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  1. Batman Arkham knight with DLC Darksiders 3 with DLC
  2. Nothing for me
  3. Who is the winner?
  4. I consider normal those games that require a little effort to get the platinum like for example the VN that u mentioned, those are very helpful guide! By the way I know that you already understood my point, I just don't like the fact that these games are like a drug for some people especially those peaple that are mentally fragile and u should know and understand what i'm talking about. But of course you can do whatever u like if you are ok with yourself You are right, I'll stop right now, I hope he understood
  5. The problem is not doing or not video guide, because those are VERY helpful, there are a lot of work that would help people, is the type of games that u choose. I'm sure that if are gonna do some guides for "normal" games nobady are gonna tell u anything, but you choose the easy and for someone "dangerous" games
  6. Is not healthy either, but the need to spend money on something that as the only purpose to fill the need (trophies) is the same as drugs or any addiction that exists That's not the point. He/she is the one that said "spread awareness of certain games and recommend games to people", and I'm sure that if i go to see in other games published by the same company ill find this type of video guide. I worked with people with mental problem for a couple of month, and I found a young guy that was addicted to this type of games, he had other issues but seeing that his profile was full of these games was sad, because when i asked him why he bought all these games the answer was clear "for the trophies"
  7. The problem with these games is that they only feed the needs of people who are obsessed with trophies, and obviously this is a pathology and not something healthy, but of course I know that you are already aware of it, and you are raccomendig something like a drug to these people. Is it wrong? No of course, but is dispecable
  8. Rainbow Six Siege? I don't know there are so may beautiful icons A lot of games discount are gonna expire at 1am of 15/8, is possible to do the giveaway a little early, like in the afternoon?
  9. I haven't received any email, and my last purchase was in january
  10. Tekken 6
  11. If any of you have a code that you do not use, I would gladly take it, just PM me Thanks
  12. which email did you wrote to?
  13. Nothing for me unfortunately