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  1. Still having the error, tried deleting the ps store and installing the app, tried 2 step verification code, nothing works
  2. No not yet
  3. Had this error today, I deactivated ps3 but still getting error? Been trying to download and play downloads for hours but no avail, also i don't gave 2 step verification on, any advice please
  4. I live in england uk, I used to have 100mb till I got told I may need a highter mb cos I play console
  5. I'm thinking of changing my internet provider, just curious what's the best speed to have? I use wifi on tablet, ps vita and mobile and wired for tv and ps3, ps4 and sometime next year a ps5, I use internet for streaming like bbc iplayer and itv etc and downloading games, any advice would be appreciated
  6. Boring list, wasn't expecting alot after seeing the first game trophies but would of loved some variety like kill 5 silently or complete a chapter with no kills or craft some unique weapons and kill 5 enemies or play the using some options like easy assist or ps2 game engine etc
  7. there should be a option on the globe saying more stories click on that then you should see level packs like muppets or toy story
  8. You need at least tanker very easy, easy and normal to get bandana and stealth suit, plant most all difficulties at least 218 I think
  9. It's related to the ipod songs trophy as you only can get some of them on BBE difficulty
  10. sweet thanx
  11. i need about 275 miles i think, my problem recently tour events haven't gone down, currently on rank 5 with 27 events to rank 6 but it won't count even i've playing tour, annoying
  12. very doable, i just helped someone get there trophies, bumped into afew ramdoms but mostly found each other without any problems
  13. Not interested in any of them, I'll have god of war ps4 if you still have it so I'll trade in disk copy, send me a PM on psn and we'll trade codes
  14. Sorry already have those
  15. Thanx alot for reply :), money is not a problem as I can "borrow" some if needed, I have a 4k tv but I'm using ps4 on normal hdtv as its downstairs and I dont have much space for the tv