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  1. Probably they didn't bother with the renewal of the licenses
  2. I'm happy for PvZ
  3. GhostRunner and Undertale? I hope so
  4. Unfortunately not possible
  5. Il possible to plat Judgment in 2-3 months?
  6. Finally I have to say, Tokyo 2020 seems like an easy and fun game to play in coop This action is aimed for the Pc player
  7. Seems like there is even Tokyo 2020 and NASCAR Heat 5
  8. I’ll try for sure Moving out and Judgement
  9. I really hope this is fake, but I doubt it I was hoping to get Pleague even on Ps4
  10. Yes
  11. The developer said on Twitter that the trophies will carry over, so I assume auto pop?
  12. Seems like for now that there aren’t any trophies for the DLC, both here and in official Ps App they did not add any new trophies for the DLC The DLC is out tomorrow 30 June and usually the new set of trophies is already live
  13. Why they did add the trophies and DLC for the Ps5 and not for the PS4? As I said usually the list is already up when there is only one day left before the release
  14. I still have my 100% on PS4, just looked at my profile on Ps App
  15. No is not. It’s D1 on Game pass, but not exclusive
  16. Very easy to do when you understand what to do. I was able to reach 14th boss with 2 random
  17. The Witcher 3 GOTY (until September 6 2021) Team Sonic Racer Slay The Spire (until December 6, 2021) Sonic Mania Sonic Forces Virtual Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown Car Mechanic Simulator
  18. I only hope that it is a free DLC
  19. Jump Force until 2 August Street Rage 4 until 1 November
  20. I’m thinking the same thing, too strange for them to not be part of the sale
  21. 20€ for the BL pass No sale for AC Valhalla Gold edition The sales are out in EU Strangely there is no discount for Death Stranding
  22. I agree with you, getting only 3 games is even more a downside for this service because the possibility of receiving some bad or already owned games is even bigger
  23. GodFall and Disco Elysium It is possible? 🤔