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  1. With all due respect lad, I don't see the necessity in forcing someone to cover the entire game when your basic idea is to prove a good pointer for what might be a tricky trophy. Case in point, I spent ages running around in dying light to get 15 survivors saved from rais' men, a randomly generated "side mission", which in itself has a 25% chance of being the correct type of "mission". If i get a solution to that and want to share it, It doesn't mean I'm willing or even able to create a full guide. On the contrary, I think trophy tips should come back. I shouldn't have to read through an entire guide for a chance at spesific pointers in a particular trophy. I say "chance" because very often I see a guide mentioning hard mode for instance, and instead of providing accurate pointers for a difficult section, boss or whatever else, it's more or less summarized into "hard mode is not that hard, just do what you've been doing and you should be fine". Which is not what you read a guide for to begin with. I can't even imagine the headache I'd get if I ever needed one of these guides. Granted, I'm not saying that's all guides, but I digress. The point is tips and guides can work in conjunction with eachother.
  2. Jim sterling, like many others, is a persona with good ideas and intentions, but plagued by double standards and repeating points. In the chase to stick to a set schedule (which is admirable) he ends up often just repeating ad infinitum his points of view regarding lootboxes, the gosh darned industry and so forth. That doesn't mean he's WRONG, but it's annoying to the point of preachy when he can't seem to attack other topics or even add new substance to what he's said in the past. Also whatever "review" he decides to shit out is just permamently tainted and won't be given the time of day from me. Infamous case in point being the zelda breath of the wild and horizon zero dawn reviews. When you dock points for one game because it has "ubisoft towers", yet praise the other game because the ubisoft towers are now moving in a set rectangle path like there's a fucking difference or challenge, your mindset is warped. It's the little things.
  3. ^sheesh lad, you got some patience for tedium. Have to respect that.
  4. Let's all remember that the namechange would be in full effect for games released after a certain date. Older games weren't made for this in mind. It sounds more scary than it is. Though I'd hold back if you have a big backlog from the ps3 days just to make sure. Adding to that I'm certain they'll iron it out. I get being cynical but sheesh.
  5. Achievments on the 360. Got no good reason to think it won't be the same this time around. I'm looking forward to the game, The Last Remnant is an underrated gem in my opinion. I can't wait to play it again. My only worry is that they won't port the pc version but instead the godawful 360 version. There were several QoL changes to the pc version that made the game so much better.
  6. Yakuza kiwami 2. Was fun as usual. I'm a major fan of Yakuza (I'm sure this will shock you to learn). I'm now patiently waiting for more games. The wait is so long usually, but Fist of the north star is a godsend.
  7. I asked for Ishin. Kenzan would be nice but realistically I'm assuming they're gonna try one of the two, and I'm banking on the newest one in that case. I'd be happy for both though.
  8. Gotta beat the game once before it's unlocked, as is tradition.
  9. You do not. it's all kiryu. It's not "normal" climax missions. They've been replaced by regular challenge missions where your only restriction is being unable to use healing items.
  10. The climax battles have been transformed into bouncer missions instead. The last 3 can whoop your ass for sure. Though it's mostly just a grind.
  11. Yakuza Kiwami 2

  12. lol rekt
  13. Can't wait for the game. Yakuza games are my favourite, and to see fist of the north star get this sort of treatment is exciting to say the least. And it fits perfectly.