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  1. Very easy to do when you understand what to do. I was able to reach 14th boss with 2 random
  2. The Witcher 3 GOTY (until September 6 2021) Team Sonic Racer Slay The Spire (until December 6, 2021) Sonic Mania Sonic Forces Virtual Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown Car Mechanic Simulator
  3. I only hope that it is a free DLC
  4. I’m thinking the same thing, too strange for them to not be part of the sale
  5. 20€ for the BL pass No sale for AC Valhalla Gold edition The sales are out in EU Strangely there is no discount for Death Stranding
  6. I agree with you, getting only 3 games is even more a downside for this service because the possibility of receiving some bad or already owned games is even bigger
  7. Jump Force until 2 August Street Rage 4 until 1 November
  8. GodFall and Disco Elysium It is possible? 🤔
  9. I hope it will stay independent so that everyone can enjoy their games, not like Bethesda
  10. Mass Effect is a third person shooter so very different from a FPS I suggest you to play some Ps Now games using the 7 days free trial, so at least you can try a good FPS or TPS
  11. Personally I will never pay to play something like this, but if someone is ok with this practices I don't see any problems
  12. That is why these type of games that are only made for trophies, are basically garbage
  13. I'm glad it helped
  14. Someone has played The long Dark?