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  1. Just an update on Fenix Furia. I finally got around to finishing up God Mode two days ago and the trophy didn't pop. I reloaded the save from cloud backup and tried beating the last two easy levels I needed again. Tried at least a few dozen times (the levels are short!), and it's no good. After beating the last level, I tried waiting on the level complete screen... waiting on the map screen. I also tried playing some levels after, but nothing. I'm out of ideas at the moment. Looks like it's glitched for me.
  2. I could be missing something since it's been a year+ since I've played the game, but I'm not seeing the problem with the time gaps for those trophies listed. As I recall, you upgrade the axe and the blades of chaos at the same place(s), so as long as you have all of the necessary materials you can get these trophies very close together if you try to. The shrines are basically collectibles and most are fairly easy to find just playing through the story. So, it's not hard to believe that you could just be missing one or two when you go to clean up that trophy. As such, 22 minutes between that and something else seems fine. What am I missing?
  3. Spiderman is clearly headed for <50%. So, everyone against this should be sure to get that argument in while there's still time to do so.
  4. Super Meat Boy (0.20%) I Am Bread (0.26%) Reus (0.50%) Surgeon Simulator (0.57%) Bound (0.63%)
  5. Ah, that probably explains it, then. It looks like it was started with a save near the very end of the game and the OP did play it before on PS3.
  6. The Dragon Age: Inquisition list looks completely crazy to me. In addition to the problems listed before, there's also completing 50 War Table missions at the same time as 1 mission (High Commander and Commander). Getting 5 mounts (Saddled Up) before getting 1 mount (Cavalier). Purchasing decorations (Decorator) and harvesting plants at Skyhold (Botanist) before progressing the story to Skyhold (In Your Hearts Shall Burn).
  7. I'm sure it's fine. I reported him on Oddworld. Unless I'm missing some glitch or trick there, I think he's got three strikes.
  8. I was going to report Rogue Legacy, but it looks like someone beat me to it. In addition to the problems listed above, I don't think it's possible to get the trophies for beating the remix version of the boss before beating the regular version of that boss. His list has three of the remix bosses beaten before beating the regular version.
  9. Looks like you're missing Cities: Skylines (6483) from me. I finished the last trophy I needed for the base game (& platinum) in the period, but still have DLC left.
  10. I like being above 90%. It means I need to be thorough, but still gives room for some unobtainable trophies and DLC that I don't want to buy. I can also leave a game in the middle or whatever and do something else instead if I want. As long as I usually come back for it sometime later. Honestly, I think the most important thing is to find some goals or targets that work for you. Going for 100% would just not be something I'd enjoy, but I'm sure there are some who do. Maybe others would do better with a target of 80% or 70% or something else. Find what works for you.
  11. Yep, Transformers: Devastation is what first came to mind. The game seems to have an inverse difficulty curve. It gets much easier the more you play it (due to how you level up). So, don't be put off by it being a little difficult at first. It's been delisted from the store, but there are physical discs. And it was on PS+ a few years ago, so you might have it available that way too. LOL, don't believe this. Yes, Bound is actually much easier than it looks like it should be once you start going for it. It would probably be my next choice after Transformers: Devastation.
  12. Have fun running defense for this account. I've said what I know (and he confirmed he did in fact message me), and it's getting weird now. So I'll leave it to the cheater removal team to figure out what they should do. Bye.
  13. When did I say it was cheated (as in against leaderboard rules)? I knew this for nearly two years and didn't report it as cheated. I posted because people were coming in believing this guy when he says he does hard games himself. IMO, if he wants this cleared up he should start telling the truth about this so the cheater removal team can figure out if SMB was edited or if he got someone to do it for him for real.
  14. And I just noticed he also posted another image in his reply after I declined. I thought all this time, it was just the same as before. Didn't really look at it until now. No idea why the first and second I Am Bread so very different progress. (edit: nevermind these two images are showing progress in different modes, so that's why it's different). If I had done it, it wouldn't have been cheated, but it is evidence that he lies when he says he does hard games himself. And messages random people to try to get them to do things for him (and who knows what some of them will do?)
  15. OK, here's some screenshots. His message contained two screenshots... so, first the message, and then the two images he sent.