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  1. Alright, sorry for the delay, but everyone should be updated! Let me know if I made any mistakes.We also have our first Moment of Awe and Victory! Congrats, @cycoivan!
  2. Alrighty, Persona 5 Scramble is officially part of the rankings! I'm not changing the rankings any though, not a single person was demoted this time
  3. Oh I get that, I did full pacifist too! But it would also mean seeing more of the game, ya know? Also it'd be probably one of the hardest trophies one would get just cuz of the emotional toll it would cause lol.
  4. I'd honestly just redo the Undertale trophy list, it has these cool final boss fights and multiple endings and you don't even get anything for them. I think a full Pacifist and a full Genocide playthrough should both have their own trophies
  5. Man, someone should just make a Let's Platinum thread for XIV, since people are in it for the long haul if they wanna plat it... May as well get a shiny graphic with your name on it as well
  6. Hey guys, quick question for everyone. I'm adding Persona 5 Scramble to the ranks one way or another, but since it's taken quite a while to announce an English version does anyone have any opinions about me adding the Japanese version in? Should I keep waiting? (I'm also adding a bonus rank for Nocturne when the English version is out, so stick around!)
  7. Alright, ladies and gentlemen, I am adding Little Hope to this PP! I will be looking into Hidden Agenda and The Impatient soon to see if they will be added to this PP as well. A bonus rank for games by Supermassive is in heavy consideration as well, so I'll be adding a poll about that soon! I am also looking into the delisted games (I kinda like the idea of a higher rank for those who have the plats for them, so that may be coming soon as well if there are no heavy objections). If anyone has a list of the games in here that are currently delisted that would be incredibly helpful! I have also decided against the Challenge Gate idea as it seems like most of you disliked this idea. So suffice it to say there will be some changes coming soon! Thanks for sticking around~
  8. Trophy list is up, I ran the list through Google Translate: Looks doable, I suppose
  9. You were both added!
  10. Everyone up to here has been added or edited~
  11. I don't think I would ignore the Vita version. If anything I'd just say have one or the other. Someone else might have the Vita version, you never know!
  12. Thanks for the update
  13. Fabulous, thanks for the help
  14. Editing now~ Good question, probably! I'm thinking it might be time to make a bonus rank for all the Dark Pictures stuff too
  15. Added! I'll think more about adding the new rank though, now that it's been brought up. But you're our first Take Your Heart, congrats! Added~