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  1. Umm, I couldn't give a single shit about this game lol. I haven't used my vita in like a year. :/
  2. I just want the torries gone. Greens and Labour aren't perfect by any means, but they can't be worse then the Torries. As for UKIP they're a one trick pony, running on a trick they can't actually perform. Also some of their policies are xenophobic and or very discriminatory and although I fucking despise SJW's and the Politically correct police, I agree with them on one thing. Everyone should be treated equally... actually wait never mind they don't even believe in that themselves. Okay forget I mentioned SJW's. Everyone should be treated equally. And I mean equality under the law and equal opportunities, not gender/ethnicity based quota's forcing equal outcome/parity. I don't even like Labour that much, but they're 1 of 4 shit sandwiches, but they come with tomato sauce, so I'll vote for them.
  3. Can't you just take the hard drive out and put it in your new ps4? You never mentioned anything about upgrading your hard drive, so maybe just swap them over instead?
  4. It's really sad knowing we'll never see what had the potential to be one the best horror games of this generation. It's a massive loss. Fuck you Konami. Just throw money at hideo kojima & guillermo del toro and make them finish it. Then part ways. But no Konami are just arrogant assholes. This seems to be a trend with Japanese publishers... they never seem to know what's good for them and they always end up fucking over their western fans.
  5. Sure that makes sense. It just seems inconsistent a lot of the time.
  6. Yeah I know. But I don't understand how a game that can only muster 11 trophies has enough content to have a plat. Yet a game that can muster 20, doesn't have enough content to have a plat.
  7. Why don't games like Octodad have a platinum then? Couldn't they take 4 bronze trophies and make them silver, and 10 bronze and make them gold? for no reason other then they wanted to?
  8. Is the ps4 even usable if you have slow internet speeds? I've downloaded patches that are gigabytes big, how the fuck do you manage that with say 4MBPS down?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Gatatog


      My download speed rarely tops 300kbps but I manage. It sucks but leaving it downloading overnight is an easy solution. The fact that I very very rarely play online games helps, because then I can just let it run in the background ;)

    3. Vagantem


      Wow... some of you are suffering lol. Patches stop you from playing the game though right? You need to patch certain games to play their multiplayer. It must suck ass coming back from school/work to a patch.

    4. Neputyunu


      If you have Plus, you can configure "Automatic Updates" (or however this feature actually got called in english). Just set it to somewhen you are sleeping. No problemo...

  9. That I'll agree with, judges idk. But the commentators I was listening to seemed to be sucking the money dick.
  10. They both cancelled each other out. So it's hard to tell. It was close but if the professionals say floyd won then I guess he won. I'm not educated enough to pick out a winner for myself lol and I only saw the last 4 rounds. From what I saw of that, it was close and nothing happened.
  11. How I feel when you guys start talking about what Anime you like...

    1. BlueFireReaper


      Well, everyone has their differences.


    2. Aela



    3. Vagantem
  12. The term "Bin man" is sexist and ostracising and is clearly keeping women out of the picking up trash industry! Thanks to these misogynistic societal norms, men everywhere always have to "take out the trash". While women are deemed "not worthy" to throw bags of shit. God I hate the patriarchy. #TeachYourDaughtersToPickUpTrash

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    2. Vagantem


      No problem, one less sexist misogynist shitlord out there, the better! #CheckYourPrivillege

    3. ZeroXOF


      What about if you already checked your privilege?

    4. Vagantem


      Check it again shit lord!

  13. 1 at a time, so I can brag about my high completion to people with low completion who don't care about completion. They won't care but at least fills me with a sort of pride and air of superiority that I can't get from anywhere else in my life. True story.