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  1. Horizon Zero Dawn, i am loving this game. Rich storyline, Aloy is a sweetheart, Rost is a badass... can't wait to see how the tale unravels :)

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    2. LuciaRosethorn


      @Lucas I agree, I need to get back to it since I just lost interest. It just feels like Far Cry and nothing new, the story is meh and most of the time I'm just collecting materials then actually fighting. Its pretty but that's pretty much it, way over hyped in my opinion.

    3. PooPooBlast


      Glad to hear you're enjoying it :)


      One of my favourites on the ps4! 

    4. Unknown9Nellis


      thanks for responding everbody. yeah ive reached the point where she is the Keeper or Seer, i forget what is called. now i'm seeing alot of repetitive gathering and travelling but i still enjoy the game and its atmosphere very much. the story had a a great introduction so i hope it picks back up by the time i reach Meridian City.

  2. For me was definitely Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood
  3. Finally reached level 70 white mage in Final Fantasy XIV {*Big Sigh*} Finally {*Performs the Gold Dance*} 1f600.png













    1. Unknown9Nellis



      Sephira Hekate giving a big hello to all you kool guys&girls on psnprofiles 👍🏾😁✨

  4. Hey everyone out there, hope you'll all okay and gaming away! 😁
    Can't wait for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood!!! Hell yeah!

    1. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      Thy journey awaits warrior.





  5. Truth is Eternal
  6. Happy New Year Everybody!!! I trust that all is well.

  7. *ૐ☤ଂ Truth is Eternal ଂ☥¤

  8. *ૐ☤ଂ Truth & Justice ଂ☥¤

  9. *ૐ☤ଂ Defend those that cannot defend themselves ଂ☥¤*

    1. Hemiak


      I will protect those, who cannot protect themselves.

    2. Unknown9Nellis


      Humanity will forever be grateful for such actions

  10. *ૐ☤ଂ Rise from the Ashes ଂ☥¤*

  11. Oh this trophy... I'm working on it myself, had to give the game a break for a few months haha I've only got a few characters left to do (Rikku, Wakka and Khimari) and because i've already killed the Dark Aeons and Penance I no longer need such high stats on LUCK So I've been using CLEAR SPHERES to get rid of all my LUCK nodes and then just fill them with AGILITY or EVASION until every character is complete... Hopefully this plan helps someone else out
  12. *ૐ☤ଂ Be the Strength for the Weak ଂ☥¤*

  13. Doesn't play about when it comes to getting them platinums haha Nice collection to rest on the shelves.
  14. *ૐ☤ଂ Peace ଂ☥¤*

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    2. usrmd


      thanks :) you as well

    3. HarleyQuinn007
    4. Unknown9Nellis


      Heyyy whats up LadyBlack :D

      Blessings Be With You

  15. *ૐ☤ଂ Thank You, For Everything ଂ☥¤*