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  1. Added! That's a good question, honestly. I'm not gonna mess with it right now but I think what I'll have to do is make another like... Ultra Plat tier or something for everyone that has all the delisted games done as well.
  2. Hey, this event didn't seem to get a lot of interest when I originally posted it, but I may as well bump it and ask if a few people would wanna do a variation of it for this year's EVO?
  3. Ya know what? I'm in. I need to get back into the plat hunt
  4. Would anyone object to me opening up a Sonic PP?
  5. Everyone here has been added/edited~
  6. Everyone had been edited
  7. Whew! Alrighty guys, I have been gone for a damn long time. I changed my username and for a while I just sort of had a blank profile cuz of it... Guess I jumped the gun lmao. But hey, everything is up to date now. Lemme know if anything needs to be changed
  8. Sorry this hasn't been updated in a while, everyone! The school and work combo is kicking my ass right now, so I just haven't even had the time to game as much as I would like. That being said, everyone up to this point has been added~
  9. You have been added to The Quicker Man
  10. Hi, I completed Nonary Games and ZTD... So I am ranked "2 Worlds 2 Games 2 Stories"
  11. I have all the Dancing games, so I rank up and I also get the bonus ranking
  12. Alrighty, added~ Congrats on Tales! That one might be one of my favorite from Telltale. As far as Beyond and Heavy Rain go, well I will admit that I don't really like Beyond and I think Heavy Rain is more charming, so I'd suggest going with that instead. If you start with Heavy Rain first then you're also going in order of release, so I guess that works?
  13. My sister was the one who ordered our copy of KH3, and she sent me a pic of it yesterday, so I mean... I know it's there, but I can't play it until the weekend most likely :< Might make it my 50th. KH1 was my first RPG, so it may be fitting
  14. You have both been added~
  15. Got uh... Got quite a few plats since I last updated the thread... #36: Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight Dancing in Starlight Obtained all trophies. December 12th, 2018 #37: Detroit: Become Human DETROIT MASTER Collected all trophies! December 31st, 2018 #38: Persona 4: Dancing All Night Dancing All Night Obtained all trophies January 3rd, 2019 #39: Late Shift Platinum Trophy Acquire all trophies January 11th, 2019 #40: Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight Dancing All Night Obtained all trophies January 11th, 2019 #41: Storm Boy Storm Boy Get all other Trophies in Storm Boy January 14th, 2019 #42: Dream Daddy All The Dads Earn every Dream Daddy trophy. January 25th, 2019 I also got an email from Sony that gave my 2018 breakdown, and I found it pretty interesting, so I'll post it here~ I'm changing the thread up a bit, getting rid of the little diary-esque entries since I kinda give my thoughts in the thread for most recent plats already. Still messing with it, need to add a few links, but we're getting there~