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  1. I was deliberately holding off getting Lego Marvel 2 in the hope that it would get discounted. Looks like it paid off! Definitely picking it up now.
  2. Hoping the difficulty will be in line with the bonus boss fight in Episode Prompto rather than the bonus boss fight in Episode Gladiolus.
  3. I can sorta see why they would do this, plenty of room on the PUBG bandwagon right now before it gets crowded. Hopefully it's a sign that we'll be seeing a Dying Light 2 soon enough too.
  4. I agree, it's really worth doing as much damage to yourself as possible before moving on
  5. I was going to put a gif of someone digging a hole for themselves, but i'll refrain. I really appreciate the initial veiled name calling followed by the direct name calling towards me though . I don't think i've seen someone sabotage themselves so heavily while trying to make a point before. I tip my hat to you good sir. I'm going to step away from this now to avoid the ridiculousness of all this and let people with things to say get back to the topic at hand, the conversation was good and it's a shame it's getting derailed because of this.
  6. Nah you are right, I do have things to say as I'm sure you do, but you brought the sass to the thread and I addressed the sass that you brought. But let's pretend i'm the punk regurgitating stuff, block away if you like, not really got much else to say to you anyway
  7. I think with the combat side of things, once you've worked out how to best many of the monsters, it becomes more of a satisfying 'rinse and repeat' method. But in the early stages it stays quite fresh. I found that once I'd upgraded my staff and got the whistle method in place I stealth killed most lesser enemies, only really coming out of the grass to take on the bigger stuff. Good wisdom in these words for sure, so many games out there now, makes it even more important to stick with the stuff you like. I definitely got an Enslaved vibe from the colours and images they used in the game. Open world settings seem to be the thing that most games try to push in general nowadays. It's almost an expectation now for action/adventure/RPG style games like this.
  8. Did you walk away from that comment like this?
  9. [This isn't pointing to anyone in particular in this thread, just threads in general really] Videogames are some of the most personal experiences you can have in entertainment I think. So if you personally experience something that impacts you positively and you really enjoy it, it can become hard to read another person's review/interpretation/opinion that might differ from yours. The idea that someone could have such a different experience with the same game that gave you such a positive one can often lead to a 'no you're wrong' standpoint. It can happen to anyone to different degrees and it's why you see it so frequent in larger games, mainly because they are experienced by so many more people. I think the main thing to keep in mind is that if someone disagrees with your opinion on a gaming experience it's okay, it doesn't devalue your experience, you experience is your own nothing will take it away from you. That being said, if someone says 'This game is amazing' or 'this game is rubbish' and doesn't give any specifics then it can often take away the fun that we can have in these threads. 'This game is amazing because of X,Y,Z' or 'this game is rubbish because of x,y,z' will provoke good discussion
  10. I think that any large fanbase with a passionate community will see this kind of thing happen. If you arm yourself with constructive criticism and information to create an educated opinion you'll find that likeminded people will engage in an enriching discussion with you while people who aren't so good at either will show themselves up with flawed replies.
  11. That's a very different tone taken in comparison to your original post. It's okay to have an opinion, but it's also okay for people to have conflicting opinions too it's what makes things interesting
  12. Yeah I would have said that SoM was far closer to AC and Batman than Horizon. Huh
  13. Quick question on this one, which of the mechanics were copy pasted?
  14. I too thought it was a phenomenally good game For me the mechanics got repetitive eventually, but they still felt satisfying. The story, characters and visuals were the real stand outs for me though. Really looking forward to seeing more of this world. [Edited this post to add more as I thought i'd put something more constructive in a post further down]
  15. Absolutely mental trailer. Loved it. Raised some interesting themes and concepts. I really like that Kojima is releasing interesting glimpses into the world like this. Right now it isn't really about seeing gameplay etc. Right now it's about a true gaming artist setting the scene for a brand new IP. Gameplay will come in time, but seeing gameplay now isn't really the point I reckon.