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  1. Laegrinna from Deception IV. Somewhat unique too, don't think too many even know about the deception games.
  2. #120 DOOM Eternal

    Fun game.

    @UltraDog177 This status update is for you, friend

  3. yakuza 5 requires a total of 7777 pachinko points. all done in one go. the ones you buy when you start count.
  4. EZ GAME EZ LIFE Gonna be fun. Again. As usual.
  5. There's only one tip that'll work. run
  6. PvP is still somewhat active, though of course some modes are more dead than others. Just keep that in mind. The trophy requirement modes are populated last I checked, though not as much during nighttime (Europe GMT+1)
  7. I played through this in about 10 hours on steam and I'm really happy it's coming to ps4. I hope that people give it a fair shot without automatically going for guides in order to enjoy it, it honestly deserves it. It's a very unique game and relies almost solely on your deduction abilities Hell, it even rewards you a little depending on fun facts you might be aware of. There's a character in the game that has maori tattoos, and if you recognize it you'll almost immediately know who they are. In my case there was a dane speaking at some point, it was a dead giveaway for me personally. It was a treat to play through and I'm hoping I've forgotten the solutions for most of the game already so I can thoroughly enjoy it again.
  8. Shit i'd take one game if they could make it consistently good. But they won't. They won't. ps+ is officially a paywall for internet, and the only "bonus" you have is the cloud. It's like 2008 again with xbox live gold mockery. Except they're used to getting reamed while we're still going through the butthurt stage.
  9. Plat #100 - Judgment

    Already way overdue. Best game to mark this landmark achievement.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    3. Sanetsuken


      thank you everyone :)

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

      Nice milestone 🏆

  10. Theme song is ass. But the game itself looks great, gonna get it for sure. Have a weakspot for games like this (especially being the progenitor of yakuza knowwhatimsayin)
  11. Hey bud, thanks for letting me know about the errors in the guide. Sleep deprivation does that to you. It's updated now. Apologize for being so late.

    1. Baldy_Buoy


      No worries mate, I still think it's a fantastic guide and you did a great job with putting the maps together. With that many collectable's it can't be easy 😁

  12. I go for platinums. Most of the time I feel more than done with the game when I reach that point regardless. Though it should be said I have no reservations to yeet a game the fuck out the window when it annoys me. I don't feel compelled to plat a game unless it entertains me enough. Most recently I'm ditching the world war Z plat because I can't be fucked to play 100 more PvP matches when that's easily the weakest part of the game. Fuck that.
  13. You have to max out all the PvP shit? Surely you're fucking kidding me. I can deal with the rest, but the PvP is straight out average, while the PvE has some old school fun for me given i loved left 4 dead in its time. But if i have to sit here and level up fucking pvp all day, fuck that noise. Dropped like a motherfucker. Fun game still, but plat will be functionably useless for me.
  14. Slasher, medic and gunslinger all have the smg as default weapon. Just look at what perks you've selected. Every row of perks is one you can pick, so just switch it to something else in that row when you find it. Perks that change your weapons/equipment will specifically say so.
  15. Rigged American Fugitive to plat, sent in guides for review. Job well done.


    Judgment still on track to being grand number 100

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    2. ahmedelebiary


      Man, I have never heard of those games . But neverthless pretty excited for your #100 .. great milestone mate

    3. Sanetsuken


      @PooPooBlast Definetly recommend judgment. With a slight bias :P

    4. PooPooBlast


      Slight bias? Well I'm overly biased!


      Became a huge fan of RGG studios after Yakuza 0 which was my first actually. I don't think I'll get around to playing judgement right away to tell you the truth as I have my plate already filled with red dead redemption 2 at the moment to reach #124 but I reckon about a month or so after the release of judgment I'll be able to play it. RDR 2 is that huge..