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  1. Well I for one greatly appreciate any Indie publisher & developer that still continues to support our beloved PS Vita and PS TV. So thank you Ratalaika Games. 😇
  2. Sony should just hire the Staff here at PSN Profiles to fix their mess of a Trophy System and complete lack of any consistent rules. Boom! Problem solved. 😋
  3. Right on dalailama1989. Thanks for the info. Apparently the key to correcting any errors in a Trophy List is that it has to be done before the release date.
  4. Obviously it was a mistake since the Trophy Tiles clearly show that it should have been 1 Bronze (15 Points) + 1 Silver (30 Points) + 1 Gold (90 Points) = 135 Points. Even that seems like yet another mistake though since it would still be tied for the 3rd "Least Rewarding" Trophy List ever created. It was probably just supposed to be DLC. @BlindMango - Have Trophy Values ever been updated before? We all know that Trophy Titles have been updated before (GOW: Ascension "Bros before hos" -> "Bros before foes"). We are in the middle of a pandemic, so it's like "Who cares"? But this could easily be fixed in a few minutes, and then we can all go back to worrying about finding toilet paper.
  5. Thanks. I just got here. Nice place this internet is.
  6. If you all can't even agree on what the problems are, then how are they ever supposed to get fixed?
  7. As it currently stands, this so-called Series Box "feature" is completely useless. PSVR came out almost 3 years ago. There's 615 PSVR Games. All PSVR Games should have a "PSVR" Tag. "PSVR Compatible" is just as important as "PSVR Required". Complete PlayStation VR Catalog For Required and Compatible Games
  8. Everyone At Sony Who Decides Which Games Actually Get A Platinum Trophy List Are "Frankly Unfair, Unkind, Unnecessary, & Underhanded". Seriously, "F. U., U., U., & U."!
  9. IO Interactive: Developing DLC's For DLC's From DLC's And Calling Them "Games" Since 2016.
  10. Trophy Thoughts? "Ding!"
  11. Considering that all the DLC is already coming to Borderlands 2 VR later this summer, it seems pretty likely that "Commander Lilith & The Fight For Sanctuary" will also eventually be in PS VR. Obviously it's not coming to PS3 or PS Vita, but I'm sure it'll also be in a "Borderlands Ultimate Collection" on PS5 as well. Remember when we used to get free games during E3? Now it's DLC.
  12. Here's all the information... $30 LMFAO!
  13. All I'm going to say is that this Trophy List will hurt sales, whether anyone wants to admit it or not.
  14. "Is trophy hunting a waste of time?" If you answer isn't "NO", then you're obviously on the wrong site.
  15. You guys are reading WAAAY too much into this little executive shuffle. There's thousands of other employees at SIE, that combined influence the direction of PlayStation far more than the CEO's could ever do by themselves.