It's stupid.

  10. Max out Treasure Magnet, and don't get greedy. Hit the Jelly once, grab'em all and back off. Rinse and repeat until you get 90+ orbs (I did this with all characters and worked, even if it's a little too methodical)
  11. I hate BBS so much. Took me 85h to platinum. But it was definetely worth it!


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    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work! At least you were faster than me. Lol. That one took me 101 hours. 

    3. Roxband


      Thank you!

       @Fidel If I already lost my mind in 85 hours, I suppose you almost exploded in anger HAHAHA

    4. DamagingRob


      Lol. Beating MF with Terra was rough, but I actually thought this was easier than KH2. I was just a slowpoke with it, I guess. :/

  12. Just loved Rime even if the ending was heartbreaking.

    Well, at least I got a new platinum :D

  13. Still can't believe that I actually got Doom's platinum trophy lol

    1. hpknight


      The game made ya really work for it, eh? Nice work.

    2. DamagingRob
    3. Roxband


      Thanks a lot, guys!