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  1. It's hard to say. I'll probably try again (and finish up the Challenge and God modes) sometime in the future. But, I don't know when that will be or if I'll have better luck.
  2. I finally got one! 🙃 #7 - Yakuza Kiwami Now, I'll have to see about getting to at least 4 before this is over.
  3. Looks like you got the thug one. That's good to see. I'm mainly posting to correct what I wrote here in case anyone comes across this thread later and is confused. There's another one that I was forgetting (slugger Majima). So, there's four different guys that can trigger Majima to force his way into a fight. There's so much of this Majima stuff that it's hard to remember or keep track of it all!
  4. I like having just one account and don't see any advantage to me by complicating it with multiple ones. I'm not going for 100% profile completion. I like putting stuff on my account that I'm not sure if I can do (and at least sometimes, eventually doing it!). I don't generally hate games, even average or mediocre ones. There's just a couple games I've played on PSN that I actually regret playing... and at least I still have trophies from them. It would probably be worse to have played them anyway and also have nothing to show for it. As for my thoughts on others using dummy accounts? I couldn't care less.
  5. There's three different guys (in three different locations) that can trigger Majima to force his way into the fight. Each one corresponds to a different Majima style (thug, mad dog, breaker). So, it looks like you just haven't triggered the thug one. I got the Thug one without trying, but looked up where to find the guy to trigger the Breaker encounter. From that I do know that the guy that triggers this isn't always going to be at the location. He's just going to be there sometimes. So, I'd go to the location in this video and see if you can find this guy there that will start the sequence. If not, leave, do something else, come back and look for him again. And here's the guy to trigger the Mad Dog one: If you're doing this and the trophies aren't popping, then I think there is a problem with them.
  6. I wouldn't do it. Just doesn't seem right.
  7. Still looks good to me. I hope we see this added. I'd be interested in seeing that too.
  8. Yeah, I think that's fair. The gameplay was nice, but the overall story and characters were really bad.
  9. Game #5: The Long Dark Trophies: 9/41 (14%) Completion: 93.89% (-0.62%, -2.39% from start) The Long Dark is a survival game set on Great Bear Island (a remote fictional island that's supposed to be somewhere off the coast of Canada) sometime in 20XX. The basic premise of the game is that there was a disaster (origin unknown) which for some reason produced an Aurora in the sky and knocked out all electronics, permanently it seems. Cars, airplanes, and trains are also all dead. In addition the weather/climate is harshly colder and wildlife appears to be more aggressive and dangerous. There is a story mode as well as a survival (sandbox) mode where the goal is just to survive as long as you can (or maybe you can set your own goal, or go for the trophies). There's also a Challenge mode that I haven't tried yet, which offers a few scenarios with set goals. At present there's only two episodes of the story mode in the game, although it's planned to be expanded to a total of 5 and added as free updates to the game. The third episode is currently in development according to the developers' website. I've only played the first episode, so I can't really comment much on the story, but what I've seen looks interesting so far. Most of the gameplay consists of gathering supplies and exploring. And trying not to die of hypothermia or get mauled by a bear. You've got four needs that you'll need to keep from falling to zero for too long: warmth, fatigue, hunger, and thirst. In addition, there's your condition, which basically acts like your HP. It'll fall if one of your needs are a zero or if you're getting attacked by wildlife as well as in some other situations (like food poisoning). Reach zero condition and you're dead. Overall, the game is going for pure survival gameplay. It's slow, it's cold, and oh no suddenly something went very very wrong. I imagine it's not for everyone, but what the game does it does very well in my opinion. I'll leave you with a short video of an Aurora I experienced in Survival mode. Apparently, it's not quite true that all of the electronics are permanently dead. After wandering around for hours and hours in episode one and in survival mode with everything dead and dark at night, it's hard to explain just how surreal this was to witness. P.S. That's the last game for me. Thanks for running this yet again @voodoo_eyes. And thanks to everyone that participated! It's always nice to see what people think. I'll probably do a summary post of the event tomorrow.
  10. Ah, that makes it so much easier than doing it solo then. I bet the people that didn't like the co-op trophy will miraculously come around to the game having a co-op trophy since it actually makes it much easier to plat than if it was for doing Nightmare solo.
  11. You've posted about it in the right place to get sly's (the admin) attention, so it's just a matter of waiting for it to get fixed.
  12. So, it looks like the site messed something up on your name change, then. I can see your account (Tsoglav) on PSN.
  13. What's interesting is that on the thedwarfman account on here it lists Tsoglav as your previous username instead of the other way around. Did you change your name and then change it back?
  14. Wow, I might have to get this. I played a fair amount of this on PC in the 90's. It's possible to beat the game on Nightmare solo, right?
  15. I just checked three accounts right below me on the leaderboard: