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  1. Alright, I am still working on my list, but here's what I got so far. 1. Samhainophobia - Fear of Halloween - A Hat in Time, since each of the hats are kind of like a costume. Also I need an excuse to finally give it a shot~ 2. Arachnophobia/Entomophobia/Ophidiophobia. Fear of spiders, bugs, snakes - ???. 3. Kinemortophobia. Fear of the undead – I'm pretty unsure here, but I'm thinking a Resident Evil. I have plenty of them as it is. 4. Thanatophobia. Fear of dying – Yomawari: Midnight Shadows. The game seems to have a trophy for dying a number of times, so I think this works 5. Monophobia. Fear of being alone – Shadow of the Colossus. All you have for the majority of the game is your horse. 6. Dementophobia. Fear of insanity - Amnesia Collection, since the insanity feature is like... A defining part of the game. 7. Chronophobia. Fear of time – Gone Home has a speedrun trophy. 8. Decidophobia. Fear of decisions - I'm torn between Heavy Rain, Detroit or Beyond. If I don't finish up Heavy Rain before the event starts then it'll probably be that, but if so I'll go with one of the other two. 9. Technophobia. Fear of technology – 2064: Read Only Memories. A point-and-click game set in the future, and you have a robot companion. It looks really cute~ 10. Acrophobia. Fear of heights - Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, should be obvious why if you know anything about the game 11. Metathesiophobia. Fear of change – LA Noire. I don't really play too many open world games, but this one always interested me. 12. Gynophobia. Fear of women – Gravity Rush Remastered. Kat seems like a cool lady~
  2. I'd like to join up too, if there's room. I'll start thinking about my list now
  3. Nothing is stopping you from just making your own list and doing your best to complete it, ya know Lol, I'm sure we'll do another one, the event seems to be fairly popular~ With that said, everyone up to this point has had their lists updated!
  4. #15: The King of Fighters '97 Global Match July 6th, 2018 Iori, Chris, and Terry is the team~
  5. You have been added! Don't worry, I'm not good at them either. But what's life without a challenge every once in a while?
  6. The list of eligible games has been edited, and I have added sample emblem awards!
  7. Everyone up to this point has been edited~
  8. Hi there, I'm sorry I haven't updated lately, but that's because I'm gonna have to drop this event. I have had a lot of stuff happen lately, and in truth I'm mentally drained to the point where I have to force myself to game. Still rooting for you, Cabin 2
  9. I may have to change my list up, I think I bit off WAY more than I can chew and may need to get rid of some of the RPGs on my list. But until then I'd like to add something: Put on a Show: It's a televised tournament, so yeah. I guess this counts as putting on a show
  10. Congrats everyone! Updated~
  11. I started my Nightmare playthrough of Dragon Age Inquisition the other day. It's why I haven't updated much... Cuz it's the last thing I need from DAI and I'm not popping trophies! Might start Detention tonight though, since it has no plat and I want my 30th to be DA
  12. The fact that people are claiming that any cabin besides cabin 2 is the best is a laugh
  13. Suuuuuuper late, but edited~!
  14. I'm gone for a few days and this thread devolves into talks about who is a grill and which cabin is gonna win. Amazing. Cabin 2 is the best
  15. Cabin #2 peeps, where ya at?