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  1. 11k+ trophies suddenly hidden and 11 plats total? The fuck is going on?

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    2. LadyGallethX3


      I'm wondering if Sony is actually moving like PS3/Vita and PS4 trophies to their own servers but all link or sync to PS5, so you know someday, to future proof, they can just take those servers off completely...

    3. BlindMango


      So ever since the PS5 launched, there have been two different trophy list systems running in parallel. There's the "legacy" trophy lists (everything PS4 and prior) and the PS5 lists which are technically different (it's why they can have progress bars for trophies but can't be shared with PS4 lists). Basically they merge the legacy trophy lists together with the new trophy lists onto your profile and overall it works pretty well but every now and then you have some errors with the legacy lists not displaying for a short time

    4. Sanetsuken


      Yeah I panicked a little and thought someone had just straight reported my profile for everything (and somehow approved) and wondered who the hell had a vendetta.


      Very plausible, I know. Weird timing but yeah it worked out almost as soon as I wrote this.

  2. Either play with two friends and get them to congregate where you need 'em, or go for areas that have the power key found but not set. Ideally wait a bit to get them to start the key phase to make sure they're in it. Other than that it's a lot of luck sadly.
  3. Got it 1 minute ago as of this writing. Spec in basic/elite health and damage, and yeah if you're playing against a good team you're gonna eat shit, but what else is new? Know who to focus down, a split group is ripe for the taking, know the characters and who makes for a good possession target. Most people will go straight for whoever is red, but you know what? That legendary handgun ranged character that has an active ability that lets her dodge for 8 seconds free? She's gonna kill her teammates and don't even know it yet. Lay the terror on and cause disruption.
  4. also on the last level right before the final boss you have 4 icons on the walls that will glow, where previously they will be blank slates to show that you've gotten what you need, in case there's any remaining doubt for whatever reason. Also on the board when hovering over the portraits, there's gonna be a circle around them instead of an x. but yeah you're good regardless.

    1. DrBloodmoney


      That's beautiful,  it just needs one single extra syllable, which I have added in red for you:



      Laylee is such, 

      A Dogshit game, oh why

      Does it exist, Oh My God, End

      Me now



      there - 

      now it is a perfect Cinquain 😃 🌹

    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      @DrBloodmoney LOL!!!


      @Sanetsuken yeaaah Yooka Laylee has some very cheap parts and generally is hit and miss. I enjoyed some of it due to nostalgia like feeling for games of old. But overall when i got the plat i was very very happy to be done.

  6. I like yakuza. Let it be known.
  7. watch dogs legion on jan 3rd or 2nd. wasted my time
  8. Rebel Cops Hard West
  9. School II, Bullring and Roswell were bitches. School II is a contender for requiring the most manual time which gets icky after 10 seconds or so. Bullring for me was just hitting the fuckin' banana and Roswell was annoying with the big gap at the start. Roswell to be fair had a small trick that helped out a bit (boneless off the start, use kick and acid drop for more height/speed) but the rest was just clenching the 'ol ring and hoping not to choke.
  10. Raging Brachydios makes me want to not be alive. Luckily the piece of shit is happily assisting with that

  11. Looking at all the raging around the fall guys trophy for 5 straight wins is an eternal reminder to not take trophy hunting seriously. Imagine doing a petition to lessen the requirements just because you can't deal, and this is also with an exploit. lmao

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    2. Sanetsuken


      it is baffling for sure. good reminder to just do your own thing and disregard other opinions. Was obvious from the start i suppose, but still.

    3. Nightstream88


      Think some people are too spoiled by ratalaika  games with them just handing out platinums pretty much, I wouldn't mind getting the platinum either, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it, well I suppose technically I am losing sleep over since I've been playing the game quite a bit for a few hours or so. I did stay up until 600am playing the game.

    4. RedRodriguez87


      On one hand, you're right. On the other... well, I'm just glad I didn't purchase it, even though it's free, and I don't have it on my backlog.

  12. #130 Fairy tail.

    It's shit, don't bother.

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    2. Kishnabe


      Anime & the manga is shit too. One Piece Knockoff without the Charm. 


    3. MidnightDragon
    4. ihadalifeb4this
  13. Quality with a light sprinkle of self hate and a modicum of sadistic stubborness.
  14. It's gambling. Plain and simple. You're not buying anything specific, you're buying a CHANCE at getting the shit you want. It's an abhorrent practice and I pity anyone who dabbles in that filth. And yes, for the record I tried out a few lootboxes before because I was curious how trash they actually were (and to get that sweet confirmation bias). It is a waste of time and money, full stop. It's nothing more than inflated game companies trying to nickel and dime you further down the rabbit hole.
  15. attack on titan. grinding for materials turned into a slow monotone murderfest that i just checked out while doing Also shoutout to world war z. The multiplayer is average as hell. I did praise it before but when i was done with leveling up all the classes I was done. Same goes for getting all the perks. It had some semblance of balance with the insane difficulty story runs, but even when you've done literally everything else you have hours and hours of grinding. It's not even difficult or entertaining at some point.