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  1. You look it, ppl get platinum more fast
  2. DEOSS77 Jak II
  3. Normal situation for this game: get trophy for last boss, not get trophy for last level. After restart aplication you get trophy for last level and platinum.
  4. Complete Old Flames Burn Brighter When. When will the mission be available?
  5. Thx! All work, complete on 2x accounts.
  6. If you look normal video with all locations, sent link...
  7. PlayAsGod?
  8. Before a patch, in around end 2017, it was possible to get this trophy by luck. Sometimes it crash, sometimes not. But since patch it seems impossible. However, nobody got plat since long time
  9. If you close application after start game - not get platinum. Need start app and make full complete. If close, get glitch.
  10. Cool game. Wait release...
  11. DevilPete97 VS Mersang Who is real GoW? Coming soon on psnp! Summer 2018
  12. Not died before Speedrun trophies. If died close game and delete save. Roadmap this game: make speed run 6 min first, if died delete save. After 6-10 min speedrun trophy, wait more 6 min if feel make before 6 min. Last trophy died with 35 or 36 fragments.
  13. After 6 min speed run, need delete save and make 10 min. I complete 3x platinums, each time glitch random trophies :))))) Solve: get 1 trophy, sync him and delete save file. Always new save file for each trophy :)))