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  1.  I miss you my friend!


    Our contrie's team are out of World Cup now :(

    But this is how sport goes, right?


    We could get some gaming together when possible.





  2. If you really stuck on something you can always farm souls for couple of hours and become op or bring some other players to help you with the boss. Plat rarity speaks to itself so do't worry about difficulty
  3. 190/191 scavenger location glitch was happened to me. Turns out this is not a glitch, I just doesnt noticed that missing location on the map since map in this game is very busy and location was blocked with some text.
  4. Uncharted 4 for me. Can't even remember anything from this game besides chase scene.
  5. Im actually hope they'd go with Metal gear survive lol. Don't have money for this game right now but really want to play it
  6. It's really not that hard just very long and gets a little boring after a while. It helps to understand meta-tactics. I'm personally will recommend to check out FilthyRobot guy on youtube. He has tips for combat and estate management, reviews of all classes. Those videos helps me alot.
  7. I like new Tomb Raider games but older ones have special solitude atmosphere behind them
  8. Maybe you should start new profile and just forget about your old games.
  9. Some weird neo-western/road movie/romance from late 80s about gang of vampire outlaws. Pretty original take on vampire genre
  10. I would like to see Darkest Dungeon, Hyper Light Drifter, Shovel Knight or Shadow Complex
  11. 1. Metal Gear Solid 2. Silent Hill 2 3. Resident Evil 2 4. Fallout 2 5. Deus Ex 6. Red Dead Redemption 7. Super Metroid 8. Zelda 3 9. Batman Arkham City 10. Dota 2 11. Dark Souls 12. Mafia 13. Last of Us 14. Grim Fandango 15. Bioshock 16. Super Mario World 17. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 18. Hitman Blood Money 19. Portal 2 20. LA Noire
  12. For me regular enemies in boss fight are the greatest threat so I would consider to pick up triple shot or noppy in order to clear them asap and stick to that weapons the entire fight (but before the fight you need to collect every weapon available it gives you charges even if you don't like the weapon you must pick it up for charges). You need gems into charge upgrade, magnetic gems and possibly that upgrade which can blows up corpses. Also laser and drone, jetpack maybe. Just stay in center kill all enemies and pick up their gems to shoot at the boss constantly, move away only when he shoot fireballs. In shops you need only health prefably +1max hp but any health would be good. If you have fork and knife upgrade in areas 1 or 2 try to move slowly eating every corpse you can, kill everything and eat their corpses you don't have opportunities for this in areas 3 and 4. In areas 3 and 4 try to build up 25x combo that will give you 1 hp and 1 charge everytime. With combos and hearts from the caves I have managed to build up 11 hp at the end of the game. It is not that easy in hard mode tho.
  13. For me first area on hard is the hardest area. Others areas doesnt give me that much trouble. But I don't know how to buld up health in hardmode: levitate style barely work with all of this red eyes and I ended up lose a lot of health on first level it's sad because levitate proof me usefull on next levels, arm spin style got for me just charge upgrades all the time instead of hearts and there are not so many caves in hardmode, shops are overpriced. Some kind of checkpoints or permanent upgrades instead of those useless visual styles would be nice. Yeah game only 15 minutes long but you should be super focused all this 15 minutes and this a little to harsh for how my attention works maybe if I be some kind of military jet pilot..
  14. I have regrets about starting this game already. So bloody hard. At least in others tough games I can actually feel that I can beat it eventually, but in this one I'm not sure
  15. I don't really like the Joker in this series, for me it's one of worst Jokers ever. On par with Leto one. For trophy thoughts it's typical telltale list what else can you say about it?