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  1. I was actually blown away by how gorgeous RE8 looks in that showcase and if the gameplay relatively the same as what we had in RE7 i'm all in (what am I saying?! I'm all in anyway!). I will say though, this looked a little faster and more frantic than RE7, can't quite place my finger on it though. Not hearing about a possible RE4 remake stung a little, I think that was my fault though as I was hyping myself up stupidly with little to nothing to base it on. I think it was the mix of it being the 25th Anniversary and that they put alot of fanfare around a general franchise showcase that made me think we'd get a big announcement. So there we go - my plan was to buy a PS5 alongside the release of RE8 and now the May release month is announced - looks like i'll be upgrading to the current gen then . I just hope I can actually get my hands on a PS5 by traditional means by then because after Cyberpunk, I am wary of anything that is releasing on both PS4 and PS5 simultaneously. I outrightly refuse to contribute to the human-tumour scalper economy either. So we'll have to wait and see if they are still buying up thousands of units by then.
  2. Update time! I moved the needle a little bit with Yakuza 5 bringing it up from around 50% to 70% in terms of progress. At the moment I feel a bit stuck in the mud from a trophy point of view. One of the trophies requires you to reach 100% of in-game completion, which literally means do everything - all of the gambling and club SEGA mini-games, hostess ranking, execute all special moves (a.k.a Heat Actions), consume all food and drink items, fish up all sea and fresh water fish, plus tonnes more. It's the heaviest trophy in the game in that it requires you to complete pretty much everything the game has to offer, and it's a pretty huge game. So most of my progress existed outside of trophies and within that in-game completion percentage, I'm currently sitting at 94% complete, i've done pretty much everything now apart from the last couple of restaurants needed for Food & Drink completion, about 10 missing heat actions to take care of and the Coliseum. The coliseum (which is a big MMA style series of cage-fights) is the real time vampire here, not only do you have to complete it separately with all 4 characters, you also have to spend hours with each of them grinding up the fighting ranks to qualify for and unlock the higher tier matches. Seems pretty straightforward right? I wish that was the case - the real challenge depends on which character you are ranking up in the coliseum, some of the match difficulties and modifiers combined with the moves and combos unique to each character makes this a potential platinum breaker for alot of people. This really feels like the part where quite a few platinum hunters might consider giving up. I say that because I almost gave up myself - I had read that one of the characters Akiyama was notoriously difficult to function successfully in the Coliseum - i found folks complaining about it all the way back in the PS3 era where it originally released. And they honestly were not wrong. I think i spent about 7-8 hours with Akiyama just trying to complete the final unlocked match which was made all the more difficult because you basically have to fight 10 or so waves of multiple enemies with the final 3 waves basically being single boss-level opponents, and all with you locked into having less than a quarter health. This match pretty much forces you to be almost perfect in your combat execution for a consistent 10 - 20 minutes of combat. Gruelling and possibly the most challenging thing i've ever had to do between Yakuza 0 and now. I got to a point where I had convinced myself I wasn't going to be able to do it, but I kept going and eventually I finally won the match. It was an amazing feeling, and pretty much proof that if I can do it anyone can. I still have a ways to go with the Coliseum - I'm halfway through it with my 3rd character (Shinada) and I have one last character to go through it with, but after Akiyama I have loads more confidence to get it done. If I keep going on this trajectory and provided I don't need to spend another 7-8 hours on the remaining two characters to get through the coliseum ranking I think i'll be closer to the 90% complete mark before the end of this coming weekend. If I can get that 100% completion trophy done at the very least, it'll be a win in my book. Thanks for reading my Yakuza monologue! Stay safe and keep up with all of your amazing and inspiring progress!
  3. What's the problem with that? Nothing wrong with discounted & cheaper games.
  4. [Yakuza 5] Holy moly, the Coliseum design in this game is an utter mess. I will not let this game beat me in terms of getting the platinum, but whoever programmed this mini-game needs a swift kick up the arse.

  5. I'm not trusting any release date rumours this year considering the state of the world right now and how it's been impacting release dates already. As long as the trilogy is available on PS4, I don't really care how many editions there are and where they release on I won't be getting a PS5 until Resident Evil 8 releases and even then, there is no guarantee a PS5 will be available so I would hope we would be looking at a simultaneous PS4 & PS5 release. These games aren't performance beasts by PS4/PS5 standards, ME is literally 13 years old and ME 3 is 8, so the difference in game experience between each console is going to be minimal - because of that, I don't think there will be any separate versions, just one version that releases on both console generations. I'd assume there would be separate trophy lists though.
  6. [Yakuza 5 Remaster] This requirement to get 7777+ balls in Pachinko is crushing me at the moment, even with the lucky day text and using the luck item. The highest score i've reached so far is 5300 balls and after that my luck just died. I would take more Mahjong requirements over this any day. I've come to the conclusion that a pachinko machine is basically a shrine where you pray to RNGJesus.

  7. Update time! I finished Rogue Galaxy ahead of time and landed my 166th platinum to boot! So I decided to jump back into Yakuza 5 and get that done finally as I want to get started on Yakuza 6: The Song of Life and Yakuza: Like a Dragon this year too. Overall account completion % isn't really a stat that I pay a huge amount of attention to and it's not something I chase or let determine which games I choose to play, but it has been quite nice to see that bump up closer to the 80% mark residually. It looks like quite a few games are going to be delayed this year, so I reckon if anyone was ever considering making a dent in their unfinished backlog, this is going to be the year to do it. Have a good one everyone and catch you in the next update.
  8. Platinum #166 - Rogue Galaxy (Dark Cloud 3?!)

    What a weird screenshot for the platinum to pop on, i guess this is what happens when you leave mini-game trophies to the end. Either way, i'm finally done with one of the oldest games in my unfinished games list taking 5 years and 3 months to get around to finishing it.


    Overall, I enjoyed it. It's a competent action RPG from the PS2 era which had a bit of an identity crisis in the early days of its development. It was originally intended to be Dark Cloud 3 but changed course early on into Rogue Galaxy which lead me down a rabbithole of looking up it's production history, well worth some research if you are into that sort of thing.


    From a trophy standpoint, it was all pretty doable. The Insectron mini game trophies were probably the most monotonous. As was the Level 99 trophy which was pretty much levelling for the sake of levelling, you could finish the whole game and side content before getting to 99 easily, so it forced you to just run around for about 10 hours levelling to 99 for no actual reason. There isn't even a secret super powered boss encounter to pay you back for the level grind. 


    It felt like there was missing content and cutscenes in certain parts and there were plot threads which just ended without warning and were never referenced again. That kind of correlates with the localisation issues they had with bringing the game to Western audiences. And the fact that there is apparently a Japan only Director's Cut of the game which includes loads more content.


    Overall - a fun but ultimately unmemorable game compared to some of its peers back in its release years.



  9. Rogue Galaxy is taking way, way longer than I thought it would. I have one trophy to get which is to win the S-Rank Insectron tournament. For those unaware - Insectron is basically like a pet raising and battling mini-game which has some chess vibes to it. The rules are pretty straightforward, but it is taking much longer than originally planned. I'm 5 Insectron matches away from the platinum but I need to level up the stats of my team a little more I think, because the final matches are quite the difficulty spike. I was going to jump into Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel right after this as part of another challenge i'm participating in, but I might actually get back on the platinum journey for Yakuza 5 instead as it has been hanging around for ages now. Have a good one everyone and take care of yourselves in these weird times. Congrats on the Platinum! I'd love to see another Saint's Row game in future.
  10. The real lesson to be learned here for CDPR and all gaming companies is in that graphic. I'm sure lot's of game companies have this kind of timeline charted somewhere in their organisation. So to any developers and studio execs reading this - when you are next in the office - take the box which says 'RELEASE' and just move it to the opposite end of the line. Do this with every game you release. As for the video itself - Pretty astounding who they will get up in front of the camera to say sowwy after a $1 billion loss occurs for the founders. It's nice that there is an apology somewhere in there, but it's chucklesome how the script he is reading is trying to justify below GTA 4 standards of world AI and systems which are so fundamentally flawed, they will need more than a patch. It's great that the script he was reading lead with a protective statement over his staff and pulling the blame solely onto the executive team. The most tragic part of this whole mess is that they pushed their staff through extended crunch for absolutely no gain whatsoever, so I hope that they are addressing that internally with their staff too. Honestly though, the game is a literal pop culture level meme now. They are going to have to do alot of laundry to wash the stains out of these particular sheets.
  11. Nice! looking forward to it! I already have a few ideas on what titles to throw in, but looking at what I have jotted down, it's almost entirely RPG's. Maybe i've been bitten by the role-playing bug again without realising it.
  12. It looks like it is basically the next game from the Machine Games folks. I wonder if we'll get another Mein Leben style trophy in this one 😎
  13. I'm super new to the challenge, but it's been great so far. I don't think I can answer the questions referenced above as completely as someone who spent the majority of the 2020 with it, but i'll answer as best I can. A game I was most proud of finishing in 2020? - Hand of Fate (Platinum+100%) & Battleborn (Platinum) Hand of Fate - thanks to the challenge - it motivated and focused me into getting the Platinum + 100%, which I honestly thought I would never achieve. I'm looking forward to carrying on with my list this year too and bringing my completion up a little closer to the 90% mark. Battleborn isn't part of the challenge, but I think it would have been had I started earlier in the year. It is being completely shut down on January 25th, after which time it will technically no longer exist anywhere. It's 100% online, so when they shut the servers down in a week or two, that's it. I put 100+ hours into getting the platinum for this earlier on in the year using a mix of solo and second controller boosting. I'm going to go for as many of the DLC trophies over the next week or so. Such a shame, this game had a huge amount of potential. Did I help anyone or receive any help?: @bruin-rocks - Offered some help in advance with Divinity:Original Sin, when I start that later on this year which was really nice of him. In terms of me helping others, I haven't had enough time or similar games in the challenge to do so yet, but will hopefully get the opportunity for the rest of the year. A Memorable Moment from 2020? I tried a genre of games I thought I would never get into or enjoy and it turned out to be something I ended up loving - Visual Novels. Danganronpa 1 & 2 were gaming highlights for me and I plan on exploring the genre even further this year.
  14. Endless mode was quite a pain really, I tried it a few times as I was going for the 100% but kept failing. Only way I could do it was to leave it to the very last minute once i'd unlocked all of the main game and Wildcards DLC tokens. There are a few cards in there that make things way more bearable. The Endless mode trophy is also one of the few trophies you can do on Adventurer difficulty too
  15. Friday update. What a goddamn week this has been. This weekend is very very welcome. I made good chunk of progress with Rogue Galaxy this week pushing completion from 43% up to 62%. I'm aiming for the Platinum this weekend if I knuckle down and get the mini-games and post game grind done. The weather is going to be cold and icy over the weekend so it's a perfect opportunity to queue up some audiobooks, podcasts and TV shows and grind out levels in this classic game Cosy mode, activate! I hope everyone manages to have a nice weekend. I'm starting mine with beer and pizza!