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  1. Should be able to tell for sure by the email headers. It should be sent from a sony domain if it's really their support. That said, I don't think it's necessary to check that in this case. They're asking you to email them at a gmail account, and not a sony one if I'm reading that correctly. That's bad. Also, I'm betting the official Sony support won't have a signature that says "Best Regrads." Looks like some kind of phishing attempt.
  2. Please stop misleading people. The multiplayer is not dead yet. The easiest place to find others to play with is in the Daily Mission (Normal/Hard/Extreme). Hard difficulty seems to be reasonably active right now. Normal difficulty a little less so. I'm not high enough lvl to play Extreme yet. I've also found people to play with in the other "quick" matches too, but it takes a lot more patience for sure.
  3. It's done on the console not on the site. This post should give you good step-by-step instructions: It's aimed at helping people that have been flagged for cheating trophies, but you can of course follow these same instructions to hide trophies for whatever reason you want.
  4. I haven't hidden any, and would like to keep it that way. Before reading the thread, I didn't really understand why people would hide trophies, but I'm getting a better idea now. So, I appreciate everyone's explanations. I'd probably hide some trophies if I were in a few of these situations as well.
  5. It really is hard to pick just three, so I'm going to exclude games that were on PS+ or that were popular enough that a lot of people are familiar with them already. So, let's see what I've got: The Banner Saga -- It's a story driven tactical RPG and it's a three parter. I haven't actually gotten to the end of the third game yet, but I did platinum the first two and really enjoyed them. I got sidetracked on the third one, but plan on going back to it sometime "soon". Jotun -- It's a top-down action game that's all about boss battles. OK, there's some other fluff in there in-between, but the real meat is the boss battles. It's a challenging game and challenging to platinum. It kind of reminded me of Titan Souls in that regard, although expect fewer and longer boss battles. Joe Dever's Lone Wolf Console Edition -- This game might have the goofiest name of any game I've played, but I did really enjoy it. It's a timer-based RPG with a lot of reading. It can be very challenging if you don't have a good build and a good idea of what you're doing. It has a more old school feel to it in that if you have a poor build and poor inventory management (burn through all your healing items etc), then it just sucks to be you. Between that and all the reading, I'd expect a fair number of people to hate this. So, fair warning.
  6. Sure, I care. It's not a priority, but it's nice to see it slowly improve over time. Maybe I'll eventually get to a point where I'm just maintaining a certain level more or less. I still won't be anywhere near the top at that point, but that's fine by me.
  7. Metal Gear Survive Sacrifice You defeated the Lord of Dust 30th Dec 2018 8:31:09 PM
  8. I just helped correct an incorrect flag when I saw it. It had nothing to do with defending the OP. Looks like it doesn't matter for him anyway, but it might matter for someone else if left unchecked. (Also, since the same bad argument could be made against my list, it could matter for me as well.) I hope people can step back and look at things more objectively than this. Whether you find the person likable or not shouldn't matter, ideally. If you see something wrong with a flag it would be even more wrong to hold your tongue just because it might help someone that you don't like.
  9. I don't see why you couldn't? The other journal entries have nothing to do with beating any of the bosses as far as I remember. You can find them in rooms, randomly. The game is a rogue-like, so you could probably collect them all without beating any bosses, just by being bad at the game. Go through several rooms, find a journal or not, die. Repeat until you get them. There's also not really a first boss or necessarily any order. There's one that is easier and quicker to get to (it's in the first area you start in), so people will probably call it the first boss. That's the one that most people will probably beat first, but you could beat them in any order if you really wanted to (and were either skilled enough, or died enough and leveled your character up that way first). Edit: Only thing I'm not sure of anymore, is if there are different journal entries in each area. If so, then you'd need to explore the castle further. Still, you wouldn't have to beat any bosses.
  10. I don't think it's that simple on Rogue Legacy. I got Bibliophilia before beating the 4 regular bosses and I know I didn't cheat. The rarity also puts it after beating two of the bosses, so that would be a lot of people cheating a trophy that you'll get normally by playing and beating the game. It's been too long ago for me to remember any details on how it unlocked.
  11. It could be the removal of cheaters in some particular cases. But, the general trend has been for most platinums to get slightly rarer overtime. Probably, because the base of users being tracked by psnp keeps increasing and those new accounts (new to psnprofiles at least!) are not quite as into hunting trophies on average compared to the ones that were already being tracked.
  12. I'm all for it. I'd be fine with even going further and just having the community vote shown instead of both that and the guide writer's opinion. The comment section will show you people who disagree with the ratings, but people who agree with something are generally quieter. A voting system would provide a more accurate measurement of what people think than just reading complaints.
  13. Worst I've ever played: E. T. Worst I've played on PSN: You might get a difference answer depending on when you ask me, but right now I'll go with Saturday Morning RPG.
  14. Hah, yeah... I'd say both are 10/10 on difficulty, but I asked myself which game I would rather try to platinum again and I Am Bread lost easily.
  15. I checked, and it looks like your completion percentage is correct. I'll walk through how I calculated it. The formula is (points earned)/(total points), excluding platinums. "F" Rank games that you haven't earned any trophies in also must be excluded. So for the (points earned) number: it's just the number on your stats page minus your points from platinums. In your case, it's currently 59805-3600=56205. To get your (total points), look in your trophy advisor for the trophies you haven't gotten yet. Be sure to click the "Show DLC" button and then sort by Gold, Silver, Bronze. It will tell you how many of each you have unearned. Multiply by the correct number of points (90,30,15) for each trophy. Add these together and onto the first number. In your case, it's currently (162*90)+(407*30)+(1024*15)+56205=98355. But, then we also have to subtract any F Rank games where you haven't gotten any trophies. They're in your trophy advisor, but don't lower your completion percentage. In your case, that's just one and it's worth 1035 points (1215 minus the platinum). So, we're left with 98355-1035=97320. So, your completion percentage should be: 56205/97320 or 57.75%, which is what it shows on your profile.