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  1. This is a great idea! I was going to join, but it looks like clans are account specific rather than character specific. I was hoping to roll a secondary character so i could join the PSNProfiles clan as well as the family one i have on my main agent. But it looks like it's not possible.
  2. What's the problem with inviting people into your game to help you out? I don't see a problem at all with that. It's a mechanic which was intentionally put in by the developers for this purpose. So what if someone can't beat a particular boss alone and invites someone in to assist. If you are peeved because that gameplay mechanic has allowed people to exploit it, then it's a bit futile and a waste of energy. It won't change anything. Exploits or exploitable features occur all the time in a variety of games that affect trophy rarity. There are plenty of games that i've played where a difficult trophy could either be earned the right way or the wrong way. You are pre-emptively ranting about people having to 'getting good' in Sekiro because it omits a feature from another franchise it runs that might make the game easier and affect trophy rarity artificially - but we have no idea about the difficulty curve until the game comes out. And you seem to feel that an incorrect rarity of a trophy is going to somehow diminish or reflect negatively on the skill you might have put into it legitimately. Or are shooting out this train of thought into words to indirectly point at those who have exploited that feature to make the game easier. Pretty unnecessary way of looking at it to be honest. Put more energy into your own accomplishments and worry less about other people taking shortcuts. An incorrect rarity says nothing about your own capability.
  3. Your ranking is what you personally make of it and what value you see in it. You don't see any value in it, someone else might.
  4. Killing bandits won't affect anything with your endings/outcomes. Any soldiers outside of that probably will - so for example in the Volga, the armed cultist soldiers will more than likely count towards a bad ending. They are all fairly easy to stealth around though to be honest.
  5. Borderlands 3 has already indirectly been announced. Back in 2017 at the GDC, Pitchford showcased the Unreal engine tech that will go into powering the next Borderlands game and showcased it on what looks like Pandora. He basically covered stuff like shadows, effects and shading etc but it's inevitable that we'll get a Borderlands 3. The Know also reported on some information that got leaked to them from what they deem as a very credible source: It sounds like they are ready to announce something based on all that - My prediction is - Borderlands 3 will get announced officially off the back of that Tweet - and we'll also see a collection of some kind. I'm also thinking, with some of the buzz around a Borderlands remaster - we might see that as part of a pre-order bundle e.g pre-order B3, get the remaster for free. I'm not a fan of Pitchford, but alot of the shitshow around Aliens:Colonial Marines was because of the fact that they were putting more dev time and attention on the Borderlands game they were working on at the time. Battleborn is arguably a good game, it was just released at a really bad time in terms of releases and got steamrolled. I think that regardless of sentiment towards him and Gearbox, - Borderlands is their main baby and they will undoubtedly be putting the majority of their resources into that. I'm really optimistic about this.
  6. Having 2/3 people still with you by the end of the game should grant you the good ending, but you won't be able to get this trophy: So to clarify - not all of them actually die, but some can just flat out leave you depending on how you've played the game up until then. Duke, Damir and Aloysha are the characters in question - if you can get 2 of them to still be alive and with you by the time you reach the final area of the game you'll come to the good ending. None of the supporting characters count as they technically always hang around. There are three specific points in the game which will signify you losing someone: Duke - At the end of the Volga level Damir - At the end of the Caspian level Aloysha - At the end of the Taiga level Losing them depends on how you choose to play during the levels that precede them.
  7. Hmmm so technically it could modify this to? 1st run - Galaxy difficulty - Treasure chests, Quests, ending trophies, Monster data, bunny racing 2nd run - Earth - Battle trophies, coliseum, Item creation, anything else combat/dungeon related like leveling up etc 3rd & 4th run - Universe + Chaos speedruns
  8. That's an interesting approach, I'm wondering, if i don't go through the single play-through strat that @dertswa687o kindly shared - would this be a viable alternative? 1st run - Galaxy difficulty - Treasure chests, Quests, Item creation, ending trophies, Monster data, bunny racing 2nd run - Earth - Battle trophies, coliseum and anything else combat/dungeon related like leveling up etc 3rd & 4th run - Universe + Chaos speedruns It seems like it might work, if a little time consuming, what do you think?
  9. I'm following a guide and double checking, but this is a nightmare of mine right now haha. @Rick_Sanchez - out of interest, what's your playthrough structure/strategy? This is efficiency guide is fantastic! thank you for the link!
  10. It's been a really really stressy week, I cannot wait till my 3 day weekend starts. Gonna celebrate with The Division 2, Star Ocean 4, whiskey and my cats 😺

  11. I'm not sure if this is a remaster, I could be wrong though - but I couldn't see anything online about it being something they've improved and updated technically and graphically. It looks like it's the usual re-release 'GOTY' edition type thing where games are put out again but with all of the DLC rolled in.
  12. Nice! glad you got him to survive
  13. I know it's crappy that it might put the game release date in jeopardy, but I think in a world where publishers and studios are constantly screwing up with PR related issues, i feel like this is the right way for Sega to handle things initially. I'll be super bummed if it means I don't get to try one of my most anticipated games of 2019, but at the same time, i think this is the right move on their part.
  14. No worries, I totally understand where you are coming from though, I really like playing games which have everything available in terms of content and trophies. I got the platinum for Ni No Kuni 2 last year and there is still content coming out for it now. I feel like that and AC:Odyssey will never end 😂 Also - I can understand even more where you are coming from with your really impressive completion percentage! I'll never get to that level, nice one!
  15. So sad I missed this back when the thread started in 2015. Great idea though! Just landed on alt earth and loving this game! One thing I wish i had done though, and this is probably now a tale as old as time, is to build a plan of what I should be focusing on in each playthrough. It's the only thing I didn't strategize and I think i probably dropped an extra 15 hours into my current playthrough which'll end up being useless after save data is transferred into NG+ I'm currently on my first play through - 40 hours in. I idled a bit - pausing to go do real life stuff and chores etc, but the majority of it was mainly grinding out materials and skill points with a maxed out green tile Bonus Board. That mechanic is fantastic. I made a mistake initially in my 1st playthrough, and put some time into Faize before I realised that it's impossible to truly 'complete' him as a character until NG+. So I changed tactics - I'm going to carry on concentrating on getting the endings, side quests etc and anything that is suited for an initial playthrough. Hard part is understanding exactly what I should be focusing on hehe. After knocking down the difficulty playthroughs after this, I'm wondering if i should just bite the bullet and do a final final playthrough on the easiest difficulty for for those grindy kill count BT's etc