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  1. I don't think you can check the aggression. I got the trophy today as a defender with the same stats as the op and playing around 100-150 games after that. My other positions are Midfielder 78 rating: PACE 75, SHOOTING 75, PASSING 77, DEFENDING 74, DRIBBLING 82, PHYSICAL 75 Attacker 78 rating: PACE 75, SHOOTING 78, PASSING 72, DEFENDING 66, DRIBBLING 81, PHYSICAL 73 I switched to 5'9 125lbs leveled up a bit in the dribbling then switched to 5'7 202lbs and the trophy popped. If you read how it popped for me and other players you can tell it's random, so just play and change weight & height and positions every 10 games or so.
  2. I didn't get the trophy yet, but I have all the stats mentioned and I played +30 games after that. Maybe because the aggression stat? I didn't find where to check for it. Should I keep playing until I get it or change position, height & weight after every game? Thanks.
  3. I got the trophy after getting 40 blueprints and then I bought/crafted five weapons from the blueprints. I tried to buy the weapons that's on display as soon as you open the shop but it didn't pop until I bought the blueprints. (not the high-priced weapons, the ones you find under each class of weapons).
  4. I didn't have this problem, but maybe you could have everything purple except your primary weapon and when you kill an enemy and he drop a purple weapon equip it right away.. it might trigger the trophy. That's all I could think of.
  5. I did two (I think) from Faction Missions and the rest were from Faction Supports and I got the trophy yesterday. Make sure you keep track of the time before it resets. and look for missions that require you to destroy trucks/kill someone so you can finish it quickly.
  6. Very late answer, I had the same problem (98%) even though I did all regions. It turned out I didn't finish the Syria region (south of Mountain Peak). It's very easy to miss. Maybe that's the same problem you're having.
  7. I'm in my survivor run and I ignored the message that says there's no campfires and no return after this point and I went there with little ammo and no revive resources and I get my ass beat. I think it's still possible to make it but I don't want to put too much energy on it. so what's my best option now? I was thinking of going to chapter select and start from the chapter before where I stopped but I don't know if that's possible or if it will get me the survivor difficulty trophy. Thanks. UPDATE: I found the parts needed for revive and with a few tries I did it.
  8. For anyone who is just starting the game like me, this is how to get the missable trophy in the beginning of the game. Talk to this guy then fast travel to the same place 10 times and it will pop.
  9. Do you think by doing the loyalty glitch you can get the Club Legend trophy?
  10. I started trophy hunting when Fifa 13 came out but the InForm trophy prevented me from getting the platinum.. I'm still mad at the time I wasted on it.
  11. New update after 6 months: this method is still working. I got my trophy today. You still get around 4700 for 99 contracts. 80+ rare gold players in top leagues may get you a few thousands so don't quick sell for just 600 👍
  12. I didn't play any game, as soon as the cut scene of the kick off starts I pause and I choose restart using different teams and repeat.
  13. I just got it now. - Two different accounts - Both on the same team - Second controller get a few points in each skill game and after each one I press start, pause the game and I restart the game using different teams and repeated the whole thing and it unlocked.
  14. Yeah, I just saw the update message! It made my day, I think I will go for the trophy today. Also, shout-out to the people who got it with 1600 points.
  15. Alright 👍 I will check the video. While playing DM, I feel like I was stuck with Quen.. It was very helpful but I kind of got bored and my skills in dodging wasn't the best so I would die a lot if I was using other signs. Thank you!