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  1. Yes, those two might be the most annoying enemies/hazards in the game as far as I'm concerned. The others can be herded to the right without too much trouble. But, those two... Do you try to jump them? It works most of the time actually, if they're together. But, sometimes one of them will jump with you and you die. Do you try to lead them down? It could be really easy or a nightmare, depending on how they react and where they are. I never used Gish. Maybe that level would have been easier that way. But, with Meat Boy it was rather annoying.
  2. First, I'm assuming you're talking about 5-9x. That's where they're the most annoying for sure. Semi-right? So, there is still randomness then, yes? I mean, I know that you can work around it by herding them all or most of them to the right and giving yourself enough space so that it doesn't matter. Is that what you're doing or is it something else? The other strategy there I'm aware of is to try to lead them into the missiles. But, either way I still saw some randomness. I couldn't just plan out a path, but had to react to what they were doing. Overall, I found 5-9x to be rather annoying because of this and put it near the top of most of my serious zombie boy runs. But, maybe there's something I'm missing.
  3. I'd be interested in seeing what you find. I couldn't predict their jumps or how close I'd need to get for them to chase me. But, if there is a way, it could make those levels easier.
  4. The zombies are random as far as I can tell, but the saw blade launchers, missiles, & death maws are not. What I mean by that is that if you follow the same path with the same timing, the missiles & death maws will do the same thing every time. So, those levels are a matter of finding a path that you can consistently do. If you just try to "wing it," then yeah, they'll feel pretty random and you'll likely die over and over. Especially, the death maws. You can get away with a little improvisation with the missiles in some levels. I also have to disagree with the orbs. They seem very unpredictable at first, but they're not random or out of your control. They are annoying for sure, at least until you figure them out better. I am kind of surprised you didn't mention those tracks that launch up you quickly (probably into a sawblade). Those are tough too, and you'll likely die a lot before you start to get the hang of them.
  5. No Man's Sky To Live Forever 0.78% with 515 Achievers A lot of people seem to hate this game, but I rather enjoyed it for what it was.
  6. Nice! My lowest achievers plat is also Jotun, but the NA version in my case. Pretty fun game and a nice challenge. Hey, I've got this one too. And I mostly agree... I really enjoyed this game, but it looks like most others didn't. I can understand the UR though.
  7. Yeah, I might have to agree. Zombie Boy was where I hit the wall hard in this game and gave it a big break before eventually coming back to it. Impossible Boy's tough too, especially after you have more or less mastered the Rapture levels and are feeling good about yourself. Then you play on Cotton Alley dark and it's like... what happened? I'm absolutely awful at all of these levels. So, you've got to just start over again learning how to consistently get past a new set of levels. Put in the practice and eventually get good at it too. It's probably similar going "backwards" from Impossible Boy to Zombie Boy too, I'd guess.
  8. Ugh, it sucks to get that close and lose it. I hope you keep at it and have better luck on your next deep run.
  9. Congrats! Girl Boy should seem easy by comparison. 7-7x last? I would have launched myself into a sawblade for sure if I tried that. It's just so easy to die there if you're just slightly too far to the right. I mean it's not a hard level by comparison to the rest, but just so easy to choke at. One interesting thing about watching someone else do this is seeing all the differences in strategy etc. After you practice things one way quite a lot, watching someone do something else just feels wrong. Lots of "No, no don't do that!" moments. But, what works for you is what works.
  10. Oh man, yes that Meat Ninja screen. As if the no death runs weren't difficult enough, you can get this nonsense randomly and practically get scared to death.
  11. I might as well join and see if I can get all 27 eventually. Right now, I'm at 20/27. #ArmelloBioshock InfiniteCDownwellEther OneFallout 4God of WarHand of FateI Am BreadJoe Dever's Lone Wolf Console EditionKLone SurvivorMetal Gear Solid V: The Phantom PainNo Man's SkyOlliOlli2: Welcome to OlliwoodPier Solar and the Great ArchitectsQuest of DungeonsRogue LegacySuper Meat BoyThe Banner SagaUncharted 2: Among Thieves RemasteredVWXYZombi
  12. 7-7 is one of the more annoying ones for sure. 7-16 I sort of got the hang of, after I stopped trying to bounce around up & down like most people seem to do from the videos I've seen. Here's my 7-16 from my Girl Boy run . Maybe you'll find this strategy easier than the typical bouncy one. The idea is to go left as you're approaching the sawblade, then as you're starting to fall, go back right and you'll not really bounce around at all if you get it right. I found it easier to control and more consistent.
  13. My opinion: No on pricing. There's just too much difference between countries/regions. And are we talking about PSN prices or physical? Whatever you do choose, I think you just get complaints when someone finds a lower price or can't find it at that price. Yes on rating. I sometimes check the rating on Metacritic anyway when looking at games. Not sure if Metacritic would just let the site lift the ratings from them or how that would work. But some kind of rating system could be a good addition.
  14. Maybe if they put it on PS+... Good luck! It's tough to plan for though, as it's easy to get frustrated or burned out, etc.
  15. I'm also of the opinion that the death counter doesn't matter. I have no idea what mine is at and I'm not going to download the game again just to check. If you're going for the platinum you'll die a lot like everyone else. There's no real point in paying attention to just how much that is. Just focus on getting good at each level and putting them together into a good run. In general, that's how I'd advise approaching anything difficult. Just push on until you get good enough and it works. You'll probably fail a lot before that point, but oh well. Whatever.