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  1. Mid-week update time. October is so close! This year feels about 10 years long and 1 week long simultaneously and I don't know why. It's a good time for games in general, in addition to my list below, I'll also be giving Baldur's Gate 3 a spin on PC and getting stuck into the new World of Warcraft expansion at the end of the month. Marvel’s Avengers: 56% > 67% Life is Strange 2: 13% > 21% Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning: 0% > 40% The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Watch Dogs: Legion Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Cyberpunk 2077 ======== Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning I finally made a start on this and it really took me back. Without even realising i've naturally recreated my old character and play style, which is a bit odd as I never really gave the game a second thought after finishing it on the PS3 back in the day. They did a really good job of upscaling the graphics and generally making it look shinier than before. It definitely feels more like a port than a full remaster though as there are definitely bugs from the PS3 which carried over. I don't regret buying and replaying this though and I think with the right attention, writing and development, there is definitely potential for a fully fledged franchise set in Amalur. I'm actually kinda hoping for that to happen now that the remaster is here and brand new DLC is being made for the game. ======== Marvel's Avengers Still chipping away at this one, but I took a little break for them to get some of the bugs fixed, specifically the issue there was with Villain Sector daily missions not being available. The villain sectors are really important because not only do they give a huge amount of rep, but they also give DNA keys which you need to open gear chests for legendary equipment. I'm planning on jumping back into this over the weekend ======== Life is Strange 2 Almost done with the standard episode run-throughs, currently about to make a start on episode 4 and then once all that is done, i'll go back for the miscellaneous trophies. Should have this platinum in the bag by the end of the week.
  2. Yeah for sure, it's complete speculation, fun speculation, but speculation all the same. That RGB joypad comparison was a bit of a stretch. I was going by the SEGA dev Tweeting out an image posing with the X symbol next to a box, which is either a troll or just really good foreshadowing. I think for me it's the amount of different connections that are being made that's compelling. Could be something, could be nothing. I honestly think that this buyout will fundamentally change things now for gaming for better or worse and it's tough because most of the change can only be predicted rather than guaranteed. This is actually a really good theory-crafting/analysis video from Gameranx around the implications of what this could mean for things like exclusives and how companies will be acquired in future. Worth a watch to the end.
  3. Warning you all upfront, that I'm going to write horribly boring stuff below. If you don't want to fall asleep, skip this post 😅 It doesn't prevent the purchase completely, just limits the act of purchasing in different ways depending on the type of industry and is generally based on a scale. It prevents sudden share/investment purchases from 'foreign' investors forcing them to announce that they want to buy/invest/become shareholders over a certain ownership percentage. Companies related to nuclear power and defence for example have virtually zero purchase options available for Western entities and are at the strictest hard-mode end of the scale - e.g if you want to own more than 1% of a Japanese nuclear energy company and you aren't domestic to Japan, you are virtually guaranteed a 'no, lololol' from the Japanese company. In contrast - the gaming industry would be at the lower/bottom end of the same scale so if Microsoft wanted to own more than 1% of SEGA, the consideration could potentially be way way more favourable because of the industry. Microsoft might not be able to buy SEGA outright, but they could become majority shareholders, which would pretty much serve the same desired outcome for them as far as exclusive platform releases is concerned. I'm so hooked on the franchise i'll take anything. Although a remaster of Dead Souls might be nice :). I'm way behind and still have to finish 5, start 6 and get started on 7 when it releases, so for me i'm just chugging along happily and encountering whatever comes out.
  4. If the Mafia 2 and 3 Remaster are anything to go by - I wonder how many of these are glitched af.
  5. In other news, it's looking likely that Microsoft have acquired SEGA too based on some little hints that are being picked up online.
  6. The source of the rumour is a bit shaky. But in all honesty, if it were true - I don't really care who picks those IP's up, just as long as they are pulled away from Konami who are either just sitting on them indefinitely or reducing them to fancy CGI in gambling machines.
  7. I'd like Sony to buy all of the IP's that Konami is currently neglecting through pachinko machines or just sitting on because reasons. I think buying the company outright would be a bad idea and would probably be more hassle than it's worth. That organisation is a living hell by the sounds of it and would be like marrying a crazy person. But those poor neglected IP's like Silent Hill, Metal Gear, Castlevania etc need some love and to not be relegated to fancy CGI in a gambling hall. I'd also very personally love to see Sony own Metal Gear and then reunite Kojima with it again. Especially after what they did with MGSV. That would be just perfect. Honestly though I don't think Sony necessarily need to acquire anyone right now, they have some pretty fantastic titles already and it's likely that many of the potential games that could come out of that buyout probably won't be here till 2022. Elder Scrolls 6 is pretty much still concept art and a few environment renders. Starfield is just a teaser cinematic right now. If Sony need to do anything right now it's to start getting generally more competitive, because they've been so very complacent for years now. This might give them a kick up the arse to start changing things up a bit. Competition makes things way more beneficial for us as consumers.
  8. Seeing this just makes me relieved that I got the platinum out of the way a few months ago. Also the server issues and game crashes still give me PTSD. Shame really, this game could have been amazing if it was able to grow a bit more.
  9. Well done! It nearly made me retire from gaming when I obtained it. I still have dreams about the courtroom scene. Part of me hopes we don't get another one in whatever the next Wolfenstein game is, but part of me also kinda wants it.
  10. It would have been nice for it to have gone smoother, but honestly it's a complete waste of energy to stress out considering the extremely high general levels of social stress everyone is under anyway this year. I was definitely looking forward to getting it this year, but it's really not important enough to generate some of the vitriol that's been spewing up on social media and youtube. On the positive side the really compelling titles like Cyberpunk 2077, Spider-Man:Miles Morales, Assassin's Creed Valhalla & pretty much all of the 'big releases' this year are not dependent on getting that PS5 as soon as possible. So even if you don't get it, you can still access those games. If launch titles included Final Fantasy 16, Horizon:Forbidden West, Resident Evil 8 and Hogwarts etc, then it would be a different story. But honestly, similarly to the PS4 launch - the PS5 launch line up is pretty weak compared to what's coming. At least the silver lining to not securing a console this year will mean when you eventually do get it, it'll be closer to those PS5 titles and you'll have had time to scope out whether there are any issues or flaws with the tech itself from the folks that got it earlier.
  11. Yeah, I couldn't specifically remember to be honest. Doesn't really change the point I was trying to make really - which was basically 'free games'.
  12. I think the concept of a pre-order is changing quite a bit now and morphing into something slightly different. Almost to a point where in many cases, the old definition is hard to apply. Digital pre-orders have way more incentives now to entice you into doing so. I tend to steer away from the digital content like cosmetics and throwaway stuff. But it's difficult to rationalise why you wouldn't pre-order something that gives you a free game or early access for doing so. Far Cry: New Dawn gave you a free copy of the Far Cry 3 remaster, South Park: Fractured But Whole gave you The Stick of Truth for free etc. I'm more than happy to throw misguided principles out the window if i get a free game up front for pre-ordering a future one.
  13. Depending on release dates and timing - I'm tentatively aiming for my first PS5 platinum to be Horizon:Forbidden West. I don't really know when i'm going to be able to get my hands on a PS5 console considering all of the pre-order shenanigans going on. So if by the time i manage to get one and i'm close to 200 platinums, i'll probably run a double whammy of Resident Evil 8 being my 1st PS5 game and my 200th Platinum simultaneously, that'll be one hell of a personal milestone.
  14. It's also the start of the console life cycle, so pricing will be high as standard. It sucks, but that's just how it always happens. It takes a while for sales and sale prices to come into play, so they can capitalise on early adopters.
  15. Good lord that 100 hour trophy is a bit of a joke isn't it? It reminds me of some much older trophies in games, back when they started to get introduced into the PS3 system and when it was a super-niche thing. You can usually tell how much of a crap a studio gives about trophies by the quality of their trophy list, this one smells like they are either trolling or needed one more trophy to scale it for a platinum and just threw anything in there. Good luck to anyone who goes for it though and respect to those that try, at the very least it'll likely be an ultra-rare for the collection