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  1. Hey bud, thanks for letting me know about the errors in the guide. Sleep deprivation does that to you. It's updated now. Apologize for being so late.

    1. Sayaaaargh87


      No worries mate, I still think it's a fantastic guide and you did a great job with putting the maps together. With that many collectable's it can't be easy 😁

  2. I go for platinums. Most of the time I feel more than done with the game when I reach that point regardless. Though it should be said I have no reservations to yeet a game the fuck out the window when it annoys me. I don't feel compelled to plat a game unless it entertains me enough. Most recently I'm ditching the world war Z plat because I can't be fucked to play 100 more PvP matches when that's easily the weakest part of the game. Fuck that.
  3. You have to max out all the PvP shit? Surely you're fucking kidding me. I can deal with the rest, but the PvP is straight out average, while the PvE has some old school fun for me given i loved left 4 dead in its time. But if i have to sit here and level up fucking pvp all day, fuck that noise. Dropped like a motherfucker. Fun game still, but plat will be functionably useless for me.
  4. Slasher, medic and gunslinger all have the smg as default weapon. Just look at what perks you've selected. Every row of perks is one you can pick, so just switch it to something else in that row when you find it. Perks that change your weapons/equipment will specifically say so.
  5. Rigged American Fugitive to plat, sent in guides for review. Job well done.


    Judgment still on track to being grand number 100

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ahmedelebiary


      Man, I have never heard of those games . But neverthless pretty excited for your #100 .. great milestone mate

    3. Sanetsuken


      @PooPooBlast Definetly recommend judgment. With a slight bias :P

    4. PooPooBlast


      Slight bias? Well I'm overly biased!


      Became a huge fan of RGG studios after Yakuza 0 which was my first actually. I don't think I'll get around to playing judgement right away to tell you the truth as I have my plate already filled with red dead redemption 2 at the moment to reach #124 but I reckon about a month or so after the release of judgment I'll be able to play it. RDR 2 is that huge.. 

  6. Hey man, i want to atleast pretend i found it myself
  7. you mean like literally by the waterfront south of the bridge to the third area? Found it. Now to find the code for the one behind the clothing store in second area..
  8. There's a note on the first island in a trailer park, with a note stating that "you have to go back to the riverside cabin" because the guy that stole it never checked for a code. @Rammstone do you know where it is? or @Bearded_Jay ?
  9. Working on some guide for american fugitive for now.

    if you got the time, can you check your journal for the one called "LETTER: ID Card" ? Wanna see if there's any randomization to the codes. My letter says "Frances Hogan. DOB: 05/13/1953"


    Along with the cemetery, in the middle-right side there's a cross shaped tombstone for Juana Aritza. Her grave said Dec 13th 1936 - Nov 19th 1980.


    1. Rammstone


      Yes, its all the same for everyone

  10. The collectable trophies are an absolute pain in the ass. the 30 jumps you have to perform aren't THAT bad as they usually have some glowing lights around 'em and are relatively close to the roads (atleast so far in my experience, 10 jumps in). The main issue i have with the game atm are the stashes. Now some of 'em are easily found, and you can get an upgrade when a stash is reasonably close so those are no biggies, but the issue is when you get into a building with a stash and a note that says something like "we stole this from riverside cabin". The fucking map doesn't name anything, there's nothing indicating where riverside cabin IS unless you've passed by it nonchalantly at some point or coincidentally already robbed the place and still remember exactly where that was. So now you're sitting there with a 200kg safe that you can't move, can't store, can't mark in any way aside from taking a screenshot and noting it down manually, hoping the note for the solution isn't already buried deep in the pile of shit you've already picked up from previous robberies since the notes aren't removed or given any mention when they become useless. And there's atleast 3 bunkers i've found that have no mention in the relevant house so you're fucked either way. That shit ain't fun, full stop. The rest of the game is pretty entertaining, but for trophy purposes the fucking stashes are officially "no fun allowed" territory. If the map updated as you visited adresses/areas it wouldn't be so bad but right now it's a big fuck you, figure it out scrub. So have fun robbing the entire town 3 times over just to find a note that might be relevant in the near future, then hope you remember you have that note when you do find a stash that's locked up with a code. Fucking stupid. EDIT: oh yeah and you have to rob literally every house and business anyways because there's no indication where the paintings are. It turns what is a fun side mechanic into a chore. Hope someone has the tenacity to write a walkthrough because I sure won't comb over the town 3-4 times over because nothing is recorded properly. But hey, atleast I know how many kilometers i've walked.
  11. I would honestly rather end myself. Friday the 13th was one of the greatest wet dreams in videogames for me. I'll never forgive them for what they did. I am angry beyond belief. Everyone present in the discord channels I'm a member in probably knows it by now. The rants I start whenever that shit pops up are considered "memorable" and "calm down son, jesus"
  12. I forgive you buddy, just try to do better next time, ok?
  13. Pay to win is shit. I don't feel pity for the morons that go for it either. Worse yet, some people defend this practice by "but this is how they add content to the game". Honestly, If you can't add content at a flat price (like oh i dunno, expansion packs of old), then your content is piecemeal and shit. And also just continuing the circle of greed because we know damn well that content added by way of pay to win will also be pay to win. It also efficiently slows down any grind down to a halt, forcing you to wait or repeat levels more times than necessary because after all if you're not paying you shouldn't have fun. That is to say if there's a free to play game with MT's, I'm all for it. I'm not against having A way to monetize a game, but I damn well will oppose a game sold at a premium which then has shit like it tacked on to it. I don't understand the gacha crowd, but that's their schtick and i'm not putting my nose anywhere near. Unless they pay money to access the game to begin with. Then fuck them too.
  14. it's been known for some time that there's no mp in this game. marketing as well has pointed that way... OT: The list is easy. can confirm. 90% is related to either story or get x kills with y thing. The only "missable" i think would be the zipline kills, because ziplines aren't that plentiful, and even when you find one they're not gonna be useful for the trophy. Also potentially annoying is the wingstick trophy as it requires headshots spesifically. Many enemies later have some sort of helmet that you need to shoot off or waste 2 wingsticks, so you're better off focusing that one early. Also getting the defib trophy + turret explosion kill requires you fully upgrade the relevant skills or equipment. Not difficult at all though
  15. Ayy neat. Thanks for that. Also it proves I can't count so fuck you for that. But thank you. But also fuk u. But thanks.