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  1. I hope so
  2. These are the games: Nier Automata ( until November 1, 2021) Undertale Ghostrider
  3. Probably they didn't bother with the renewal of the licenses
  4. I'm happy for PvZ
  5. GhostRunner and Undertale? I hope so
  6. Unfortunately not possible
  7. Il possible to plat Judgment in 2-3 months?
  8. Finally I have to say, Tokyo 2020 seems like an easy and fun game to play in coop This action is aimed for the Pc player
  9. Seems like there is even Tokyo 2020 and NASCAR Heat 5
  10. I’ll try for sure Moving out and Judgement
  11. I really hope this is fake, but I doubt it I was hoping to get Pleague even on Ps4
  12. Yes
  13. The developer said on Twitter that the trophies will carry over, so I assume auto pop?
  14. Why they did add the trophies and DLC for the Ps5 and not for the PS4? As I said usually the list is already up when there is only one day left before the release