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  1. Perfect, thanks for the reply. I kinda figured that was the case but it's kind of a drag just to get the extra trivia. I wish Atlus would have just added the extra night at the bar, oh well.
  2. Are the requirements different this time around? Because I know I've met them for both cocktails and beer, or so I assume but the trophies aren't popping. Do you have to follow certain paths to get added trivia? Thanks for info
  3. This list looks practically the same really, with a few added trophies. I have done everything on the ps3 versions except all golds on hard mode and babel because screw that lol Well maybe if I plat full body I'll go back and try the ps3 version, but it's one of those games I really enjoyed back in the day and wanted to plat but not bothered if It never happens. Just my two cents, good luck everyone!
  4. Exactly man, It's all about the Benjamin's to these people. I only played swbf1 for about 30 mins and deleted it, so needless to say it never crossed my mind to get the the sequel and for good reason. And I deleted bf5 a couple weeks ago for 1) I need space for decent games that aren't all fucked up 2) Because my faith and patience has run out waiting for a fix that will probably never come. Among other issues. I think EA knows that a lot of people that are still playing the game are just waiting for trophies to be fixed and then they will quit playing/delete it for good. That's my plan anyway, but it looks bleak indeed.
  5. As a recent player and just about to reach chapter 6. I can say the game itself has a decent feel to it, with a few blemishes, such as the lock on is kinda weird sometimes. There have been instances where I didn't even hit R3 to lock on and the game did it anyway, automatically, which is annoying. Combat in a small space combined with the finicky lock on can prove a painful frustration (for me anyway) but the biggest gripe overall has to be the load times. Especially along side a boss fight and that's what irritates me the most, honestly. The second major issue would have to be that you will fight the exact same enemies EVEN AFTER you've dispatched them earlier, which gets fairly frustrating after a while. Third annoyance for me is all the ( I assume) unnecessary dialogue. What I mean by this is, why do you as a character have to ask the same questions to everyone you meet? There are differences obviously but for those who've played it, you know what I'm getting at. If there is branching dialogue options through hints, do they serve a more important purpose than just adding more questions to the mix? I realize you get certain investigations through the dialogue with certain characters but a lot of the time it gets overwhelming with all the "hint required" options. All being said and as I plan on doing three runs for the plat, I'm sure I will understand the more I play through the game. I just wanted to express my thoughts and maybe get some insight certain matters. Thanks for reading.
  6. Well I'm sure glad I got this game for free. EA needs a good punch in the pounder plums or something to make them wake up. And It's not just about the trophy issues, but I for one will still play it even if it's very seldom. At least until the higher ups get their heads out of each others poop holes and give the players/achievement/trophy hunters what they deserve.
  7. I also got my globetrotter and heads down trophies today, playing in the same server for about 4 to 5 hours as well. Happy that is over with and now onto the other bullshit trophies lol.
  8. I can't remember if I did indeed stay in the same server but eventually got the hoist the flag trophy last night. I was thinking that what you say is probably true because I've played each map for the globetrotter at least 5 times each on different servers so.....kinda dumb though if you ask me. Thanks for the tip by the way
  9. Thanks for the info Barticle! hopefully the trophy pops for me cause a lot have not so far, while others have with out issue.
  10. I played it on the original PS4 and it ran just fine, with controls being solid and responsive. I had no issues what so ever with the game performance wise.
  11. I would have to say that, yes it is a grind. However you shouldn't let that sway you from trying to get the plat if that's what you really want. I'm only level 15 so far and it recently took me abut 6 hours of playing, 90% races to get there from level 11 and a half or so. This is one boring ass online but I'll keep at it, I mean it took me years to get the RDR1 plat, mainly due to the online grind but I got it done. Bottom line is if you aren't willing to put the time in, then don't. There's no shame in it. Plat the games you enjoy, you find fun and keep your interest. At least that's what I do To answer your other questions....before I got back into it a few days ago I got all those free gold bars from Rockstar events a while back. So I had 32.65 gold bars and it didn't take me long to buy most of what was needed for a couple of trophies and a few weapons etc. I bet by the time if hit level 50, Which hopefully takes less than 60 hours, I'll have more money/gold bars required for the 5 horses trophy.
  12. Yeah, that's what my fear is. The thing is it really only started doing it frequently after the most recent software update, and playing Days gone/Sekiro. Although it has done some strange stuff in the past. Thanks for the reply
  13. So recently the past few times I've started up my ps4 and booted up Days Gone, after the "continue" option is picked. The loading screen comes on and about a quarter of the way on the bar at the bottom of screen.... I lose HDMI connection. After which I have to shut off my system by via hard reset, which causes the whole process of restarting and all that crap....annoying! The strange part is after that my the ps4 usually works fine for hours generally. I'm rocking the launch ps4 but have taken very good care of it, so I'm just curious if any one else has this issue or if it's just me. haha
  14. I just got the trophy and what I did was respond to a call for help. Then the other person went down and died, and then I died before I could help him and the trophy popped HAHA! What a bugged trophy for sure but I am relieved I finally got it after about 50 tries. Good luck!
  15. I was doing the monster mash event when I hit level 25 and no trophy for me, so that must be a certain issue with leveling or something. But hey at least I wasn't as unlucky as some of you. I would hate to have to get to 100 all over again. Debating whether or not to start over or wait for a patch? I doubt they will fix it in a patch though.