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  2. I really hope this game isn't another Hyperdimension Neptunia PP, because that one bored the hell out of me and I can't manage to keep playing it. At least it doesn't look very grindy (with the exception of the level ones). If anyone can please confirm this, you will make my day a little better (and might buy this game by the way).
  3. On this matter, I have something to say: Three trophies had popped out of order or didn't pop when it should had. 1. Death is Winged (Finish all Shows) popped randomly at one stage. 2. The True Flame Arrives! (Reach maximum level with Mary) popped instead of other trophy (trophy 3) 3. Weeb Ashes (Burn 3500 fans with Mary's ski), I had to close the game and replay a stage in order for it to pop. With this said, the problems are still there it seems. They've just become rarer.
  4. Utawarerumono Mask of Deception Utawarerumono Mask of Truth Utawarerumono Prelude to the Fallen Disgaea 5 Death end re;Q
  5. The game is back at the Playstation Store (Spain at least), and comes with a 25% discount.
  6. I have a small question that I want to be explained if possible. Is it still possible to purchase any kind of avatar or Theme for the PS4 at the console store or via desktop website? Because there is one that I've been wanting to purchase but I can't seem to find it no matter what. Thanks for your time, any response will be welcomed! (^w^)/
  7. Since this game came out, I looked upon the store to get thew usual free DLC that are given at each game. But I ran into a problem, as every DLC marked as free shows a message that says the following: "You must own TOCS IV in order to purchase this product". Also a bunch of costumes that appear on the store show up with the same message. Those are: Juna's "Crossbell Resistance" Costume, Juna's "Lloyd Bannings - Red" Costume, Rean's "True Dark Prince Rean" Costume, Launch Anniversary Set, Altina's "Magical Girl Allie" Costume, Altina's "Millium Orion" Costume, Musse's "Qilin Dress" Costume and "Cold Steel III" Bundle. And the last nail into my sanity is the Swimsuit Bundle DLC, as in my Store it appears with a price of 14,99€ and in the american one it is FREE. How did this happened and what can I do to get this solved? Thanks for listening to my rumbling and any help regarding this issue will be welcome.
  8. I have a little question, as I am not sure whether to get the PS4 or the Vita. Here is my question: is there any blockage on taking screenshots at any of the versions? As one thing that I enjoy the most is taking shots, and it bothers me not being able to do so.
  9. The trophy list looks more like MOD than MOT, which I appreciate. I have a little question, as I am not sure whether to get the PS4 or the Vita. Here is my question: is there any blockage on taking screeshots at any of the versions? As one thing that I enjoy the most is taking shots, and it bothers me not being able to do so.
  10. Well, I can recommend many games, one is Earth's Dawn, a fun 2D side-scrolling game about killing aliens. it's funny, easy and entertaining. Also, I absolutely recommend you playing the Utawarerumono games (Zan, Prelude to the fallen, Mask of Deception/Truth). And more of them are: Arc of Alchemist, Fairy Tail, Death end re;Quest (1&2), Crystar, The Caligula Effect: Overdose, Drive Girls, Megadimension Neptunia VIIR, Cyberdimension Neptunia, Criminal Girls.
  11. Also there is the issue with the incorrect title of one trophy A Government Plot Revealed, which should have been The Cursed Letter Revealed. All in all, the only worthy thing out of this game were the extra routes. The UFO one was the best xD.
  12. Can anyone help me with this mission (Rescue Mission 3)? I can't found where I am supposed to go and I have checked 98% of the map and still nothing. Any pointers will be welcomed, this is one of the last missions that I need to complete the game! (ToT)
  13. God Of War In my case I must say that the God Of War trophy from ni No Kuni II was the worst bronze trophy I had to deal with (and the last for the shiny platinum =D). Damn with those Skirmishes more difficult than they should be and appearing randomly in the map =\ Also, the Guardian of the Pond trophy and Fishing Master from Persona were suffocatting, these fishing minigames made me dislike so much the act of fishing. I spent about an hour trying to get both, and it was horrible.
  14. The trophies look quite similarly from the previous game. So I hope that it will only require 2 playtroughs at maximun. What I don't like is that most of the games have these lazy as f*** image trophies. Why are they doing this!? (T_T)
  15. No, the vast mayority of the game's history is taken off from the start of Mask of Deception. So yes, you can freely skip it without any remorse of losing something. (I did the same )