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  1. I decided to go for it and I'm most of the way through one right now.
  2. Hmm, I've never done a trophy guide, so maybe this would be a good place to start. @r4tb0- is right though, after you play the game a little bit it's fairly obvious how to go about getting the trophies. I do understand that it might not seem too straightforward before you start and I would like to encourage more people to play this game since it's free on Plus now.
  3. Final Summary Starting Completion: 94.86% Ending Completion: 88.84% Difference: -6.02% Games played: 10 +172 earned trophies +156 unearned trophies My top 3 games played: Ratings: A/A/A The Rest: Atari Flashback Classics vol.2 (A) God of War III Remastered (A-) Reus (A-) Zombi (A-) Forced (B+) Transformers: Devastation (B) Quest of Dungeons (C) Overall, I had a good time participating in this event, but now I'm really looking forward to focusing on getting the platinum on some of these games (and finishing a few other games from before as well). I've also got platinum #50 coming up soon-ish, so I'll need to think about what I want to go for there. Anyway, thanks to @Hemiak for running this yet again and thanks to everyone else participating. I enjoyed seeing what everyone was playing and what they thought about it.
  4. Game #10: Zombi Game Progress: 17/21 Trophies (79%) Completion: 88.84% (-0.13%, -6.02% from start) And with this, I made it through my 2nd KYC! I'll try to get a summary post up a little later, but for now on to the last review. I picked up Zombi last year on PS Plus and it's been sitting in my backlog ever since. I figured it would be kind of bland based on the name and that I hadn't seen anyone praising the game, but what I found was much better than I expected. Maybe it was partly due to low expectations, but I really did enjoy playing this. It's a first person shooter, but you can also use melee, and of course you'll be taking out lots and lots of zombies. You'll eventually get your hands on a number of different guns and other things (land mines, grenades etc). The premise is fairly simple, but I thought it was done well. I found the story kind of confusing, but it didn't really detract from the experience. The best part of this game was carefully navigating through somewhat-to-mostly dark environments and taking out threats. It was the general sense of suspenseful exploration that really kept me interested in advancing through the game. Here's some gameplay that should show off just that. Closing thoughts: I really liked the environment and overall feel of the game, but I can see it wearing thin over multiple playthroughs (you'll need 3 for the platinum), since there will be much less suspense after you already know how everything goes. My Rating: A-
  5. I remember playing that game too now that you linked to it. I think you're right about Madagascar. I don't really remember if any other countries were that tough to infect, but I also don't think I played that much of it.
  6. Game #9: Atari Flashback Classics vol.2 Game Progress: 19/25 Trophies (71%) Completion: 88.96% (-0.22%, -5.90% from start) I think I mentioned this in the last KYC, but the very first console I had as a kid was the Atari 2600. It wasn't too long before the NES got real popular (I'm sure it was already available at the time I started playing Atari, but it seemed to take new stuff longer to catch on back then). Unlike classic NES games, these Atari games can't really hold their own anymore for the most part. Whereas you can probably enjoy Super Mario Bros 3, Metroid, or Mega Man without much nostalgia, you probably need it to appreciate these Atari titles. There's 50 games in here (41 Atari 2600 games, and 9 Atari arcade games), but you do have to keep in mind that games at this time generally had very little content. A fair amount of these I had already played before, but many were new to me. Overall, the experience of trying out the games was pretty much what I recalled the first time I got a bundle of used games at a yard sale. Most were kind of bad or pointless, some were somewhat interesting, and a few were real gems. Thankfully, as far as trophies go, you only really need to play the better ones for the most part. I really liked the chance to earn some trophies for some of the earliest games I can remember enjoying, especially Adventure. Here's my run of that game for the Stealthy trophy. It looks and sounds terrible now, but this was my favorite game when I first played it. Closing thoughts: I think it's unfair to compare these games to modern games where they will certainly not measure up. Overall though, I enjoyed them for what they are. My Rating: A (with a heavy dose of nostalgia)
  7. I found it very difficult, personally. It's one of those cases where I don't really want to know how many failed attempts it took before I finally got a good run in Hard mode. Looking at the list of achievers, it's clear others had a much easier time than I did or already had experience in the game. Overall though, it's a fun game and it would be a shame to avoid it because of a few difficult trophies.
  8. Megaman Legacy Collection It's six games! And then there's a boatload of challenges (timed speedruns through parts of the games) to do as well.
  9. Game #8: God of War III Remastered Game Progress: 29/35 Trophies (70%) Completion: 89.18% (-0.27%, -5.68% from start) Probably everyone already knows what the God of War series is all about, so I'll try to keep this one short. Action. Bloody gore. Everyone's a terrible person or god or demi-god. OK, maybe I'll go on a little longer than that. The last game from this series I had played was the original on PS2 a long time ago, but the third installment didn't change too much... it still feels like the original just with more weapons and better graphics. I'm not complaining as I enjoyed both games. I started out on Titan (Hard) and found it was a pretty good challenge in places. Just when you start feeling like things might be getting easier, they take a nasty turn instead. Thankfully there are checkpoints all over the place, and once you've seen the enemies attack patterns as well as the general setup, it's not too bad. I didn't quite have the time to complete the game, but I'm close. Here's some combat from the 2nd half of the game, including a nice feature that wasn't in the first game (as far as I can remember): being able to climb on to some enemies and attack others with them. It's pretty neat. Closing thoughts: Very solid action game if you don't mind that everyone including the protagonist is a morally wretched person/god. Nothing too groundbreaking compared to the original, but some nice incremental progress nonetheless. My Rating: A-
  10. Game #7: Reus Game Progress: 13/29 Trophies (22%) Completion: 89.45% (-0.95%, -5.41% from start) Reus is a real-time strategy game where you start in control of four godlike giants and a barren planet. Your goal is generally to make things hospitable for people. You don't directly interact with them, but rather you create the environment by choosing what biomes to put where and what resources to put on each tile. And sometimes you need to do some smiting too. Overall, I thought it was an interesting and fun game. But, I think you do need to be a micromanager and min-maxer at heart to get the most out of it. Most of the game centers around meeting the requirements to build projects. A project is basically some building that each town has decided they are going to try to build. Based on what each town chooses, you'll need to optimize the surrounding environment in order for them to meet their goals. They start out fairly easy, but for higher level ones you'll really need to squeeze everything you can out of the environment. Once a town completes a project, they provide you with an ambassador which will unlock some more skills from one of your particular giants (your choice). If a town grows too quickly they'll get combative and will try to attack a nearby town (you can try to interfere if you wish) and could even destroy it if they're strong enough. They can also attack your giants if they feel like you haven't been showing them enough attention or are just getting too feisty. Also failing a project seems to put them in a more warlike mood. And some of the projects require the town to win a war or to have another town destroyed. The different projects do mix things up rather well. If you're looking at the trophy list and wondering what "developments" are, they are just in-game achievements. They do serve a purpose as they unlock higher level resources, which you'll generally need to complete some of the more difficult projects later. You do eventually get a lot of options on how to upgrade the resources you place if you make an effort here. Each giant has one or two types of resources they can place and three possible aspects (upgrades) they can perform. Also depending on the biome (forest, desert, swamp, mountain, ocean) you'll get different effects and upgrade paths. So, there's really quite a lot to wrap your head around. Games last 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours, although you'll need to complete some in-game achievements, ahem I mean "developments" to unlock the 1 hour and 2 hours modes. You can pause the game/clock whenever you want, so you have plenty of time to figure out what the best setup is. Generally, I spent more time paused than letting the clock run, but I think the more you play the game, the less time you'll need to stop and think. The 2 hour game should provide ample time to go after most of the developments, but there are some that require you to play in the 30 minute or 1 hour modes (four of these are also some of the rarer trophies). Anyway, enough talk. If you want to see the game in action, here's some video from one of my 30 minute games. It's the beginning setup I fell into... 2 desert, 2 swamp, 2 forest towns. The video goes through the 4th town popping, but the last three look a like like the first three. Closing Thoughts: This is a rather nice real-time strategy if you don't mind micromanaging and like lots of options and unlocks. My Rating: A-
  11. I can see the appeal of it, and maybe I'll see if I can eventually get there. For now though, I'm missing way too many letters to really take it seriously. I'm missing CHKNPQVWXYZ and I also don't have anything that starts with a number.
  12. I played Apotheon near it's release (Feb 2015) and I had a couple crashes upon opening a chest, so this has been a longstanding problem with the game. In my case, it was one of the chests in that room that spins around, if I'm remembering it correctly. I only had problems at that one chest: it crashed twice upon opening it but worked on the third time. So, I can see someone getting through the game without these crashes depending on luck. I do also remember some other random crashes that didn't seem to be connected to opening the chests. I basically agree with @Crimson Idol. It's a fun game when it's not crashing on you.
  13. Game #6: Quest of Dungeons Game Progress: 23/26 Trophies (88%) Completion: 90.39% (-0.03%, -4.46% from start) Quest of Dungeons is a roguelike dungeon crawler RPG. I enjoyed it initially, and was planning to right a fairly positive review, but after a few days it started to really wear thin, mainly because of balancing issues. I was able to pick up most of the trophies, so my completion percentage was just barely scratched by this one. First, let's go over the good things. There's 5 classes that each play very differently. For my first runs, I went with the Warrior class and found that it played pretty well. There was pretty good balance between easy enemies wearing my HP down and boss battles that were tougher, but not bad unless you take them on with low HP. That's good since if you die it's game over and time to restart (unless you've backed up a save...) There's also plenty of items dropping in this game, equipment upgrades, and skillbooks. Another interesting thing is that the monsters only move when you do, so it pays to be a little cautious when moving into a new area. There's also some mini-quests that involve you finding an item in the dungeon, or killing a tough monster. Overall, it gave a good first impression. But then, I started playing with the other classes... Next up: Assassin. This class feels pretty broken. It's overpowered compared to the Warrior since it has a ranged attack. If you're careful, it doesn't matter how many HP you have most of the time. Except for boss fights (and quest monster fights) deeper in the dungeon, they can one shot kill you (so I guess it still doesn't matter how many HP you have then either). I discovered this unfortunate fact on floor 9 of my Custom 10-floor Hell difficulty run. And I wasn't backing up my saves at this point, since the game had seemed rather easy, even on the hardest difficulty. So, maybe it's a problem with Hell difficulty, right? Well, no. I later had it happen on my Easy difficulty speedrun attempts. In fact, after playing the game on Easy, Normal, and Hell, I can't really tell much of a difference between them. Oh, and all of that neat gear that I had fun finding and upgrading... I'm not actually sure it makes much of a difference either after looking at it some more. The main factor in determining your damage seems to be your lvl and this dwarfs any effects your gear can give as far as I can tell. This is especially true at higher levels 10+. Armor might be slightly noticable in comparison... but there still doesn't seem to be enough of a difference there to me. Here's some video of floor 10 of my successful Custom Hell 10-floor run. This should be the toughest the game can throw at you, but I'm one-shotting nearly everything as the Assassin (except when they dodge). I did run into one random boss that could have killed me (I had my save backed up before the final floor but didn't need it), but other than that it was not very hellish. Closing Thoughts: Most of the people posting about this game here seem to be interested in getting it because it starts with the letter Q and has a platinum (they are apparently trying to collect at least one game's platinum that starts with each letter in the alphabet). It will do that well enough. But, other than that it feels pretty middling to me. I mean, I don't hate it, even though it did one-shot me out of nowhere after seeming easy... But, it just seems like this game could have been much better with some more balancing. My Rating: C
  14. I agree, it looks like it's going to take a long time to platinum. I'm really unsure of where to estimate it personally. It does look like after you get a decent amount of money/resources you can just plant a ton of stuff and have it watered with sprinklers. That will take most of the work out of it. So, I'm thinking there's going to be a point where you basically have more money than you can spend pouring in almost every day with just a little maintenance (planting and harvesting). It's mostly a matter of how long it takes to get to that point and how long it takes to get up to 10 million earned from there. There's also making sure you do basically everything else too (catch every type of fish, cook all of the recipes, craft every item etc). And that mini-game looks like it could be tough too. So, yeah, this game was certainly more of a time sink than I thought it would be when I started it.