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  1. That's a good news, I really enjoyed the multiplayer of the first one
  2. Yes you can
  3. I don't remember this part, but I suggest you to watch a walktrought on YT so you can see what you've to do
  4. Any opinion on Resident Evil Revelations 2 on Vita?
  5. How it is Resident Evil Revelations 2 on Vita?
  6. I've to buy something this time
  7. Yes if the game is good
  8. Wow u know Latin? It's strange because I thought Latin was taught only in Italian schools 😅
  9. The funny thing is that Vita in Italian means Life
  10. Yes same director
  11. That's why i put Top in the title. But you're right 13 Sentinels should be in the list! Btw Metal Max is going to come in the west only in his Ps4 version
  12. What are the games that you are waiting the most for the Vita?
  13. I want to partecipate if possible
  14. I made a simple video of how to get the hawkman trophy in the Crazy Targets Range: The 5k kills: Just Peachy:
  15. Always the same games...