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  1. last strawberry its in spirel concert hall boss room
  2. no, i only see this site in german but he have only i think 30/43 , https://www.trophies.de/forum/thema/145936-shop-books-fundorte-trophäe-repetoire/
  3. Do you have to get all 5 fingers in order to access heaven and then reach the beach or can you simply die 25 times to access black waterfall via the purgatory door to unlock the trophy ?
  4. I have 4 left remaining to find. I play all levels again and i still now 3 left. I play through zone 1 to the boss. I miss mid rank fire gem, third rank for ice gem and mid rank for blue berry. I check everywhere in the concert hall and im pretty sure its not there. I think the sewers have no shop books. Any ideas ? Edit : I find my last three. Ice crystal +3 in Spirel concert hall Great grape and lava crystal 2 in the swamp zone 2 (North and East section from the point of travel back) Be careful when searching the swamp
  5. I got all 3 trophies Chill in the air, curtain falls and requiem for a killer. From my experience Requiem was much more difficult for me. You have to be quick at the beginning trying to have a combo near 100 hits when the shield and shockers guys appears. And then, i almost everytime spamming grappling hook slam( automatic aim on electric guys, you will aim knives, and guns too but after you can become vulnerable when you use grappling so you have to aim the closest guys to you) , disarm and destroy (you will gain some hits on combo making this takedown and a lifesaver) . I use too 3 environmental takedown over 200x combo. I spend almost 2 days on it and everytime something happen wrong, itried differents techniques and i finally manage Croc to appear near 375x combo i think. I found this is the easiest technique. Jumping its too slow, the brutes will appear. Sometimes i use the jump for a breathing room or just to make sure i aim correctly when the camera go crazy after a rush guy or a ninja attack.
  6. i just redownload the digital copy from my ps3 to be able to transfer my characters on ps4 ROS . I have already platinum this game 2 times on ps3 For me its a transfer from Ros ps3 version to Ros ps4 version, i will update info about how i will unlock trophies and if i encounter problem, especially the level 70 one's.
  7. trophy dosent pop too after my 1st playthrough, got the under 15 and 30 hours. I will play my second playthrough and i will see. I will probably delete my save before attempting my speedrun playthrough the third one .
  8. I got in the circular room after raise the elevator (white tower), after the fights . I give him the barrel and then i hold O 2-3 times on his asshole and no longer after he make his crap
  9. I play 2 games before on ps3 and i like it but i dont remember the time i spend for theses platinum. Maybe 40-50 hours ?
  10. . i play 2 games on ps3 before , and i like it. Maybe i will get theses titles for ps4 depending if its not too time consuming for platinum. I have to check
  11. Due to the fact that have no many players who played this game and its hard to find players for doing online trophies like Sorry not sorry and Next time, take a cab trophies. I create this topic hoping can help some players to find others. Sure i need too right now, and i will continue to help after i get them. My psn id : DeGrape83 Take note that this is for ps3 plateforme.
  12. Grats on the SSX Plat man.

  13. it hapeen to me few times, black screen load i have no choice to shut the ps3 but every time i come back it was ok ,
  14. a lot of play this christmas and new year time . Happy new year 2016

  15. I got three medals for the first level q lock, and in the second level i got gold medal but the game seem to not saving this progress because i came back in the menu of qlock i have my first time and bronze medal when i try it for the first time. Anybody have this problems to ? i just see that i problably lost my internet connection during this, i reconnect and its work , so i dont know if its possible to save without internet connection. Problem solve for me if its the case 100 %impossible without a non stop playthrough for gamers with no internet connection Edit : i verify , you not need internet but just make sure to dont hit restart button in qlock too soon, blue autosave logo have to disappear.