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  1. I can confirm the matchmaking is still working at least. Let's hope it stays that way.
  2. Super Cloudbuilt -- really nice 3D "platformer" that deserves more attention!
  3. I moved on a long time ago from the card collecting. I'll probably still go back and get the single player trophies I'm missing at some point. Best of luck to anyone still going for this, but unless you're close and see a path forward, I'd advise you to join the quitters club.
  4. Wow, it's been a while since I updated this. I kind of lost some interest in trophies in February and most of March, mostly playing stuff that I already had all the trophies in (No Man's Sky and The Long Dark mostly). I guess I probably needed the break. I did make some progress in Amplitude during this time, eventually picking up two tough trophies in March, but still need one more for the platinum. PC Building Simulator had a patch released in late March, which added a lot more components etc. That spurred me to hurry up and finish it up on the version I had before I accidentally installed the patch and probably made the grind longer than it already was. In April, I was mostly playing Final Fantasy VII Remake, which was just recently one of the PS Plus games (March I think?). No ultra rares there, but I think it did get me more in the mood to pay more attention to trophies again. I really enjoyed the game. More recently I've been on a bit of a UR tear. In May, I started and completed A Hole New World (16 UR), Stranded Deep (13 UR), and Sonic Mania (6 UR). Nothing there that's super hard, but it's nice to get back into the swing of things. Overall, some enjoyable games too, although A Hole New World and Stranded Deep are a little rough on the edges. I also recently have been playing Tetris Effect, which is probably the most polished and well-presented Tetris game ever. That's going to be a tough one to platinum. I'll just try to do what I can. And I also just started Star Wars: Squadrons which was on PS+ this month. I played the heck out of the old X-wing and Tie Fighter games years ago, so I was pretty happy to see that game show up as one of the freebies (also, it's got a lot of UR too 😍). Amplitude is still on my back, although at this point, I basically feel like I have enough skill at the game to finish it off, but so far I just haven't gotten a good run (that I didn't choke away). Feels like sooner or later though it'll happen if I keep trying. March-May Highlights: Amplitude Closure (1.90%) Complete all songs on Super difficulty. PC Building Simulator Master Builder (2.92%) Collect all Trophies A Hole New World THE POTION MASTER (1.53%) Unlock all trophies Stranded Deep Stay Alive! (2.20%) Collected all trophies I will try not to go 4+ months again without an update. Since last update: +2 UR from Amplitude +8 UR from PC Building Simulator +16 UR from A Hole New World +13 UR from Stranded Deep +6 UR from Sonic Mania +9 from rarity fluctuations in previously earned trophies 938 UR at the moment (+54 from last update)
  5. Guess I'm late, but I just heard about this from Karl Jobst's video: I had no idea who any of these top players were, and don't really pay much attention to such things. But, it is interesting to see how people can cheat for so long only to be found out eventually with new detection methods etc. Makes we wonder how much more of this kind of stuff is out there still undetected, especially in trophy hunting, which I care about a lot more than speedrunning!
  6. I don't know anything about dmc, but just in general if I felt like this, I would let it go and do something else. Maybe come back to it at a later date if I'm feeling up to it then.
  7. Yeah, sure. I like to look at random profiles near me on the leaderboards sometimes. Also, sometimes lookup someone that posts in the forums or on a status update for various reasons. I don't really know what I'm trying to learn from it most of the time, but I guess it's interesting to get a sense of what people are doing.
  8. There's nothing wrong with systems like the Switch not having achievements. Seems to work well enough for them. Still, I do like going for trophies/achievements, so I'm pretty likely to keep doing that.
  9. Personally, I like that trophies have a set endpoint, instead of being more open ended, at least on a per game basis. It encourages variety.
  10. It absolutely can be solved. Both of the other two major trophy sites with rarity calculations do it (one using rarity-ranges and the other just using rarity). I'm guessing that if psnp got serious about this, they'd do it too. That's what we really need here. The actual function could be just about anything that assigns little to no points for very common stuff and more for rare stuff. I guess we can keep going back and forth about how much more it should assign and so forth, but seems kind of pointless unless there's more interest in this from sly. EDIT: I'm probably being too negative. Let's wait and see if MMDE's current attempt leads anywhere. And if there's still major problems then I'll be ready.
  11. Here's another link to that spreadsheet I made years ago (and linked in this thread) with the still current function for calculating rarity. The function is in cell B3, and it's not very easy to understand what it's doing. I'd recommend making a copy of the sheet and plugging in different rarities values instead to get an idea. The main problem(s) with the leaderbaord isn't the formula, though. A cleaner formula would be an improvement, but more importantly there are currently other major issues: (1) The point values don't change as the rarity of trophies change. I'm not sure how exactly the site is handling this, but once you have points on the board you can never have fewer from that point on, apparently even if you get caught cheating and hide all your trophies. (2) Some games don't seem to count at all. I've noticed this especially with newer games and/or games with fewer owners. Previously I thought it wasn't adding points because my previous trophies had lost value, but I've been watching this enough to basically rule that out (playing two games around the same time and switching back and forth: one counts & one doesn't reliably). So as far as I can tell, some games just aren't counting at all. And since the score only seems to be adjusted from new trophies, it looks like they never will.
  12. Thanks. I get a lot of games from PSN sales. When my backlog isn't too large I'll usually go through all of the games that are on sale and look at their trophy lists, if it's an ultra rare plat (or very rare) and it looks interesting enough, I'll usually take the plunge. It's been working out well. I've found a lot of interesting stuff that way. Also, PS+ has been a good source over the years. I know there's always a lot of complaining about PS+ games, but I've generally found good stuff that way too.
  13. It's the end of the month and I should really update. As expected, I didn't have any trouble finishing up the Outward plat. But, after that I've hit something of a wall. I decided to take a bit of a break and play some games I've already completed, like No Man's Sky, Minecraft, and The Long Dark. I've also been trying to make progress at Amplitude. It's a very fun game, but I'm also finding it to be very challenging. It's a music/rhythm game and on the harder difficulties there are a lot of notes to hit very quickly. I think the thing that's slowed me down the most is that I get worse at it after playing it for too long in one session, so I've been playing it some and then playing something else when I start to lose the rhythm and start making too many mistakes. I've been slowly getting better like this and it seems possible for me to do, but it's hard to predict how long it'll take with the uneven progress I've seen so far and the overall difficulty of the game. I'll have to see how it goes though, it's possible I might end up pausing it and trying again later. I also decided to try to finish up PC Building Simulator sometime soon. It's more grindy than anything, which seems like a good thing to pair with the twitchy quick and accurate button mashing that's needed in Amplitude. January highlights: Outward Platinum Trophy (1.45%) Get all Trophies. Amplitude Super FreQ Out (3.85%) Complete a song in FreQ mode on Super difficulty. Since last update: +10 UR from Outward +1 UR from Amplitude +2 from rarity fluctuations in previously earned trophies 884 UR at the moment (+13 from last update)
  14. Yeah that makes sense. I'm by no means sure I'll be able to get some of the harder plats here. I'd bet against getting the Necrodancer plat for example, probably ever, but I would like to see how much progress I can make in the game, since I haven't played it that much and there's probably more I can do there. But anyway, I won't need to 100% everything to get there, so I should be able to find enough somewhere. I'm sure I'll buy some other games or get something interesting on PS+ this year too.
  15. Thanks. It's true that some UR are easier than others for sure. Still, there's usually something driving the rarity down even if it doesn't seem too difficult for most people that go after them. In the end I don't really worry too much about whether it's supposed to be an easier one or not and just jump in if it looks interesting and see what I've gotten myself into, lol. Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't have a PS3 or Vita. I'll probably get a PS5 around the end of the year, so I'll be trying to get to 1000 on PS4.