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  1. Game #6: Way of the Passive Fist Trophies: 34/37 (82%) Completion: 91.78% (-0.09%, -2.98% from start) Way of the Passive Fist is a 2D action game, with an interesting gimmick: you can't really directly attack the enemies most of the time. Instead you'll need to parry () or dodge () their attacks until they wear themselves out. At that point, you can just knock them over () and they'll die. There's also a combo meter that will let you use an offensive attack after you build it up high enough with successful parries & dodges. Some enemies can only be dealt with this way, like bosses and mechanical robots. The robots will never wear themselves out! There's a decent variety in the enemies you'll face, and they all have predictable attacking patterns. They also almost always kindly take turns attacking you so that you only need to face one at a time (one major exception is that some of the bosses play dirty). So, it's mainly about learning the patterns and getting the timing of your parries and dodges correct. The timing window's not that tight, especially on normal difficulty. A lot of the time, it sort of plays like a rhythm game. You also need some patience. If you're like me, when you see yourself surrounded by multiple enemies, your first instinct is probably not going to be to just hang back and calmly block several hits or more. I was getting a little jumpy initially, and blocking too soon before settling down into the pace of the game. It sounds like this type of game might get old real quick, but I rather enjoyed it. If you're interested, you can see how the game plays in the video below. I think it's more engaging to play than it looks in the video. You've always got to keep your mind on what you are planning to do next and keep the timing/rhythm going.
  2. Way of the Passive Fist ( has four trophy descriptions that were changed at some point.
  3. Sorry about that. Though, I know what you mean! Ah, yeah, the cheat codes. I didn't really use them much, but still knew about them. In my case, I had a guide book for the game (this one: or this one:, I'm not sure) and it probably had all of that in it too. So, I guess the cheats probably spread from that plus word of mouth. The budget is overall easier to manage in Cities: Skylines. At the beginning, you'll want to skimp on your city services (police, schools, etc.), if you don't want to wait so long for more money. But, after you get past that, the money starts flowing in quickly. If you have experience in SimCity games, it shouldn't be too difficult. The police and fire stations are also not so all-or-nothing like in SimCity. So, you can get away with having less coverage without much trouble. There's also some other nice things that make it easier from a money perspective: you get partial refunds from bulldozing, and placing down zones is free. So, overall, it's quicker to build up your city than the old SimCity games, if you have a general idea of what to do. I really liked the look at night too. It is a bit harder to see what you're doing, though, as far as placing roads and zones. There's an option to have day-only, night-only, or a day-night cycle. It looks like you can change this whenever you want, though I haven't actually tried. I just went with the default: the cycle. One thing I should have mentioned in my review: there's currently one trophy that's buggy: Frenetic Player. They seem to still be updating the game: it looks like this broke on the last update. So, hopefully, they'll fix it in the next.
  4. Game #5: Cities: Skylines Trophies: 21/69 (20%) Completion: 91.87% (-1.07%, -2.89% from start) Cities: Skylines is a city-building game that draws heavy inspiration from the SimCity series of games. I played a lot of SimCity 2000 and SimCity 3000 a long time ago, and this game has the same feel (and many similar mechanics) as those games. I'd say this game managed to stay true to the formula that SimCity laid out two decades ago, as well as improve on it. Overall, I really liked it. It was familiar and brought back some nostalgia. If you haven't played SimCity (and there's a good chance of this since the series has been mostly dead since SimCity 4 was released in 2003), the basics aren't hard to grasp. You start out with an empty map and you'll need to build roads and decide where the buildings will be built. Instead of just placing down most buildings individually, you place a "zone" down where you want them to be built. Then, after a while the buildings will be constructed. You need to make sure that there's power and water, as well as city services (hospitals, schools, police, fire stations, etc.). It gets a little more complicated than that, and you do have a budget you'll need to watch. But, since you start off small and unlock additional buildings and options as you grow, I don't think it's that steep of a learning curve. There's a lot of flexibility in how you design your city and you can get in fairly close and look at the details of an individual building, follow a fire truck responding to a fire, or watch people going about their daily business. It's nice to just look around and see how things are going sometimes. But, thankfully, you don't really have the option or the need to micromanage things at that level. Have a quick look around my city in the video below for an idea of what this game looks like and what you can build. I was pretty happy with how my city turned out so far.
  5. Game #4: Pyre Trophies: 51/51 (100%) Completion: 92.95% (+0.07%, -1.81% from start) Pyre is a hard to categorize game from Supergiant Games, the makers of Bastion and Transistor. There's some RPG elements, but the main gameplay looks more like some odd sporting contest. You have a team and you'll face off against another team. Each team has a fire (pyre), that the other team is trying to put out by throwing or carrying a orb into it. There's only one orb that starts in the middle and you'll need to keep it or steal it from the opposition etc. So it's sort of like basketball, I guess. There's some more to it than that, but that's the quick explanation of it. So why are you playing these contests? Well, you're exiled from civilization and that's the only way to get back. How does that work? It's some kind of magic, don't ask. And between these contests there's lots and lots of dialogue. And it mostly wasn't that great. In general, the game was alright, but not as good as I had hoped. I give the developers credit for trying some new things here, but I don't think the end result was as good as their previous games. The trophy list was easy enough and the game short enough for me to get the platinum during this event, so there's that, I suppose. I guess my main problem was that the game took a little while to get going, and it was difficult to care about a lot of the characters. Also, the gameplay itself wasn't all that challenging. Things picked up in the second half of the story, both narratively as well as with the gameplay. But, the first half of the game seemed bland. Compared to Bastion or especially Transistor, the game didn't measure up in my opinion. There were some glimpses of what I liked about those games here, but just that. I'd recommend trying either of those two games before this one, personally. If you're interested, here's a gameplay video of one of the liberation rites. They were generally better than the regular matches. They saved the better music for them, and you had to make a choice as to who got to go back home if you won.
  6. Game #3: Everspace Trophies: 12/34 (25%) Completion: 92.88% (-0.78%, -1.88% from start) Everspace is a roguelike space shooter. This game was a bit difficult to get into since there's a fair amount of complexity here, and not much more than a basic tutorial. Right from the start you'll have two weapons that you will want to cycle between as well as missiles. And also two or three other things you can use. And then you start finding other weapons and modules and will have to decide if you want to switch out your current ones for them. There's lots of other stuff you can find, which you can use to upgrade your weapons etc. Your ship can get damaged and suffer various negatives depending on what's damaged. It's a lot to take in all at once, especially in a game where you can die quickly if you're not careful. I think other roguelikes have it easier here since a lot of the stuff you find is obvious: swords, armor, potions, etc. But, what does a "time extender" do? How about a "mainframe override" or a "nano injector"? I know what two of those are now. Once I had my bearings and found a ship and setup (the cloaking device is awesome) I was comfortable with the game got a lot more enjoyable. The game also gets easier over time, since you can upgrade your ship after you die with the credits you earned on that run (similar to Rogue Legacy). And there's a few other things that you can collect and use to modify your ship. In general, most of the difficulty was in not knowing how things behaved or what to expect the first few times I came across it. Anyway, this is a difficult game to explain without feeling like I'm weighing you down with a lot of details. The bottom line: If you think you might like to play a roguelike in space, you'll probably find it to be fun if you can get through the initial feeling of being lost. I'll leave you with my second encounter with an enemy frigate (I died the first time). One interesting thing about this is that after the frigate was destroyed, it's wreck remained and I could even fly inside of the wreckage to pick up some loot. I thought that was pretty neat.
  7. Game #2: 2064: Read Only Memories Trophies: 38/65 (62%) Completion: 93.66% (-0.31%, -1.10% from start) 2064: Read Only Memories is a point-and-click adventure game that was on PS+ last month. It's rather light on adventure elements though and heavy on story/dialogue. Unlike most adventure games, it's very unlikely you'll need a guide just to complete the game. It's generally clear what you need to do and even when it's not, you can just try everything until something works. Going after the platinum is another matter. There's multiple endings and plenty of trophies for doing some little thing here or there. The platinum doesn't look difficult to get, but I don't know how much time it will take to get all the endings and clean up the rest. Overall, I enjoyed the game, but I'll start with a couple of negative experiences I had before getting to the positives. First, I managed to softlock the game near the end and the game doesn't auto-save. My last save was a little older than I would have liked. Partly my fault, since the game was very clear that you should save often. But still, softlocks are bad. Of course, if it had been aggressively auto-saving, it could have been even worse... if it did so after the softlock. Second, the game was giving me some serious trouble at solving one of it's "puzzles." It was simple enough... just enter a password you find in the same room. The trouble was that I could barely select any characters. I had to hit x repeatedly until it finally registered for every single character in the password (10 characters). That was annoying. I had to play this part over a second time due to the softlock issue I described above and the second time everything was fine. So, at least it's not always like that. Now, on to the positives. This game is very heavy on it's story and dialogue and I think it really did a good job here. I don't want to get into any great detail here, since it's so story-driven, but I'll give you my general impression. The game basically takes the futuristic technologies that people are researching/speculating about today (gene therapy, artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, brain transference/uploading) and then built a world and story based on that. Throw in the political and cultural concerns that spring from that as well as some others that are familiar (like corporations collecting massive amounts of data on almost everyone). It's ambitious, interesting, and is handled with more depth than you'd expect from a video game. Narratively, the story was good, and did a good job of making you want to see what happens next. The soundtrack was also surprisingly good and fit well with what was going on. I liked the game's sense of humor too. Despite the minor glitches I ran into, I'm glad I played this one.
  8. Game #1: Crypt of the NecroDancer Trophies: 7/29 (14%) Completion: 93.97% (-0.79%) For my first game of the event, I went with Crypt of the NecroDancer. This is a game with a reputation for being very hard and it's been something I had been meaning to play some time, but it seemed like it was always on sale, so there wasn't any sense of urgency to buy it and I kept putting it off. Now's as good a time as any I suppose. Crypt of the NecroDancer is a roguelike dunegon-crawling game with a twist. It has some of the regular roguelike elements: simple story, random levels, enemies and gear. But, there's also music and you'll need to move to the beat. Enemies also move to the beat and almost all of them have completely predictable movements and attack patterns. The trouble is that you don't really have much time to think about what you're going to do and you need to keep moving and attacking at a steady pace (there's one character that doesn't need to keep up with the music at all, but other than that...). So, most of the time I felt like I was in control and knew what was going to happen next. But, well, sometimes I'd miss a detail or just plain mess something up and things can really snowball on you at that point if there are a lot of enemies nearby since you don't have much time to react to what's unexpectedly happening. Overall, the game was quite fun, although difficult for sure. And even though I died a lot while figuring out how the enemies behaved and then plenty more after, there was surprisingly very little frustration. I'm sure going after the platinum will have plenty of frustration if I ever attempt it. But, in general, my impression was that this was a pretty neat, well thought out game that was also difficult and has some extremely difficult trophies. The music was rather catchy too. I didn't get very far into this, and would like to go back to it sometime to see how many trophies I can get. This seems like the sort of game I'd need to focus on for a while instead of just playing it for a few days to really do any good at it. I'll include a short video of some of my gameplay below like I have been doing in previous KYC in case you're interested in seeing how the game plays.
  9. 1. It won't help you since you've already dealt with the ducks, but you don't need to make any backup saves. You can hit the PS button and close the game when you die and restart (on PS4 anyway, not sure if it's the same on Vita). It only saves after you move from one room to another, so if you die just close the game. That makes the no-death duck trophy much less painful than having to backup your saves and play offline. 2. Yep, that ball rolling one is annoying for sure, especially at the end with those "gears" that you have to roll over and that last jump where it's hard to tell where you're supposed to go. Congrats on going through that. Probably more annoying than Old School Mode in my opinion. 3. There's a real learning curve there, but it's doable. I was surprised at how quickly I went from dying all the time to hardly dying at all. There's a couple key parts you have to get good at, because if not they can burn a lot of lives. And then after that you've got to be careful. For the ice, I found that jumping all the time helped with the slipping. Anyway, good luck to you if you do decide to go for this at some point.
  10. Cities: Skylines is on my list (scheduled for Nov 13-15). I've seen my cousin play it a little on Xbox and it reminded me a lot of SimCity 2000/3000/4. From what little I've seen, I'd say that SimCity, but better could be accurate. I'll have to play it myself to say for sure. Tropico 5 is a nice game too, but has a very different approach than SimCity.
  11. Ah, Rogue Legacy, my very first platinum. Yeah, that 15 or less death run is one of those things that seems really difficult at first, but after you get the game figured out and especially after you defeat the remix bosses, it really doesn't seem all that terrible anymore.
  12. If you see a profile that hasn't been updated lately (as in more than a month since the last update), you don't really need to force the update. Just visiting the page seems to put it back into the update schedule. At least that's what I've noticed just from looking at some profiles that are close to my rank. For some, it's been months since they've been updated. But, if I check back later, I see they got updated again shortly after my visit and are then scheduled to be updated in another week.
  13. Here's where I'm starting from: Games played: 114 Games Completed: 98 Unearned Trophies: 185 Completion Percentage: 94.76% I've gotten one trophy in my first game, so I'm off. I hope everyone has a good time with it and I'm looking forward to reading the reviews. One of the best parts of this is seeing what everyone else is playing and what they think about it.
  14. Alright, here's my final ordered list: 1) Crypt of the Necrodancer 2) 2064: Read Only Memories 3) Everspace 4) Pyre 5) Cities: Skylines 6) Way of the Passive Fist 7) Crawl 8) Knack 9) Yakuza Kiwami 10) Monster Slayers One interesting thing about this list: I've got a chance to pick up 5 platinums for games starting with letters I don't have (#,C,K,W,Y) for that whole "have a platinum for every letter plus one that starts with a number thing." Right now I'm missing 7, so if I can get those 5 sometime after the event, I'll just be missing V and X. I know I talked with someone last year in KYC 4 about that (I think it was when I was playing Quest of Dungeons) and how I was missing too many letters to go for it or worry about it. I guess I am getting close enough now to go for it.
  15. OK, guess I lied. These current PSN sales had a few games I had been interested in, then I started looking through the rest and found some other interesting games I hadn't heard of... add a few from PS+ and well, now I'm in with 10 games after all. 🙃 2064: Read Only Memories Cities: Skylines Crawl Crypt of the NecroDancer Everspace Knack Monster Slayers Pyre Way of the Passive Fist Yakuza Kiwami That's just listed alphabetically for now. I'll figure out the order and list my starting percentage tomorrow. Looks like it's going to be a busy event. That's good to see.