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  1. Update 15 - It's done folks! 200th Platinum Milestone achieved! And I kept the 'every 50th will be an RE game' traditiion going by making it Resident Evil 0. Platinum 199 - Life is Stange: True Colours When they pushed out the marketing campaign for this game initially I had some reservations. I wasn't sure about the super powers that the main character had. We had Chronomancy and Telekinesis, now we have.....super empathy? But I was pleasantly surprised when I actually started playing it, because they actually did some pretty decent stuff with the abilities Alex has. It's not just about picking up on the emotions of someone, Alex also has the ability to do other things like touch some emotionally charged objects and 'see' events or things that have happened in relation to that ability, so some kind of psychic imprint recall? She can also 'connect' to someone with some kind of psychic ethernet cable and reconstruct a past event by piggybacking off their emotional state. Either way, it's way more detailed and nuanced than the initial marketing let on. It's a very different pace to LiS and LiS 2 in that there isn't an overwhelming sense of urgency. Like the 'oh shit a massive storm is coming' danger of LiS or the sheer 'on the run' anxiety the second game had. Honestly LiS 2 was great, but it was the most anxiety inducing journeys in a narrative video game. LiS:True Colours slows the pace down significantly. You aren't on the run, there isn't some horrifying danger incoming. It's more of a slow burning mystery surrounded by a tragedy that occurs, it frees you up to get to know some key residents in a small town and over time come to love or hate certain people there. I liked the slower pace and the mining town surroundings are really idyllic and picturesque. Gameplay-wise it's quite different from the episodic games that came before, you pretty much have free reign of a small section within the mining town where you can pick up on people's thoughts, engage in small pseudo-side missions, wander into shops and browse objects and generally get to know the people that are now your neighbours. I really liked that element and I think it's a direction that the developers could explore even further with whatever next game they are undoubtedly planning in the franchise. Platinum 200 - Resident Evil 0 Here we are then. Platinum 200. RE0 was one of my favourite RE games back when I played it on the Gamecube initially. I wasn't a huge fan of the story in general, but I really loved the spin it put on the inventory management system. It got quite a bit of hate because the game did away with the traditional item boxes and left things down to the inventory space of the two playable characters that you needed to switch between. I really enjoyed that part of it too, especially because it forced you to strategise where to leave your partner and which of your partners you should control for a situation. My main criticism were the enemy types, RE0 seemed to be fixated on bugs and animals because the devs really went all-in on things like giant centipedes, spiders, leeches, crickets (I think they were crickets), cyborg apes and so on. The pre-rendered backgrounds, which were a staple of that generation of RE games are gorgeous. The opening train level is of particular note, if it wasn't swarming with leeches and zombies, it would be one of the most luxurious trains in video games. I think I'm going to make Platinum 250 the Resident Evil remake to follow on with that trend. Even after 19 years Hunters still put the fear in me and with the exception of one really cheap shot it takes at you, the game did a great job of throwing them in your path at unexpected moments. It wasn't a perfect experience by any means, but it was a slice of nostalgia that I really welcomed and something that I'm really happy to have completely experienced after playing it 19 years go. 19 much has happened since then! Next up I'm going to be continuing to focus on Far Cry 6 and Chorus. I fully intended to make a start on Chorus, but the former got its hooks into me big time. I'll have more to share, but I'm really loving Far Cry 6! Way more than I expected to. Hope everyone is doing well and your passage through the Christmas rush and madness is a smooth one! See you in the next update.
  2. Agreed, I've had my eye on this for a while. It was originally slated to come out in 2022, so it's a lovely surprise to get it early! Can't wait!
  3. You are a legend! I somehow managed to do it, but our taste in games seems quite similar so I added you on PSN anyway
  4. Good luck! I think the same thing happened to me so hopefully it works.
  5. I think all you need to do is kill him again.
  6. For anyone trying to play online with randoms. I have been trying to play with others through random matchmaking for the only online trophy this game needs, but it looks like there are some pretty big ongoing issues with the Far Cry 6 Ubisoft servers right now. The game is also continuously switching my controller mic on despite it being switched off in the actual PS5 controller settings and off in game.
  7. Update 14 - I don't know what happened to my concept of time, but it looks like we are just a few weeks out from the end of 2021, what? At the moment I'm getting sorted for Christmas as far as food is concerned and slowly figuring out some decorations to spritz the house up a bit in December. Oh and also, keeping my head down and away from all the fresh pandemic news which also seems to be trying to give us a fresh gift of its own. The weather has been pretty stormy where I'm located so I have had plenty of time to play games under a blanket. I managed to knock out a couple of platinums and I also discovered what is now one of my all-time favourite games in that process. (Updates in spoiler tags to avoid a mega long post). Platinum 197 - Psychonauts Platinum 198 - Psychonauts 2 Next up - I'm going to finish Life is Strange: True Colours, then pop the Resident Evil 0 platinum this week to hit my big 200th milestone. I'm also going to use my 4th swap on Lost Judgment and bring in a game called Chorus. It was meant to release sometime in 2022, but they recently announced it is coming out this December. I've had my eye on Chorus for a while, it looks like a really really cool space shooter. Lost Judgment will undoubtedly appear in a 2022 challenge list for me so it's not gone forever.
  8. Platinum #198 - Psychonauts 2

    This is absolutely my game of the year. A wonderfully written and tightly executed adventure platformer. I thought the level design was fantastic and full of creativity too with some really really engaging areas to explore and traverse. 10/10 for me and it has knocked Deathloop off the top spot and down to my number 2.

  9. I think with the GTA trilogy remasters are an example of a very poor executive decision to give some highly regarded games to remaster to the wrong people. But in terms of QA as a factor in any development process - It's more complicated than people might think. There are so many factors at play around QA teams which can affect the finished product and it's not always the fault of the QA teams themselves. Most of the time it comes down to how a gaming company has their QA teams set up, how good their tools are and how they are placed around the development teams they need to communicate with. I have worked for companies that had such a low investment in their QA team that they would 'outsource' large parts of client testing to other teams. A glitched or bugged game on release might not always reflect a shitty QA team. You might have a super talented and very thorough group of QA testers who root out and report tonnes of issues up to the developers, but all that work is meaningless if you have a publisher who wants the game out asap at all costs. Or you could have a good bunch of testers who do their diligence, but the company they work in just hasn't set them up properly to communicate with the teams they need to. There is also the concept of 'shippable bugs' - which are basically a list of bugs which QA report during the testing stage and which developers feel are 'safe' to go unfixed until after the game has launched, usually with a day 1 or week 1 patch. The idea is to have the majority of bugs fixed with only a few non-critical or end-game bugs present which can be fixed through patching, but I don't actually think they can even do that now, I think they are under so much release date pressure, shippable bugs are a mix of everything critical and non-critical. [I worked in the gaming industry for around a decade before switching careers]
  10. Both the left and right sides are equally doable with the right approach, so go with what you prefer on that front. The real challenge is Juliana and how/when she spawns while you are trying to do this. You can drastically reduce the chances of/prevent Juliana from messing it up with an invasion by switching your in-game online status to 'friends only'. I had tonnes of problems with her invading every single time I tried this trophy. But switching it to friends only completely removed her from the equation and I was able to do it without having to worry about her appearing. This also worked really well for me with Quantum Solution because Juliana kept popping in right as I was about to start my kill run.
  11. Update 13 - It's been a while since my last proper update because I've been back home visiting my family. But I'm settled back in now and I made some decent progress towards my 200th Platinum. I haven't been able to update for a bit, but I have really enjoyed reading all of your updates in the meantime Platinum 195 - Guardians of the Galaxy Platinum 196 - Deathloop Next up - I'm in full prep for popping Resident Evil 0 as my 200th. I'll be clearing Psychonauts, Psychonauts 2 and Life is Strange 3 before jumping into RE0 and popping the last trophy I need to get the platinum (which is to kill a leech monster using only the knife). I hope everyone is doing okay as the end of year madness slowly begins and looking forward to reading more updates from you all as the weather gets colder and nights longer! Stay safe and take care. Progress list
  12. I just got it...without using any of the poison strategies. I wasn't even going for it, just prepping for the Ghost at the Feast trophy. No poison used this time, just a shotgun and it randomly popped. That's not all - I also got the one to kill Fia and Charlie with one shot by simply flooding the pump room. No guns used, nothing. I think there are a few bugged trophies since their last patch.
  13. It's definitely bugged, she is completely immune to poison for me too.
  14. I didn't think I'd be saying this, but Deathloop might actually be my game of the year.

    1. DrBloodmoney


      It’s a hell of a game!

  15. I have to skip my usual update around this time as I've been away visiting my family all week! I'm back next Tuesday so I'll start making some more progress then, but until then, I'm really enjoying reading everyone's updates