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  1. Do you think by doing the loyalty glitch you can get the Club Legend trophy?
  2. I started trophy hunting when Fifa 13 came out but the InForm trophy prevented me from getting the platinum.. I'm still mad at the time I wasted on it.
  3. New update after 6 months: this method is still working. I got my trophy today. You still get around 4700 for 99 contracts. 80+ rare gold players in top leagues may get you a few thousands so don't quick sell for just 600 👍
  4. I didn't play any game, as soon as the cut scene of the kick off starts I pause and I choose restart using different teams and repeat.
  5. I just got it now. - Two different accounts - Both on the same team - Second controller get a few points in each skill game and after each one I press start, pause the game and I restart the game using different teams and repeated the whole thing and it unlocked.
  6. Yeah, I just saw the update message! It made my day, I think I will go for the trophy today. Also, shout-out to the people who got it with 1600 points.
  7. Alright 👍 I will check the video. While playing DM, I feel like I was stuck with Quen.. It was very helpful but I kind of got bored and my skills in dodging wasn't the best so I would die a lot if I was using other signs. Thank you!
  8. Hey guys. I just finished my second playthrough and got the platinum and I was wondering what DLC should I start first? Suggested level for HoS main quest: Evil Soft First Touches is 68 and B&W Envoys, Wineboys is 70. I'm level 65 now. Is it good to start now or should I do more side quests and level up? I have 25 side quest available and 25 contracts that I can do. I remember trying to play HoS after the first playthough in level 36 (I think) and Toad 'Prince' beat the shit out of me. My character build is mostly from the combat tree, should I adjust that? And is there any sword/potion that I should look out for? I got through the new game+ with buying the highest level sword available from blacksmiths and swallow potion only. and just to confirm, lowering the difficulty wont stop the trophies for popping right? Thank you.
  9. Damn!! That's not the answer I hoped I'd get, but thank you. I don't have saves in the cloud, so I will play the game again.
  10. Hello guys. I was playing the game again to get this trophies: (Priceless - Nice Tan - Obedience School - It's getting hot in here). And after a while of kicking like 300 hounds I read that using Godly possessions disable trophies! So if I switch it off the power ups will I still be able to get any of the above trophies? Or do I have to play the game again from the beginning? Thanks.
  11. I haven't tried it in the PS3 version so I can't say it will work. You can check though, buy one 99 contract from the catalogue and before you list it in the market compare it with the other contracts and see how much are people selling it for.
  12. I think it should work with Fifa 16.. I remember selling contracts for a good price when I got the trophy two months ago but I don't know if 99 contracts will get you exactly 5k, so compare the price in the market and you will get an idea of the average selling price. And for the second question, you list a player in the market for a unique price and time (so you don't buy someone else player) and go to the other account and buy it.
  13. Try this method, I think it will work in Fifa 16, too.
  14. Hey guys. I recently got back to the game and I found out that contracts are selling for good coins. Prices: 99 contracts = 5k , Gold 13 player contracts = about 1k, rare gold 28 player contract = about 2k rare gold 28 manager contract = about 1k You get five 99 contracts from the catalogue and the last one is in level 29, so if you have been playing Fifa for a while you probably have reached that. So buy the five sell them for 5k each and gift them to your other accounts that you created for boosting. And you'll get 25k each minus the 5% for each item you sell that goes to EA. If you still haven't got enough coins after this, buy the 1k booster from the catalogue (You can't gift it) and play a few games or sell your rare gold players (if you do have rare gold players in your squad). A list of rare gold players that I sold yesterday for good coins: Morata 5000 Bravo 4200 Mustafi 4200 Bailly 6600 Valencia 5300 Martial 7300 Set the the duration for 1-3 days, and put the buy now price a bit lower that the lowest in the market to make sure it definitely sells. - You can also start a few games (make sure you follow the draft boosting plan) with your boosting partner and when you lose, don't quick sell the items you get from the packs and list them in the market, you will get contracts and rare gold players who sometimes sell for a few thousands and if you're lucky you might get team of the week player which sell for a high price and can get you enough coins to complete the draft boosting.
  15. I got the trophy without any problems along with 'You can't break me down'. I started the game and a few minutes later I pause and switch the offensive and defensive style and repeat the same thing every 5-10 minutes. I don't know if it makes any difference but I made sure that the ball goes out at least once after changing the tactic.