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  1. It does seem like a big commitment. I'd love to give it a shot, but it's honestly the prospect is very very daunting
  2. I'm finding it tough to decide between: Red Dead Redemption 2 God of War Dragon Quest 11 Spider-Man AC:Odyssey Warframe
  3. Cool idea! I'm legit still waiting for my Power Armor edition to arrive in the post, it should arrive today so i'll definitely share as soon as i'm playing this week. Cool that you can put text on walls as well.
  4. The Mein Leben run is probably one of the most controversial topics i've seen on PSNProfiles. It sparked a tonne of debate and conversation (and quite a bit of anger). Just my opinion but - I don't think there are any games per se to prepare for Mein Leben difficulty, but there are tonnes of videos of people with different methods and strategies. I think ultimately the time you spend on that difficulty run will be based on personal skill and speed at which you memorize patterns, timing and enemy movement. It's probably better to spend time in Wolfenstein 2, learning each encounter and level like the back of your hand, rather than using that time elsewhere with other games to prep. If you do get that Wolfenstein 2 platinum, i take my hat off to you
  5. True tho
  6. Nothing good will come of getting as frustrated as you seem to be over why a large portion of people dislike the game you are enjoying. Also nothing good will come from the OP trying to devalue or denounce someones opinion based on their PSNProfiles game list. The review bombing it's received as some kind of organized protest is really crappy and immature, but it shouldn't affect your ability to enjoy the game. Trying to pick apart the 'why' of this kind of thing is a short-cut to madness. Edit: I'm still waiting for my copy to get delivered, but what i've played at a friends house is enjoyable, but incredibly buggy and tough to play in parts. I'll definitely put some time into it once i get my copy to formulate a proper opinion. But it's far from perfect from what i've seen. It's not a traditional Fallout game and i've gone into this not expecting one. It's not an argument as to why the game might be a dislike for me. The merits (or lack thereof) of the game itself are and should be.
  7. Nice intro and welcome! @SelectiveGamer I've been tempted to give Yo Kai Watch a shot for a while now Might take a look over the Christmas week. Cool that you like anime, i'm just getting into it really, I made a start on Bleach, finished Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood a month or so ago too. Last show I finished watching was Season 1 of One Punch Man, loved it!. Anyway, catch you on the forums and feel free to come say hi in the Chat room, it can sometimes be a little quiet, but there's usually some good conversations from time to time
  8. I haven't played 1 or 2 but have them in my library, i reckon by the time i'm done with them Darksiders 3 will be in a sale hehe
  9. For me things like: 80 - 150 hour plus playtime Fantasy characters on a quest to save someone/something Deep and interesting leveling and progression systems A final boss that turns out isn't the final boss, followed by a surprise boss reveal. Secret bosses that are harder than the actual final fight Highly missable content + trophies Towns and cities full of NPC's to talk to A largely male-centric set of heroes An optional mini-game that is in depth and fun Sadly and generally - also things like: Sexualized armor on female characters, what i refer to as 'titty armor' comparably to robust, well designed armor on the male / beast characters Female characters needing to be saved all the time Female characters who walk and run with their toes pointing inwards like they have some kind of pigeon footing deformity
  10. There's loads of ways to get honor aside from chores tbh. Ultimately to unlock things properly in Chapter 6 you need to only need to be at level 4 honor, which isn't that far off the middle of the honor gauge. I like that evil actions are weighted heavier than good ones. If you rob a bank, steal from the dead or anything like that it totally should detract more honor than you would gain from carrying a bundle of hay to horses.
  11. I actually still need to play this, it's still shrink wrapped on my shelf right now
  12. Great! thanks for confirming
  13. Welcome Istanbul is on my places to visit list in the next two years, I most want to see the Basilica Cistern and visit The Aya Sofya, although i'm not sure if tourists can go into the latter. I'd be happy to see it's architecture from the outside either way though.
  14. I'm a long standing Final Fantasy fan way back since the early 90's, but I would say that the FF13, 13-2 and Lightning Returns are not really a good point to start at all. I sunk hundreds of hours into all three collectively and after all that time, i think they are solid RPG's, but they aren't Final Fantasy games. My advice - You could probably do okay with paying the Final Fantasy X Remaster, Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age or Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition to get started. Then after that, if you want to experience them all - move on to the retro games like Final Fantasy 6, Final Fantasy 7 & Final Fantasy 9 I would honestly put off the 13 trilogy to the very end of your experiences though. They aren't defining FF experiences at all.
  15. [Fallout 76] So I ordered the Power Armor edition from the EU Bethesda store (the one that comes with the replica power armor helmet). It was sent out from the warehouse in Germany last week, then my DHL delivery status popped up with a warning, stating it was accidentally delivered to France. It was then sent back to Germany and seems to just be sitting there for the past few days. What a shitshow! I contacted Bethesda support with a very diplomatic email and they seem to just be ignoring me.

    Ironic thing is, I don't really have any interest in the game in it's current state, and I rarely buy physical copies anymore - it's just the collector's edition is really lovely.

    1. kingdrake2


      i hope you're getting some sort of compensation of at least the shipping fees. not sure how things are run in europe but the US at least does that as a form of apology for mishap. though i hope everything goes fine in the delivery i always worry about high profile things in the mail.

    2. Crispy_Oglop


      Thanks @kingdrake2 - yeah i'll try and push for a little bit of comp, good advice! The funny thing is, they sent me a mail way back saying - 'we are starting to ship the product now so you are guaranteed to get it on release day'.