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  1. Cyber-Security seems to be getting worse and worse nowadays, huh? Anyways, cheers for the heads up
  2. Just received some bad news... My dog, Lulu, only has 3 months left to live :(

    1. ShadowStar83x


      I'm so sorry. :( At least you'll have her for Christmas.

    2. WidthOfACircle


      Really sorry to hear that.

    3. 90sGamer


      :( sorry to hear
  3. Did you know, that you can fit all the planets in the Solar System (excluding Dwarf Planets) in the space between Earth and Moon?
  4. Do you know what I'm saying? You don't? Good man. I can say whatever I want
  5. I've decided to stop learning Swedish and continue on learning Spanish... Sorry, Cooltedan.

    1. PSNP is crap i left

      PSNP is crap i left

      That's ok, it's a pretty hard language to learn. My cousins have the same problem.

    2. Cooltedan
  6. Undertale, right?
  7. I got communist and love right
  8. Memories... Hollywood Undead fan over here!
  9. OH! And I'm very quiet in person... And I mean... Very. Quiet.
  10. I found Leonardo Dicaprio to one sexy ass character in The Great Gatsby... Yeah... I mean... Seriously... LOOK AT HIM!!!
  11. 'Today it is nearly extinct, and less than 100 people still speak it' YOU SIR! Are one of kind
  12. I have absolutely no clue
  13. Build Whatever Wherever Because F**k Physics! Rename: Minecraft
  14. Today to son pinching communist and having fun maybe estimating christ. The love of today... I have absolutely no clue
  15. Yes I may have a small bit of the language? I know that some Irish people say 'wee' when they mean 'small' Operas house? Is it a English man thing person. I have a loin and cant see bears in Finland? A ultimite capital in Dragon Ball Super game one completed level. Goku and Freezer is the person's platinum a fart in ____ ____ eat her hairy Vagina(dont ask). Apart in soya, the animation can in good as medicine at certain parts.