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  1. We already got Battlefield 3 and lbp2
  2. So lucky 29 November
  3. No it has never been in the IGC
  4. I want the Vita version
  5. Better not buying anything because next month u will get that game
  6. Not this month but on January they are giving away Vr games every 2 months
  7. I assume that we will never see that again
  8. World of FF is one of the Game that I'm waiting to be on sale! But FF games have never been in the IGC
  9. Never heard of this game, what is special about it?
  10. Nothing for me hope to see World of FF in sales sometimes soon
  11. What games do you want to see in the next lineup? i hope to see something good, but I think we are gonna see something like the last month so no triple A games
  12. + the bugs
  13. I've made a quick video of Kenny if it can help
  14. I tried so many times, then i thought "Why don't lure them near the door?" I got it at my first try I
  15. Just a quick video of how to get it in a very easy way, it's all explained in the video