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  1. Can't sign into PSN... anyone else?

  2. 1999 Mode... let's do this!

    1. Wdjat Prinny Doods
    2. Nepgear2
    3. Boooda


      Its not that bad, but there are 1 or 2 parts that are just infuriating. Best of luck!

  3. WEEKEND!!! Time to get drunk, eh?

    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. NagaLura


      Deleting his/her own comment is never nice. Also, i think everyone should try drinking at least once in their lifes.

    3. Jak


      ^ (everything). Smoking of any kind on the otherhand, id say no.

    4. Carville87


      Drinking hell yes Smoking only if you feel like it but Junko if you can go to a party and have fun without drinking don't start drinking cause of peer pressure

  4. Damn, the 1999 Mode in Bioshock Infinite is harder than i expected. Guess i'm not 'one of the best's of the best', ha.

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    2. XarliaKoneko


      Good luck. Also, never give up, right?

    3. NagaLura


      Haha, yea thanks!

    4. Doom


      You need a cleaver use of powers.

      Crows and fire make for some good area of effect damage. Very helpful in cleaning whole rooms of enemies. But any combo of powers that deals area damage is fine too.

      The mindcontrol power is very helpful on bigger enemies to. They can deal a lot of damage and allow you to waste less ammunitions. Not to mention that other enemies will try to kill them, allowing you to waste even less ammo on these bigger enemies.

      And the power to push away enemi...

  5. Ashley Graham from Resident Evil 5. How many times i killed her for no reason... ha.
  6. Nah, the balance on this site is good and i think a dislike button would destroy it. Wait, what'cha say about trolls? Why the hell would it be good to see trolls on a site? Doesn't matter what site it is.
  7. What is in your opinon the best game to play drunk?

    1. NAKlRA


      Rage games?

    2. funboy1246


      jepoardy.... if im drunk the answer is always tom cruise is gay

    3. Carville87


      Mario Kart or any sports game

  8. Nah, i wasn't high at this moment, ha. btw it's the 1337's post! woooo!
  10. THE PS2!
  11. Should Auld Acquaintance... Unlocked 1999 Mode. First trophy! Woooo!
  12. Woooooooo!