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  1. Turophile - I Am Bread A++ all Cheese Hunt levels I think this one gave me the most pain. The controls of this game are rather sloppy, deliberately so I assume, given that it's from the developers of Surgeon Simulator. It's somehow much more painful than Surgeon Sim, however. That surgeon guy... sure he didn't have any fine motor control, but you could work around that and at least you can get him to move fairly consistently. The bread (and cracker and baguette) however... ugh. The worst of it was clearly the Cheese Hunt levels, and especially the Garden one. The Bathroom and Bedroom levels deserve an honorable mention as well (screw you bathroom mirror! and you too piece of cheese that is sometimes on the floor and sometimes on the shelf in the bedroom!). The time to get an A++ in the Garden seems impossible at first. It's < 2:20 and it's taking you several minutes... But, after you look around to see what sort of strategies other people have used and struggle and struggle with the controls and start over and over... eventually... you can get a time under 3:00! Great, but not even really that close. Then you struggle some more and it doesn't seem as if you're even making much progress at all. Maybe you try to convince yourself that 2:20 isn't even what you need to beat. After all, there's that one guy with a time of 2:29 or 2:28 on the in-game leaderboard and he's got this trophy somehow. Maybe it's really 2:30. So, you convince yourself and slog on and finally get a 2:29! Nope, not good enough. That was my experience going after this one, but things did eventually go right after many more attempts from there. Here's video of my one good run that got me this trophy. It may not look that hard if you haven't played this game before, but I assure you it is!
  2. The point is the same as in any other competition where there's some cheating (which is pretty much all of them). There's been people that have been caught cheating that had chess titles (which means they needed to play in official tournaments at a high level). So, it does happen. They try to catch it of course. I'm too young to remember the original release of king's quest, so can't really speak to the information that was out at release, but it was one of the first computer games I played as a child on Apple II's and there were guides back then -- this was probably late 80's I guess. I agree google is easier than looking stuff up in a book.
  3. People cheat at chess. There's chess engines that can beat even the very best players and they're easy to find if you want to use them. So, you can basically just look up the answer if you really want... Even so, chess is probably more popular now than it's ever been. Because not everyone is doing that and the places it's played (online or not) take cheating seriously and try to curb it as much as they can. Most people that play chess do it because they enjoy trying to match wits or trick their opponents, etc. They aren't just in it to look up the answers. I think the main problem with point and click adventure games is that there never really was very many people who solved them with trial and error. And the way they're generally made, you can forget about solving the puzzles with logical reasoning! Even going back to the orginal King's Quest, the guides were everywhere. Everyone was using them. The internet just mainly saved a lot of paper. It was popular for a while, but people got tired of it.
  4. I do wish there were actual standards for which games get platinums. It's pretty crazy that a game like Slyde or Mayo gets a platinum, but Mega Man Legacy Collection didn't (it's 6 games plus some difficult challenges!). I'd feel a lot better about those games that seem to be made just to give braindead trophies/achievements, if they only gave ~300 pts or so and no platinum. I'd like to just be able to say "play whatever you like... everyone can have their own opinion as to what's good/bad, etc." But, people aren't really doing that. There are these games out there that no one really enjoys playing, but they're doing it anyway. Almost no one would be playing them if the trophies weren't so simple. Too much of this certainly does make trophy hunting in general look bad. Anyway, at the end of the day, I do genuinely enjoy going after trophies, and that's what really matters to me. I'll keep on doing my thing, I suppose, whatever else happens.
  5. Looks like it's a hit. I'll wait a bit, since I've got other stuff lined up to play, but I plan to pick this up later. Now, let's hope it can live up to this hype.
  6. #58: Bioshock Platinum Trophy Unlocked all trophies For those who don't know, it's a first person shooter with magic! OK, it's not supposed to be magic, but some sort of sci-fi genetically modified blah blah. Whatever, you can zap people with electricity or set them on fire and more. Magic. Overall, I enjoyed this one a lot. The gameplay was solid and the setting/story was creepy and interesting. I didn't even mind that one obligatory collectible trophy since collecting the audio diaries added to the story in this case.
  7. Personally, I don't really care either way, but I think they will take a PR hit if they don't have it at launch. Maybe the $$$ from remasters will more than balance that out in the long run? The move from PS3 --> PS4 involved a pretty big change in the underlying architecture, so it made sense that BC would be difficult. Assuming they aren't going to go weird with the PS5 (this is Sony after all and not Nintendo), BC from 4 to 5 shouldn't pose any big technical problems. That said, who knows? This is all speculation at this point.
  8. I think it's a great idea. I've manually counted this out before, especially when looking at games I don't know much about -- to get an idea of how the trophies are. So, if the website will do this for me...
  9. I'll say it: I thought it was difficult and I don't have a problem with it being rated 10/10. I don't get the trend of people calling difficult things not difficult. That said, people shouldn't pass on the game because it's difficult to platinum. If you like platformers, it's worth a play. Also, I'm pretty sure the people that will be scared by seeing a 10/10 in a guide will probably also be scared by seeing a 8/10 and sub 1% trophies. There's not much you can do. Some people will just avoid things that don't look easy.
  10. Looks good. I only played a little bit of the first one, so far. And that was last year. I need to get back to that sometime soon...
  11. Thanks. That was the only thing I could think as to why this was even flagged and it looks like I had it wrong. I really don't see anything else that could be considered out of order and getting trophies 0 or 1 second apart is normal with this game. Reloading and getting a different ending is easy enough (for at least some ending combinations). Yellow ending by itself can be done that quickly by starting a new game. I don't really see anything else that could be a problem here.
  12. Ah, my bad, I guess. I think I was following the trophy guide and got the green ending first. But, maybe it had some incorrect information. See here: "You can only go down the alternate hallway if you have gotten green ending at least once." I guess that's not correct then if what everyone else is saying is true.
  13. Hmm, I wish I had played this game more recently, however, it seems to me the trouble could be getting the White ending before the Green one. How did you do that? As far as I'm remembering, you need to get the green ending first before you can get the white one.
  14. Personally, I'm not sure how useful searching guides by difficulty would be, since it seems like everyone has their own scale. But, if others find it useful, why not? If you want to search for something easy (or hard, or whatever), there's already some functionality for it in the site. You can get a list for all platinums of a certain rarity. For example, here's a list of all Common PS4 platinums sorted by rarity: I don't know of any good way to find easy/hard non-platinum games.
  15. No. I like my list as it is. I also do hope that this never becomes an option. Sure, there will be a few people that will just delete a few lists for good reasons and leave it at that. That's ok, but we all know what will really happen. There will be even more people that delete everything they can't or don't want to 100% to maintain a "perfect" account. Bleh.