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  1. I've only written one guide on here, but I'd be way more likely to put in the effort to write more if I didn't have to deal with the rating nonsense at all. It's such a small thing in the scope of writing an entire guide, and yet, it's like the only thing people focus on and complain about (and do so no matter what values you put there). I'd just throw it up to voting and let that be it. The ratings are already kind of useless anyway since each guide writer has a different scale. So, not sure how they would be worse if they were just voted on.
  2. I had one of these this week too, something about gta. Didn't pay much attention to it. I don't really mind getting some random message as long as it's not happening too frequently. I've had it set so anyone can message me since I first made a PSN account and I haven't had a big problem with it yet.
  3. Nothing like this should get flagged. I guess never say never, but I can't recall anyone getting flagged for anything that could be explained by just starting a game over and making different choices in it. If there is a case of it I didn't see or forgot about, I'm sure it was resolved quickly. I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. I've been having trouble with the 100 hour trophy as well (Lichtgod is real). I've been using a similar method at the end of level 9 to idle the game (there's a disco ball that drops speedboxes there, so I just leave it and kill everything else), and should have added ~150 hours with it, but so far no trophy. I also had issues with the trophies that require you to get UBER ratings on all the levels ("Blink, blink" and "I've been the hell and back"). Neither of those popped when they should. But rather some time later when I was just replaying a level. In fact, I had fulfilled the requirements for "Blink, blink" back in 2017 before I took a long break from the game. It popped when I was getting my bearing back just replaying some levels when I picked the game back up again (2021). Similarly, "I've been to hell and back" didn't pop when I got the last UBER rating in rage quit, but rather it popped later when I was just replaying a normal difficulty level (it popped at the end on the level completion screen as did "Blink, blink"). Weird. So, I don't know if the game isn't counting/saving all of my progress toward 100 hours, or if it's just glitched out on me like those other trophies. I've tried replaying levels hoping that it will fall sooner or later, but so far no luck. If it's glitched like those other trophies, it's taking a lot more time for it sort itself out. Maybe my saves are corrupted and I should start fresh and try again.
  5. I think you're talking about the average rarity on the stats page? 44.53% right now for you. If so, it's just the average, so it's calculated by summing up the rarity of each trophy you have and dividing by the total number of trophies. Or are you talking about something else?
  6. #131 -- Blackhole Congratulations! (1.25%) You have completed all game's trophies! Really fun and challenging puzzle/platformer that deserves more attention! The main thing that sets this game apart for me is the variety of the platforming. The main gimmick is that the whole screen/gravity will rotate when you touch certain spots (gravity pads) and it does a good job of building on this with other classic platforming mechanics (wind, lasers, crumbling platforms, reappearing platforms etc). Loved the "ah-ha" moments when I figured out what I needed to do in a level, which was shortly followed by an "oh no" moment, when I realized the platforming that would be necessary to pull it off. 👍
  7. It's hard to pick just one, so I'll pick two: The Long Dark - survival game... probably the best "pure" survival type game I've ever played. Love it and keep coming back to it even after the plat. The Banner Saga - tactical turn-based RPG with an interesting story and setting. Really loved the whole series mainly for the story.
  8. Once you get the basics of the game down, it's really not that difficult. But getting to that point might take a while, since it's a bit odd and the tutorial is pretty bad. Sometimes.... But, also sometimes you get a bunch of stuff stolen from you. Or you wake up naked in prison. It's random. See this for more information:
  9. Blackhole Where you step, it is a disaster Finish the Crazy Avalanche without any restarts or deaths. I just really like the name of this one. 🙃 The art's not bad either.
  10. Have you played it yet? I didn't find it that confusing once I got started on it and there is a trophy guide for it on this site. One thing about it that could be confusing for people that haven't played it is that it's basically a roguelike, so you'll be doing a lot of short runs. If you're going into it expecting that it's like the main game and worried that you might miss something and have to do another full game run to get it, don't! You'll be doing plenty of runs anyway and have plenty of chances to figure everything out before you're done.
  11. I have to say I was really surprised to see this. Terraria was my 10th plat. Several years and 120 plats later... 😄 Not everyone keeps up with the news on a game they completed in 2015!
  12. The short answer is that it's broken as it currently stands. The long answer is that the formula used is this: POINTS = 1+(500-1)*((50/RARITY)^0.2718281828459-1)/(5000^0.2718281828459-1) I made a google spreadsheet of it back when it was first implemented if you want to play around with the numbers and see what different rarities are supposed to be worth: But, that's not all, because it's clear from watching that leaderboard over a few years that it just isn't counting trophies from some games at all. Additionally, it seems impossible to ever lose points, so if you do manage to get points added to the leaderboard, but the trophies lose value (or you even hide your entire profile), you'll at worst stay with the total points that you have. (The current #1 has hidden their entire profile for example.) Some combination of this is likely why you're seeing the difference you're seeing.
  13. Yeah, for the campaign and death mode. The DLC was pretty dumb and easy as far as trophies go. Death mode was the part people complained about. It was probably patient zero for autopopping multiple lists, but it's not a super easy game. For that, it's stuff like Aabs, Mayo, and Slyde/1000 Top Rated. Although those games didn't go real hard for the multiple lists. So, what we're seeing is kind of a combination of the two (lots of multiple stacks & super easy).
  14. I'm sure many here are already aware, but for those that aren't... PSNP doesn't automatically pick up these changes. If you see a difference like this between the list on here and the one on your console you should ask for a rescan of the list in this thread: You can also see from the size of that thread that there's been many many MANY changes over the years, although only some of the changes are the sort that OP is asking about.
  15. Hitman 2 looks interesting. I enjoyed the first one, so I wouldn't mind that at all. I too miss when we got 6 games across PS3/Vita/PS4 with some crossbuy, but I'm over it.