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  1. This game is terrible.
  2. I would format the drive and install Windows 7 on it instead.
  3. Because it's football and not soccer
  4. The multiplayer is dead Jim.
  5. The collection needs Episode 1 Racer. That was the best Star Wars racing game ever IMHO !
  6. That explains the lag then.
  7. It was a good game. The only downside was the awful frame rate.
  8. Multiplayer is a complete joke in this game.
  9. Anything but Internet Explorer.
  10. Since 2009 I think.
  11. I wouldn't mind Thief Gold
  12. I concur.
  13. Animal cruelty.
  14. It is definitely worth a look. The arcade version is the best one.
  15. Burnout Paradise.