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  1. I updated the post this morning
  2. First question: yes About the credit just buy an UK PSN card on instant gaming or some other site
  3. Thanks for the hint @GUDGER666 glad to to see you here like every month
  4. Ps Blog September: Final Fantasy VII Tekken 7 (already in the US) Killing Floor 2 Windbound (No trophy guide) Ghost of a Tale (No trophy guide) Moonlighter Pathfinder: Kingmaker (No trophy guide) October: Final Fantasy VIII November: Final Fantasy IX December: Final Fantasy X X-2 January: Final Fantasy XII
  5. The player are the one that buy this type of garbage, so they are the one to blame not Sony or the developer
  6. Which one is the first?
  7. Yes I’ve seen his work, and it’s amazing, but as you said is not official, there should be someone hired for coding All the improvement made by Husky should have been implemented long ago, it’s insane that the users has to rely onto an add-on
  8. Now I understand why the site is in this state. I think it’s impossible to bring new stuff to the users with only one person working on it, he should hire someone because I think that is possibile with the income that this site provide The real problem is that there are no competitors
  9. There is only him working on the site?
  10. I hope so
  11. These are the games: Nier Automata ( until November 1, 2021) Undertale Ghostrider
  12. Probably they didn't bother with the renewal of the licenses
  13. I'm happy for PvZ
  14. GhostRunner and Undertale? I hope so