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  1. She never looked Asian, Yuffie did. And probably will still look this way.
  2. Meh, I expected something better for Christmas :/
  3. That's really good to hear, I'm definitely gonna plat this
  4. The Evil Within, not really my kind of game. Altough all 5 are alright ^^
  5. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I've played it on PC and it was awesome, easily my favourite MMO. Gonna get it for PS4 soon
  6. 9/10. Would be 10 if you went with Thane instead of Garrus
  7. Great app! I'm really enjoying it!
  8. This game looks really exceptional Definitely gonna get it
  9. Assassin's Creed: Ezio Collection. I've finished AC II and Brotherhood a long time ago, and never got to play Revelations. This time I'll plat all three I've missed you Ezio
  10. Well, when i felt the burnout, I just gave up gaming for some time. Found another hobby, reading comic books. That took about six months, and my love for gaming came back, and i still love my comics
  11. Nier, Red Dead Redemption and Heavenly Sword
  12. All of the LEGO games should be fun for both of you (you can play them in co-op!). Beside that, I'd recommend Crash Bandicoot and Spyro trilogies ^^
  13. If Don Tonberry is still too tough for you, the best location to farm AP would be Omega Ruins (remember to utilize double and triple AP weapons) and I suggest sticking to only three characters (Wakka, Tidus and whomever you like) right now, and get them ready for Don Tonberry. When your party is strong enough, just use Don Tonberry method for those three characters, and when their grids are maxed out, keep one or two of them in party, and switch the third one for someone who needs to level up. Keep bashing Don Tonberry, and after a few hours of this grind, you should have enough AP to get everyone through the whole sphere grid. Now is where the hard part begins - you need to fill every blank spot on the grid, and fill it wisely, so that you'll have maxed out all the stats you'll need to defeat Nemesis, Penance and Dark Aeons. There are monsters in the Arena, which will supply you with nearly all needed spheres, but this grind will take a while (probably 15-20 hours of playing). Also, when filling the grid, remember to use the hp spheres last (because you don't need max health, anywhere from 10k to 20k will do, but you do need all the other stats at 255. This doesn't include luck, it's far less important). One more tip - don't wait to get a lot of ap/spheres and then use them all at once, instead use them often so your chars get stronger much faster, and the grind will end sooner. Good luck
  14. Crash Dummy, Drowning, Little Adventure on the Prairie. These games shouldn't even be available to buy on PS Store. Absolutely broken, terrible, ugly and just wrong :/
  15. Horrible game, glitchy af, super annoying and there is no way to pause it (Options button takes you back to level select). But it's pretty easy (there is no game over), short and cheap. I wouldn't buy it again.