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  1. I think it's a JP only game
  2. For this challenge I had to change the controller input controls, basicaly i changed R1 with L1, because is much much easier to shoot the freaks with L1 and also that allows you to never let go the R2 buttom
  3. Source: Ps Blog ⁠Metro Exodus ⁠Dishonored 2 ⁠11-11 Memories Retold NASCAR 4 Tales of Zestiria Pacman Championship Edition 2 God Eater 2 Malicious Fallen
  4. Ghost for me
  5. Thats a good question, no problem. I asked during the Christmas/January sale, after a couple of anwers i bought the game, but I never start the game after buying it, it ALWAYS take me more than 3 months, dont ask me why
  6. I don't manually update the profile, i let the site do that for me
  7. I finished all the challenges in less than 20 hours, I think that are less difficult compared of the 8/10 of difficulty stated in the guide. For me it's a 6/10
  8. Can't find Vegas (it's a Ps3 Game right?), but i found R6 Siege. I hope to see more games and not only 4 games...
  9. Usually the first tuesday of the month for what i understood, so basically today
  10. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege The Evil Within 2 Get Even I can confirm The Evil Within 2 and Get Even are legit, I checked in my PSN store, but for R6 isn't present the "Play on Ps Now" icon
  11. Not all of them, last year for example only 5-6
  12. I hope to see that discount even in EU because at that price is practically given!
  13. I just searched in the store and it did show up Probably, here in Italy I downloaded it at 7am
  14. The DLC is out, you can download it right now!
  15. There are no DLC in this version, I just wanted to let people know that this game has DLCs Only because I wanted to clarify that the game has DLCs, my mistake sorry