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  1. Yeah that makes sense. I'm by no means sure I'll be able to get some of the harder plats here. I'd bet against getting the Necrodancer plat for example, probably ever, but I would like to see how much progress I can make in the game, since I haven't played it that much and there's probably more I can do there. But anyway, I won't need to 100% everything to get there, so I should be able to find enough somewhere. I'm sure I'll buy some other games or get something interesting on PS+ this year too.
  2. Thanks. It's true that some UR are easier than others for sure. Still, there's usually something driving the rarity down even if it doesn't seem too difficult for most people that go after them. In the end I don't really worry too much about whether it's supposed to be an easier one or not and just jump in if it looks interesting and see what I've gotten myself into, lol. Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't have a PS3 or Vita. I'll probably get a PS5 around the end of the year, so I'll be trying to get to 1000 on PS4.
  3. I suppose it's past time for an update. I decided to start with Outward, an RPG with survival elements. I had played this game a little before, but hadn't really put much time into it and decided to start a new game which I just finished last night. Outward seemed like it would be a good place to start: potentially time consuming, but not overly difficult and has a decent number of UR trophies. I'll need two more playthroughs to get the plat, but I don't see any real roadblocks other than time. And even that shouldn't be too bad, since the game doesn't have a leveling system. It's all about the gear and paying for upgrades/skills. I'll have some nice gear available from my previous game once I can get to it and I know what enemies drop more expensive items now so money shouldn't be much of a bottleneck for long. Overall, I'm enjoying the game. It's rough around the edges for sure and has an old school feel to it, but it's grown on me. The combat system has enough options and is interesting enough that I'm looking forward to trying new skills and a different build in new game+. +4 Ultra Rares from Outward -2 from rarity fluctuations in previously earned trophies 871 UR at the moment (+2 from the start)
  4. Thanks. Good luck getting to 800. I think you'll get there. Thanks. I'm not expecting to finish everything listed here of course! But, it's what I've already got started and on my backlog. Thanks. I have 64 UR plats currently. I would eventually like to get to 100. That's a nice round number, but it's also too far away at the moment to really think about! Thanks. Everyone's got to get started from the same place. I remember when 1000 UR seemed like some insane number I'd never reach.
  5. As 2020 is coming to a close I've been thinking about goals for next year. And as it turns out, one of them is trophy related! I'm currently at 869 Ultra Rare trophies (by this site's stats) and I'd like to get to 1000 UR by the end of 2021. I'll be using this post and thread to track my progress, organize what I want to try to do next, and probably complain about what's not going as smoothly as I would have hoped. You're welcome to follow along if you like! Progression December 31st 2020 (869) January 12th 2021 (871) Currently Playing: Outward Backlog Crypt of the Necrodancer (20 +11 DLC unowned) Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (17) A Hole New World (16) VVVVVV (15) Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition (14) Blackhole (14) Velocity 2X (12) Outward (10 +12 DLC unowned) They Are Billions (9) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (8) Red Dead Redemption 2 (8) PC Building Simulator (8) Darkest Dungeon (7) Trackmania Turbo (6) Lichtspeer (6) The Long Journey Home (5 +2 possibly glitched) Amplitude (5) Fade to Silence (5) Yakuza 0 (4) Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2 (3) Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (3) Doom 2 (2)
  6. If you're looking for FPS recommendations, the first game that comes to mind is Prey.
  7. So, I tried deleting my "global" save file (after backing it up just in case), and seeing when it gets updated. The bottom line: It looks dire as far as figuring out a workaround. I can confirm that this file is what keeps track of problems solved, relics found, ship typed encountered, and starbases/outposts. Delete it and it's all 0%. It's also got to be what keeps track of aliens encountered, if anything is. So, I started a new game and did the following (from memory): Encountered the Reeve Did the starting Reeve quest Encountered the Wolphax (at least two different ships) Encountered a second Reeve probe (different from the one that starts the Reeve welcome quest, it was showing ???) Docked at an Entrope base Encountered the Wolphax that starts the Racing quest Landed on a planet with a Ruin and got the Dreamweaver. The game didn't make a "global" file until I got the Dreamweaver. And even then it showed 0% relics (the rest seemed about right). I deleted my global file and started over again with the same seed. I did less than I did the first time and went more or less directly to the planet with the ruin. I again got the Dreamweaver, but no "global" file this time. So, it's not like there's even a consistent trigger for the information getting saved in the same seed. Is it saving haphazardly? Is it only saving when there's enough "new" stuff? I don't know, but it looks like a mess whatever it is. Last night I went through a whole game and it didn't save anything new to my global file (it still had the timestamp from the day before), even though I was finding new relics, and should have had new problems solved as well. So, I don't think it's a matter of it only saving on some kind of a timed interval. I'm going to move on to playing something else for the time being and see if they do patch this. But, if anyone else is still trying for Alien Nations or is just starting the game, I'd pay attention to your "global" save file to see if it's updating (just try to Upload/Download save data and check the date of it) sometime after you encounter new aliens and before you finish that game. If it's not, I'm sure they aren't counting for you. Of course, I can't guarantee that this is the only problem with it either, so good luck!
  8. I've been coming to a similar conclusion, with respect to the stats that track things over multiple games. Basically, it looks like the game isn't always saving this information when you find new relics, solve new problems etc (the stuff that's tracked and shown if you wait at the title screen a little). I've been stuck at 21% relics, for example, even after finding new things that should count according to the wiki... and the "global" save data didn't update (I'm assuming that's where this is stored). Now, that's not directly important for us, since there's no trophy tied to these visible stats (unlike in the steam version), but it does indicate that there are some bugs here with the tracking which is probably the issue with Alien Nations. What I'm not entirely sure of yet, is whether the tracking is completely broken with respect to certain things, if it's just (very) unreliable, or if it somehow gets corrupted (as in it starts out working... but eventually stops)? I'm thinking about backing up my saves, starting fresh and paying attention to when the global save data updates and see when it fails etc to try to narrow this down. But, a patch would be even better, so let's hope for that!
  9. Here's a novel idea. Let's just have whatever sort of leaderboards there's interest in and let people decide how much to care about them. I'd like to see a rarity leaderboard and I'm not all that concerned about yearly leaderboards, however they're weighted. But, if other people are interested in that, then why not? And if there's a thread about it, I'll definitely not drop in to derail the idea just because it's not a priority for me.
  10. I'm on board with it. What are the chances that something like this gets implemented?
  11. It seems fine to me.
  12. I really don't understand why they removed the wishlist and promo videos/screenshots. Also don't understand why they're just relying on the image to convey the name of the game, which doesn't always work that well. Are they trying to sell stuff or not? Because it seems like it's harder to buy now than with the previous store.
  13. If you want a good zipline network, you'll need to put most of them up yourself. I saw a lot of other people's ziplines in my game and did use some of them in my own network, but it's pretty random what you get to show up in your game. Random ziplines from lots of different people are unlikely to be placed well by chance.
  14. I played this game back in March and had to build almost all of the road myself. I think that's just how it goes.
  15. Just recently found a new hidden gem of a game: Super Cloudbuilt Hard 3D platforming, dashing, wall running generally with an emphasis on moving vertically (most level exits are a LOT higher than the entrance). Great art style and soundtrack. It's been kicking my ass and I love it. 🙃 It's one of the best hard platformers I've ever played and only has 866 owners tracked on this site at the moment!