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  1. I would like to know too if toi can craft all recipes under multiplesplaythrough, all recipes in one playthroughs, i Will have to plan very well if its have to ne all un one playthrough?
  2. Does someone know the requirements for the ratings. I made my 1st playthrough in 11h30min no death with Everyone Alive and i got A rating only. I suppose for s rank its under 10 hrs maybe. I got only 19 000 RP IT Might be That
  3. I played this game on PS3 and its worked fine ,havent any issues but on PS4 slim i cant past certain point , constant crash, i didnt Play the game since septembre 2017 samething happened with darksiders2 on PS4 slim.
  4. Edit , by chance i made a backup save before finishing my 1st playthrough. So i reloaded that save from the cloud and this time the Trophy pop with the platinum. So DON'T SKIP the credits
  5. Tua appear to me after cleansing my last 2 outposts the cargo and shipwreck
  6. I make the error to skip at some point the credits in my first playthrough rupture Trophy doesent pop. I make the other endings and i got the Trophy for both endings but i still dont have the good ending Trophy. Any workaround ? I try to replay the good ending (3 Times) but no trophy. I have a backup save before cleansing my last 2 outposts.
  7. I need some advice, im already at the end. I check the memories on the main menu and i miss quite a lot 29 to be exact. I have a backup save before cleansing the cargo and ship outpost. Should i finish the Game and restart another one or should i reload m'y save to try getting more dreams before cleansing the ship and cargo? Do dreams are missables. Right now when i sleep i make always the same dream. 29 missed dreams its appear to me a lot. Already got all other trophies apart this one and the two endings. Do you have to sleep during specifics circumstances to trigger some dreams. In the main menu they are listed above differents category, titles. Thanks
  8. ok thanks it was what i want to know, so the last episode of the good, the bad and the augment unlock before you finish the game. Edit: i got my related weapons trophy for the good, bad and the augment dlc without having to get the special weapon from the four lines. I got my trophy to kill a boss with his own weapon during episode 2 i think, against pax.
  9. Can you complete all episodes during your first playthrough cycle? Or the last episodes are unlocked after beating the final boss? Im pretty early in the main game. Im just arrive in central production B. And i find this doors and the testing chamber. I play all first three episodes unlocking all gears and weapons trophies. Thou i have to bother to complete the others before new game +. thanks
  10. edit : Ok i unlock the last sponsor by finishing in the top 10 at TDF
  11. How do you unlock the trophy, i mean, i think they have a hidden sponsor but i dont know the requirement to unlock this sponsor. I need to beat TDF on pro mode? For the hidden downhill track i know you have to get gold on all 10 tracks. Anybody know ? thanks. ps. I find the game challenging. Its hard to control your teamates especially needed full cordination when your racers are lower level than the stars.
  12. i played gwent in the witcher 3 the main game and i really love it. Thanks for your titles , i will keep a eye on it
  13. I am interested in deck card games but I dont know what to choose. Do you have any suggestions? I am not used to this kind of game but I am curious to try. I am also a good player at video games in general and I also playing standard cards. would you have a suggestion for a novice player in the field who could satisfy my curiosity. Something not to hard not too easy. Thanks in advance
  14. last strawberry its in spirel concert hall boss room