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  1. That's not what sly ended up using. Here's a link again to a calculator/spreadsheet I made using the formula that's currently being used.
  2. Hey, I was having some trouble with getting A++ on Rampage as well. I just finished them up, but I wish I could have seen more videos of others playing them on youtube. I found Nuttro's, but that was about it except for some that were clearly from some earlier version that had very different scoring. I find it always helps me to see different strategies or techniques when attempting difficult trophies. So, I uploaded my A++ Rampage runs on youtube. Maybe someone will find them useful or get some ideas from them. Good luck if you're trying for these or really any A++ runs of this game! I'm rather proud of my Lounge run. It's ranked 5th on the in-game leaderboard right now. The rest were sort of just barely good enough.
  3. Well, I'm actually hanging around near the top now, in 6th. I'm no threat though. You guys at the top can probably just coast the rest of the way. Take it easy.
  4. It took a while, but I may have finally gotten the hang of this I Am Bread Rampage mode. :)

    Maybe the platinum is within reach... maybe.  I've still got 5 levels of Rampage and Cheese Hunt ahead of me...



  5. No worries. Anyway, Fallout 4 is another of the armored dog games. I personally didn't use Dogmeat much, but it's possible to find a helmet for him and have him wear it.
  6. Check the timestamps. I posted before your edit. 😉
  7. Hmm, just thought of two more I've played. Minecraft -- you can tame a horse and put armor on it, which also covers it's head Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain -- one of your possible companions for missions is a dog (D-Dog) and you can gear him up, including giving him some armor with a helmet & goggles.
  8. Armello -- there's a couple playable characters (rabbit & rat) and the king (lion)
  9. His last trophy in this game was earned on October 8th in UTC (which as far as I can tell is the timezone that's saved on the wayback machine website). Always a good idea to change your timezone preference to UTC when comparing the two IMO.
  10. Looks like I'm in 9th. I'd be happy to finish in the top 10, but we'll have to see how it goes.
  11. Good to hear! My completion percentage is almost back to where it was (-10% during the last event, and +8.22% since), so I'm certainly interested. (Also, congrats on that SMB plat!)
  12. You used someone else's save and got trophies with it. It's not that big of a stretch to see why trophy sites, run by and visited primarily by people who get their own trophies will have problems with this. If you really didn't know you would get trophies this way, just consider it a life lesson. Some are certainly much harder to deal with than this. Live and learn.
  13. Nothing so far... I've been attempting to get the Downwell platinum. And it's been kicking my butt. I do feel like I've been making progress though, so hopefully it'll happen before the first period's over.
  14. I'm in favor of this. I'd even go a little farther and just consider this stuff in the same category as glitches, since you can just randomly stumble upon it without even trying. So, I'd prefer no flagging at all, but this is a good step in the right direction.