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  1. You asked the most important question dude😬
  2. I got the trophy. Defender:84 Midfield: 83 Forward: 83 I couldn't count how many games I played but at the end i got it. I have 22,000 trophies, but I will never forget this trophy. Good luck guys.
  3. There is an online save system so it does not allow playing offline.
  4. this trophy will kill me
  5. hehe i got it mate
  6. Thanks for reply
  7. I waited a while but it has not been renewed yet. Maybe it should take some time. How did you do mate ?
  8. It saves a little time maybe.
  9. Probably Asia.
  10. Thanks bro.
  11. Did u check ?
  12. Is there any problem about matchmaking with another region ?
  13. Is there a difference after last uptade ?