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  1. Sonic Frontiers is actually.....looking pretty good. The TGS presentation gameplay is way better than the original announcement.

  2. Ishin and Kenzan have been my most wanted Yakuza games since I finished Yakuza 6. Can't wait for this! So Ishin is coming early in 2023 and possibly, maybe we might get Yakuza 8 later in that year. Now I need to get myself together and start Yakuza 7 otherwise I'm going to be completely behind.
  3. Not sure why people are acting shocked and outraged. Pretty much everything is increasing in price right now. PS5 production has been negatively impacted by both the pandemic (which is still going on by the way) and Russia invading Ukraine. It's not nice news to hear, but what do you expect? Was this really a surprise to some people? News outlets have been blasting out stuff left right and centre about incoming economic issues for months now.
  4. It's not about whether 'easy' games exist or not or the difficulty. It's about how Sony curates and manages its entire storefront ecosystem in virtually all aspects.
  5. Probably one of the most mistreated franchises in gaming history. If it's true that Pieces Interactive is developing this - based on their experience and the types of game they've made in the past, i'm not sure how this is going to turn out. I'm cautiously optimistic. But they have no experience with the genre or gameplay it brings, so who knows how this will turn out. The last time an attempt was made to reboot this franchise in this way - we got Alone in the Dark: Inferno back in 2008. And that developer (Eden Games) had a similar profile to Pieces. I would love to see Alone in the Dark achieve glory as an IP. But I can't help but feel that this could just be another Alone in the Dark:Illumination which killed the franchise for a second time prior to THQ picking it up.
  6. Zero issues on the PS5. My partner had no issues on their PS4 Pro when they played it in the same house. Maybe reinstall the game to start with. Not sure what your sound and TV/Monitor set up is, but you could troubleshoot that. If you've had issues with different games where others have been fine, you could try cleaning your console too, you'd be surprised how many issues can be caused by a console full of shite. You are pretty much spoilt for choice when it comes to ways to actively troubleshoot this kind of thing.
  7. It's a good idea to avoid naming and shaming people in general. If their behaviour violates the rules of the site, it's better to report it to a mod. If it doesn't, which is the case here, you'd be better off just removing the name. In terms of the server shut downs, I don't think any developer has a hard and fast rule around server closures. I'd wager it'll probably be midnight, in whatever timezone the servers are located in or in their timezone of choice.
  8. It was never free on PS+ unfortunately. They made a mistake about 4 years ago and mislabelled it but it was actually just a free trial rather than the whole game for free.
  9. Sorry I haven't posted an update in a while, lot's of real life stuff has cropped up so I'm going to have to pull out of the challenge this time. I'll still root for everyone who is working on their list, but I won't be able to participate until the Fall or Winter challenge this year.
  10. I'm trying to be optimistic about this, but looking at the developer catalogue i'm not super hyped. Considering where Alien Isolation left off - not making a sequel to that is a huge wasted opportunity. I wonder why Creative Assembly aren't on this, they did a great job and handled the material with reverence. Not sure if a Puzzle Bobble developer will have the skill to bring the same level of class to the IP that Creative Assembly did.
  11. Cool! But it still doesn't change what I said about the original artwork from the cartoon. The poster and box art are in the style of the original comic book that Eastman and Laird drew before it got picked up as an animated cartoon which is way less memorable and recognisable than the animated stuff. Getting picked up by TV was one of the best things to happen to it, because it improved visually leaps and bounds. The comic material always looked janky compared to the animated show artistry. The comics got a little better as time went by, but the animated style was iconic and always the thing that defined the brand, so it's a bit weird that they didn't do that for the box art at least. Their choice I guess, I just feel like there was a real missed opportunity to make this package really stand out.
  12. This is also something that seems to be happening to Tiny Tina's Wonderlands too which has way more recent reports. From what I could find - there weren't as many floating around for Assault on Dragon's Keep and some confusion about how post-main story works. But it does look like there could be an issue - alot of them stem from folks playing on PS5 too, from what I can see in random google searches.
  13. Update 3 - Progress is crawling along with a small nudge in Dark Souls 3 with a couple more bosses being taken out of commission. From an art and environment design point of view, there are definitely some spots in this game that make it feel very much like Bloodborne, which I love even though it's slightly distracting at times. In general progress news - The construction company is still working in my house so it's been difficult to get much done at all. It was a two week job and it's now moving towards a full month of my house being part home, part building site. I'm anticipating them being done this week though so I will (hopefully) get back to a normal gaming schedule in the evenings. As soon as they are done, i'm going to crack open TMNT too! The Quarry - 0% Doom Eternal - 4% Dark Souls 3 - 21% > 24% Dying Light 2 - 24% Metal Gear Solid V - 15% TMNT: Shredders Revenge - 0% Stray - 0% @Darling Baphomet - That sounds really shitty Hopefully where you are moving has some nice surroundings to enjoy and decompress in.
  14. No worries! Yeah, as far as issues go, this would be in the 'worst things that could happen' category for me. Really hope you can get it fixed, nothing worse than seeing time and effort vanishing like this.
  15. It's been a couple of years since I played it, but from what I remember, there is only one truly online trophy for the platinum. You have to do a full online co-op playthrough for the 'Learning to work together' trophy. I'm not sure if that's changed since the release, but I ran a full playthrough with a friend to get it out of the way in the end. Oh, also - There is technically another co-op related trophy called 'Like that movie with the ship' where you need to complete movie night mode, but you can actually do that solo with a second controller.