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  1. I wonder if they are just being overly cautious because of the backlash the last PS+ lineup got 🤔
  2. Google Chrome is the worst sometimes, thanks for letting me know and glad it's sorted - just re-did the entire list removing the spoiler tags and fluffy stuff
  3. One final pre-challenge update. After taking stock of my progress in the last challenge, plus some more recent news about releases etc, i've made some slight edits to the list for the summer schtuff. I actually think i'm gonna stream this whole challenge list to reinforce my focus 🤔 Updated list: Resident Evil 3 Remake Lost Sphear Oninaki Last of Us Part 2 Ghost of Tsushima Those Who Remain The Blair Witch Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Persona 5 Uncharted: Lost Legacy Mafia 1 Remake Mafia 3 Windbound Someday you'll return Life is Strange 2 Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk Nioh Nioh 2 Death Mark [20%] Secret of Mana Trials of Mana Snow Runner
  4. Midweek update from me with Platinum 147 - Darksiders Genesis. This was a solid game which was a little bit rough around the edges in terms of gameplay. But other than that I enjoyed it from start to finish. There were a couple of points which I struggled with like the Belial boss fight and getting stuck in terrain at points when i would try to dodge, but it wasn't so bad that it caused me to lose interest in finishing. It doesn't really add anything substantial to the franchise story arc either from a story point of view and serves as a prequel to the original games. Worth a try if you like the franchise and also have an urge to play something Diablo-esque. We're almost at the finish line now and I know there is no way i'm going to be able to get everything done. I think the main learning experience I got here was that I shouldn't try and play loads of different games at once, it really kicks my focus in the ass. So for our lovely upcoming Summer challenge (thanks again @MidnightDragon for organising it) I'll be doing one at a time, two at the very most. For what remains now, I'm either going to knock out a couple of quick ones or really just fully focus on Yakuza 5 Remaster.
  5. A sleepy Sunday morning update from me and i'm trying to juggle writing this on my laptop while my cat is trying to attach himself to me for a fuss. I spread myself out a bit in terms of playing multiple games, which is something i tend to not do usually, preferring to focus on one fully before moving on to another. I'm honestly not sure what my success rate is going to be when we finish up this challenge so i'm crossing my fingers that i'll get at least some fully done. Anyway here we go for some specific stuff around the games i've been working on: Maneater This isn't part of my list, in fact, it was meant for the Summer list, but I got carried away and ended up straight up getting a platinum in it. I mega-streamed an entire Friday night and a full day on Saturday and got the 100% in 2 long sittings. I really enjoyed it and I think some people were either upset about the 7-10 hour run time or the price, or both. I will say from my experience playing the game that if it went on longer it would probably get a little tedious and outstay it's welcome. I do agree though, that this might have been a little pricey for what the game provides. But that's all subjective, so I respect that some people do see value in it. Darksiders Genesis Almost fully done with the main story and I think i only have one or two more levels to complete, then after that i'm going to do some chapter replays to pick up the last few collectibles, do the last arena mode level and then I think i'll be set to do a final playthrough on Apocalyptic. For me, this game has been fun to play, but I haven't found it anywhere near as engaging as the previous games. I've been trying to figure out why and I think it's because of the camera angle + distance. I'm so used to be over the shoulder of War, Death or Fury, I'm finding it hard to immerse myself as much in this one. Still a fun game though and I would recommend it to any Darksiders Fans. Yakuza 5: Remaster Same deal as my last update - quite a bit of progress in-game but not much in the way of trophies. I'm edging ever closer to the Hall of Famer trophy (100% completion for minigames/challenges) which should pick up some of the remaining miscellaneous trophies too. I managed to get to the last part of the story as well where i'm staying until i've finished all the side content off. Then it's ultimate mode and the legend difficulty playthrough and it's done. Danganronpa 1 2 Reloaded It's a shame each game in this pack doesn't have an individual platinum or 100% because i fully completed Danganronpa - Trigger Happy Havoc along with the School Mode and friendship building side trophies too. The next half of the platinum is another game entirely so i'm not sure i'll be able to get this one done in time. This was my first Japanese visual novel and it was an amazing experience. I streamed the whole game, reading it out (like an audio book 😂) and working my way through the entire thing at a nice. Met some nice people while I did it too, so i'm definitely going to do the same with the sequel. Death Mark This is another visual novel and honestly one of the nicest looking and crafted horror stories i've read out and played. It is creepy, mysterious, gory and the ghosts/monsters are amazingly well designed. The sound design too is brilliant. I jumped a few times while playing it and I can't wait to go through the last couple of chapters we have to get through. The platinum seems pretty straightforward too so anything i missed won't take more than an hour to go back and pick up.
  6. I'm about halfway through and I think 7-10 hours in length is a good amount of time for the type of gameplay on offer. I'm having fun now, but there isn't a huge amount of depth to this game (pardon the pun). And I think that if it pushed into the 20 - 30 hour runtime as many games seem to nowadays - it would outstay its welcome and become tedious. Whether the 7-10 hours justifies the price, is another question entirely 😎
  7. This might be obvious to everyone but me. But saving in this game proved to be a pain. Despite the tutorial saying you can save your game at both the mansion and haunts, you can't actually save your game at the mansion. I found this out the hard way and ended up having to re-do the entire Hanahiko case over again. It's the only flaw i have with this game - the save game structure is pretty bad and/or not working properly. Basically - saving from your menu in the mansion makes it look like you've saved, but it does nothing, if it's the first time you saved and you go back to Main Menu, you will only be able to select 'New Game' In order to Save, you need to be in a haunt and in exploration/investigation mode - as in have your flashlight out and be able to look around. You should see the option in the menu called 'Record' - opening this option will actually create a proper save game file. It's the only place you can actually save any progress. So i'd recommend saving as often as you can during a haunt investigation.
  8. I just started streaming this and after completing the first case, it's been a great experience. The visuals are fantastic and it's creeped me out multiple times. So I guess the experience will boil down to: Mainlining and using a guide with everything on fast forward - the experience will translate to 'Lot's of really fast pictures and noises with no context followed by an inexplicable and shiny platinum at the end' Taking the slower approach and reading through stuff, with a guide or not - the experience will be 'Wow that's a creepy and tense set of ghost stories told with nice dialogue and art' Neither of these is the right or wrong approach btw It all depends on what you want out of it as an experience. If you like ghost stories and really cool visual novels though, i'd play at least your first of two playthroughs on normal speed, taking it all in.
  9. Tiny mini update from me and my progress is a bit all over the place at the moment. I'm blaming Yakuza 5 and the Hall of Famer trophy, I've put quite a few hours into the game since the last update, but most of my progress has gone on in the meta of the game, working through all the mini-game / heat action / food etc requirements. Since the update I have caught all of the river fish i need for the River Fishing challenge, all batting center challenges, all the Sega-world mini game requirements. I'm focusing now on finishing up the Sea fishing (3 more fish types needed), then the gambling trophies, then the heat action stuff). It's weird, people seem to say it's the same length as Yakuza 0 to platinum, but this one is taking waaaay longer. Could just be me though. Still having fun though and i'm gonna be proud of this platinum. I'm planning on getting everything bar the legend difficulty trophy and then doing a full final run on stream to pop the plat live 😂 I started Darksiders Genesis and so far i'm having lots of fun with it, it's great to play as Strife (finally) but I think if we get another Darksiders game, i'd much rather it be back to the traditional gameplay style. My amazing discovery that is Danganronpa (I still can't believe it took me this long to try this franchise) is going nicely. I absolutely adore this game and can't wait to play all of the others. We got to the 4th chapter in Danganronpa 1, so nearly at the end of the main story. Then it's a question of going into school mode after to build some friendships and collect coins. Then after that, it's straight onto Danganronpa 2! Can't wait!
  10. 😂 I had the same, I was doing some digging a while ago because I wanted to start getting into Visual Novels and it was recommended a few times. Then I realised it was a Game Grumps project and I was in.
  11. Good lawd, i'm all in on this, cannot wait.
  12. Took me a bit longer than i expected, but here is my list , There are a couple of titles i'm still on the fence about adding, but i'll hopefully lock them in soon once i've stopped procrastinating and made my mind up. Yakuza 6 Lost Sphear Maneater Last of Us Part 2 Ghost of Tsushima Those Who Remain Maid of Sker The Blair Witch Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk Persona 5 Uncharted: Lost Legacy Mafia 3
  13. Update time for me! Knocking out both Dream Daddy and Deliver us the Moon as platinum 144 and 145 respectively. Dream Daddy was a really pleasant and funny Visual Novel, I streamed it a few times, but then ended up playing it with my girlfriend on our sofa regularly. It's honestly a really sweet and heartfelt game with a wicked sense of humour. It's also a super easy platinum. If you went for it, the only real challenge would be the mini-golf and match-3 fishing game which can take a while to practice. Other than that, it's amazingly chilled and relaxing to go through. Deliver us the Moon was an awesome game and it officially marks the first game I popped a platinum while streaming for. It's a really enjoyable science fiction adventure that sees earth on the brink of destruction and a last ditch attempt to restart the machine that transports much needed energy from the Moon. There are a bunch of twists along the way and I especially loved the game mechanics revolving around your little robot friend who follows you around like a really lovely (and silent) version of Wheatley from Portal 2. I made a little more progress on Yakuza 5 as well, I'm basically moving myself to the point in the story where I can access all of the characters to be able to clean up the 100% minigames/food/combat etc completion stat. Then after that i'll move onto the ultimate battles, and finally the Legendary mode difficulty run. I also started playing Danganronpa which is such a surprisingly wonderful visual novel/adventure/crime solving genre-mash. It's been a blast so far. I'm also going to be starting in on Darksiders: Genesis, Draugen & Life is Strange soon. Stay safe everyone!
  14. I had my eye on Sakura Wars since i saw the trailer, looks really really interesting. I might actually pop this on my Summer list!
  15. End of week update for me with Platinum 143 - Return of the Obra Dinn. This was a blast and by the time I got done it has firmly cemented itself for me as a fantastic game. One of the most unique and interesting games i've played for a long long time. I don't think I've ever felt so much like a detective before in a videogame. I also finished Observation which for me was one of the finest Science Fiction games I have ever played. It completely blew me away and the thought provoking ending left me speechless. I'm still thinking about it. I have one more playthrough left in this, which is to go back and get all of the collectibles and take care of a puzzle trophy I missed. But damn, this one was a highlight of my year so far.