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  1. For me it was fine up until you fought anything aggressive in movement, after that it was clunky. But hey, you have an opinion
  2. I never really played the previous games so don't have a basis of comparison, but I 100% agree with you on point 3, the camera really got on my nerves at some points. Especially in some of the tougher fights. Other than that, this is my current GOTY 2018. It might change though as there is plenty coming out over the next few months.
  3. That's God of War finished. I thought this was a phenomenal game and a really enjoyable platinum. Now to wait a year or three for a sequel/prequel!

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      That was a great game too. So its def possibly we may see a GOW sooner than we may.

      With the end of GoW mimir mentioned freya putting the valks together or her ripped wings since she was the true Valk Queen. It seems she may be after Kratos for killing her son. We could have a whole side thing there since we didnt even get to fight Thor or see Odin.

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      Nice work!

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      Well done! 💯

  4. It's commonly caused by posture and happens mainly in office workers or people who spend a great deal of time sitting for whatever reason. It's commonly known as Repetitive Strain Injury. My advice? Rather than ask about it in the forums - go see a doctor to fully diagnose you.
  5. Nice one @SlaveBeastTaka - you will probably find that people will be happy to donate through Patron once they see your content too Important thing is to keep at it and keep going. Good luck to ya!
  6. Loved the setting, the visuals and the story. But they legit need to fix the collision systems they have in place. Gives rise to some of the worst bugs i've seen in an open world game. I really want to play it but don't want to be interrupted by turkeys that take 8 arrows to kill because only one registered. Or hitting someone with a bullet which clips them into a building so they hang there in the wall. The AI is also pretty horrible - enemies running in circles in front of me, shouting at nothing etc. I fully intent to give this a platinum run, but am going to give it a few patches before I jump back in.
  7. I don't think the point of this game is to apply difficulty to it. The point of it is to enjoy the characters, story, setting and visuals. If anything higher difficulty in this specific game would get in the way of that. It's not the end of the world if you find this game easy. Plenty of alternatives out there if it's that big a deal right?
  8. [Ni No Kuni 2] Just finished the main story - what an utterly charming and wonderful game this was. I really hope he DLC that the season pass promises is going to expand on on what was laid out in the main game and elaborate on a few more plot points. The main story is done, but i've still got some post-game content to work on - can't wait. Loved this game to bits.

  9. Nice one! It's one of my favourite games of all time, shame we'll probably never see a sequel It didn't make enough money apparently to greenlight another
  10. Anyone who asks this question seriously and genuinely for themselves as part of what they are after has their priorities way way off and is absolutely setting themselves up for failure here. Not to mention demonstrating that they have yet to mature fully in how they view relationships. It's as basic and simple as 'how to get a blonde boyfriend/girlfriend with hair no longer than 30 centimeters?' or 'how to get a boyfriend/girlfriend with strong arms?'. If you seek out a girlfriend/boyfriend based solely on a singular interest criteria and nothing else then you are doing it tragically wrong. You seek out a girlfriend/boyfriend for the person they are as a whole, if they aren't gamers and the relationship is a healthy one, then they should accommodate your hobby and make an effort to get involved. Just as you should accommodate their hobbies and make an effort to get involved with them too. Ultimately though, you should not define your happiness and contentment by getting a girlfriend. You define your happiness and contentment by being happy and content on your own. If you aren't happy with how you live your life, you won't be happy in a relationship (and you'll probably make them miserable too). If you can be happy with how you live your life and live a life of meeting new people and trying new things - the relationships will happen by themselves. If you are solely after having a gamer boyfriend/girlfriend so that they will be content with you sitting on your ass for 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, hidden away from the world playing Rocket League or CoD, then you'd be hard pressed to find anyone cool with that - and realistically you should probably see someone about that
  11. I'm definitely going to get this one. I put about 50 hours into it on PS3 before getting a save corruption. Because I was in an area with godawful internet at the time I wasn't able to upload my save file. So all progress was completely lost. Looking forward to resuming this from scratch with a fresh list of PS4 specific trophies to work through. Maybe i'll actually get the Platinum for this one this time around.
  12. Either the password retrieval auto-mailer is broken in the site. Or you are checking the wrong email account. The other possibility is that your email service provider is auto-blocking emails from this site too. Might want to check your block and security settings for the email you think is the one you signed up with.
  13. I think that considering the number of remakes, remasters and ports that are currently happening (clearly a market for it) I'd say it's probably more likely than ever before that a game like this will be released on PS4.
  14. Not so easy for me, as far as I can see they are only available for PS3 and mine is well packed away now. I'd happily purchase them on PS4 though.
  15. Hoping that this will mean we get similar PS4 treatment for 3-5, I'd love to be able to play all entries of these wonderful games. We also have Fist of the North star from the same studio which i'm hoping gets a western release. It pretty much looks like most of the gameplay systems seen Yakuza but in the Fist of the North star universe.