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  1. Since my last post, I had to reformat my PS4 because the same thing happened with Cosmophony. :@ Still can't get this to pop, though I can confirm the workaround does work, insofaras it's in the game, though it didn't give me my last was what borked my PS4 in the first place as it caused a conflict with my local trophy data as I did it offline due to not being able to get it to work online.. Only can think of a few more things to try, then I'll email the devs again.
  2. He got back to me to try and use the workaround described here: But for some reason, doesn't work on PS4. So this is clearly the game's fault, not my internet now. I hope I can get this sorted one way or the other.
  3. Yep, sadly, this one can't be done, I thoroughly enjoyed the game as well. Anyway, I emailed the devs so hopefully this will get resolved soon. Due to the bug, my timestamps appear wonky annoyingly...but here's a copy of the email I sent explaining what happened:
  4. World 4 is possible, I managed most of those without any real problems, at least of the levels I had left to perfect, which was most of them. Well, I'd gone through most of the first world perfecting them originally pre-patch (besides the one that was bugged before), then largely didn't try after that to perfect them, so I can't really give a concrete list of which levels I had to redo and whether any before were harder or easier post-patch...all I know is Level 12 of World 2 needs fixing to be consistent and Level 5 of World 3 needs outright fixing to be possible. I didn't perfect all the other levels in World 3 I hadn't done either after finding out about Level 5 but pretty sure they were doable, just didn't have the motivation to do them. I had planned on perfecting those anyway to be sure but RL kinda took a dump on me not long after I went through this game so haven't given it a go since.
  5. Sadly not as far as I can tell...Level 5 of World 3 still cuts you off from some coins with the 3rd bomb drop. It's scarcely possible to get all the coins from the first set either, unless you get the side of the piggy bank glitch (sometimes they count despite not landing in correctly), even then, that takes perfect timing. Think even the big piggy bank wouldn't help there as it'd be too wide and be blown up by the bomb. However, Level 12 of World 2 is also odd, a lot of the time, the last coin won't land correctly on the bumper and bounce too weakly for you to get it. Other times, it does. So unless there's a chance of the bomb dropping earlier somehow (maybe if you get all coins beforehand?), then this is still unobtainable due to World 3 Perfect.
  6. Patch came through today (mine is EU version), I see Big Blue Tree has it on NA version currently so here's hoping it's fully obtainable now and they haven't broken something else in the process.
  7. Yep, has been bugged since launch, was supposed to have been fixed last week with a patch (Steam was in September, Xbox One last month) but alas, nada. Starting to think it's not gonna come, tbh and it's been frustrating dealing with the devs (Long Hat House), VERY inconsistent in replying to me on Twitter, outright ignored me on several occasions, though they did reply to a few at the start. I'm gonna be very wary of buying any of their games from now on. Shame, as this looks like quite a good one.
  8. It's based on the number of platforms you use to complete the level. When you complete each one, it tells you how many you need for the Par 100% and Any %. It also tells you this when you pause the game in any level.
  9. I think (just speaking for myself here) that it goes beyond playing the game for fun and a point of principle that they've had 2 prior games on PSN and made no attempt to fix them so I don't think they should get any more money, although I know a lot of people are fans of Tempest (and most people don't trophy hunt) so sadly that will still happen. This is before I mention that I really despise Llamasoft's design philosophy anyway...basically, try and give their gamers seizures as much as possible and make it so you can barely see what you're doing. Not good game design to me personally.
  10. My guess is JP/Asia. LRG recently released a PS4 version but not Vita, suppose it could be an upcoming one, though.
  11. I had to start again. Delete my save and play through the entire thing. Didn't take nearly as long knowing how to do the puzzles but still tedious all the same. I *did* use the Cloud for it this time to back up my save, once after getting half of the pieces and once after the 15th piece, and thank goodness I did, as I had a power cut 3 pieces away from the end on my successful run lol. Still none the wiser as to why an amulet piece randomly disappeared but at least I have the Plat now. Good luck to you two.
  12. And it gets got corrupted 2 amulet pieces away on a new playthrough. :'( Normally, I'd back the save up on the Cloud but I didn't because I thought maybe doing it in one session would make it more reliable, clearly, I was wrong. Shame, this actually could've been one of my favourite ever indie titles but these issues, coupled with many other mechanical faults ruined it for me.
  13. Just finished cleaning up the remaining few trophies for the game but didn't get awarded the trophy for collecting all amulet pieces. I've checked the level select screen numerous times and I clearly have all 18. When I picked up the last one, though, it only said 17 and didn't complete the amulet. Just wondering if anyone else had this problem?
  14. As said, TA has one person who's completed it to 100%. When I looked there, only 8 people had played it at all. It's mostly down to low player base but it is unusual to see so little progress made in a game on here even so, esp. after all this time. I heard, however, that there's no/limited saving afforded, so that might contribute to it. I have also heard that it's hard in general too lol. I've got this in the backlog and I really want to play it at some stage so I'll find out sooner or later. Side-note: I'm more perplexed about Space Hulk Korean Vita version having literally no unlocks on here, esp. as at least one person has the Plat on PSN and other versions have been finished on here. Edit: looking closer at TA, only 0.88% on XBL have at least most of the achievements he has (didn't look at them all) where he's the only literally only just over 100 players on XBL period!
  15. Which platform are you playing on? PS4 or Vita? If it's the latter, then it wouldn't surprise me as Vita ports are nearly always horrible. If it's the former: are you on standard or Pro? I've also heard Pro has issues with certain games.