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  1. Trophy list is up, I ran the list through Google Translate: Looks doable, I suppose
  2. You were both added!
  3. Everyone up to here has been added or edited~
  4. I don't think I would ignore the Vita version. If anything I'd just say have one or the other. Someone else might have the Vita version, you never know!
  5. Thanks for the update
  6. Fabulous, thanks for the help
  7. Editing now~ Good question, probably! I'm thinking it might be time to make a bonus rank for all the Dark Pictures stuff too
  8. Added! I'll think more about adding the new rank though, now that it's been brought up. But you're our first Take Your Heart, congrats! Added~
  9. Which PP was this for? I wanna give it a look and see how it works. Ah, interesting. I'm not really sure, maybe I should just keep it in the bonus ranks? That's where it's gonna be anyway since GG is already claimed
  10. #53: Code: Realize - Wintertide Miracles Wintertide Miracles Obtain all trophies Yes yes I know it's spooky season and all that, but lately I've been wanting to play something light and fluffy and maybe even a little cheesy. What better pick than an otome fandisc? If you read any of my past posts you may remember that I actually wasn't a huge fan of the first game and I even skipped the sequel stuff, but for this one I read (almost) everything. I wasn't feeling like reading a big adventure for these characters so I skipped the side story, but all the epilogue and Christmas stuff? Read it all. I still pretty much have the same opinions on the characters (Victor best boy, Van Helsing worst boy, the rest range from good to okay) but I think I enjoyed myself slightly more with this one? By the end of Bouquet of Rainbows I was feeling incredibly bored, which I'm thinking is because that's two VNs in one. Overall I guess I had fun placating the girly side of me for a bit, and I'm sure to do it again, but I have some more spooky games to play now!
  11. Edited and added! I could definitely look into that! If I'm being honest I would just love to make a joint GG and BB PP since they really have the same dna, but since the GG games are in the ArcSys PP...
  12. That's impressive! But no, there's no plans to add an all stack section as of right now Thanks for that, added now! As for the counter, I don't really have the time to visit everyone's profiles and getting their counts all updated manually, sorry! Added~
  13. Both have been added!
  14. This is already how it's set up I think the way I worded it could be better though, I'll change that to be a bit more clear in the games list!