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  1. Grand Theft Auto III – The Definitive Edition will be part of the Ps Now lineup of December
  2. Grand Theft Auto III – The Definitive Edition will be available on PlayStation Now starting December 7. Source:
  3. Like every new trophy for this game 😉
  4. @HusKy I don’t understand why you aren’t doing a site like this by yourself. I think a lot of people here would migrate asap. All the efforts and work that you are doing here seems wasted to me, because you are doing so many improvements for free
  5. That’s so bad because your work is awesome, and I wanted to try it
  6. I think both are worth the price. I usually pay the Ps Now subscription 40€ and 45€ for Plus. I’m quite happy because I’m not buying a lot of games anymore, this year I think I bought 2 or 3 games
  7. Seems like Tampermonkey is not free anymore on Safari unfortunately
  8. They just released a new DLC with as usual a new trophy like all the others With this trophy I think they reached the limit of 13 trophies, so I expect for a DLC pack 3
  9. Edited the topic with the October games
  10. We have to wait for the official announcement
  11. I wasn’t able to see the Zombie game, I’ll add it in my post that resume all next months
  12. Seems like October titles just leaked
  13. I updated the post this morning
  14. First question: yes About the credit just buy an UK PSN card on instant gaming or some other site