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  1. This is also something that seems to be happening to Tiny Tina's Wonderlands too which has way more recent reports. From what I could find - there weren't as many floating around for Assault on Dragon's Keep and some confusion about how post-main story works. But it does look like there could be an issue - alot of them stem from folks playing on PS5 too, from what I can see in random google searches.
  2. Before I continue, I wanted to say that if you really like this type of game, to do an entire playthrough completely blind. Following a step-by-step walkthrough from the beginning will remove a huge amount of the enjoyment and surprise factor. In my humble opinion House of Ashes is the best of the Dark Pictures anthology so far and it really goes on some interesting twists and turns. Anyway - I found a fantastic step-by-step walkthrough for the game over at TrueAchievements - I used it after doing a blind playthrough myself and I can vouch for it being pretty efficient and well laid out and it will get you the platinum if you follow it diligently. The same person did one for Little Hope as well which again, was very well set out. Worth a look if you are going for the platinum in HoA!
  3. Update 3 - Progress is crawling along with a small nudge in Dark Souls 3 with a couple more bosses being taken out of commission. From an art and environment design point of view, there are definitely some spots in this game that make it feel very much like Bloodborne, which I love even though it's slightly distracting at times. In general progress news - The construction company is still working in my house so it's been difficult to get much done at all. It was a two week job and it's now moving towards a full month of my house being part home, part building site. I'm anticipating them being done this week though so I will (hopefully) get back to a normal gaming schedule in the evenings. As soon as they are done, i'm going to crack open TMNT too! The Quarry - 0% Doom Eternal - 4% Dark Souls 3 - 21% > 24% Dying Light 2 - 24% Metal Gear Solid V - 15% TMNT: Shredders Revenge - 0% Stray - 0% @Darling Baphomet - That sounds really shitty Hopefully where you are moving has some nice surroundings to enjoy and decompress in.
  4. No worries! Yeah, as far as issues go, this would be in the 'worst things that could happen' category for me. Really hope you can get it fixed, nothing worse than seeing time and effort vanishing like this.
  5. It's been a couple of years since I played it, but from what I remember, there is only one truly online trophy for the platinum. You have to do a full online co-op playthrough for the 'Learning to work together' trophy. I'm not sure if that's changed since the release, but I ran a full playthrough with a friend to get it out of the way in the end. Oh, also - There is technically another co-op related trophy called 'Like that movie with the ship' where you need to complete movie night mode, but you can actually do that solo with a second controller.
  6. One of the most recent patches caused an issue where progress was reset in seemingly random amounts. Some people found that they went back a few missions, others had their entire progress completely reset. They were asking people to submit a ticket over on the 2K Support site. Hope they can get a resolution for you!
  7. Update 2 - Well, more of a non-update really, the construction going on in my house is taking way longer than I thought it would, so access to my gaming set-up in general has been patchy. I did get a few hours of Dark Souls 3 in on the occasional evening, but it didn't result in any trophy progress. I have a nice long weekend ahead of me which should be construction-free as apparently all the work will complete today so I plan on making way more of a dent in it. I'm also super tempted to give TMNT a whirl as the release footage looks glorious. The only other gaming stuff really was Fallout 76 which I dipped into with my partner to see what it was like. But I couldn't really make my mind up on it as we only got an hour or two into. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and I should have a bit more of an update in the next one. Take care! The Quarry - 0% Doom Eternal - 4% Dark Souls 3 - 10% > 21% Dying Light 2 - 24% Metal Gear Solid V - 15% TMNT: Shredders Revenge - 0% Stray - 0%
  8. For anyone trying to play online with randoms. I have been trying to play with others through random matchmaking for the only online trophy this game needs, but it looks like there are some pretty big ongoing issues with the Far Cry 6 Ubisoft servers right now. The game is also continuously switching my controller mic on despite it being switched off in the actual PS5 controller settings and off in game.
  9. I don't think RE4 necessarily needs a remake. But after seeing the footage and experiencing what they did with the RE2 remake - I'm extremely happy it's getting one. I suppose if you are really adamant you won't like this or think it's destined to fail because it's not your RE4, then you always have your 17 year old original game to replay to exhaustion while the world passes you by . If it shows the same level of quality as the RE2 Remake (which I personally think is one of the greatest remakes ever made in virtually all measurable ways) then i'm sure it'll be good. I'm also glad it's PS5 only, so the development is single-track and is pure current gen, rather than having to juggle and modify it for two different generations of tech. I can't wait to see how they handle the lake monster in the RE Engine, that part always scared the hell out of me in the original, so seeing it in current gen graphics is going to be excellent!
  10. Update 1 - Wow! what a good State of Play that was. I'm so glad we have release windows for two games I wanted to put on my list originally- Stray and TMNT: Shredders revenge - which, as you can see, are now added in there. This is super late first update for me, I have some construction going on in my house so it's been a bit difficult to get stuff done outside of main life things. I also got completely carried away on an Apple TV show called 'Severance' which has now cemented itself as one of my all-time favourite TV shows. Now I have to wait until 2023 for season 2, bummer. On the gaming front - I made some good progress in Dark Souls, even though the trophy needle hasn't moved much in terms of completion. I'm going to be chipping away at this all week in the evenings. The construction should be finished in my home by the time the weekend rolls around, so i'm going to get started on The Quarry as soon as they have cleared out and I can reclaim my house once more. The Quarry - 0% Doom Eternal - 4% Dark Souls 3 - 10% > 21% Dying Light 2 - 24% Metal Gear Solid V - 15% TMNT: Shredders Revenge - 0% [July] Stray - 0% [July]
  11. I thought i'd share this, because the way this game has been handled and supported on PS4 from the very beginning has been a huge problem. Reports are coming in and the DLC they touted to push season pass sales is about 1 hour long. I can't caution people enough about this atrocity of a game - I recommend not buying this until it is heavily heavily discounted.
  12. I decided to post everything all at once for this event and now that I'm pretty much done, here we go! For this event, I finished two games - Soma & Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. I was actually meant to finish Night in the Woods, but made the mistake of trying to play it after I was done with Hellblade. This was a bad idea because while Hellblade was a fantastic experience imo, it was also one of the most emotionally draining experiences I've ever had. It completely knocked the mojo out of me. So sadly, Night in the Woods has fallen off for this. I'll likely add it if another event crops up later though. As a note - I have Soma in spoiler tags because I talk about key parts of the game. Hellblade has none because I'm actually not going to be spoiling it for anyone bar mentioning one of the key themes. Soma Hellblade This game....this game. I don't think i've ever felt so emotionally spent after playing a videogame before. I threw on a headset as apparently it's best played in this way and I was completely blown away, but it also drained all of the energy out of my tank. I think a huge part of this game taps into the effects of severe PTSD but the studio managed to weave it expertly into areas of mythology and fantasy. So while on the very surface, it looks like an adventure, it's actually a warrior navigating the debilitating effects of a series of traumatic events in her life and the behavioural trauma it has inflicted. The game isn't entirely about PTSD, but it is definitely a dominant theme across the whole game. I actually don't really want to talk about the events of the game here, because it's honestly something everyone should play once and without knowing anything about it. But I will say, it really made me realise how far we've come as a society with mental health awareness. So rather than talk about the game as much here, i'll talk about some life experience instead. I grew up in the 80's and 90's and a large part of my upbringing involved being raised by men and women in my family who all perpetuated the idea that men don't let feelings impact them and they are generally expected to remain stoic and iron skinned. It wasn't their fault, because that's how they were raised too. I first heard about PTSD during the Gulf War news coverage and later, in history class where it would have been mentioned during lessons on various global conflicts and wars. It was never really associated with non-military examples, so I operated under the assumption that PTSD is what might happen to you only if you come back from an armed conflict somewhere. I don't think I ever heard Post Traumatic Stress Disorder applied to anything outside of the life and experience of a soldier. Nowadays, it's a term used way more frequently and more appropriately on a broader level and I feel that compared to my formative years, society in general is growing to be way more educated on the subject matter. PTSD is a thing that can happen to anyone under the right circumstances and it can sort of creep up on you. It doesn't have to be something that manifests right away too, it can hide for years and suddenly decades later pop up and say hello in different ways. On that note - I'm going to put the next bit in spoilers, because it deals with an actual example of abuse. I'm sharing it because the outcome might help others.
  13. It looks like it is basically the next game from the Machine Games folks. I wonder if we'll get another Mein Leben style trophy in this one 😎
  14. Making some tweaks to my list before the event starts, mainly chopping it completely in half and focusing more on some of the older backlog titles I have on my list. Only one new game - The Quarry - which i'm hyped for because of the cast and because i'm a sucker for these narrative horror games. Looking forward to getting stuck into these! and reading everyone's updates The Quarry - 0% Doom Eternal - 4% Dark Souls 3 - 10% Dying Light 2 - 24% Metal Gear Solid V - 15%
  15. Thanks for verifying and validating what I said, I literally can't write anything unless I have someone helping me like that.... I don't know where in my post I came across as just suddenly discovering this, but no, it's generally something I regard as common sense (I'm a data analyst by trade). But some people forget that and assume we account for the entire user base (at least they come across with that assumption). I'm sure many folks keep that in mind, but some don't, hence me saying 'Just saying this, so it's said', to cater for both parties 😁
  16. After literal years of working through mine, while still trying to experience the new releases i'm interested in - I'm strongly considering completely scrapping my backlog entirely and just pick one game at a time that takes my interest without thinking about backlog at all. E.g I finish my current game and then just have a think what genre/title i might like to try, then do some research (if needed) and take a stab at. Right now I have a massive spreadsheet for tracking and backloggery and it's fatigue-inducing. Maybe just playing stuff wherever my preference at the time takes me will make for a positive change 🤔
  17. Just saying this so it's said - If we are going by this site alone - Top Played is only based on the registered users on the site itself and doesn't account for the entire PS user base. If you take the total registered site users here, we account for roughly 0.4% of the entire PS user base. We're literally a fart in a hurricane compared to the rest of the family.
  18. Final update time - Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is finally, finally done. I enjoyed it overall, but the last 10 hours were a bit of a marathon in terms of finding the energy to get it done. It's definitely the most expansive Star Wars game i've ever played, well maybe not if you include both the old and current Star Wars MMO's. The new format grew on me (I had my reservations in the opening 10-15 hours, but I ended up really enjoying the gameplay systems the game offered. Trouble was, there was so much content with so much of the systems repeated, that you kinda ended up with fatigue. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice I'll get it out of the way and say first that I thought this game was fantastic! I came out of the other end of it feeling satisfied, but mentally exhausted. So much so that I actually need a little break from challenges and games for a week or so. I'll collect my thoughts properly for the mental health challenge thread, but this game hit me in lot's of different ways. The visuals, audio and writing really stuck with me and I will definitely play through this again at some point in future, maybe before the sequel comes out on the Xbox. Night in the Woods I was going to give this one some attention, but going into it after Hellblade, I just wasn't feeling it at all. So i'm going to drop this one and likely return to it in the coming months. The 20 mins I tried were compelling, but not for me right now. Challenge ended! So that's the end of the challenge for me, I managed everything on the list with a couple of over-time additions too which i'm pleased with. I chose some pretty heavy duty platinums for this challenge so I might have to reduce that for the next one. As for the next challenge, I'm going to take the time running up to it and break from gaming for a bit. I have a few real life things happening that need my attention too, so I can get those out of the way and come back focused for the next challenge soon Thanks for all of the wonderful updates folks! They've been really great to read! Divinity: Original Sin GTA V Beyond: Two Souls Dark Souls Remastered Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Ghostwire: Tokyo Dark Souls 2 Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 🎉 Soma 🎉 Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Dropped Night in the Woods - 0%
  19. That's a good question 🤔 I actually thought Dark Souls Remastered was easier. Dark Souls 2 difficulty was mainly around frustration for me. Endless, endless amounts of bosses that just felt forced in at times, some of them literally copy pasted from the first game with no lore reason, just because they wanted to put another boss encounter in there. Some bosses which were literally just regular enemies in terms of power but still somehow had that big screen-wide health-bar that bosses get. Sometimes the rooms just before the fight were 10x harder than the boss fight itself. It just felt like they were trying to throw as much against the wall as possible and banked on at least some encounters to stick and be memorable. Dark Souls 2 was basically a hot mess. It had a few great moments, but ultimately it was just all over the place from a design and polish point of view. You could really tell that it had two directors who could never see eye-to-eye creatively, leading to one of them leaving the project halfway through. It's like two games forced together with a nonsensical map. The DLC is pretty amazing though and really shows the flaws of the main game. But yeah, compared to the first one at least, it's a mildly enjoyable game but nowhere near as polished and fun an experience. Looking at the metacritic score is kinda mind blowing to me because I genuinely don't think it deserved scores as high as it got. I'm going to be starting Dark Souls 3 in a few weeks, which I hear good things about though, so hopefully the experience and difficulty will be closer to Dark Souls Remastered, rather than Dark Souls 2.
  20. Like @Stormwarrior90 mentioned, it's from the studio that made The Council. But considering there is virtually no marketing around this game - if you are curious - you could probably get away with watching some videos on The Council to get the gist of what this new game is about from a mechanical standpoint.
  21. That's....a crazy price for what is in the box. This smells like a rush job to capitalise as much as possible on the nostalgia factor. The only thing that seems to have the original artwork from the cartoon is whatever that thing is on the bottom left and the pins (which look quite neat). Everything else just looks...a bit off in terms of branding and artwork.
  22. Almost final update! It's been a while since my last update, real life became unexpectedly busy so it's been difficult to keep up with the updates as much, plus i've been revamping my workout and dietary plans which has taken a bit more of my disposable time than I anticipated. I've been having a blast reading everyone else's updates though Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Oh my god, this game is endless. I think i'm finally in the home stretch, but I'm not exaggerating when I say this is pretty much the AC:Valhalla of the Lego franchise. I like the game, but I really think they over-extended themselves with the amount of repetitive content in there. Props to the studio for putting the work in to make probably the most expansive Star Wars game ever made though. I have about 3 more planets to clear + the challenge list and I'm done. I really hope they give it at least 3-6 months before dropping any significant DLC on this title. Soma I won't write too much of it here as I'll save my update for the Mental Health event going on at the moment. But this game was surprisingly good and a really solid science-fiction horror title at that. Even though it includes cat and mouse gameplay similar to Alien Isolation, it never really felt as dangerous as that title and the game in general was most effective when it embraced the walking simulator, story driven aspect it offered. Night in the Woods I had this one recommended to me by multiple people and i'm already pulled in by its strangely dark charm. That and the writing, which I think is really really good so far! More updates on this to come. Plans for this week So this week i'm going to hopefully finally finally put Lego Star Wars to bed fully. I'm at a point now where i'm not enjoying it as much, but I passed the point of no return ages ago, so I feel obliged to see it through to the end. Then over the weekend, once i've taken care of all of my real life business, chores and exercise, I'm going to settle down with Night in the Woods and my cats for what looks like some great storytelling. Have a fantastic week everyone! take care and see you in the next update! Divinity: Original Sin GTA V Beyond: Two Souls Dark Souls Remastered Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Ghostwire: Tokyo Dark Souls 2 Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - 50% > 72% 🎉 Soma 🎉 Night in the Woods - 0% Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - 0%
  23. I mean, it's inevitable that games will go down in price at certain points after launch, eventually, some of those same games will become part of a subscription service but that usually only happens if the game doesn't do well at all and it needs an adrenaline shot to keep running. Or in a more traditional way once a 'popular' game isn't selling as well anymore after being out for a long time, the chances are higher it might go onto something like PS+. Thats all pretty normal really, i'm not saying I agree with the way it all works, but it's been like that for a long time. We know for a fact that future Sony exclusives will not appear on PS+ on their release day so i'm assuming that depending on how successful each exclusive is, it might be up for PS+ inclusion 6-12+ months after release. Either way, I think it comes down to whether you would personally choose to buy a game day 1 or whether you would be okay with waiting 6-12 months (or more) for the game you want to appear on the service. I think if the waiting 6-12+ months approach was adopted by everyone, we would likely not get anymore Sony studio exclusives, or at least nothing with the same level of quality the current ones demonstrate, because they wouldn't be making any money to fund future games. Personally, if the game looks like it is something special, I would rather front the cash on day 1 to play it and enjoy it, rather than wait for potentially a year or more to play it on the service. It not only supports the studio to help them make more games, but I also don't have to sit and watch everyone else play it while I hold off. There are pros and cons for each approach for sure and release day games aren't cheap at all. I rarely pre-order anything and I tend to wait for critic and user reviews before I commit my money to them. I've definitely made a few errors in my profile history though 😂 If it's a game that looks good and is something I'd be interested in I can rationalise the purchase.
  24. These are the ones that stung: The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Firefly Ash Vs. The Evil Dead The Haunting of... series (We got the Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor, but that's it) Iron Fist / Luke Cage / Daredevil / Jessica Jones / The Punisher (Hoping Disney+ will do them justice and resurrect them all) I would have said The Expanse, because that did get cancelled, but then it luckily got picked up again by Amazon Prime to see it to the conclusion.
  25. I don't think it is a bug - Challenges award a bunch of bricks for each plus - there are also 4 massive Capital ships that you need to unlock which are like mini-levels and have bricks on them.