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  1. It's been a while since I did this, so I don't remember the pattern exactly, but to stay ahead of the missile, you need to use the edges of the screen and make the missile chase you from the edges. Like, if the missile is near the top, you move down and make it wrap back underneath and then move up to make it wrap back around the other way. It's also coming at you, so you need to move not just up and down but more diagonally, but the key thing is to make it wrap around back and forth and keep it out of the center of the screen. You could probably also do it the opposite way, with the missile in the center and you on the edges... but I think it's easier to do it the other way. [EDIT: Nah, you need to be in the center to shoot the shield! I should probably go to bed... it's too late, lol] If you can get into a pattern that will avoid the missile, and also keep an eye out on the swirl... then you can basically survive on the highest difficulty as long as you need (if you're careful) and just get the basic points from shooting instead of "eating", which is riskier. I generally didn't worry about scoring quickly. Instead, I focused on surviving and I got up to around 700k points.
  2. It looks like this is aimed at newer players or more casual players than most of us. There's got to be more people playing PS4 than there was a couple months ago due to what's happening in the world. There's people getting into gaming that didn't really do much or any of it before. So, for those people this is really awesome. Maybe a few will stick around long-term and even get interested in collecting trophies. Sure, offering these games does nothing for me personally, since I've already played these, have the Uncharted disc and Journey on PS+, but it's not always about me you know.
  3. I finally got around to finishing a game for V and now I've got all 27! 2064: Read Only MemoriesArmelloBioshock InfiniteCities: SkylinesDownwellEther OneFallout 4God of WarHand of FateI Am BreadJoe Dever's Lone Wolf Console EditionKnackLone SurvivorMetal Gear Solid V: The Phantom PainNo Man's SkyOlliOlli2Pier Solar and the Great ArchitectsQuest of DungeonsRogue LegacySuper Meat BoyThe Banner SagaUncharted 2: Among Thieves RemasteredVikings: Wolves of MidgardWay of the Passive FistXenon Valkyrie+Yakuza KiwamiZombi Those listed above aren't the rarest I have for each letter, necessarily. On the ultra rare front, I still need 6 (#,K,Q,U,W,X). Don't have any immediate goals to work on those, but maybe I'll get there eventually.
  4. If someone cheats an entire list, then they clearly value the trophies more than they value the experience of playing the game. Seems backwards if you like playing games. But, I guess some prefer playing trophies.
  5. How do I feel about rarity? Well, I think it is nice when you attain a trophy that relatively few people have. Getting a trophy like that does feel different than getting one for completing the prologue or the tutorial or whatever. I suppose it's why I find hunting trophies to be interesting. If there wasn't stuff like that to go for, I doubt I'd still be interested in trophies. With respect to playing games with rarer or more common trophies, I do look at this, especially when looking through a sale at a bunch of games I'm not familiar with. In part, it's a way of thinning it down to a more manageable list of games to consider to buy. But, I've also noticed that I've just had a better experience overall playing games with some rarer trophies. Put it this way, when you buy something that's lesser known (or start playing a lesser known PS+ game), it might end up being really great, but it also might be kind of average (or worse). It's hard to tell. But, I've found that even on the weaker titles, there's generally enough challenge to keep me interested. And I do really like finding games that are sort of off the beaten path, but good anyway. So, it's a good setup that works for me. It's somewhat different with AAA games and I don't mind the rarity that much there because the quality is... not necessarily better, but more predictable? There's less range I suppose between a good and a mediocre AAA game compared to a good and a mediocre indie. Still, I do generally like the game to put up some challenge. That said, I understand that people come at trophy hunting with different mindsets and goals. So, I don't expect everyone to see things the way I do, nor do I expect or demand that any particular game have a hard list.
  6. Looks like the sticks are more textured, especially around the edges, than the dualshock 4. Could be a nice improvement if that means it's harder to slip off or lose positioning on the sticks in those games that need constant control and movement. Have to see how it feels in practice though to be sure, of course. This is just speculation at this point.
  7. Looks like Sony is prioritizing reducing loading times over raw specs. I think that makes sense for consoles. The people that are really into CPU/GPU specs are on gaming PCs if they can afford them. And the developers will have to develop with both platforms in mind, so you'll probably see similar performance on each (except the loading times). Even though the X Box could do a little more, it's still close enough that it's more likely that most developers won't put a lot of extra effort into using it to it's fullest when they could just develop for both and be done with it. You can sort of already see this with how developers handled the XBox One and the PS4. Looking at the original models, the difference in GPU TFLOPS of the platforms is larger, but devs didn't really put a lot of effort into using it. For what it's worth the original PS4 did about 40% more TFLOPS than original XBone. This next gen, the difference is about 17% more the other way. I wouldn't expect to really see much difference in-game. For another comparison. original PS4 vs PS4 Pro. The Pro does 128% more TFLOPS, and for that you get the ability to play at a higher resolution and sometimes a faster framerate or other improvements. But, only on some games. For many there's not been any optimization at all for the Pro. Maybe more console gamers care about specs than I think. But I think the loading times are going to be much more obvious.
  8. No, I don't. I prefer to keep it simple and there's really not been any need to create accounts for MP. If there's something that needs more than one account, you can just find other people. Maybe if I ever tried to do something multiplayer that was truly dead and no one was boosting, I'd need to look at creating an account to self-boost. But, more likely, I think I'd just let it go. Other reasons for making alt accounts don't really appeal to me. Speedrunning trophy lists? Just not interested. Testing games before I put them on my account? I prefer biting off more than I can chew and then trying to digest it later. Region stacking? No, when I want to play a game I already have the 100% for some more, I just play it some more.
  9. As I see it, trophies are nice goals to go for when playing games, but they shouldn't feel like they're consuming your life like an addiction would. I hope I'm not in the minority here... but I think most people on this site see trophies like that. So if you feel like this, then I think it would be a good idea to step back, look at what you're doing and think about why you feel this way. Maybe there's something you can change so that it doesn't seem so unhealthy? Consider setting time limits for how much you are trophy hunting, or consider how you can care a little less about your rank (if that is leading you to push for trophies more or play games that you really don't want to etc). I don't really know your situation, these are just a couple suggestions that might not really apply.
  10. Trophies are just little prizes saying "hey, you did x, here you go!" But, there are people who think they should still get them for not doing x. And if you think otherwise, that's bad and elitist and "gatekeeping"? LOL, am I going insane? There's grey areas and we all probably draw them in different places, but it's not hard to understand that people who put more effort into something and got the same trophy as people who put in much less effort, might not really like the situation. I totally get it. I'll admit I'm a bit annoyed at that glitch that was found in Race the Sun. I farmed every damn drop I needed in Terraria, even though most people are just passing stuff around in co-op to get those trophies. And then I get people messaging me on PSN begging me to give them everything... in fact I had one again just recently for the first time in years. It is annoying. I try to politely say no, but they seem to always feel entitled to it. I'm also planning to finish up Hollow Knight sometime soon-ish without the glitch, but of course, if anyone sees it on my profile later, they will probably just assume that I used the glitch. On the other side, I have used some save scumming, especially in Titan Souls Iron Mode. But, you know, there's at least a few out there that actually did do it without it and it sucks for them that we're just all put in the same pile. It's not an easy problem to solve. As others have mentioned, in speedrunning, you can just make different leaderboards with different rules. But, that only works because there's video evidence of what's actually being done. With trophies, there's often no way to tell if someone used glitches or save scumming or even just paid someone to share play it for them. So, one thing I'll say, is that it doesn't do any good to get angry about it. It is what it is, and the most important thing is to find an approach that you enjoy. At least that way, whatever anyone else thinks about you (that you shouldn't shareplay, or that you shouldn't care what other people are doing, or that you shouldn't shouldn't whatever!), you can at least be happy with yourself.
  11. I think it's just harder to play a variety of stuff and keep people's attention. I did a little streaming on Twitch in late 2015. I wasn't popular by any means, but I did have several people watching me do akumu mode on The Evil Within. Most stuck around and watched me finish up the platinum, too. But, then I moved onto something else and everyone went away. They were interested in The Evil Within and if I wanted to build an audience I would have needed to keep playing that. Or find something else that got some attention and then stick with that and build an audience. If you look at speedrunners or esports people, they generally stick to one game for a long time. That's true for many youtubers also. There's also a few youtubers who have figured out how to move around from game to game, but I think you already need a large dedicated audience for that to really work.
  12. Yes, I've played many and will surely play more in the future. There's too many to list them all, but here's a short list of some that I really enjoyed and probably wouldn't have played if not for PS+: Entwined Furi Hatoful Boyfriend Journey The Unfinished Swan Transistor Yakuzi Kiwami We Are Doomed EDIT: Also, I've got to mention Rogue Legacy was my first platinum and is also very good.
  13. Wow, we're really that good. We unlocked it before the event even started.
  14. I signed up. Might as well add whatever I was going to do anyway to the pile and also that first theme looks pretty nice.
  15. 1) I like doing it. 2) It's not really a problem. I can generally find something to enjoy in even "mediocre" games and if I get tired of something I'll play something else and go back to it later (usually). 3) I think I've played similarly since getting back into console gaming in 2015 with the PS4. Early on my completion was a little lower, since I've always had at least a few games that I paused on, but with more games and similar habits, it's fairly solidly 90%+ now. 4) Both are good. But, I do enjoy 100% completion (on individual games... on an account level that's just too daunting for me). It's like you've seen and done everything the developers intended. Passed every challenge or whatever. It's nice. Overall though, I'd say the most important thing is to find some approach that you enjoy. Maybe that's going for a 100% account, maybe it's more like 50% completion. Stats are nice, but be sure to pursue them in a way that you personally find enjoyable and rewarding.