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  1. It looks like a typical SAO trophy list. But all those bond trophies look so grindy, I hope they can be easily gotten. And I appreciate that the images of the trophies are nice looking. Might not get it on day one, but I will eventually play it when it becomes cheaper
  2. Well, I decided to try test my luck and see if the cheats will make me invincible against Anima. And they do make me so, she just kept trying to grab me but never harmed me. Still creeped the hell out of me with that voice from the controller.
  3. I have a little question, is it possible for the ghost Anima to kill you with the cheats activated? Because my heart can't deal with her and her humming! 😥
  4. One game that has been recently released also has dissapeared, it is called Yumeutsutsu Re:After, also Knightin'+
  5. One thing I must say is that for me the trophies have popped when then they should, without bugging. That is, the game has been patched or I was lucky enough for that to not to happen to me.
  6. So this has made clear that the message that I received the other day wasn't lying =D Then, when do you think that the rest of the theme and avatars will be sent? Because id it is son I will have to make haste and speed through the rest of the GAME to rain them =3
  7. About the themes, today I found in my e-mail a mail stating that character themes and avatars from the game would be published in a (possible?) near future. I hope it is true, although I already have the nice theme that came from the game so I'm served for the moment (^.^)" IMAGE (here I put the image as proof, as I can't manage to insert it in here, also I must say it is in Spanish)
  8. For the record and anyone that didn't saw it, you can find the DLC that contains all the original Persona 5 DLC for free at the PS Store of your country. And it's a lot of stuff you would like to have.
  9. I just have to finish my nightmare run from the Trails of Cold Steel III and I will be able to enjoy this new (and regretfully last) game. I was a little bit suspicious at first being it April's Fools, but I want to believe and pre-order it now =D
  10. From the online store. From what I know, they are the only ones that did it.
  11. Here in Spain it has been already sent to many people (myself included). But I can't seem to be able to redeem the code for the dynamic theme, maybe until the 31 it will be locked(?)
  12. I am glad that they removed the Golden Finger and Guardian of the Pond trophies, as those were the absolute worst trophies to get. But I am sad that I cannot get another Futaba trophy ToT
  13. You can use this one instead, it is completely in english and it is very accurate:
  14. Hard, you are getting short. They can be a nightmare. I tried defeating them at level 150 aprox. on normal difficulty and they hit very hard (my party got wiped out around half their HP bar). So, I can't help but believe that I won't be able to get those two trophies. So, unlike you like to grind levels and reach level 270 in a breeze, you are going for a very long run. Also, the Accessory Addict trophy, they are very well hidden and there are lot of them. I still haven't found even half of them! ( >д<). The rest are quite doable to get.
  15. In case someone is interested in doing the World Reward Dungeons, I have found a site with all the passwords. Also thanks Pincey-dono, for this glorious and extremely useful info =D