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  1. That's....a lot of songs for Round 2 ^^; I think this time around, instead of posting all my results in one go, I'll just edit this one as I progress through them. Also, thanks for calling out which songs have ExEx, I won't forget about a song's ExEx again like I did last round...still not too happy about that haha, but I'll do my best to make up for it this round But here are my results (so far) for Round 2! Happy diva-ing everyone!: Extreme Songs: Perfect Category Excellent Category Great Category Standard Category Extra Extreme Songs: Perfect Category Excellent Category Great Category Standard Category
  2. we just post our results right here? I wrapped up all the songs for Clockwork here it is in order of the songs listed: Also, I'm considering pulling out of Tomorrow's Idol for the Hard songs and just focus on Extreme. I'm just not sure if I have the time to do all the Hard songs too. When's the cut off date for entries? I don't see that anywhere.....
  3. OwO this looks fun, I suppose I can do Tomorrow's Idol and Clockwork Diva, though the latter will be the primary focus. One thing to firmly establish though, Perfects are priority? With the way Future tone is set up, you can score attack by missing notes to increase your point total significantly via the hold notes. In some songs, particularly Tricolore Airline, a Great can outscore a Perfect. Just want to make sure.
  4. Slashii~ quick q... I could still play and enjoy Future Tone without buying the "DLCs" right? and is there a list for the songs available for each DLC?

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    2. slash


      So... I'm pretty I completely misunderstood your original post. By "DLCs" you meant FS and CT right? And not the ones I responded to via link? If so, I'm really sorry :( But in response to that, there are only 2 songs available without FS and CT, Weekender Girl and 1/6 -out of gravity- . Your mileage won't go very far with them obviously, though they're good songs to prep with for the rest of the songs if/when you eventually get them. I also started a pretty long topic about getting started with Future Tone in general, since the gameplay is different from the home console versions, if you wanna check that out. Again, really sorry I'm such a dumb dumb. 

    3. JaM


      eh? you actually answered my question on your next replies xD got all I needed to know... again...  thanks xD

    4. slash


      oh i suppose i did lol, well carry on then xD 

  5. i caved in and bought english Future Tone because i am weak. but i figured i would treat myself for my birthday anyway ;)  see you on the leaderboards! :) 

    1. Xionx


      Jeah see you on leaderboards .  I will be a lot more down in the list but who cares XD. Rn i play every Song on normal , but soon i jump on hard.

  6. You can get to Survival Course by holding down and at the same time on the song selection screen. You don't have to unlock extreme modes to play. Pressing the options button while on the song selection menu will give you a breakdown of how to navigate the game as well. If you have any questions, you'll probably find your answer there .
  7. Nope, the game will always save the highest rank you've ever gotten in a song in both % and points. So for my example in Clover Club, even though my score attack trumped my perfect with an excellent, the excellent badge will never override the perfect one. However, the high score will override, and you can see your personal best on the bottom right of the song selection screen.
  8. That's a good question, actually. One would think so, though I'm not sure if they lock module selection until you get one of the packs. The other trophies are definitely possible, though playing for 39 minutes with only 2 songs seems a little tedious .
  9. Yeah, the NA store wasn't updated until a couple hours ago. Should be up now! Yeaaaah it's definitely harder than the previous games. Since it is an arcade, it's made to entice you to spend some more money to try the song again some songs in Future Tone on hard are legit tougher than some songs on extreme in the previous games
  10. Oh I see, gotcha. As for wrong notes, your life gauge will still drop, but the penalty for doing so is significantly less. It's a tactic used in score attacking songs to extend certain hold notes for bonuses. Without this, score attacking would be nigh impossible since missing a note entirely severely depletes your health bar. You might see WRONG written in red, and health wise that's much better than a WORST.
  11. I'm curious, what kind of functions was it saying you can turn off? This is a port of the arcade, so being able to turn off multi notes would kind of be silly tbh since they're a major part of the game.
  12. Of course, anytime! It actually snuck up on me and it kinda just hit me that the localization is just around the corner. Future Tone admittedly does take a while to get used to the differences, especially the hold system. But keep at it, and you'll be climbing up the leaderboards soon!
  13. So...we're getting a localization for Future Tone! And it's out in just 3 days! I know there are a lot of Project Diva fans on here, and since I've had the Japanese version since launch, I thought I'd start a thread giving some tips on tackling and discussing this beast of a game. Anyone who has played F, F2nd, and X will feel familiar with the gameplay, but as most of you know, this is a port of the IRL arcade box version. The rhythm game, while similar, is different from the aforementioned Miku games. This will be a pretty long post, so to be efficient, I'll post each point in a spoiler tag just to keep the overall OP cleaner. I also understand that this can be a potential guide as well, but I figured putting this in a thread would be better for discussion and can avoid cluttering guide comments with it. Maybe I'll turn it into a guide at some point, if I can refine this later on. 1. Trophies: 2. Aesthetic: 3. Macros and Holding: 4. Hold Switching: 5. Complicated Notes: 6. Score Attacking and the Leaderboard: Woof, that was a lot....I know this was pretty long but I hope you find it helpful as you dive into Future Tone. There are a ton of songs here, 232 to be exact, including 2 DLC packs and there's still a 3rd one planned. This game is a love letter to Project Diva fans, providing seemingly endless replayable content. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Let me know if anything was too confusing as well. I re-read this over and over but I'm sure there's still some errors in there somewhere.
  14. hope everyone has a wonderful and merry christmas! <3

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      Hope you do, as well. :)

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      Merry Christmas! ^_^