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  1. Thanx for the list, afew games I need to get done asap
  2. Sadly no
  3. It happens on most games with dlc, like call of duty etc, annoying
  4. No online trophies sweet, Silver - The New Time-Master - Beat all of Nefarious Tropy's times in Time Trial Mode. Gold - Gasmoxian Slug - Beat all of Nitros Oxide's times in Time Trial Mode. Not looking forward to doing these 2 trophies oh well
  5. Awesome, I have every wwe platinum on ps3 but not ps4 due my career trophies and barely playing 2k19 but at least obtainable
  6. best advice is to create some alt accounts and tell your booster to do same, also use 1 or 2 stars, that's the way i did it and bit of patience and good luck
  7. If you purchased any game or dlc then it'll be in your download forever
  8. Awesome, need to finish ps3 version at some point, luckily I've got online trophies done
  9. Yea it does reset
  10. Awesome, can't bloody wait, thank God I don't have 100% spyro 3 to get platinum only hard thing is flight levels on spyro 1 cos I suck at them unlike 2 and 3
  11. ey guys, recently brought on new 4k hdr tv etc but when I play ps3 I have green writing instead of white writing, I've tried different setting on tv and ps3 but still the same, any advice would be appreciated __________________
  12. Yea you can get the trophies but trophies don't sync to your account unless you buy the game
  13. Hey guys, been doing some thinking whether to keep my ps3 games or trade them, all I do is trophy hunt, I do have fun playing games but when I've got 100% I have to more on to next game unless dlc gets released, stupid post I know but I don't know what to do and yes I know I should play for fun but trophy hunting is what is do for fun aswell
  14. Thanx for the replies guys, got some games that I'm working on right now, sly 3, killlzone 2, tomb raider: anniversary, need for speed: most wanted, ratchet and clank all 4 one