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  1. I'm gone for a few days and this thread devolves into talks about who is a grill and which cabin is gonna win. Amazing. Cabin 2 is the best
  2. Cabin #2 peeps, where ya at?
  3. I'm gonna be changing my list up and adding stuff, so here's my new list Make Friends - Kingdom Hearts I know, I had Bully here. But I've had KH in my backlog for a while, so I can't see myself buying another game when I have one that fits so well just waiting to be played Shoot Something - Far Cry 4 I know it isn't a bow, but you do shoot things in it. So it counts, right? Make Something - Stardew Valley I know, I know. Unrealistic. But a girl can dream, right? Get Tested - Shadow of the Colossus Trials mode. Do I need to say more? Be a Hermit - Danganronpa 1・2 Reload There seems to be a lot of mini games in the postgame of Danganronpa, so I think I'm gonna count it for this one~ Play a Sport - ??? Survive - ??? Learn Something - ??? Put on a Show - ??? For now, these are still the same: Go Hiking - Dragon Age Inquisition Tell a Ghost Story - Detention BONUS CATEGORY: Summer Vacation - Valkyria Chronicles
  4. I almost forgot about giving a weekly update, and I only started it last week. Damn, school really is ruining everything. Anyway, two days late, but here we go: I was craving some trophies after doing a lot of work for school, so I just went ahead and did this entire list in one go.I'm honestly surprised at how much I liked Day of the Tentacle, I thought it might not hold up all that well but it really does. Still funny and still charming, so if you catch it on sale (or got it free for PSPlus) then you should give it a shot! Earned Trophies: 1 Gold, 3 Silver, 53 Bronze Current Percentage: 100% Got two of the crafting trophies, the one for catching 24 different fish, and the one for shipping 15 of each crop. I am 10 trophies away from getting the plat, buuut I have the mini game trophies left... Which I am about 90% sure is going to kill my chances of ever really getting this plat. But hey. I guess a girl can dream. Earned Trophies: 1 Silver, 4 Bronze Current Percentage: 65%
  5. Both of your edits have been added! And I see you completed Abzu @marshmeowlo so I checked that off your list as well~
  6. Does peer pressure count as bullying? Cuz if it is then the bully is being bullied
  7. Peer pressure is strong. I suddenly want to expand my list and put KH on it
  8. That sounds hilarious though, who wouldn't do that?
  9. I dunno, I just know that I need one
  10. Again. I need an adult
  11. Okay, so I think this is gonna be my list. I might edit my Bonus or add more, but I think this is what I'm gonna go with: Make Friends - Bully Because I'm the camp bully. I think you make friends in Bully? It's in a school so one would hope you do? Go Hiking - Dragon Age Inquisition This is gonna be my 30th plat, I adore this game so much. The Hinderlands is this huuuuuuge outdoors place that you spend a lot of time in. I only need my final Nightmare playthrough, but this might take a while... Tell a Ghost Story - Detention This Taiwanese horror game is really cool looking and I've had it purchased for a while, so let's get it off the list! BONUS CATEGORY: Summer Vacation - Valkyria Chronicles There's a beach vacation scene. Yeah, just one. But still lol
  12. Might need to put Bully on my list after all this lol
  13. Yeah I'm in a pretty good mood, ngl lol Camp bully? I like it. @Toogie53, put a KH game on your list or I'm gonna tie you to a tree and replace the camp flag with your underwear
  14. I asked for adults. Can I ask for other adults? Idk, one of my fave past times in this scenario is picking on nice people, I guess lol
  15. But what if I start drowning in the lake or Kent and I start fighting?