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  1. This thread hasn't been updated since 2018, is it closed?
  2. Hey, so I actually did beat the main story of Hyrule Warriors a while ago. How would I provide proof that I have?
  3. It's nice to be excited about gaming again. I've been in a slump for a long time, so I'm glad to be back to enjoying my hobbies :)

    1. HaserPL


      That's what trophy hunting does to people... it's sad. I hope you will find joy in playing.

  4. So I'm playing Catherine a lot... And I think I might actually be able to get the Full Body plat, so I'd like to officially be in now if this is still a thing
  5. Adding it now! Okay guys, so the edits are being done right now, but it may take some time. I've changed it so that for the Hall of Fame you only need to have completed one runthrough of TWD's entire story. However, if you want the Still. Not. Bitten. bonus emblem you have to have completed every rerelease. Any objections?
  6. Thanks for the opportunity, Grimy :>
  7. Added~ It does not count toward the bonus. You have to have bought the extra DLC for vanilla to get the bonus. I added you to Black Squiggly, can't wait to see you move up~
  8. Hey, before I edit everyone into this I'm kind of in a but of a bind. There's at least three different releases of TWD series, and I feel that making everyone plat each of them would be a bit much. Any suggestions?
  9. #43: Samurai Shodown Samurai Shodown Earn all trophies in the game. I'm not sure if I love or hate this trophy image... But anyway, this game is awesome! I have always enjoyed the SNK fighting games I have gotten my hands on, so when this was announced I knew I was gonna give it a go. This is a fairly easy plat to go for, I think the only aspect that might give you trouble is Gauntlet mode. That mode is not particularly hard, but it can be a bit exhausting and sometimes it does feel like you need good luck to get the perfect run. I can't wait to come back when the DLC is out!
  10. Everyone has been added/edited! Congrats on the rank up, @hbg! That's correct. Stacks don't add any points or ranks to this PP
  11. I sleep.
  12. Added! That's a good question, honestly. I'm not gonna mess with it right now but I think what I'll have to do is make another like... Ultra Plat tier or something for everyone that has all the delisted games done as well.
  13. Hey, this event didn't seem to get a lot of interest when I originally posted it, but I may as well bump it and ask if a few people would wanna do a variation of it for this year's EVO?
  14. Ya know what? I'm in. I need to get back into the plat hunt
  15. Would anyone object to me opening up a Sonic PP?