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  1. In the Floating Isles, there's one guy who can upgrade your stuff for some cash but I personnaly didnt found that useful... I however used its upgrades once while trying to beat the last level on NG+ as i was struggling a bit
  2. Yes, you'll have to rely on random loot once you've attain level 26. Thankfully, unlike NG, loot is constantly dropping in NG+.
  3. That sounds bad... I believe the ''recent'' patch broke it. The Steam version seems to have the same problem btw... You can try using orlandoxdb_br method and i'm pretty sure it'll work on vita aswell (if it's actually glitched...(100%d & deleted the game a loooong time ago))
  4. Can anyone confirm boosting method #1 described above by Floriiss is working ? I'll soon go for these DLC trophies and definitely want to get them fast...
  5. I'd love to have Stunts mode back, especially with these new environments. And we also need... a horn