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  1. what kind of game is at ?
  2. nope 1990'S
  3. look like a game from the 90's
  4. i play over 30 online race and the trophy still locked what i do wrong??
  5. invite random people to the championship? yes you can
  6. the game will release soon ??
  7. maybe this link help anyone :
  8. why 2 list of space hulk with ps4 console bolt ?
  9. for my opinion is the same: medium difficulty
  10. I see the Bioshock game are in collection in ps4 but the trophy list will be the same ?
  11. on the boosting session ??
  12. i agree with you!
  13. i know but i am tired to try
  14. i won twice a macht but nobody cares to give some respects i am tired of this 2 victorys but no respect that LAME !!!
  15. i try the boosting but no one come for helping me!