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  1. It seems fine to me.
  2. I really don't understand why they removed the wishlist and promo videos/screenshots. Also don't understand why they're just relying on the image to convey the name of the game, which doesn't always work that well. Are they trying to sell stuff or not? Because it seems like it's harder to buy now than with the previous store.
  3. If you want a good zipline network, you'll need to put most of them up yourself. I saw a lot of other people's ziplines in my game and did use some of them in my own network, but it's pretty random what you get to show up in your game. Random ziplines from lots of different people are unlikely to be placed well by chance.
  4. I played this game back in March and had to build almost all of the road myself. I think that's just how it goes.
  5. Just recently found a new hidden gem of a game: Super Cloudbuilt Hard 3D platforming, dashing, wall running generally with an emphasis on moving vertically (most level exits are a LOT higher than the entrance). Great art style and soundtrack. It's been kicking my ass and I love it. 🙃 It's one of the best hard platformers I've ever played and only has 866 owners tracked on this site at the moment!
  6. I've played Tower of Guns, Unmechanical, and The Solus Project. Tower of Guns -- got it on PS Plus, so can't complain, but it was the weakest of the three. You're not really missing much here. Unmechanical -- I played the PS4 version, and it was fine, but forgettable. Just an average puzzle-ish game that didn't take very long to 100%. The Solus Project -- I do actually recommend looking at this one if you're interested. It's an Adventure/Exploration/survival game, that's somewhat light on the survival mechanics, but overall was rather interesting. Without giving anything away, I'll say that it has some of the more interesting weather/environmental mechanics I've seen in a game. It's a bit rough around the edges. Nothing broken or glitchy, but not very polished. Overall, I'm glad I stumbled on it.
  7. I'd still like to see some sort of official PSNP rarity leaderboard. Or even for the unofficial, somewhat hidden rarity leaderboard ( to get fixed.
  8. I'm also not particularly interested in this. I prefer the way it's sorted now, which to my mind is already strictly alphabetical. I don't really care if sequels are out or order or whatever, because when I sort alphabetically I'm looking for things to actually be sorted that way. Sorting with "the" or not, is down to preference, but I'm used to the way it already is. I'd suggest that you might get more traction on this idea if you considered describing it another way and then advocating for adding this as an additional sort option (in other words don't try to mess with a sort option that people are already used to). Or just keep bashing your head into this wall if you prefer. Whatever.
  9. No, it's fine. No one's hacked you or anything. Sony just changed the trophy level system. Here's their blog post about it: Here's a thread on this site that breaks down what everything is worth:
  10. Personally, I'm looking forward to leveling up more often. As it was, it felt like it took forever sometimes, depending on what I was playing. I think as long as you play stuff that has meaning to you and that takes at least a little time, then leveling up faster will be good. If you play stuff that's quick and you really don't care about, then the quick levels will probably make it seem even more pointless and meaningless than it already does. I'd also guess that this will result in more people getting interested in trophies, especially newer players along with the PS5.
  11. Probably Mega Man 11. That 60 minute speedrun and Dr. Light's trial are both difficult. I thought the speedrun was harder, but it looks like more people have trouble with the trial. Honorable mention to Titanfall 2 because of ...Becomes the Master. It's intimidating at first, but doable after looking at some videos of other people doing it. Running through it in time isn't that hard if you follow along with what others are doing, but doing that and hitting all the targets... yeah, it's annoying for sure. Still, you've only got to do it right once and it's short.
  12. It's a bad flag. Just look around at most other 100% lists for this game and you'll see something similar. Personally, I tried to avoid the glitch by doing Blue Ribbon Champ earlier and still ran into it (just with another trophy instead). As far as I can tell, the only ways to avoid is to pop two DLC trophies at the end together that are supposed to work like that (Paid in Full & Taffer's Delight), do all the DLC before getting the platinum, or to get the platinum as the second to last trophy. Anything else, seems to give a free trophy at the end (usually Blue Ribbon Champ, if done intentionally). It's a very easy glitch to run into either intentionally or not.
  13. It's because of the mini-game trophies, which are difficult. But, it's a great game that's worth playing.
  14. Most people seem to think the current state of gaming is bad? I don't. I mean, I can generally find more than enough to play that I'm interested in and cheaply enough too. Of course, there's some stuff I'm not interesting in too, but I'm not going to let it's existence ruin the rest for me.