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  1. I think servers are shutting down on or near 31st may 2017
  2. Hey guys. Looking to sell my old PS1, PS2, CDs and DVDs so I thought i'd try musicmagpie seems good prices but wondering is there any others like them, any help would be awesome thanx
  3. Already got Injustice and Infamous first light, haven't played the swapper yet but good ps4 list
  4. Thanx guys, i'm keeping my account
  5. Hey guys. Today my PS3 got corrupted and i've lost everything including game saves, I know I should of backed up my saves, now i've gotta start my games from scratch but i'm wondering to keep my almost 6000 trophies or make a new account with 0 trophies, any advice would be appreciated
  6. Sweet, sick of seeing Man Shitty blue haha, come on united haha, anyhow hope we can finally put images on ps4 aswell
  7. Crash Bandicoot, one of the first games I ever played, I remember looking in a catalogue and it was about £50, good times
  8. This. it's happened to me on some games like Battlefield 3, Grid 2 and Mass Effect 2
  9. Thanx for the help guys, it was viruses and stuff, all fixed now
  10. My internet download speed is about 50Mbps and upload is 3Mbps, anyone got any ideas whats wrong
  11. Hey guys. I need help I recently got my laptop fixed but it seems slow loading pages, internet works great on PS3, PS4 & Vita but crap on laptop, it was fine before it was broke, my internet should be about 30GB I think, any tips or suggestions, if it continues I might sell it and get an ipad instead
  12. Wow that was unexpected, good game, looking for to playing part 2
  13. I have this game, haven't started online yet, just started the campaign
  14. Hey guys. Brought a new 32GB memory card yesterday anyway problem is when I download anything, it downloads then i get a error called NW-10759-2, does anyone what's causing the error?, I backed up my all my stuff on the vita then restored the data when I first used the memory card so I thought it corrupted so I restored the vita but I'm still getting the errors. Any help would appreciated.
  15. Just brought MGR, oh well I prefer disks anyway so Remember Me and Oddworld are good plus getting a new memory card soon so happy days