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  1. Port Royale 4 - Buccaneers DLC releases today. It is the golden age of piracy and buccaneers roam the seas! Sale under the Jolly Roger, plunder and raid convoys loaded with precious booty and work to establish your own nation to become the most notorious buccaneer and the Caribbean. Port Royale 4 - Buccaneers introduces “Buccaneer” mode to Free Game. Dedicate yourself to privateering and let the cannons do the talking! Features: - New “Buccaneers Mode” for Free Game: choose your hometown and raid other colonial nations as bona fide swashbuckler. - Capture your opponents’ ships or build your own fleet of privateers in the shipyard, including the Pirate Barque and Pirate Galleon. - Privateer for other nations to increase your fame in infamy. - Annex Other nation’s towns and add them to your sovereign territory. - New Game objectives in missions focused on piracy, combat, and conquest. - New “pirate” aesthetic for your nation’s buildings in towns. - Jaunty new music during naval battles. $4.99 USD
  2. From looking at your list, I would deeply consider going back and finishing all of the Uncharted Remastered games that you started. Those are a lot of fun and real easy to Platinum. If you get stuck on some of the Crushing difficulty, you can always watch a video for it. There is a guy who goes through and beats it on Brutal. His videos and strategy make Crushing very easy. As mentioned, you should definitely finish Fallout. That is one of the best games out there. Bethesda knows how to make a good game. In fact, I just went back to play it again not to long ago just for the fun of it. Hopefully it holds me off until they release another one. Just a side note, take it with a grain of salt. Stay away from the Rata games. They are toxic to any trophy list. It is fine if you play one or two that you are interested in because they looks fun. But, the last thing you want to do is flood your trophy list with stackable Rata games. As soon as you do, that is all anyone will see.
  3. I am interested to know as well.
  4. How about another hint?
  5. I am sorry to hear that. You might have to buy the physical copy of the gold edition disc. Try eBay, last I saw, it was around $10.
  6. Have you tried checking the PlayStation Now application? The last time I was on PS Now, I was able to play the game. I am pretty sure that all DLC was available Can anyone confirm?.
  7. Is it The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion? A skull with a 4 eye sockets wearing a helmet. No trophies either.
  8. This is sad. I just started getting into my Vita. I know that I shouldnt be surprised because this sort of thing was bound to happen. But, I hate to see it. I figured as much for the PS3 since they are pushing their PlayStation Now. Which is a pretty good deal for the amount of games you get access to. It always reminds me of Sega Channel. A great idea but way before its time.
  9. I like this idea. It's a very nice gesture. A couple of the games are definitely worth checking out. I am glad they are doing this.
  10. To be honest, the game is actually really good. I was surprised at how well they put it together. The only bad part is the bugs. If they work them out, this would definitely be one of my favorite games. Right up there with Skyrim and Fallout.
  11. That is great news. I hope it fixes all the major issues. Thank you for the information.
  12. I saw this and thought you might be interested in it. She has a 4 part documentary coming this month as well.


    1. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      I've spoken to Kate in mermaid Facebook groups before. 🙂 Is this airing in America?

    2. StressEater


      I am not 100% if it will air in America. But I am sure that you can find it online as soon as it does. Maybe even find it on one of the streaming sites. I'll keep an eye out for it and let you know.

    3. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      Awesome! Thank you!

  13. Check some of the more obscure places that people do not normally buy video game systems from. For example, Target had several systems this morning. Another place you can always try is Costco or Sam;s club. And of course, keep checking all the usual places like Gamestop, Wal Mart, Best Buy, and Sony Direct.
  14. I decided to re watch the TV show House. It's definitely not as good as I thought it was. In fact, I don't think this show would last at all today. To make it worse, it is extremely repetitive.
  15. If you don't have a backup file. I would not finish the day so that it doesn't save. Then try again and see if it unlocks the trophy. However, make a back up save before hand. Then see if going a few days into the game will unlock it. I think I may have had the same issue and it unlocked a couple days later. I hope this helps.