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  1. hello Lyukaa first thing you should do is check out the game version or the BLES number you can found it in the disc or the cover box of the disc and then its must match the number bles on the store with the game version BLES number you have and the most important thing is the region i mean you cant buy it from us store and play it on europe copy for exmple my game version number is BLES01031 but when i buy the dlc it have more than 4 version of dlc then i had chose from them in my download list to match my number copy BLES01031 my copy is europe the link is Italy store and italy is Country in Europe also Germany is Europe but i cant be 100% sure to say buy it sorry
  2. yes you still can get the plat and 100% for this game without any issue just have two ps3 control i mean all multiplayer stuff doable in coop mode or the splite screen as you like to say good luck
  3. Hey I can confirm that all the trophies can be obtained solo expect one called short fuse were you need at least 3 to 4 player To help you out with that
  4. Are you kidding me as this time Monday, 29 July 2019 there are many many players on the game I don't believe this also but it's actually happened so yes there are people still playing it but be aware of some host they got kicked you from the game without a reason and they are a few connection lost issue also good luck
  5. YES for sure the game is pretty fun and awesome graphic but I suggested to have group of 4 include your self to help you out with one trophy called short fuse it's the worst thing in this game other than it's all good
  6. No your not alone πŸ˜‰. This game have the hardest difcullty I ever experience especially when the aiming system is screwed up and not like other first person shooter games but try to play in the very easy difficult and see how the major different in the game hardest difficult is unrealistic but great thing that Difficulty does not Affects Trophies
  7. No platinum is obtained without dlc it's Separated just pick up those dlc if you only want to have 100% achieve COMPLETION in this game OF
  8. Yes of course. Just pick the game already don't worries and think about it there are no issue or major problem that block you from getting pops out the trophies I have great time playing this game and achieved100% you will not Regrets
  9. 100% confirm that one is glitched because I try everything possible to get this trophy unlocked but unfortunately πŸ˜” it's not going to happen and pop unless you hack the game trophies and cheating out hopefully they fixed this soon
  10. ☺️

  11. Hey ulvenfenrir Your welcome any time Look I have platinum this game and yes its possible only glitches I face is this two in my video and yes you might have bad time in the hardest difficult but there are some method that will make it easier other wise it's absolutely obtainable platinum And if you need help with co-op I can help with that also
  12. Hey Actually I have platinum this game without any trouble or glitch trophies Only glitch I face is the egyptologist I mean Egypt text on the level 9 the power of under ground and I make video for it in new topic that's it everything else is going very well so if anyone want to go for the Platinum actually it's possible now
  13. Hello like the tittle says I just made a two videos one for the secert number 3 and. The other is for Egyptian texts. In level 9 the power of the underworld. Because i have see many players struggling with this and how it's glitches so I tell my self why I don't make videos and make things easier especially when there are no videos out there for PS3 and hopefully this helps you guys I uploaded it from my google drive And those are the links 3rd secert Remember to turn off the infinite ammo in coustomize game options because it we'll disabled all ammo secert Level 9 the power of the underworld egyptologist The key for this is the cross hair (looking camera) where you point it try keep low and find the best spot IAM Sorry for the videos quality I suggest to view them in full screen If there Any questions I am ready to answer
  14. Arcane_legion I will make a new topic that's explained everything in upload video from my PS3 to let you see how it works Just do what I did IAM updated soon
  15. Hello As the tittle I will be explained how to get those dlc First thing. The game are now delisted from ps store in all rigon how sad this is lol So there are only disc version available so let's begin Open your web browser application using your PC or phone it's up to you really there are no difference Then Sign in to PlayStation store using the web browser and let it save your information I mean email and password like you sign in normally in PS3 And remember to sign in for the rigon that your game copy is I mean it's usa or Europe you can find this out by searching the BLES number in game cover after you figure it out then Go for the right. Store and sign in After this you have two options to do either use the PlayStation site Or Web searching site google work fine And Just copy or paste those words rambo the video game: baker team playstation store And if used the PlayStation site Paste it without PlayStation store Now you will have the pages opens And you get options First check out the person icon in the right top its the means the user click on it are you signing in or not if yes perfect Choose the two options both of them Add to cart Add to wish list Then the final step is to go on your console PS3 and open the PlayStation store as usually and check out the in cart options is it add to the cart or not if yes then confirm the purchase like you do when buy a game don't worries it's totally free after that it should be in your download list and congratulations there you have it Hopefully this helps you guys and if there any questions i am ready to answer