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  1. Hard, you are getting short. They can be a nightmare. I tried defeating them at level 150 aprox. on normal difficulty and they hit very hard (my party got wiped out around half their HP bar). So, I can't help but believe that I won't be able to get those two trophies. So, unlike you like to grind levels and reach level 270 in a breeze, you are going for a very long run. Also, the Accessory Addict trophy, they are very well hidden and there are lot of them. I still haven't found even half of them! ( >д<). The rest are quite doable to get.
  2. In case someone is interested in doing the World Reward Dungeons, I have found a site with all the passwords. Also thanks Pincey-dono, for this glorious and extremely useful info =D
  3. Awesome, thanks! 👍
  4. Hyperdimension Neptunia para la PS3, de segunda mano y con el artbook. Además fue aquel con el que conseguí mi primer trofeo =D
  5. Thank you very much for this free trophy! 😁 You have made my day with this little trick! 👍
  6. Thank you very much for this wonderful guide! 😁👍
  7. From what I know, there will be only three DLC characters, and those will be Zoro, Sabo y Trafalgar.
  8. I'm not a big fan of musou games, but I will buy it for a reasonable price! I will only buy it on release if the make Futaba a playable character! \(>o<)/
  9. I was worrying myself because I was next to the Last Palace, and at the very first obligatory fight at the Palace: I finally appears! \(>w<)/ Pretty much a simple one, you only have to grind very little for this. Not like the Risette one (still working on it T_T) And this one is a shiny silver!
  10. Passionate Listener
  11. I was finally able to get this ridiculously hard trophy after struggling so much with the useless button inputs of my controller. I had to use my PsVita in order to even dare to play it. Thank you a lot Satoshi-sama for the advice! \(^w^)/ And now to the next challenge, FISH. (I hate fishing)