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  1. 15$/€
  2. Best locations?
  3. But in the time attack mode there are any chests?
  4. This game is a real pain
  5. 0 diamonds in the first playthrough like you Like a stupid I've started in hard so I've to continue in that mode...
  6. The only thing that i hope now is that they will give us in this year all the top games that are out for the Vita and Ps3 not gonna happed.....
  7. I can see a little grind for some trophies
  8. World of FinalFantasy is a gem played on the Vita
  9. Seem that u got it not through Ps plus
  10. Blacklight: Tango Dawn Because for a stupid bug of the game i'm stuck at 66%
  11. In EU we already got it, right at the beginning of IGC of Vita with Gravity Rush Not in EU
  12. Like every month I like to ask you guys what do you want to see in the IGS After watching the trailer, I'm kinda interested in Firewatch because seems a good game and not like all those walking simulators.
  13. I hope to don't see anymore physical games, because they increase the temperature and use a lot of space of the box
  14. Count me in but I think you should have put even the PS3 and Vita (there aren't a lot of them because cross play with PS4) games
  15. I have to start: Mass Effect Andromeda World of Final Fantasy Final Fantasy Type-0 Do you think is a smart move to buy FF12, or is better to wait? I'm afraid to find it cheaper while I finish the game that i listed above