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  1. I don't own the Royal Pack, there should be no problem for me right? It's only for the Comrades trophies the problem
  2. Min 20:42
  3. which trophies can be affected by this problem?
  4. I need a trophy guide for Bulletstorm 😬
  5. Bulletstorm Full Clips, we are getting it in the November Ps Plus, a guide would be very useful
  6. It wold be very useful to create a new topic about all games tested after changing the name, to see if there are any problems
  7. Seems real, but I’m afraid it’s too early
  8. What do you think about The Witcher GOTY? I'm very tempted
  9. Good job!
  10. 2 new trophies 11gb patch
  11. Between the games there is even Baboon, is not free but maybe there is a way to get it for free, or maybe it's only a bug. Anyone else can see it between the lineup?
  12. Wow no change at all? what a disappointment
  13. Very bad list, no silver or gold trophies. I don't understand why they have to put all these bronze trophies