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  1. It takes a metric tonne for me to complain about a game but I can't describe how awfully handled this game is. I bought this back in May when it was released as a full marketed AAA title with a dodgy season pass for content that they largely didn't know what was going to entail bar a loose Tomb Kings concept. But the reality was the game was released as in an early access state with missing features, literal game breaking bugs and no endgame. Glad it took them nearly 3 months to roll some proper fixes out. Or rather 3 months to say 'we'll roll some fixes out but we don't know when'. Expert handling of a high potential IP. Eko Software get my number 1 golf clap of 2019.
  2. Definitely super interested, but I'm very cautious. So I'll be waiting till the embargo is lifted and reviews start popping out. It does look very promising though if you are into dungeon crawlers though.
  3. Best place is the Gaming Sessions section where you can set up a session or see if there is already one up and available. You could also try the Discord server for more real time stuff . Good luck!
  4. I don't think it's missing, they've just changed the timing of the bonus around.
  5. Each to their own really if it makes someone happy and isn't hurting them or others they can't be faulted. It's a pretty admirable thing to set up, kinda reminds me of multiboxing in MMO's. Not my cup of tea though, I have too much of a backlog to try something like that.
  6. I honestly think that getting annoyed and grouping with randoms is a huge waste of energy nowadays. If you primarily go down the pick-up-group route you are going to be in a group of random people who are there for different reasons (e.g seeing the content for the first time / grinding up an alt / farming it for mats etc) and who all have opposing approaches to how to handle that dungeon. The more strategic that dungeon is the higher the chance that it will be a shit-show where everyone runs around doing their own thing and blaming either the Tank or the Healer if it goes south. It's also something that comes with the territory - totally working as expected. Every now and again though you group with some great people - and those are the ones you want to hold on to - the ones that work with you and make things feel successful. Friend them and/or try to join their guild. Gaming companies have tried hard to fix this issue, because it's in their interests to make a pick-up-group a viable gameplay option for people. But they've never made it work imo. I'd go so far as to say - the only viable way to do MMO dungeon / world event groups is to put time into carving out a strong list of friends of varying timezones. International guilds with a larger population and strong leadership are perfect because you'll not only have a bunch of people on and potentially available at all hours, but they'll be attuned to the prospect of newbies and people unfamiliar with specific types of content and help on that front. Tl:dr - Avoid groups of randoms like the plague.
  7. I guess it depends on whether the game needs more than two people (a.k.a boosting consoles) to get the trophy/trophies needed in the boost. I'm pretty sure with digitally purchased games it's tied to primary and secondary PSN accounts assigned to each console respectively. Could be wrong though. But definitely worth researching to be sure.
  8. Doesn't that also mean you would need at least 4 digital/8 physical copies of a game to run the boosting farm?
  9. I think it's generally important in the wider world because written communication is a bit of a minefield where interpretation goes. A missing full stop or comma can often completely change the meaning of a sentence or phrase. But at the same time PSNProfiles is a casual space with people from all corners of the world and with varying proficiency in the English language. So it's probably best to be more relaxed around grammar because of those things. I know I am Random side-note on the job part you mentioned (because i'm a career coach by day): When applying for a job, the company will generally expect you to continue communicating in that way once you are hired. The CV should be as accurate a representation of you as possible in all areas. It's why more and more companies are employing written language tests as part of their recruitment process. This is why i hate things like Grammarly, because it literally re-writes part of whatever you are writing for you without necessarily providing you with the knowledge as to why.
  10. Can't wait for this! I loved Until Dawn and if it's more of that, i'm all in
  11. You pretty much described every MMO ever where there is a pre-established player base and the game has been out for a while . You could join some bigger guilds or start building a curated friends list so that you have tried and trusted online friends to play with. There might even be some nice guilds knocking about on PSNProfiles
  12. Aside from the easiness of the trophies - is the game actually good? It looks gorgeous in terms of art style and has a Double Fine feel to it.
  13. [AC:Odyssey] Making a start on the Lost Tales, the Barnabas mission where he is looking for his wife has to be my favourite so far. Really happy to be back in this working through the DLC, I missed my Kassandra!

  14. While in-game, hold down the PS button, select power, then Enter rest mode. It has to be connected to an active power socket though
  15. This is how I did it, but it didn't really fix the un-skippable aspect of the two opening sequences which were a bit soul destroying towards the end.