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  1. I don't think we should have to depend in dlc's to comprehend the whole story... it's like a movie or a book... you tell a good story, with body, head, and members or you don't! You shouldn't have to wait for dlc's... you paid a lot and should have a decent story... I mean i don't want to wait for a dlc to understand why revus had a change of heart... or to show me de gap between his "attack" on noctis to show up dead... i don't want to wait for a dlc to tell me where the goals of the empire stood when noctis went for a nap and ardyn went all "king of darkness"... Dlc's are supposed to satisfy our curiosity... to add some information, that are not relevant, but funny to know... not to fill de gaps of the main game... that's just bad story telling... Same would apply for notes founded in the game... the are supposed to elaborate the background, the cenarios, the story previous to the game... not to tell parts of the in-game story that was just not told because someone decided not... that's just lazy... I understand they invested a lot in the whole "open world thing"... i like that, but in detriment of the story? I mean, Uncharted, Tomb raider... linear games, and great... Was ot impossible to find a balance: like Dragon Age...i found the story pretty good, the dlc are what supposed to be: interesting but not indispensable for the story, and we have opne world enough and plenty stuff to do...
  2. So annoyed right now... Finally i have a PS4 (slim) and i bought Dragon Age Inquisition... which i started on PS3... never finished because i was planing to do so on ps4... Lucky me: two separate trophy lists... i don't have the time or patience to get Platinum two why couldnt all the game be like Final Fantasy X/X-2 remaster??? Geeezzzz
  3. This really sucks!!! I don't want to play on the PS3 just to get to Platinum!!! Bahh
  4. I guess this sums it up:
  5. I understand some os the critics to FFXIII... but still, in there you well defined bad guys and good guys, there motives, people they when they had to die, and you knew how and why... even if the story isn't the best one, or underdeveloped... you still get a sense of least that's what i think... sure isn't a great game, maybe not a good game to... but i really think it is better then FFXV... i can even go as far as saing the story o Mortal Kombat is better... a better trash lol To be honest i haven't played the game. i'm just the kinda of person who doesn't mind spoilers... and i don't have a ps4 at the moment...and i didn't want to wait to see the story... What compells me to buy games is the story... so even if the game is great in graphics, combat system, adventure etc... it dies for me without a good plot. I started to watch the playtrough with the sole purpose to satisfie a bit my curiosity. i didn't intend to watch it all, but i kept seeing because i was so looking for reasons to buy the game... never found them, because, like i said, i like a good story... Of course if the game had a good story, and trashy gameplay i wouldn't buy it either... but a bad story and good gameplay still doesn't work for me... Keep playing and enjoy the good stuff... because they exist...i have to admit that... and since i didn't play it myself i can't judge many of the other game features...If u get frustated in the end, like me, please let me know
  6. 10 YEARS! 10 FREKIN YEARS!! And this is what we get?? With all the respect for people who liked it, please tell me why! First and foremost i'm talking about the story, just that... not the combat system, not the world, not the gameplay, not the graphics...props for those aspects... But geezz the Story is getting on my nerves.... And this is why: The storytelling is so week, the script is poor, and the voiceovers...oh GOD! Many plot points doesn't even make sense... most of the time i feel like a lot of stuff was cut... like they lost their way from point A to B... People changing sides and we don't even get an explanation why...Some characters look so appealing but fall short...No clear explanation on their motives or motivations... I loved Kingslave... but honestly, that movie put my hopes to high... and the gmestory feel so short... I got so frustaded with Ravus... what a waste!! I didn't get what the hell happened... And about the Nilfheim Empire?? Wasn't even properly used ... looks like everything was used for the goals of Ardyn...but so poor job explaining that... Gentiana to... wasted character... Areana...wasted... Cor...wasted... Astrals...wasted... Luna...WASTED! And that deal about the 10 years passing during the game?? Oh please... i won't even go there... My first FF was FFX and that was amazing...i wont go as far saying that FFX-2 was better, but at least we knew the characters, their aspirations and motives... There as so much hate on FFXIII but i actually loved it and for my (once again storywise) it was better then FFXV... i admite FFXIII-2 fell a bit short and Lighteing was so boring and soullacking in the third game...but still... overhall great story, nice characters, very well explained backgrounds, mithology... In short: Great ideas...poor execution! Heck... i know i should explain myself better, but i wan't to avoid spoilers... for those who already played it and/or seen the full story... what do you think? This video speaks my mind (spoilers):
  7. Can someone tell me where i can find the novela final fantasy xiii reminiscence tracer of memories in english? Replayed the game recently... love the series and the end... and i want more!!!
  8. Hey guys!! If we start the game on PS3, then import our savefile for PS4 on black emporium, and finish the main quest on PS4, will we still get the Golden Nug on post game, and the the following playthroughs we may start?? I ask this because as far as i know, the Golden Nug came with patch 10, only available for PS4, XBoxOne and PC, and supposedly in order to get the Golden Nug, we have to finish at least one playthrough (main quests only) on ps4... So, does that mean the whole "first playthrough" must be played on PS4, or we still get the Golden Nug if we started the game on PS3... Good gaming, and thanks.
  9. They are available again... most have been some glitch... Thanks guys
  10. Did it... can't find it... not in Pc Store, not trew the console, neither in i will try when i reach my camp again on the origins campaign... thanks do
  11. Does anyone knows if Bioware removed Origins DLC'S from the Store? I don't find them, except for Awakening...
  12. I played this game some 4 or 5 times, like 3 years ago... Returned to it this year, so i could play the Legacy DLC (kinda felt it was mandatory before playing Inquisition). My party was almost all time: Anders, Isabella and Bethany...After Bethany went "on with her life" i used a bit of everyone... just for the fun of the party banter... Im not the most tactical player so i just used characters i liked... the ones above... I really didn't liked Fenris at all, and Carver was so annyoing... I swear i didnt played as Mage more often, just because I i couldnt barethe thought of leting Bethany die and put up with that ass...I only played as Mage once, and i really wanted to play more times but i just couldn't... it's so hard to me in this games to make the decisions i wouldn't just to explore a different u must imagine siding with Templars was a huge sacrifice... ironicly it was in the same walktrough that i played as mage... just to get the Platinum
  13. I hated playing Origins..I love the story, but so so boring to play...the gameplay wasnt at all appealing... took me 3 years to got Platinum cause i couldn't stand repeating most part of the game... i played it on Ps3...i think in PC is better (so i've eard) ... I really really dunno why some people say its better then Dragon Age II...
  14. I hated playing Origins.. Love the story, but so so boring... and the Platinum geez....only got it recently, when i finally got the courage to play it a 3rd time... Dragon Age II in the other hand i've played it 4 times i guess, a few years back... The worst for me was to achieve Platinum, not beacuse it was hard, but i couldnt stand siding with the Templars...Bah so many awfull decisions on that walktrough... Im playing it again and i still love it...This time, no siding with Templars... and bough the Legacy DLC... thought it would be nice, before i buy Inquisition! Point is: Totally worth It.