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  1. Yeah, that's what my fear is. The thing is it really only started doing it frequently after the most recent software update, and playing Days gone/Sekiro. Although it has done some strange stuff in the past. Thanks for the reply
  2. So recently the past few times I've started up my ps4 and booted up Days Gone, after the "continue" option is picked. The loading screen comes on and about a quarter of the way on the bar at the bottom of screen.... I lose HDMI connection. After which I have to shut off my system by via hard reset, which causes the whole process of restarting and all that crap....annoying! The strange part is after that my the ps4 usually works fine for hours generally. I'm rocking the launch ps4 but have taken very good care of it, so I'm just curious if any one else has this issue or if it's just me. haha
  3. I just got the trophy and what I did was respond to a call for help. Then the other person went down and died, and then I died before I could help him and the trophy popped HAHA! What a bugged trophy for sure but I am relieved I finally got it after about 50 tries. Good luck!
  4. I was doing the monster mash event when I hit level 25 and no trophy for me, so that must be a certain issue with leveling or something. But hey at least I wasn't as unlucky as some of you. I would hate to have to get to 100 all over again. Debating whether or not to start over or wait for a patch? I doubt they will fix it in a patch though.