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  1. [South Park: Fractured But Whole] Sweet Jesus, the difficulty spike I just hit with the second to last boss of this game. I think this encounter has killed me more than any other boss fight combined for the entire play-through so far.

    1. Spawn


      Second to last... That huge fella? It's been a year for me but I think you're talking about that one. Last boss wasn't really tough, more like a marathon but nothing like last game's final boss.


      Also, how do you know it's the second to last boss? Aren't you going in blind?

  2. The art on those trophies plus the frames around each icon seem influenced by the Ni No Kuni 2 trophy set. Looks nice!
  3. Platinum #89 - Yakuza Kiwami 2. I am so glad i discovered these games. I really enjoyed Kiwami 2, but I think Yakuza 0 still has my favourite main story. Now i'm just in time for the Fist of the North star game, which not only looks like another Yakuza game, but you can also apparently play as Kazuma-Kiryu in it with some DLC, voice acted and everything.

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    2. PooPooBlast


      Congrats! (Hey max ;))


      Interesting to see that 0 still has the best story and I honestly don't doubt that just because of how much I got invested into it, especially in majima's story. 


      Probably going to grab Kiwami 2 soon. Just waiting for the right moment

    3. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

    4. UltraRareBoy
  4. Welcome Welcome Some nice favourites there! Does this mean Persona 5 and Kingdom Hearts 3 is in your gaming future? i'm not hugely into multiplayer either and in the few exceptions to my approach it's mainly co-op multiplayer I prefer like Warframe. I'd 100% recommend the PSNProfiles chat room, I don't often speak loads in there, but it's nice to lurk and see what games folks are talking about. There are bursts of conversation in there, but feel free to say hi. As for the part where you said you would help folks out if they need it, i'd 100% recommend the Gaming Sessions section, there's all kinds of stuff going on in there from boosting to friendly play sessions and so on. Always nice to see a well thought out intro post, welcome to the site and see you around
  5. Thought i'd post this here as it had me stumped for a while. So there are 3 Peerless Tiles available in each playthrough. Using a Peerless Tile in any Mahjong game will instantly send your opponents bankrupt and you win the entire game, all-rounds included instantly. These Peerless Tiles come in very handy for the arguably tricky Mahjong Substory and the two tournaments you access in the Kamurocho and Sotenbori Mahjong parlors - both of which you need to win to edge closer towards the 100% completion trophy One particular Peerless Tile locations is a little tricky - it's in some office space right beneath the Lullaby Mahjong area on the floor below. But it's possible to find yourself locked out of that room and the Peerless Tile seemingly unobtainable. If you are trying to get into the office and find the door won't budge, it's probably because you are 1) Playing during the day in Kamurocho and 2) Have an unfinished Substory called 'Welcome to the Modern Age'. This Substory can only be completed at night in Kamurocho. If you are in the middle of the main story, all you need to do is progress until you reach a night time chapter, complete the 'Welcome to the Modern Age' substory and you can grab the Peerless Tile. Or if you are in Premium Adventure mode you can change day/night at either Serena or Aoi. Hope this helps, I honestly thought I had a bugged game at first.
  6. This was a huge huge help Inuty, thank you so much for this. Sending an upvote your way
  7. I don't really pre-order much anymore, but I recently preordered the Assassin's Creed Odyssey edition that comes with Assassin's Creed 3 remaster. I can't wait to play both!
  8. The Mahjong completion list requirements are doable but they require so much more time than i spent on the other requirements in 0 and Kiwami. I'm currently grinding out - 'go out with Ron or Tsumo 30 times' and the final tournament requirement. Even though I know how to play Mahjong it's taking hours
  9. I haven't fully finished it yet, i'm close, but there doesn't seem to be anything missable in a single playthrough. It's not like Yakuza 0 where there were potentially missable trophies during the main story missions. I might just have more experience with the franchise now, but this one actually feels a little easier than 0 and Kiwami.
  10. I'm weird in that I don't mind AC games coming out yearly. They are like popcorn movies for me, I experience them, enjoy them and move on. They could have been so much more, but the plot lines outside of the historical segments got more and more abstract and it's obvious they don't really know where to take it. So for me, i'm happy to turn my brain off and enjoy them.
  11. Really happy about a trophy list for AC 3 that doesn't include multiplayer stuff. I loved AC:Origins so i think i'm going to like Odyssey and get that Ultimate Deluxe Edition.
  12. Tough to compare as they are both drastically different games. I'd say they are both as good as each other for different reasons. The fact that we are asking this question really just highlights how spoiled we are for sheer amount of games to choose from. Good time to be a gamer imo
  13. That dlc point sounds a bit similar to the Ori dlc in that it added extra difficulty related stuff, if Hollow Knight is worth it, i'm down with accepting the challenge Ahhh so many games to play you only made me want to pick it up more. I'm already at a point where my only option is to somehow invent more time on top of the time we normally have available to us as human beings to play all the titles coming out this year so far.
  14. Nice! Do you think it'll be relatively straightforward to 100%? I just got my 100% in Ori and the Blind Forest over on the XB1 and am really into playing some more metroidvania type games. I've had my eye on Hollow Knight ever since Dodger was talking about it on an old Totalbiscuit podcast
  15. [Yakuza Kiwami 2] After finishing all of Haruka's requests, it's nice to go through a bit more of the main story. I'm so happy that I've found these games. They are amazing.