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  1. Yes, I generally prefer more difficult games and while you can find plenty of exceptions rarity is still the best proxy for this. Some of the most annoying games I've played were easy and boring. I'd like to play less things like that. Easy isn't necessarily something I'll avoid, but I do take a much closer look at games with higher trophy percentages to see if there's something there that I'll find engaging and if not, then I'll pass. I want the experiences, engagement, and challenge, not just the trophies. As for more difficult games... even if it doesn't turn out to be as good of a game as I had hoped, I generally still like the challenge, so it's a safer option. There's almost always something to it that I'll be interested in going for. And sometimes, I'll play it and then run into something that I can't or don't want to do right now, but it's still somehow satisfying. I like trying to do something. Even if I end up failing (for now). And maybe picking it back up later and trying again. I'm really baffled by the people who think that rarity has little or nothing to do with difficulty. That hasn't been my experience at all.
  2. From what I've played, I'd recommend looking at: Rogue Legacy, The Evil Within, Shadow Warrior, Furi, Jotun I really liked all of those and they're quite difficult without being insane about it. (If you want that, then go for something like Super Meat Boy or Crypt of the NecroDancer which are both good games as well as being among the most difficult). Other URs I'd recommend: The Banner Saga -- it's not as difficult as those I listed above, but it's an UR platinum and I can't miss an opportunity to mention it, since I really liked the series. Stardew Valley -- It has a difficult mini-game, which makes the platinum quite rare. Other than that it's not a difficult one, just a lengthy one to plat, especially if you don't use any exploits. So, I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for, but I enjoyed it.
  3. I still play Entwined sometimes even though I got the 100% in 2015. Often it's months before I play it again, but I've been playing it more over the last two months than I have in a while. I find it's a nice game to pick up and play for 10-30 minutes. I like playing the challenges and trying to beat my high scores. Other PS games I have played without concern for trophies: Titanfall 2, fall 2018. After I got the platinum, I just kept playing the multiplayer for a while. It has a really good MP. No Man's Sky, early 2018. Kept going after the platinum for about a month, exploring a little pocket of a universe. I can see why people dislike this game, but despite it's roughness there was something very relaxing about it. MLB The Show 17, fall 2017. Played nearly 100 games online and worked on building up my Diamond Dynasty team. It was fun, and ~90% of it was not necessary for trophies. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, 2016. I didn't do everything to get the platinum until 2017, but I played a lot of the FOB stuff for months, even though none of it was useful as far as getting trophies is concerned. I do generally try to play a game because I think I'll enjoy it or because I'll find it interesting, or challenging, or something. And I generally like to give it one playthrough without worrying too much about trophies, assuming it's the type of game where that makes sense. And even if I am for whatever reason hunting for trophies during the first playthrough, it'll usually be in spurts. Most of the time I'll be trying to just enjoy the game and then I think, OK what trophies can I go for right now and try to go for them for a while. I do often miss some missable trophies that I could have easily gotten on the first playthrough by focusing more on trophies instead of doing it this way. But, oh well.
  4. Gasp! *holds hands over my ranking's ears* Don't listen to the bad man. You're precious to me. So very precious. Seriously though, while I only half agree with you on this Spaz, I do think it's pretty funny how you got a lot of higher ranking people to come in here and defend their rank.
  5. Looks like it's Pier Solar and the Great Architects for me. That mini-game was giving me fits, so I stopped and played something else. Eventually came back to it and got it 2 years, 3 months later.
  6. Thanks, I appreciate it. Those of us that have been getting updated will fall down the leaderboard some, but, it'll be nice to get a better picture of how things really are.
  7. I'm not seeing it? I guess you're reading something else into what I wrote. I already knew he had a lot of hidden trophies when he started his disputes. I saw that when he started them. And while it wasn't clear to me exactly when the flags were added, I was under the impression that they were mostly or entirely from before the current system (2017). So, everything you're saying matches what I already either knew or suspected. My main point is that this should be done as strictly as you can. Don't make any more rules and then have him not follow them and come up with an excuse and it's just fine. It looks bad.
  8. If the OP really wanted to set things straight, he'd just unhide everything and accept whatever happens from that. He clearly doesn't want this and is mostly arguing in bad faith here. I agree that correcting any bad flags is a good thing to do, and if he somehow ends back up on the leaderboard from it, so be it. But, please, hold him to strict rules in resolving this. (He's already failed at that too by hiding other games when explicitly told not to).
  9. You're really missing out on the best part if you have someone Share Play a trophy for you that's giving you trouble. Having the trophy is nice, but the best part is seeing the trophy pop up after you've finally beaten whatever it was that was kicking your ass. It's like 1000x better than just having the trophy. Overall, I don't care for Share Play as a feature. It cheapens the experience for those that use it, and for those that don't, there's no way of really telling whether someone's been getting people to do things this way for them or not in a lot of cases. It makes it more difficult to look at someone's profile and see it as their own. Even if it really is.
  10. Yeah, probably not every run will be winnable, although it's hard to say where the line is. Some are going to be better than others for sure. Sometimes you'll just get screwed at the end and it could have gone either way too. As for the classes, I did both Dragon and Merchant legendary runs. I thought Merchant was one of the easier classes, so I'd go for Legendary with it for sure if you're going for the platinum. You can basically build any deck you want with the Merchant, so as long as you have a good plan... I also found the Blue/Ice version of the Dragon to be very good late game. You end up putting lots of Frozen cards in your opponents decks, clogging them up. Green/Poison Dragon can be good too. The Red/Fire and Yellow/Lightning ones are pretty weak I think. The main problem with the Dragon class is that it's one of the harder classes to build a good deck with, since there's no merchants available so you. But, if you do get a good build, it can be very good... The two I didn't do Legendary with were Brute and Apothecary. I'd recommend skipping Brute for the 12 class legendary trophy. But, as for Apothecary, I think it's probably not too horrible, but I just didn't like the class much. I tried with other classes first and didn't need to do it.
  11. Rogue is the easiest class to play because it has so many cards that draw additional cards when you play them. You can get in a lot of damage etc without letting the opponent play very often. The trick for getting the other classes to work is to try to build your deck to be more like the Rogue's deck. I don't really remember the specific names of all of the cards, but every class has some access to cards that will draw more cards. Cleric is probably the toughest here, since I think it only has one card (Divine Blessing) that does this, unless I'm forgetting something else you can get. So in general, you will want to add cards like that and delete the basic attack cards when you get the chance, since they don't really deal that much damage and will just make you end your turn sooner. You don't really want to let the last boss (or the shadow boss on Legendary) get many turns. Getting a piece of gear with +1 AP per support card played is also very good for most classes, since a lot of the cards that draw more cards are support cards. As far as getting through the levels, you don't need to kill absolutely everything, since your level caps out (I think it's at 15 if I'm remembering correctly), but you should try to get there. Generally, I cleared out the first two levels, since they were the easiest and then cleared out enough of the final level to uncover the boss, and leveled up until I hit the max, then fought the boss. That way you get your HP refilled before the final boss fight (since it gets refilled at every level up). These are general strategies and since there's randomness they may not always work on every run. Maybe you'll have trouble finding the boss quickly enough on the last level, or maybe you won't be able to delete all of the cards from your deck that you want, etc. But, I hope it gives you some idea how I approached the game.
  12. You can hide individual games on your console and they won't show up on your profile here. You will get a Blue "H" in the top left showing that you've got hidden trophies though.
  13. When I saw this topic, I thought of Everybody's Gone To The Rapture too. I probably would have liked the game better if I had just stopped after the first playthrough. I just played the game without worrying about trophies and it was OK. Slow, but kind of interesting for what it was. But, going after the trophies was just really annoying and boring. And the more you replay the game the more you realize how it's just not that interesting.
  14. I'm still the slowest achiever of that platinum (on the PS4 version). Those slippery mini-game trophies are no joke. But overall, the trophy that most "led me to madness" was certainly Turophile from I Am Bread. Some things seem impossible at first until you get better at it. Some things seem possible, but just require a very high level of execution (Super Meat Boy no death trophies for example). But, that toughest cheese hunt level in I Am Bread seemed impossible almost right up until I finally managed to get it.
  15. I think it depends a lot on what kind of stress we're talking about. It can be good or bad. Good stress: You're not really pressuring yourself, the stress is just coming from the game's difficulty. It's kicking your ass, perhaps unfairly even, but you still want to keep going. "Just give me one more chance and this time I'll get it." You still believe in yourself even if it looks like it's not going to work out right now. It's OK to keep failing and trying. It's OK to stop for a while and do something else too. That's good. You can do a lot with this kind of stress. Bad stress: You're putting the pressure on yourself. Maybe you want to prove something. Maybe you're looking at what someone else is doing and you're getting jealous. Maybe you'll think negative things about yourself if it's not going well right now. Whatever. This is to be avoided if you can. It's not doing you any good to do things this way. Learn how to be nicer to yourself! I used to have a lot of problems with the 2nd kind years ago (not really related to gaming), but thankfully not lately. I doubt I could have done most of the harder games I've done if I was still using that approach. And I probably would have felt absolutely terrible about that too.