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  1. Eh. I enjoy it. Competing with people around the world constantly gives me some extra drive to finish games properly. Whatever works.
  2. It's videogames my dude. It's not supposed to have deeper meaning than entertainment. And I pity the fool that thinks videogames are deeper than such. (shout-out to the gaming media. You're useless.)
  3. Oh cool i can help. Substories, story progress and locker keys do NOT carry over. also i think completed minigames in the completion log carries over, but if you haven't actually finished it (say you got 9/10 stuffed animals or whatever) it'll get reset. everything else carries over. And as an added bonus you can do a game on normal, then use ng+ for legend mode. It's much, much easier obviously. Also if you use a locker key to get a particular item, you can refetch that locker key on ng+ and get a duplicate of that item. The locker key doesn't stick with you, but the items you got from the lockers will carry over. good way to stack cheat items for instance. And nothing is missable. You can wait to do everything until the event before the final boss (you'll get a message telling you this). The only thing you need to keep in mind is that certain substories and events sometimes have a prerequisite substory, or is dependant on the time of day.
  4. CoD 4 I guess. Can't be arsed to do all that zombie shit.
  5. There have been multiple proven cases of developers witholding content in games that are already on the disc and selling "DLC" with a 100kb key as downloadable to unlock that content. Furthermore anyone who's been in the videogame industry for a lenght of time can attest that games in modern days are getting smaller in content exactly because they can be sold back through a DLC package. And if you can't recall a single game where you bought a dlc only to discover the downloadable file was 100kb (which is exactly what those keys were), you're either too new or outright ignorant to the practice. But for a modest example to start with consider a relatively old game like def jam: fight for NY. The game had an in-game store you spent in-game currency (because there were no connecting to servers at the time thank god) to customize your character, buying clothes, bling and whatever else you wanted. The degree of customization was high. Fast forward to today. Dead or alive 6 has "season pass 1" (emphasis on the 1 there) for 93 dollars. For that price you get 2 characters and about 60 costumes. Now, they're different games sure, but the key point is they're released in different eras. The difference in monetization is staggering.
  6. I'll take the jailtime if you take the public flogging for enabling the absolute vast amount of greed prevalent in the videogames industry, an industry mind you, that has taken to taking out content of games that are finished and selling them back to you as a consumer piecemeal. On topic though I used to pirate when I simply couldn't afford buying all the games more or less blind (this was before I learned to understand what a game was like before release or something) and with demos rapidly dying out I instead pirated the game, played until I was satisfied and deleted it. Once I got a job I ended up buying the games I've previously pirated to a massive degree. Don't regret it a second.
  7. Think expecting games from valve in current year by itself is a stretch. Their last attempt (artifact) has seemingly failed. So while by all means I wish they'd consider it, I don't see it happening within any reasonable time at best.
  8. Yeah there's multiple ways to go about it, but I feel this site should make trophy related ventures as painless as possible, for lack of better words. Having a hub from where to do everything is the most ideal after all. As mentioned, I'd be fine with a barebones "who of my friends own this" type thing, but I agree. In case of an expansion I'd like to filter it to know who still needs the trophy, who did it the fastest and such in order to best provide results that are relevant to the individual user.
  9. Like the title says. I think it'd be a good idea to have some sort of friend list going on, where you add users from the forum or something, and from there are able to get a sidebar telling you which friends owns the game, alternatively with the option to see who has platted it (of your friends). The reasoning is simply some trophies requires a boost. A few of those again requires coordination to get done. And like with most cases, I'd rather try to ask friends before I set up a boosting session for complete randoms that is a crapshoot in itself if it'll work. This way, you get an immediate response from the site letting you know whichever of your friends has it. I believe it's a nice addition, as i'm sure many if not most people today also use discord to communicate, making it easier to seek out the ones that are applicable to what you need, rather than ask a general question and hope for a response.
  10. Good enough. I'll hold on and try again later. Thanks.
  11. I don't have the option. It's not there.
  12. See some people with custom member title and I don't see much about it re: how to. I can't change it, and after confirming with a friend I know for a fact the option isn't even there. Is it restricted by rep/post count?
  13. Vita is dead. Oh wait my bad. It's "legacy" hardware. So dead.
  14. but you buy them
  15. but why. he didn't earn 'em. There's no point