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  1. Update 12 - Sorry for not updating for a little while folks, I was going to post something mid-week last week but I had my second vaccine dose and it completely took me out of action for a couple of days, feeling better now though and ready to update . Since my last update I fell into a pretty good rhythm with Outriders and managed to get the platinum. Overall I really loved this game! It was a little rough around the edges in parts from a direction standpoint - e.g there were times where transitions from cutscenes to action were a little jarring and weirdly paced. Sometimes the sound took a while to catch up or cut out completely to fit the subsequent action scene, or ambient dialogue conversations between you and another character would suddenly cut off if you entered combat. It was lot's of little rough feeling things that didn't damage the overall experience, but they were definitely noticeable. The only thing that really bothered me was the fact that despite being a game that can be played entirely single player, the game only works if you are online all the time, you don't have the option to turn it on and the game flat-out won't work without a connection, which is a really weird decision The story and the world-building for me was the real star of the show and while the pacing lagged a bit mid-way, it was so worth it to hit the really exciting finale. This was honestly one of the darkest science-fiction stories i've ever experienced in a video-game. The way the opening sets you up for exploring a beautiful alien world only for it to descend into a dark and grimy hellscape was one of the most compelling openings to a game I've played in a long time. It really doesn't pull any punches when it comes to some of the awful things we can do to each other as a species and the ending really hammers that home and then some. Gameplay-wise, it ticked some good boxes for me - I really liked the class-based abilities you could wield. At some point during the opening of the game, something happens to you which prompts a choice to be made - I went for the Devastator class which used alot of shockwaves, bullet reflection, rock armor and so on. Once you've opened a few up (they are gradually opened up to you as you level) you can have alot of fun playing around with different combinations to get some synergy going. I also really liked the loot here too, it was in abundance, rarity based and really added some satisfying complexity to your build with armor mods that could enhance your powers and weapon mods that could add special effects to your gun combat, like sending out a flaming shockwave every time you reloaded, or a mod that added a freezing element to bullets which encased the target in ice. Post-game content amounted to something called expeditions, triggered by something that happens at the end of the game, and amount to larger dungeon-style scenarios which award loot based on an overall performance determined when each one concludes. I enjoyed them up to a point, but some of the trophies pushed you to grind quite a bit in them. The reason being there are hundreds of enemies to fight in each expedition, so grinding out kills, kills with class abilities etc necessary for some of the trophies ended up being a bit of a chore. If you do want to pick this game up and like looter shooters with decent science fiction stories - I highly recommend it - it also earns bonus! If you also want to aim for the platinum, I would highly recommend keeping in mind and working on two specific trophies from the beginning - Outrider, First Class and Been everywhere, Done it all both of which are really grindy at the end if you didn't pay much attention to them from the beginning. They will basically determine how long your post game grind is depending on when you started working on the requirements which, like a fool, I didn't do 😂 Anyway that's it for Outriders, I'll definitely be picking up the expansions they are currently working on, but for now, it's going on my shelf until then. Next up is to carry on with Nier:Replicant! Hope everyone is doing okay! See you in the next update! Mass Effect Watch Dogs: Legion - 54% > 91% [Blocked] Mass Effect 2 Cosmic Top Secret Mass Effect 3 ✅ Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (additional trophy set) - 100% ✅ Subnautica: Below Zero Outriders Nier:Replicant - 7% > 15%
  2. Update 11 - I moved the needle a little bit with Outriders which has been a huge surprise for me. It wasn't what I was expecting at all and it's really impressed me every step of the way both in story and mechanics. I'm still quite early on in the game and getting acclimatised to the way loot and stats work. But i'm having a blast playing as a tanky-boi in a really interesting game world. It doesn't look spectacular by any means but it plays just fine. It is still early days yet to be fair, so I think this game might change in my perceptions for better or worse once i'm fully finished with what the game has to offer or at least, what the trophy list requires. I'm coming up to a weekend of rest away from both work and working out so i'll have a good chunk of time to really open the game up with a cheat meal on the side. More updates on Outriders to come! We have about 6 weeks left of this challenge! I'm pretty sure I can get Outriders and Nier in the bag by then. I'm already thinking about my list for the next challenge 😂 Mass Effect Watch Dogs: Legion - 54% > 91% [Blocked] Mass Effect 2 Cosmic Top Secret Mass Effect 3 ✅ Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (additional trophy set) - 100% ✅ Subnautica: Below Zero Outriders - 1% > 12% Nier:Replicant - 4% > 7%
  3. Update 10 - For the past two weeks i've been progressing through a 2 hour, 5 days a week workout plan. It's intense but it also means I can lounge about on Saturday and Sunday to recover. That basically means i've been sitting on my ass for two days playing videogames + the occasional walk and day trip. Not only did I finish off my ME3 Insanity run leading into the weekend, but I also put the Subnautica: Below Zero platinum in the bag too. I don't know if it was because the crafting recipes and mechanics are virtually identical to the original Subnautica or if Below Zero was just shorter, but I feel like I breezed through it. I definitely think the game was much much easier. I remember in the first game, you needed to fully upgrade your sea vehicle and your Sea Prawn suit, you also needed a huge submarine to move it all, plus build an entire space rocket to leave the planet. With Below Zero I was able to do everything with just an upgraded sea vehicle. I crafted the Sea Prawn thinking I would need it, but it pretty much stayed rigged up in my moon pool. The game alludes to you needing to build your space truck out with multiple segments and to build up a mobile base to reach the deepest points of the world, but with a Mk3 depth module in the sea truck and a fully upgraded oxygen tank you are pretty much set. I was envisioning a grand epic adventure down to the darkest caverns of the ocean with a mobile base, traversing the sea bed in my Sea Prawn suit mining the rarest of minerals and items. But in the end it was just me in a single seater sea truck vehicle 1000m down while all my gear sat near the surface. The biomes are gorgeous and the story is way richer and more involved than the original with full voice acting support and lots of voiced logs to find and uncover. But the experience itself was very unforgiving, even with food and water as a thing for you to maintain. The land based gameplay is really fun too, with some new traversal on very snowy arctic dry land, but you don't really hang around long once you have completed a couple of story arc missions. There are some really tense moments with some ice worms which burrow and erupt to knock you off your feet or your land glider which is a nice touch, as well as some ferocious dog monsters. But overall, the sense of dread and peril I experienced at points in the previous game was kind of missing, the leviathans were the 'Jaws' of the game, but there just aren't many at all in this one and the ones that are there, can usually be bypassed pretty easily. There was one tense moment towards the very end in the deepest part of the game world which brought me back to the original. But the scale was really missing overall from Below Zero. I think that if you are a veteran of Subnautica and you've picked up efficiency tricks and methods, you'll absolutely blast through this game. If it's your first Subnautica game, it might take a little longer, getting used to the mechanics and world. The ending though was amazing and I really hope we get another game in the franchise but with the same scale and difficulty as the first, while retaining the storytelling of Below Zero. Mass Effect Watch Dogs: Legion - 54% > 91% [Blocked] Mass Effect 2 Cosmic Top Secret Mass Effect 3 ✅ Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (additional trophy set) - 100% ✅ Subnautica: Below Zero Outriders - 1% Nier:Replicant - 4% > 7%
  4. Nice! Looking forward to seeing your progress. You have some great titles in the Currently Playing list! Dragon Quest XI is one of my all time favourite games. Also, props to you for the Disgaea entry. I am really interested in the series but the game time required for each is scary, I don't think I have the courage to play them.
  5. This pretty much sums up how I feel about it really. I wouldn't mind a new revamped trophy list actually, if it took into account all of the new side content and maybe took the edge off some of the grindier stuff. I loved Death Stranding, it was my GOTY for 2019, but the idea of going back to do it all again in exactly the same way trophy-wise is a bit daunting.
  6. I like the idea of being able to bring Wrench and Aidan into the main game as playable operatives from the beginning. Does anyone know if you can use them right off the bat? or is it a requirement to finish the DLC content before they become available in the main game?
  7. super quick Update 9 - The Mass Effect 3 Platinum is in the bag, awww yeah! Now I just need to finish the last few missions on Insanity difficulty and i'll be fully done with the entire collection. Watch Dogs:Legion has landed in strange territory in that its final mission trophy is still bugged but at the same time it's also fixed. They fixed the issue which was preventing the final mission trophy to pop - but only for people who either haven't finished the game yet, or were lucky enough to have an older save before the final mission. So it's fixed in that sense. But people who finished the game and don't have an older save are still left with a bugged trophy. There is a bit of a mega-thread forming on the Ubisoft Support forums at the moment and I'm really hoping they don't turn around with a fix being - start a brand new game and play it again from the beginning. Happy Friday everyone! This weekend i'm planning on getting ME3 Insanity mode done and to finally crack open Subnautica: Below Zero. There is also a new Resident Evil CGI show on Netflix too which i'm going to binge with a cheat meal. Mass Effect Watch Dogs: Legion - 54% > 91% [Blocked] Mass Effect 2 Cosmic Top Secret Mass Effect 3 Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (additional trophy set) - 90% Subnautica: Below Zero - 0% Outriders - 1% Nier:Replicant - 4% > 7%
  8. This is going to be my weekend evening entertainment I think, although, I always feel like there is something slightly off about the way the faces are animated in the Resident Evil CGI stuff. Could just be me though. While I was looking up some stuff about the show you posted there, I came across two other Resident Evil productions in the works - We are also getting a Resident Evil live action TV series produced by Netflix at some point this year/next year, which I was really hoping was going to be based around the RE 1/2/3 story arcs. But when they announced the premise on Twitter it made me way more cautious - "When the Wesker kids move to New Raccoon City, the secrets they uncover might just be the end of everything. Resident Evil, a new live action series based on Capcom’s legendary survival horror franchise, is coming to Netflix." I'm still up for it (right now at least), but they literally have some dynamite source material right in the open and they do something different. Oh and there is apparently a whole movie franchise reboot coming soon (according to the wiki page - November 2021) too which i'm a little more hyped about and seems a little more in line with the tone of the original game based on what the wiki page says - "Once the booming home of pharmaceutical giant Umbrella Corporation, Raccoon City is now a dying Midwestern town. The company's exodus left the city a wasteland... with great evil brewing below the surface. When that evil is unleashed, the townspeople are forever... changed... and a small group of survivors must work together to uncover the truth behind Umbrella and make it through the night."
  9. I really hope the fix isn't to play the whole main story again I don't have an older save sadly. Edit - this still isn't fixed. just wasted my evening trying to troubleshoot it post game - It only seems to work if you replay the main story again or load an older save prior to the final mission.
  10. No idea why they wouldn't show up, but i'm sure Sony support will be able to see more though on their end. I would contact customer support directly about having a compromised account, rather than reporting it indirectly through a refund request. It would be considered a fraudulent incident, so the refund team likely won't have the specific training to deal with it outside of processing or declining refunds. Much better off going through a dedicated compromised account support channel instead.
  11. Thanks for the updates! I'm going to download the patch tonight and give it a try. Hoping it'll just pop upon login and we won't have to do any lengthy stuff to trigger it.
  12. Update 8 - I'm so close to the ME3 platinum and additional trophy set 100% that I can taste it! I only have one trophy left for the main game which is to get a fully upgraded weapon. I can get that done naturally while going for the final Insanity playthrough I think. I have some screenshots and thoughts ready about my ME3 experience, but I'll share those once I have everything completely done and dusted. So far though there are some things I loved, which were definitely an improvement on the previous two games, but others weirdly felt like a step back. I've had my eye on Ghostrunner for a little while and it's definitely going to make an appearance in my list in the next challenge, thanks for sharing your thoughts on it I'm really looking forward to giving it a try. That's pretty much me done for update 8 - once I've finished ME3 fully and updated one more time on that here, I'm super excited to move onto Subnautica:Below Zero, which looks fantastic. I can't wait to get into the crafting systems and explore the new planet! I'm also really hoping Ubisoft finally get around to fixing their trophy bug in Watch Dogs:Legion - it's affecting so many people now and it is pretty much making the platinum unobtainable for everyone. Have a great week all and take care of yourselves Mass Effect Watch Dogs: Legion - 54% > 91% [Blocked] Mass Effect 2 Cosmic Top Secret Mass Effect 3 - 18% > 96% Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (additional trophy set) - 52% > 90% Subnautica: Below Zero - 0% Outriders - 1% Nier:Replicant - 4% > 7%
  13. Wait, SOMA has a Platinum? 🤔 Am I missing a list somewhere?
  14. As soon as that epic music kicked in I instantly went from 'I'll play this again at some point' to 'I'll play this again as soon as it's released'. I love this game!
  15. I really wish they would just update the PSNow version to the GOTY edition. It's needed that for a long long time. I know the game+DLC is still accessible if you run it through a PS3, but we're two generations beyond that now, it's just a shame it has had no attention at all beyond it's limited inclusion on the PS Now service.