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  1. I liked Rayman Legends a lot. I replayed the musical levels quite a bit and I thought there was plenty of challenge in the daily/weekly challenges. It's true you don't really need to push yourself on them to get the platinum (at least on PS4), but the challenge of placing in the top 1% is still there if you want it. I never played the original Rayman, so I can't really comment on how it compares, but Legends was a very solid game in my opinion.
  2. The DLC trophies were done before death mode. You've both got the timeline backwards. It's probably even weirder in this order though... EDITED to add: I'm inclined to believe that either: (1) the DLC & death mode were both cheated, just one set less obviously than the other (2) there's some innocent explanation for how these trophies could pop like this on the vita My money's on #1 right now... but, if someone can come up with something plausible for #2...
  3. It looks like the issue is the DLC trophies. They auto-popped on your first list and that's what you'll need to explain.
  4. Ouch, that really sucks! You're probably already looking stuff like this up, but be sure to set a passcode for your new profile on PS4: I use one. It's easy to set up and after you get used to logging in with it, you just do it without really thinking about it. You can also lock down your PS3 if needed although this sounds more annoying than just setting up a passcode:
  5. Cool. I hope you like Banner Saga. Jotun didn't really remind me of it, but I guess they do have similar art styles. Very different gameplay though.
  6. Game #4: Jotun Trophies: 34/37 (82%) Completion: 94.44% (-0.13%, -1.84% from start) Jotun is a game I first heard about last year in a previous version of this event. It looked interesting and challenging, so I picked it up on sale and then left it in my backlog for months. I'm glad I finally gave it a chance, as overall I did enjoy it. The game's got an interesting art style to it and I liked the challenge. In Jotun, as far as I gather, you play as a dead viking woman that's trying to get into Valhalla. In order to do so, you've got to prove yourself worthy by beating some giants (or Jotun, in Norse mythology) and then finally Odin. There's levels you'll need to go through in order to unlock the bosses, but they are generally easy. The main draw of the game are the boss fights, which are quite difficult. In fact, after the levels lull you into thinking things aren't that bad, the boss will melt your face. There's just a massive jump in difficulty between the two. But, I don't mind a good face melting, and eventually, after learning their patterns and getting better at fighting them, I was able to turn the tables. I've still got to beat the bosses in Valhalla mode with no damage & no god powers for the platinum. That'll be annoying, but it looks doable. I don't know when I'll be back for that... Here's my fight in Valhalla mode with Isa, the jotun that's pictured in the game image on this site. One of the easier fights on normal difficulty in my opinion, but in Valhalla mode that 2nd phase with the icy ground gave me a lot of trouble.
  7. Game #3: Titanfall 2 Trophies: 46/51 (77%) Completion: 94.57% (-0.19%, -1.71% from start) Titanfall 2 is a first person shooter with large robotic mechs called titans. Apparently the first game was multiplayer only, but this one has a single player campaign as well as a pretty interesting multiplayer. I got through the single player portion of the game during my three days, since it's fairly short and rather easy on Regular difficulty. Seriously, I don't think most of the CPU guys could hit the broad side of a barn and checkpoints are generous if you do mess something up. I felt the story was kind of bleh... just stop the big bad from destroying everything for no good reason while bonding with your robotic titan. I'll admit it was fun stomping through enemies or mowing them down in your titan, but in general there just wasn't much challenge for most of the game. I'll have to go back and try it on harder difficulties when I go for the platinum and see if it's any more engaging. I probably should have played it on at least Hard for my first playthrough as it turns out. I also played some multiplayer and feel that there's more to the game there (although just a few trophies). There's several different types of matches, although one called Attrition seems to be the most popular (I just let it auto-match any of them and every time it was that mode that I got a game on). You start out on foot and as you kill other players and enemy CPU soldiers you earn points and eventually are able to call in a titan and play that way. The team that gets to 650 pts wins. It was pretty interesting compared to most other FPS because of the huge difference between playing as a titan or not. You can see what that's like below if you're interested. Overall, I feel like this was a solid game and I've probably been too negative on it. I liked the general concept and gameplay as well as the multiplayer.
  8. It sounds like bad luck, or perhaps you're just too good at letting bad pitches go. From what I've seen you're much more likely to break your bat swinging at balls, especially ones that are inside. So, setting the difficulty up like you have (all-star should be plenty) and hacking at everything is probably how you'll get it the quickest.
  9. Joe Dever's Lone Wolf is my pick. Pretty solid RPG with an interesting storybook approach. You've got to like reading though.
  10. Game #2: Trackmania Turbo Trophies: 32/49 (55%) Completion: 94.75% (-0.44%, -1.52% from start) Trackmania Turbo was a PS+ game just a few months ago (April, I think). It's a difficult racing game, and has basically boiled things down to the basics. There's no upgrading your car or buying a better one and improving your performance that way. Your car is what it is, so you'd better get good at it! You're not even racing against other cars, you're just trying to set a good time on each track. There's 200 tracks in total separated in four different categories (each has a different car you'll have to use for it) as well as by difficulty. I've gotten through the first 100 tracks (though with only a handful of gold medals), and it's clear that this will be a tough one to platinum. There's a lot that can go wrong on most of the tracks I've played, and I've basically only played what should be the easiest half. There's the standard racing stuff that can go wrong: messing up your drifting, hitting the walls etc. But, you can also fail to land a jump if you're not lined up correctly, or fail to jump far enough if you've not got enough speed... There's also places where you'll need to race in loops and up walls etc. It's pretty easy to fly off of many of the tracks in general if something goes wrong. And then of course, you'll need to do better than just not crashing to get a good enough time for the gold medal. Overall, the game plays well and if you like racing games and are up to the challenge it poses you'll probably like it. The tracks look nice and there's a lot of variety in how they're set up and what you'll need to do. Here's one of the last tracks I played (#93). I messed up that run up the wall on a lot of previous runs. This one was far from perfect, but it was good enough to get silver.
  11. Thanks for the review. This looks like an interesting game that I probably wouldn't have noticed otherwise. Board games or video games that are heavily inspired from then do have a certain charm. Although, they don't seem to do very well with most gamers. I guess it's probably the randomness (dice).
  12. Game #1: Prey Trophies: 15/59 (18%) Completion: 95.20% (-1.08%) This event kicks off on a high note for me with Prey. It's a sci-fi horror, first person shooter with extra abilities that's clearly been inspired in part by the original Bioshock. Still, it manages to go it's own way. Without giving away any story, the general premise is that you're stuck on a space station filled with nasty aliens and you've got to... well, do something about it (to be fair, it's still not entirely clear to me yet and I think there are multiple endings)! And oh those aliens.. they are generally quite nasty and many can quickly wreck you even on Normal difficulty if you're not prepared for them. Depending on the type, they'll teleport around, split themselves into two, mimic normal objects waiting for you to get close, or spend 90% of their time invisible, etc. Some of them shoot stuff at you and/or throw stuff they find in their environment at you. They'll rush you... or maybe they'll run and try to ambush you. Hands down, this game has some of the least predictable enemies I've seen. That really adds to the suspense as you explore new areas. Luckily, you can save anywhere. There's a linear story, but there's also a fair amount of side quests and exploration. One of the neater things is that there's almost always more than one way to get into some place. You came across a locked door? OK, you can hack the door open (if you have enough skill in hacking), or hey, you can just use your gun that makes small frozen platforms, scale the building and drop in from above. I had a few of moments where I thought "ugh, I don't have the skills/item for this yet... what if I try (something kind of crazy sounding) instead? And, it actually worked. As I did the last time I participated in this event, I'll also include a short video of my gameplay so you can get a feel for the game that way if you're interested. Here I am taking on a couple phantoms (of different types). I'm planning to take them both out quickly and stealthly before they get a chance to really react. If everything goes right...
  13. Looks like a good bunch of games we've got on our lists here. I'm seeing several games that I'm interested in seeing what people think about them (mostly stuff from PS+ or that I've seen on sale, but didn't buy). And then there's a ton of stuff that hasn't been on my radar at all. It should be interesting!
  14. Huh, I'm a little surprised so many others dislike stacks as well. It's one thing to replay something you liked years later on a different system (I've done it), but some people just go back-to-back-to-back with the same game in different regions etc. I'm just not interested in that personally. I never really though about it as a rule though, just something I wasn't interested in. I also see people mentioning avoiding those easy games that just hand out extremely easy trophies (and in some cases seem to be made entirely for that purpose). Again, that's not something I considered to be a rule I had, but yeah, I'm also not interested in that. Other than that my only real rule is that whatever I'm going for I've got to do it myself or not at all. No begging someone to shareplay it for me, drag me, dump a bunch of items or other stuff like that. I'm fine with boosting where we're both/all putting in similar effort and just making it easier on all of us.
  15. I think they're still capped at 100 on PSN. ( It's just the trophy sites that have chosen to extend the levels as far as I know.